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James was sitting in his biology class daydreaming as usual,thinking about what he would do at Lunchbreak almost drifting of to a light sleep

"James" the teacher moaned,"pay />
"sorry" James blushed.

"Better be careful cuz" Rachel chuckled from across the room. Rachel was james' cousin not by a close amount only his third but she almost always reminded him of it. After she poke to james she turned away to talk to her friend at the table james carried on looking at her realising how sexy he thought she was .

"james youre still not paying attention thats it detention" the teacher bellowed.Rachel chuckled"you aswell rachel. Rachel blushed,she was a very beutiful girl moderately tall with long brown hair,she had perky breasts and a firm ass. James on the other hand was exactly the same tall brown hair and very attractive.

Later that day they both headed back for detention in biology Rachel got their first and james shortly after.

"hi cuz"rachel laughed

james replied

They both took a seat."so james who ya loving at the moment"

"just you rach" he laughed

"oooooohh ha ha"

she jestingly rubbed up his leg by by accident came across his massive rock hard meat he jolted back, she hesitated for a moment but then continued to keep her leg there. She leant across to kiss him.

"rachel wait"

she kissed him. He got off his chair and lifted her on top of the table they continued kissing for 10 minutes "Lets see your rock hard cock" rachel opened his jeans and took out his 6 inch meat "mmmmm" she bent down and started wanking him off back and fore

"oohhhhh rachel"

"you like that"

"oh yes"

"im gonna suck it"

she put his cock in her mouth and begun going back and forth start of teasing the tip the going right down to the shaft

"thats right take it rachel take it all in youre mouth" she started going faster before stopping. She stood up and took down her trousers and thong and hoisted herself towards him

"fuck me now cuz"

"im gonna stick my cock in you" he lifted her and and started proding the entrance to her cunt hr then proceeded to push his cock right in

"oh god, they said in unison"

"ah thats right james fuck me, please,harder faster ahh yes" she came all over him her cunt juices flowing everwhere.

"lets try somthing a bit diffrent" he bent her round and started to lick her asshole before standing and pushing his fat rod into her asshole

" awwwwww ow ow eehhhhhhh" as she let out shouts of pleasure and shear pain"please stop" but he kept on fucking her tight ass until he came all over the inside if her ass

The got dressed just as the bell rang

"we should get detention more often cuz" rachel ssaid

"dont worry we will"

story by: cajer1111

Tags: fiction first time teen male/teen female incest sex story

Author: cajer1111

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