Honey dew pt 5

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Joel Fride was an attractive man of 52. His wife passed away when Beth was 2. Beth was his only child and he adored her. He knew when Carolyn passed away there were choices to be made with his daughter. It would be easy to spoil her and give her whatever she asked for. Joel, though, had worked hard to build his business. He wanted to instill his ethics in his daughter. Beth grew up a privileged child in that she had a grand home, private school, new car at 16 and trips abroad every summer. Joel made each of her summer trips something educational, as well as fun. During a trip to Melbourne when she was 12, he took her to the Outback so she could see how the aborigines lived. A private cruise to the Caribbean included a stop in Haiti. Joel wanted his daughter to see that there were many less fortunate in this world. He hoped her exposure to them would lead her to continue his annual donations to various charities world wide.

When most of Beth’s friends started college, she asked for a year abroad. She didn’t want to sight see. Beth wanted to visit the poor sections of the world and see how she could become directly involved in helping them. Returning home, she asked her father if she could work for him, organizing charity functions. She wanted a hand’s on way to help the people she saw. The past 8 years had seen a rise in CBFride charitable donations and it was all due to Beth.

This morning he was concerned. Beth called him and was too calm as she spoke. “Daddy, I need to come and see you today. There have been a number of changes in my life in the past 24 hours. I’m divorcing Paul and, well, this is going to surprise you, but Cain, my gardener, is living the main house now.”

Joel didn’t know exactly what his daughter was saying. “Have you been having an affair with this Cain?”

“Not really, Daddy. You know he’s been my friend since I hired him. Well, when you hear what Paul has been up to, I think you’ll />
“Beth, your private life is none of my business. But are you saying you’re sleeping with this man now? Just yesterday you wanted me to fly to Hong Kong.”

“I know, Daddy. It’s complicated. Paul has done something awful and I’ll explain it when I see you. Yesterday, when I discovered these things, Cain was here. Daddy, I realized that I’m not only attracted to him, but he’s also a good man. He’s the opposite of Paul. If I’m wrong on this, I’m wrong.”

“Again, Sugar, you’re personal life is none of my business. You’ve always had a good head on your shoulders and I trust you. Let me have Stacy clear my calendar for the rest of the day and I’ll drive out to you. From what I’m hearing, we’re going to need a more relaxing place than my office to talk.”

probably right. I’ll have Jodi fix some lunch. Daddy, you’re not going to believe what I’ve got to say.”

Cain walked in the house feeling very out of place. He was wearing a pair of blue Dockers and blue/white striped shirt. On his feet was a pair of nice looking loafers. Beth found him very attractive. He admired Beth’s attire as well. She was wearing a flower print dress with baby doll sleeves. The round neck of the dress couldn’t hide her round chest, but she looked classy. She wore no stockings and a pair of sandles. Her hair was pulled up in a twist, showing her slender neck. Cain felt a bulge growing inside his pants and immediately pictured his parents having sex! He didn’t want a hard on when meeting Joel Fride!

Beth put her arms around his waist and looked into his eyes. She was more relaxed, more content that he remembered ever seeing her. Cain pulled her close and held her.

“I’m not wearing any panties” she whispered into his ear. She rubbed his cock and said, “Daddy won’t be here for at least 45 minutes. Why don’t you do me a favor and go remove your shorts? I’ll be in the den.”

Cain found her lounging in an oversized chair. “Come here” she cooed. Beth lowered him to the floor and put her pussy in his face. Cain happily started lapping. He wanted to feel her tits, but knew there wasn’t much time. Unzipping his pants, she released his cock. She licked it a couple of times and then took it all in her mouth. Jodi started in the room to ask if Beth wanted fresh fruit with lunch, but stopped short at the sounds of moaning. She looked in just as Beth was swallowing Cain’s hot load.

you should feel relaxed enough to face Daddy.” Beth said as she straightened her dress.

“Your daddy had better hurry and get here! That was only an appetizer.”

story by: SuzieB

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female cheating sex story

Author: SuzieB

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