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This a brief story of how I became gay. It happen only a few months ago so I’m still trying to get use to being attracted to dick's. But one thing is for sure, I like dick's. Up until I moved to Los Angeles, I have always had women and never thought I would turn to the other side. As a matter of fact, if I hadn't been pushed into the sexual event with the other males, I wouldn't have never consented to such a thing.

I'm 34, 5'10, 165 pounds, white with very long hair and I have never had any problem hooking up with women. I don't like using term "pretty boy", but that’s what some folks call me back home. I came from a mountain town in Washington State and before this move, I never been to California. I arrived there by means of a job transfer from a company I had applied and recently was hired up in Seattle. Ending up in LA took me by surprise. I wasn't prepared for such a diverse and very large city.

Lets get to day of the big event. I was in downtown looking for a bargain market place somebody had told me about. It was about 10am and I hadn't found this place. I decided to ask for some directions so I went into this bar where upon entering through the doorway, I stopped dead in my tracks. There were only three patron's in the place and the bartended, whom all of them where just staring at me. I then realized why, I was in a black bar and it seemed I was trespassing on a delicate situation. I'm not nor have I even been raciest, but it was obvious they weren’t very happy to see me there.

Well, rather then ad insult to injury, I decided not to walk out hoping that would ease the tension. Instead I went to the bar and sat down and asked for a beer. The bartender reluctantly gave me one. I sounded out with a general hello and sipped my beer. That’s when two of the men came over to me. Both of them looked pretty mean, tattoo's and all. They were defiantly street wise. I was a bit scared to say the least. They took positions on both sides of me and leaned in close to my face. One of them said, "What the fuck are you doing here white boy"?

I looked at the bartender as he walked away to the other side of the bar leaving us alone. The other guy pushed my shoulder and said in a very demeaning tone, "Are you stupid? punk ass white boy"!

I said, "I'm just having a beer"?

He replied, "You don't get it do you"? His friend said, "lets take this bitch out back for a beat down".

I was about to respond when the other responded, it home boy! He's a bitch. That’s why he came in here. He wants some dick".

Right then I knew there was going to trouble one way or another and I didn't know what to do. The other said, "Fuck this punk, lets fuck him up". But his buddy wasn't wanting to go that direction. I knew what he wanted. He told his friend, "No! Wait!" He grabbed my long hair and said, "Lets give this bitch what she wants".

He looked at me and said, "You want to suck my dick don't you girlfriend"? His buddy didn't like me at all. He didn't budge into that idea. He just put his face in mine and said, "I want to fuck you up"?

I didn't want to get my ass beat nor did I want to suck dick, but I decided to take the less painful way out. I looked at the guy who wanted his dick sucked and said, "Yes! I came here to suck your dick. Just don't beat my ass".

He grabbed my hair and jerked my head back and said, "As long as your making my cock feel good. And just to let you know, we are going to take our time so you better get use to playing with my dick".

He grabbed my jacket and yanked me towards the back door. As we went out the back, the guy behind me pushed me and said, "you better watch your back white boy".

I turned to him and said, "come on man! Just let me suck your dick and whenever you guys are done with me, let me leave, you'll never see me again. I promise I won't tell anyone about this".

He grabbed me by the back of the neck and put his mouth right up to my left ear and whispered gently, "To me, you’re a punk ass white boy, but my home boy wants to fuck your mouth. So let me tell you this, I have a very big dick and while your sucking his dick, I’m going to use mine to rip your asshole apart".

He then stepped back looking at me and he a big evil smile on his face. I knew since his buddy wouldn't let him kick my ass, he was going to attack me in a sexual way. All the way down the alley I looked for a chance to break away. I knew if he got a hold of my butthole, the two of them would make me their bitch. I mean sucking cock is one thing, but being fucked in the ass was totally a different matter.

We went only a couple of blocks before we were going up a flight of stairs. Then we enter the building and entered a room at the end of the hallway. I was scared but I miss an opportunity to get away. The reality of what was about to happen hit me dead in the face. Once they closed the door I was ordered to get naked while I watched them take their clothes off.

As they got naked, I saw all their tattoo's. I knew they meant business. I knew it was going to be a long day. The guy was right, he had a very big dick, but that didn't matter, the other guy had just as big of a dick as his. Both very long and nice and thick. Both were circumcised with tight balls and they were ready to be pleased. The angry one told me to turn around and get against the wall. When I did, he came up behind me and pressed his naked body against mine. I could feel his half hard cock against my ass as he put one hand on my right butt-cheek and said,

"I'm going to enjoy fucking your tight white ass and your going to spend the rest of the day doing exactly what we tell you. You got a problem with that"?

I said, "No problem, I'll do whatever you guys want". He said, "Suck my dick bitch".

I turned around and dropped to my knees leaving his huge cock in my face. Knowing how my girlfriends sucked my dick, I knew how they wanted it. I grabbed his balls with one hand and started caressing them. I put the other hand on his large shaft and began stroking it as I put my mouth around his dick and began to suck. As I used my tongue in sequence with everything else I was doing, I felt his cock grow very hard and large in my mouth. The first words out of his mouth were, "Oh Ya! You know how to suck dick".

I didn't know why at that moment, but compliment made me feel good. Then I realized that I was enjoying suck his dick. It was turning me on. Then my thoughts were interrupted when he said, "Move that table to the middle of the floor and bend over it bitch. Make sure you ass is in the air, its time to split that tight asshole open".

I reluctantly did what he said and I held onto the edge of table trying to prepare for his penetration. He put some kind lube on his dick and stepped up behind me putting the head of his dick against my butthole. He pushed the head of his dick in a little bit opening my hole. I flinched and he said, "Don't move white boy, here comes your favorite part".

He then pushed his cock all the way up my ass splitting my butthole apart and making me scream. He said, it bitch! Let me know you feel it". The pain was shooting through out my asshole as he kept sliding his long shaft deep in and out, thrusting it deep against my prostate. My body was paralyze from his cock. It was like my butthole was puppet strings and his dick was what was controlling those strings. He had me where he wanted. He was in full control.

I just kept moaning as pain and pleasure filled my body at the same time. He Stated, "You like that dick up your ass don't you bitch"? I moaned as I answered, "Yes! Yes! I like it. It feels so good". That was the other ones Que. He stepped up and lifted my head and stuck his dick in my mouth and began to fuck my face as I was getting fucked in the ass. At that point, I was feeling submissive and completely dominated. And I liked it.

I don't know how long they gang banged me, but they switched back and forth taking turns on my face and ass. By the time they were getting close, I was telling them to fuck my ass and cum in my mouth. Finally I got to eat their cum and it tasted so good that I wanted more. I asked them if I could come back for more. I guess they enjoyed themselves because they let me come back whenever I want and they fuck me hard.

I still like women, but there is no substitute for a nice hard cock.

story by: Dick Sucker

Tags: fantasy coercion domination/submission sex story

Author: Dick Sucker

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