His lordship 2: the feasting

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So glad my readers enjoyed the first of this series! Please enjoy the second, and hopefully it will earn enough praise to encourage a third!

James' heavy breathing assures Isabelle he is still asleep. To her surprise, the sun is peeking through the heavy drapes covering the window. He simply passed out in exhaustion after last nights affair instead of tossing her onto the floor like a discarded toy. Confident her abilities won her this distinction, Isabelle creeps slightly from the bed. She grabs a robe from the wardrobe and backs as quietly as possible from the room.

She closes the door with a sigh of relief and turns to make her escape. The guard from yesterday is leering at her. Isabelle tries to scream and run, but the guard covers her mouth and pushes her into the stone wall.

"Sh sh sh sh sh," he hushes her, "We don't want his lordship to realize you've escaped, do we?"

Either way, Isabelle is in a horrible situation. The guard is tugging at the ties of the rob, fumbling in the heavy fabric to grope her body. Isabelle kicks and flails in attempts to dissuade his advances, but it is hardly useful. The guard simply laughs at her feeble ministrations and eventually succeeds in pulling the robe apart.

Grasping her full breasts, the guard rubs his body onto her naked form. He pulls out his dick, coating it in her juices. In his haste, he removes his hand from her mouth. Isabelle does not scream; she considers her options instead.

"Let me taste you," she moans, causing the guard to stop short of his quest.

He considers her proposal – he was not privy to her actions yesterday, forced to watch the magnificent oral orgy without any invitation to participate; however, he was desperate for some pussy. He realizes he could have his cake and eat it too!- get her to lick his cock and then fuck her before the lord even realizes it.

The guard leans his back against the stone wall and pushes Isabelle to her knees. She begins to lick his hard shaft, sucking the head until it is wet enough for her to slide her lips down the 7 inches. He groans, tangling his hands in her hair. He begins to fuck her mouth, forgetting his previous goal of burying himself in her pussy.

It has been far too long for the guard, who suddenly realizes his cum is boiling and begging to be released. He tries to pull Isabelle from her dedicated position, but she's latched like a leech to his twitching dick.

"No nooooo," he moans, releasing his cum into her mouth. She swallows it greedily and stands, smirking.

"You last like a boy," she purrs, gloating over the dilapidated hard-on and ego of the now-sittng guard. "Try to touch me again, and his lordship will know every detail."

The guard jumps to his feet and grabs Isabelle's shoulders as the door to James' chamber opens.

"Guard, what seems to be the trouble?"

"She tried to escape, sir. I was merely apprehending her."

"With your flaccid manhood hanging from your trousers? I suggest you try a better method, or at least better bait."

The guard's eyes burn with anger, but he dares not to say anything. He stalks away, plotting his future attacks.

James grabs Isabelle's shoulder and drags her back to the chamber. He rips the robe off of her body and drags her to an adjoining room. There is a large stone bath sunken into the ground, and it is full of water. Not stopping to warn her, James tosses Isabelle into the bath.

"Clean yourself. You are filthy."

Isabelle surfaces, sputtering and indignant. James grins and turns to reach for something; with his attention otherwise occupied, Isabelle grabs his thighs and drags him into the bath, his own robe and all.

"YOU STUPID-" his splash interrupts his curse.

Isabelle tries to escape from the deep water, but slips. James wraps an arm around her waist, ensuring she cannot pull herself out. She fights him, their bodies sliding against the stone. He flips her to her back, pinning her wrists to the stone floor, her legs dangling in the water. Isabelle struggles, ripping James' soaking robe apart in the process. His hardening cock springs from its prison, slapping against her wet skin.

At the touch, Isabelle gasp and glances down between their bodies. When she looks back at James, their eyes lock. Despite his anger, he finds himself drawn into her eyes. Their lips meet, softly. The delicacy only lasts a second before their attack each other lustfully. James marks Isabelle's neck with his teeth, wanting to taste every inch of her body. Her legs spread, physically begging for him to enter her.

she softly whimpers.

James stops, trying to get a hold of himself enough to torture and punish her for her insolence. Instead, he yells in frustration and forces himself forward, piercing her wet pussy and moulding his wet body to hers. She gasps, taking every inch of eight within her hot cunt. Holding her hands above her head with one hand, James allows his other to roam, massaging her tits and grabbing Isabelle's ass for leverage against their slippery union.

Isabelle's pussy twitches at his assault, bringing on a powerful orgasm –

"Yes yes YES JAMES YESS" she cums, then goes limp with post-orgasmic relaxation.

"I don't think so, slut."

James flips Isabelle over, holding her arms behind her back and pulling her hair for control. He places his knee up on the lip of the tub and drives himself impossible deep into his slut. Isabelle screams, her body being bruised against the stone floor and her pussy burning hot at James' hard dick. Her screams make his balls contract, spewing his equally hot cum into her tight hole.

He relaxes for a moment, then drags her into the water –

"Clean up; we have more guests this evening,"

and leaves the room.

A few moments later, a thin, though muscular young man enters, eyes averted. Isabelle wraps herself in the dry robe James has left on the floor, mentally preparing herself to fight yet another man off.

"I am here to help you prepare for the evening," the man says.

"And your services entail ..?" Isabelle wonders aloud.

"I will help you into the clothing his lord has chosen for the evening."

Isabelle reclines on a chaise lounge, contemplating the young man and attempting to ignore her buzzing clit. The robe parts slightly, revealing her inner thigh to the man's now obviously staring eyes.

"Have you ever had a woman?" she asks.

"No. I am untrained and am not allowed a woman until I have successfully achieved my />
"I am to be a pleasure servant in the lord's castle. I cannot pierce a woman's flesh until I have learned to please her properly otherwise," the young man blushes as Isabelle's fingers idly slide up her naked thigh, nearing the shadows where her wet cunt lies.

"What have you learned so far?"

"Do you wish to learn anything else?"

The young man's eyes open wide at the invitation – "What is it you wish to teach me?"

"Kneel between my legs and taste me."

The young man obeys, his snakelike tongue barely skirting her wet flesh. Isabelle moans, grabbing the back of his head. He starts and struggles, but she pulls him close, mashing his lips into her cunt.

"You will be great, have no fear," she coos, his tongue forced to part her hot hole to seek the juice that is flowing faster.

His nose rubs against her clit, making her sigh and whimper at his touch. No request necessary, he slides a finger into her wet hole and moves his tongue to her hard nub. Isabelle squeals and begins to buck against his hand.

"Oh please, deeper -"

He pushes deeper, a second finger barely fitting into her tight pussy despite its wetness. He speeds up, his tongue assaulting her clit. Isabelle is close to the brink and begins to moan in appreciation. She is thrown over the edge as the young man adds a moistened thumb to circle her tight asshole. She cums hard, her legs tight around her current lover's head.

She rests, enjoying the after glow, and is startled from her reverie at the delicate poking of a precum covered dick. The young man's eyes are wide and glazed with lust.

"Please. Let me just enter for a moment."

His head nearly pops in, and he groans. Isabelle senses he is close to cumming and gets an idea.

She sits up and grabs his cock, sucking it into her mouth. He groans and grabs the back of her head, pushing his dick deeper into her throat. Once, twice, three times he humps. Isabelle's hands tug at his balls. The young man lets out a strangled groan and pumps his seed into her mouth.

He pants, exhausted, as Isabelle gently licks his cock clean.

"If you continue to study with me," she caresses his ass cheeks while licking his happy trail, his dick bouncing close to rebound, "I will let you slide yourself between my legs."

The young man nods enthusiastically. He then beckons Isabelle to stand, and they begin the process of preparing her for the evening.

The gown is beautiful – a deep red with a tight bodice that pushes Isabelle's breasts near to her chin, the large full skirt brushing the stone of floor. The young man – his name is Sean – takes a grope here and there; Isabelle giggles and allows his playfully touches. When she is finally dressed, Sean climbs beneath the full skirt, completely hidden from view. He begins to practice – his tongue sliding deep into her sweet juices, and Isabelle whimpers and moans at his newfound skills. She sits to enjoy his oral probing, but her fun is interrupted with James' entrance to the room.

She tries to keep her moans quiet, but she can't help but squirm against Sean's mouth. James, thinking Isabelle is excited to see him, quickly whips out his dick and straddles her sitting legs, putting his cock at perfect sucking height. He pulls her head to the tip, groaning as she swallows as much as possible. Her moans vibrate through his dick, stroking his ego as well as he thinks her moans are simply from her enjoying the taste of him. If only he knew it was because Sean is pushing her to the brink of orgasm! Isabelle speeds up, knowing James must be finished and leave the room before Sean has to emerge. She caresses his balls, licking and sucking each one individually. She slurps up and down his dick, her whimpers and whines getting more frequent as Sean's tongue goes faster on her clit. Right as she begins to cum and coat Sean's face, James groans and cums, pumping himself into her throat. She swallows, panting at her own orgasm, and he struts from the room, secure in the knowledge that just the taste of his dick is enough to pleasure his new toy.

Sean peaks out from under the skirt, and Isabelle beckons him to leave. It is time for the dinner.

James smiles broadly as Isabelle takes his arm to be led into the ballroom. He hands her a feathered mask, his own beaked version covering his face already. As they enter the room, the guests turn and stare through their own masks, men and women both captivated by the couple. The feast is hardly worth mentioning save for minor details. James' hands continuously massage Isabelle's thighs, and she's delighted that Sean refills her wine glass, daring to brush against her breasts as he does. Towards the end of supper, Isabelle spots a man kissing and suckling his partner's neck. The woman smiles and stays relatively still except for her arms moving under the table and hidden from Isabelle's vision. The man leans back, and the woman's head dips to his lap; he rests his hands on the back of her head, pushing her lower and further out of Isabelle's sight.

The other guests watch, and then begin their own games – some women participate amongst themselves while their men watch. Some women approach other couples to instigate some fun. James is approached by a blonde who promptly kneels between his legs and begins to stroke his dick. He reacts as though bored, stroking her hair absentmindedly as she poorly performs her oral actions.

Isabelle, infuriated at James' callousness, leaves the table, only to be accosted roughly by a strange masked man. He roughly drags her back to the table, bending her over and pulling her skirts high. She screams and struggles, causing the guests to stop their activities.

"I've got you now, bitch," the masked man – the guard!- whispers.

He spanks her once and moves forward to take the plunge. Another woman intervenes, stroking his chest, and giggling as she grabs his dick.

"Let me warm that up for you," she coos.

While rubbing the guard's hard cock, she turns and begins to lick at Isabelle's exposed pussy. She squirms, unaccustomed to such gentle treatment, and embarrassed at being so excited to be touched by another female. The guard's dick swells, overly erect at the erotic sight before him. He stops the woman's hands and motions for her to bury her face into Isabelle. The guard flips her onto her back to allow the woman better access, and then pushes his dick into Isabelle's mouth.

James watches Isabelle's predicament, unconcerned as long as her pussy remains for his dick only. His worries are soon put to rest. The guard tries to push his way past the woman's tongue into Isabelle's pussy, but the rapid tongue action on the head of his dick makes him spew his load onto Isabelle's now wet cunt. Even under his mask, the guard's face is visibly red with embarrassment, and both Isabelle and the woman laugh him out of the room. The woman then goes back to her task, pulling Isabelle's bodice down to twist and flick her nipples. Isabelle moans, grabbing her face and pulling it closer into her pussy. The tongue assaults her clit, sending pulses of pleasure throughout every inch of her body. The woman then probes her tongue deep into Isabelle's juices, tongue fucking her until she finally screams and cums, releases her delicious juice onto the woman's face.

Isabelle goes limps with her orgasm. The woman continues to lick, gently and slowly. She's interrupted by Sean, who has donned a mask to get closer to Isabelle. His dick is incredibly hard at watching the object of his desire get her pussy eaten out by another woman. He kneels and join the woman in tasting Isabelle. Their tongues meet, and then begin to kiss each other. Isabelle gets off the table and moves Sean and his new partner in her spot. She places the woman over Sean's face, and then begins to pleasure Sean. James' eyes are glued to Isabelle's slutty mouth sucking and licking the slave boy's dick. He watches Sean's legs shake, his hips pushing off of the table to bury his cock deeper into Isabelle's mouth. The woman riding Sean's mouth moans, groping her own breasts as she rides his tongue closer to cumming. James pushes his woman's mouth from his dick – he still has yet to cum – and walks over to Isabelle. Pulling up her skirts, he rubs the head of his dick in her slickness before popping the head in. Isabelle gasps, and moves her hips back, trying to force more of his cock into her cunt.

James' eyes close in ecstasy, reveling in the warmth and tightness. He pushes her head further onto Sean's dick, enjoying the gagging noises that she makes as it pushes into her throat. He slides slowly out, then rams back in, making Isabelle squeal. Sean groans, their four bodies intertwined and tingling with the vibrations of sounds of pleasure. The woman caves first, cumming hard on Sean's lips. She then leaves, her juices running down her legs. Sean cums quickly after, humping Isabelle's mouth in the final moments before his orgasm. The head of his cock pops in and out of her lips, smearing his cum.

He whispers in her ear, "I shall find you soon to thank you," and walks away before James can realize who Isabelle has just finished pleasuring.

James picks up speed, driving his dick harder and faster into Isabelle's pussy. His fingertips dig into her ass, pulling her forcefully onto his cock. The guests stop their own actions to watch their copulation. He stops long enough to turn Isabelle over, his hand around her neck, pinning her to the table to receive his hard fucking. Isabelle's pussy contracts, and she screams with her orgasm. James follows suit, pulling out and ejecting his cum on Isabelle's stomach and inner thighs.

The guests finish their own sexual trysts and make their ways out of the castle. James falls asleep on the table next to Isabelle. Tempted to walk away, Isabelle stays when she sees Sean reenter the room. He's still wearing his mask. Crossing the room, he quickly climbs onto the table next to Isabelle, burying his dick between her ass cheeks. His precum coats her crack quickly, and he humps rapidly, seeking quick and quiet pleasure instead of the fuck he so truly craves. His hand rubs Isabelle's clit while the other covers her mouth. He humps wildly, the head of his dick occasionally sliding between her legs to hit her hard nub. Isabelle's clit, already overloaded with sensation, grants her another orgasm; her moans are muffled, but are enough for Sean to shoot his load between her already sticky thighs.

The guard watches from the shadows, pulling on his dick. He barely lasts, his sperm hitting the floor pathetically. Tomorrow – he tells himself, tomorrow will be my day.

story by: Dragon_in_bed

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