Stockroom — part ii

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Chapter Two

Michael refrains from grabbing my hand, but we both exit the bag room at a run. Clocking out and retrieving our belongings from the office quickly, we bolt out the employee exit side by side. If anyone notices our frantic natures, no one says anything. As soon as we get outside, he grabs me by the shoulders and slams me up against the brick side of the building, pressing his entire body to my smaller one. I feel his rock hard cock straining against my belly —one that had been inside me mere minutes before. He grabs my chin and roughly pulls my lips to his for a searing kiss that I feel all the way down to my toes: within moments of cumming, he has me ready and primed for a third go-around! God, I want to fuck him all night long in every place and every position possible. He attempts to suck all the air from my lungs as our tongues fight for dominance, his lithe appendage stroking the underside of my own as it runs across his perfect teeth. I suck his tongue into my mouth, imitating more intimate actions, and he instinctively thrusts his pelvis.

Finally pulling away, our foreheads meet in a kiss of their own as we strive to catch our breath. "I was serious, you know," He pants, his calloused hand reaching up to cup my cheek. "You should come back to my place. You don't have to worry about my />
"Oh, I'm not worrying," I reply, my fingers dancing on the buckle of his belt. His eyelids flutter closed as he inhales sharply. A devilish smile spreads across my full lips. "All I can think about is your cock, stroking my warm, wet, tight pussy, rubbing up against my clit again and again until I scream your name and cum hard around you—" My dirty talk ceases immediately as my cell phone rings shrilly from inside my purse. He sighs (half in frustration, half in relief) as I hurry to answer it. "Hello? Oh, hey Mom. Yeah, I just got off." I grin at the double entendre as I resume stroking Michael's evident errection. "No, I'm gonna meet some friends and see a movie, maybe sleep over at someone's house. Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow to do my chores; Chris's mom always kicks us out around noon anyway. Bye!"

As I flip my phone closed and tuck it back into my purse, he issues a low whistle, tugging our crotches back into contact. "Man, you're a quick liar." His eyes glimmer in the glow of the parking lot lights. "Great for role playing games."

His lips attach to the pulse point under my ear as his hands begin to roam my body. His left hand delves into my pants and begins rubbing my clit through my panties. I'm sure he can feel the wetness even through the black fabric. The other hand skitters up the skin of my stomach to toy with my nipple through my bra. Too many sensations battle for my attention at once, and my mind finds itself out of control trying to keep up with his ministrations. My back arches into his hands as he continues to lap at my most sensitive errogenous zone, sending lightning bolts of pleasure down my spine directly to my core. My body begins to shudder as his finger circles harder and quicker around my nub, the delicious friction sending me down the road to yet another orgasm. I pant and moan, clinging to his back as I buck my cunt at his hand, desperately seeking my release. "Oh God, Michael," I breathe. "Yes, yes, oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! Ooooooh!"
But as I feel myself start to crest the wave, he pulls away, immediately jerking my consciousness back to the parking lot and the warm air. "You fucking asshole," I murmur, voice still husky from desire and need. "Get in your car so you can fuck me right now."

He smiles but shakes his head. have to wait 'til we get back to my place." I groan as he licks my juices off his fingers slowly, his pink tongue lapping up traces of wetness. "Leave your car; it'll be safe here 'til morning, and I'll drive you back." Even though he turns quickly, there's no hiding the massive boner tenting his work pants. I grin. I will have my car sex tonight, and he will be tortured for denying me release. A plan begins to formulate in my mind. He leads us to his car, and he opens the door like a true gentleman. I let my ass brush against his erection as I glide around him to take a seat, and I giggle at the look of true frustration that crosses his features.

After starting up the car, we begin cruising down the highway, all the windows rolled down and the moonroof open. I reach over to turn on the radio and am pleasantly surprised to find it set to my favourite radio station as well. Cranking up the base as Perfect Circle's pulses through his subwoffers, I feel the vibrations all over my body, and they ignite small fires within me. Their fiery tendrils curl and lick my skin, finally condensing at my core where they rage into a veritable blaze. I peer over at Michael, and all I can think about is what he looked like with his head between my thighs: licking and sucking and probing me to the most explosive orgasm in my life. Those fires must be consuming my reason as well, because suddenly —against my better judgement (oh hell, I just fucked the man at work; I *have* no more judgement!) —my hand settles onto his right thigh just below his crotch.

He glances down at my appendage and then over at my face, mixed confusion and wariness evident in his eyes even in the intermitant illumination. He draws out. you doing?"

I cannot contain my grin as my other hand joins its twin. They begin working together to undo the fly of his pants. "You wouldn't let me have my car sex," I point out calmly, practically yelling over the music. "So I'm taking it." Fishing out his semi-erect member, I relish his heavy weight and hold his sack with my left hand while concentrating most of my energy on hardening his member. Starting at the head, I break all contact with the penis itself except for my thumb, which circles the hole in the very top. He groans for me, his hands itching to grab onto my head and fuck my mouth. Instead, his fingers execute a death grip on the wheel as the song changes to by Korn. I form a ring around the head with my index finger and thumb, simulating another part of my anatomy. I bring it down slowly over his entire length, smiling at the way his entire body stiffens and stays tense, frustrated that wet warmth did not follow.

When I figure he is adapting to my excruciatingly slow pace, I mix it up by latching my lips around only the head of his cock. He jumps and moans in surprise, not exactly the best reaction while in a car. I hear a car horn as he unexpectedly switches lanes, and one of his hands drifts to the back of my neck, grabbing a fistful of hair and trying to tug my mouth down to his groin. I let it remain but refuse to let it influence me. My tongue spirals around him, mimicking the path of my thumb. We briefly enter a well-lit portion of the highway, and I glance up to see Michael's head thrown back and eyes trying not to close completely in pure ecstasy. A shot of feminine pride leaks into my veins to pool at my core, spurring me on. I moan around his head, the vibrations solidifying his member past the steel rod stage. Grinning against him, I begin to suck.

At first, it is light and barely noticeable, like a butterfly landing on one’s shoulder, but as I increase pressure, he begins to tense dangerously, arching his hips towards my talented mouth, but again I back away, disengaging my lips but still lightly cupping his balls in my right hand.

My lips curl into a devilish grin, the circled fingers coating themselves in saliva from the head and continuing to glide up and down at an unpredictable pace. “Talk to me, Michael,” I murmur hypnotically, just loud enough so he can hear me, my tone matching my fingers' rhythm. “Tell me what you want me to do.” He grunts in response, thrusting his hips in an attempt to speed me along. I calmly shake my head and reply, “No, no, no. That won’t do Michael. Tell me what you want.” To punctuate my point —or just to tease him —my tongue darts out and caresses the large vein on the underside of his cock from base to tip, making sure he watches my agonizingly slow progress.

Something deep within him must snap, because he yanks my head up and says clearly, “Blow me.”

With that, I sheath his member in my mouth completely, relaxing my throat muscles in order to deep-throat him. My head bobs up and down so fast I feel dizzy and lightheaded. He grunts and begins a primal chant: "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…Oh so good and wet and warm and OOOOOOOHHHHHH GOD…!" I feel the tension build in his abs under my left hand as his balls literally tighten in my right. Figuring it is now or never to loose the last point of my plan, I release his scrotum, letting it fall heavily to the vibrating leather seat beneath him. The tremors course throughout his body—

—And that is the last straw. With one final thrust, he bellows, "OH HOLY FUCKING GOD! SHIT, ROSE! I'M as he empties himself down my waiting throat. I jack him into my mouth, eagerly swallowing his man juices as if they were the sweetest lemonade.

After he finishes, I let his softening member sluggishly slide out of my throat, groaning at the loss of him. I take the time to lick him clean and gingerly place him back into his boxers and pants, zippering him up before settling back into my seat, licking my lips and fixing my hair. He stares blankly ahead, chest heaving as he struggles to catch his breath, while his white knuckles still execute a death grip on the wheel. My girlish giggle dissolves quickly as the song changes to "Because of You" by Nickelback, the bass jarring my teeth. "Omigod, I love this song! Hang on." I stand up on my seat despite his protestations and protrude through the moonroof, revelling in the warm wind as it glides over my body. I scream into the night air, throwing my hands up and just feeling the burn between my legs. My nipples harden, and I get this crazy idea. Off comes my shirt and bra, the latter missing the mark and flying off to land somewhere on the road. Shrugging in mild amusement, I glance back through the opening at Michael, who is having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road by now. I pinch and roll my pebbled nipples, exposed for all the world to see, and I even feed myself one. Sucking my own tits always stimulates me, and with every motorist on the highway (plus Michael in the car) watching, I was very near to orgasm.

Suddenly, I feel a tug on my pants, and Michael signals for me to come down; his cop alarm is blaring, so there must be a hidden car somewhere nearby. I slide back into my seat, a bit disappointed, but my hands immediately delve past the waistband of my pants and into my panties. I *need* release, whether Michael gives it to me or I find it by my own hand. At first, I let him believe the torture is over, that I've given up the idea of car sex as too dangerous, too wrought with the posibility of discovery.


How wrong he is.

As the song changes to "Take Me" by Papa Roach, I slide further down into my seat, spreading my legs even wider. I let the song lyrics speak for themselves, and my hands bulge inside my pants as I begin to feel myself. Spreading my pussy lips, I dip my middle finger into my snatch, testing just how wet I am. I'm positively boiling over with juices, and I moan loudly, throwing my head back against the seat with my eyes closed as I crave my own intimate touch. Too involved in my own pleasure to care about Michael's reaction, I hook two of my fingers and trap some of my nectar, spreading it all around my mons as lubrication. My moan turns almost continuous as my index finger circles the tip of my clit slowly, drawing the fire in my belly to a point in a deliberate stroke.

The flame licks my insides, its heat steadily growing as my finger titilates myself. My skin feels slick and wet and incredibly stimulated. Goosebumps break out all over my body as my arousal grows, soaking my panties with a fresh batch of my love honey. Anything would have set me off; if a sledgehammer broke my foot, I would have grabbed the handle, shoved it up my cunt, and fucked myself with the handle like a giant wooden dildo.

"Fuck, Michael," I practically grunt, my finger speeding up of its own accord. "I wish your mouth were on me, sucking the juices from my cunt, or biting my clit, or fingering my asshole…" My fingers move faster, and the little bundle of nerves nearly hums. My whole body hums now, and I only see my destination behind my closed eyelids, fantasizing of Michael's talented tongue dancing over my clit. "Just thinking about it makes me…want My finger flies around my hard nub furiously as I seek my own release. I buck in my seat, my thighs hitting the bottom of the dashboard as my hips thrash. Removing one hand from my pants, I begin twisting one nipple between my thumb and forefinger. So desperately close to orgasm, I crane my neck up and pant with an open mouth.

Suddenly a mouth clamps down over mine, and a tongue thrusts into my mouth as a bigger hand wedges into my pants and dives into my dripping quim, fucking me with three thick and calloused fingers. I feel the dam burst inside of me, and I hurtle over the edge, screaming, I cum all over his hand, my juices pooling in his palm as my slick walls contract repeatedly around his fingers. He continues to saw into me throughout my orgasm, keeping me primed for another.
I moan in happiness, his digits still inside me, and turn towards him. "I thought we were driving?" I hadn't even noticed we pulled off the road, but there we were, stopped along the side of the highway just out of reach of the nearest streetlamp.

His eyes dance devilishly as his tongue darts down to my chest, flicking across one of my still erect nipples. "Alright, you got me," He murmurs into my skin. "I want the car sex, too." I smile into our proceeding kiss, finally winning. My hand delves into his pants as my tongue dives into his mouth. I find his cock erect, and it springs from his boxers, pleasantly slapping his stomach as it bobs, waiting for something warm and wet in which to encase itself. Meanwhile, his tongue runs over my guns and plays with my own, mimicking more intimate motions. But I don't need the foreplay anymore; I'd just cum on his hand, for Christ's sake! I think I'm primed enough for his dick to bury itself in my pussy. So I lift my hips as the song changes to Marilyn Manson's "This is the New Shit," and he slides my pants and panties off my hips and onto the floor, quickly followed by my shoes. He sits back into his seat and rolls off his own work pants and boxers, his prick straining towards me.

Smiling impishly, he commands, "Sit on my dick, bitch."

Grinning seductively, I straddle Michael’s lap, hovering just over his tip and denying him penetration. I carefully watch his facial features contorted in unresolved lust as I suspend my pussy just out of reach of his nine inch wonder. "Now that you've said yes, Michael," I whisper, clutching his cock in my right hand and stroking it slowly, "I don't know if I want to anymore. Maybe I'll just use you to jack off." I fist him once more before bumping up against the flare of his ridge, and I use the head of his penis as I had used my fingers: to masterbate myself. I rub his piss slit up against my raging clit, tossing it back and forth as I arched my back against the steering wheel and moaned over the music. He bucks his hips and digs his fingers into my flesh in frustration, but my lust gives me the strength to resist. I stir my honey pot into a flimy froth, panting and dangerously close to both the car's horn and my second orgasm within five minutes. As I feel a large drop of pre-cum ooze out onto my love nub, I hurtle over the edge moaning his name and sinking onto his penis in painfully slow increments, allowing him to feel every ripple, every ridge, every slight movement I make.

He revels in my pulsing pussy, throwing his head onto the seat back and thrashing in absent-minded bliss. "Fuck, Rose," He practically grunts. "You're so tight and wet and…God, I wanna fuck your brains out all night long."

be time for that in a bit," I inadvertantly whimper, still revelling in my giant cum. Sheathing him in to the hilt, I pause for a moment to regain control of my own body, and in my hyper-aware state, I can feel his member twitch deep inside of me, sending wonderful shockwaves to every extremity of my body. With great command of my hips, I make a small circle on his lap, and I ripple my muscles around him, driving him nearly insane.

He draws out the word into a hiss as I tighten my inner walls around his hard member, giving us both pleasure. "Faster, />
But I repeat this process consistently, stirring dangerous embers within both of us and spreading an all-consuming heat beneath my skin. My entire body feels as if I were baking in an increasingly steamy oven. Sweat breaks out everywhere, pooling between my breasts and pasting our hard stomachs together. I lick my lips hungrily as he thrusts up to meet me, silently pleading with me to move faster. But I refuse to comply, not even flinching in my excruciating pace. "Fuck, Michael. You tortured me. Now it's my turn. You're so hard…I'm so wet…I'm so hot…I wanna enjoy this…" Growing frustrated, he digs his fingers into my hips and tries to fuck up into my excrutiatingly hot snatch. But I resist, not faltering in my strokes.

By now, the slow burn beneath our skins is driving both of us mad, but he cracks first. He pleads softly into my ear, taking a nipple into his mouth in an attempt to torture me. The only sign I even hear him is the slow spread of my lips against his skin.

Just when I think I'm going to cave under the pressure in my belly, he succeeds in thrusting into my, changing the angle slightly and hitting a new spot inside of me as well as applying stress to my aching clit. At once, all of my frustration comes to a head deep within me, and I screamed as I cum, clinging to his taut form and scratching deep indentations into his back with my nails. OOOOOOOOOH! FUUUUUUUUUCK He rides out my waves of ecstasy, motionless, but as soon as I begin relaxing upon him again he takes over, pumping into me with all his pent-up energy and fervor.

As he continues to seek his own release, I feel myself being plucked up again and taken along for the ride. I bob on his lap as he buries his head in my cleavage, and I wrap an arm around his head to anchor him there. The other hand slithers around my body to right under my ass where his sweaty balls are sliding on the leather seat. I grip them and let them roll about him my palm before rubbing the smooth stretch of skin that connects them to his body. His strokes immediately become more erratic, and his grunts become more prolonged, and before I even know what is happening, he thrusts into me one final time before muffling me name with my shoulder and spilling his load, dragging me with him.

Even as his hard-on subsides within me, I lean down and capture his lips in a heated (but short) kiss. Grinning, I say, "Thank you," before sliding off his lap and into my own seat, his seed sloshing around inside my pussy. Not even bothering to redress, I turn up the music even louder and command, "Onward! To the Apartment of Endless, Mindless, Sex!"

TBC…if y’all want more…

story by: Leigh Lea Lee

Tags: fiction male/teen female blowjob exhibitionism cum swallowing hardcore oral sex sex story

Author: Leigh Lea Lee

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