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I had just gotten home from working a double shift at work for the weekend. I was walking into the garage with my stuff from work. As I was about to go into the house, I heard a voice say, “Hi Brian.” I turned around to see my next door neighbors unloading their car from spending the day at the lake.

I turned and said, “Hey Jim. How was the lake? Hot enough for you?” He and his wife said that it was pretty hot, but getting in the water was very refreshing. I walked the first load of my work stuff into the house, took off my dress shirt and put some shorts on. As I was coming back out, I heard the neighbor's car door open. Jim's daughters stepped out of the back seat. Erin came out first. Erin is 15, very slim and has a nice tan. She is going into her second year of high school and is developing into a nice looking young woman. I could barely see the shape of her forming breasts through the t-shirt she had on over her bikini. After she was out of the car, her older sister, Nicole, stepped out. Nicole had just turned twenty and, lets say, has really developed over the past years that I have lived next door to them. She is about 5' 8” and around 110 pounds…all in her chest. She was wearing a rainbow-striped string bikini that was stretched to the max around her large, but perky breasts. The bottoms tied at the sides and since she had to slide out of the back seat, they crept up into her ass just a little to show off her cheeks. As I was closing the door to the truck, Erin and Nicole said hi, and I could have been imagining, but it seemed like Nicole's eye contact with me lingered a little longer than normal.

I didn't think much of the encounter as many like that had happened before. I went on about my evening, cooked some dinner and was just sitting down to watch a football game, when I heard a knock on the door. I walked over to it, opened the door, and there stood Nicole. She was still wearing her bikini top, but had put on some running shorts instead of the bikini bottoms. “Hey Brian,” she said with her hands behind her back. She pulled her hands around to the front, holding a plate, “We made some pie for dessert and have some extra, would you like a piece? It's Apple.”

“Sure, come on in.” I held the door open for her as she walked past. I took a peek at her tight shorts as she walked by and couldn't make out a panty line. 'She's either wearing a very small string something, or nothing,' I thought to myself, hoping for the latter. We walked over to the couch and sat down. She handed me the plate with the piece of pie on it and a fork. I felt bad being the only one eating, so I offered Nicole a bite. I held the fork up for her and she took a bite.

“Mmmmm, that's good,” she said, closing her eyes. “OK, your turn. Let me see.” She took the fork from my hand, cut a bite and held it up to me. As I took the bite, some of the filling got on the side of my mouth. “Oops, sorry Brian, let me get that for you.” She leaned in and kissed/sucked the pie filling off of my lips. I was slightly shocked and I think she could tell. She sat back quickly, “Oh, sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm usually not that forward with this kind of thing, but something told me that you wouldn't mind.” Her cheeks flushed and she sat back and rested on the couch.

“Wow Nicole. I, uh, I don't know what to say.” I looked at her and could tell that she was embarrassed, but I could also tell that she liked what she did. “Well, what's done is done and we can't change that.”

“I'm sorry Brian.”

I stopped her and said, “Please, don't be sorry, I actually enjoyed it too. I think you can do better than that though. If you want to kiss me, you can just ask, you don't have to make excuses like the pie stunt.” She knew I was joking, which helped her relax.

She leaned toward me, put her hand on my cheek and said, “OK then. Can I?”

“By all means, be my guest.” I replied. I leaned in to meet Nicole half way and as our lips met, fireworks exploded inside me. Nicole's lips were so soft, it felt like I was kissing strawberry flavored silk. I tilted my head as Nicole started to move her hand around the back of my neck and open her mouth a little. I brought my hands up off of the couch and onto her hips. Nicole started to moan slightly as my hands started to move up from her hips onto the bare skin of the small of her back. I then felt Nicole's tongue break the plane of my lips and enter my mouth. I opened my jaw slightly and welcomed her into my mouth. Our tongues danced around each other as she pulled me closer to get deeper into my mouth. I brought one of my hands up around her side and to her stomach. I ran my fingers up the middle of her chest between her breasts. My other hand slid up her back and pulled her close so I could feel her breasts pushing into my chest.

“Brian, wait,” she said, as she broke our kiss. “I can't do this.”

“OK, I understand. I guess I should have been the here and stopped this before it started.” She could tell the deflation in my voice as I said that and brought my hands back to my sides.

“What? No, I mean, I can't kiss you and make out with you with your shirt on. I have watched you from my window while you were doing yard work and have wanted to see you up close without your shirt on. Would you mind if I took it off of you?”

'OK, now I feel like an idiot,' I thought to myself. “Oh, yeah, that's fine,” I agreed with her. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

“Wow, just like I imagined you would look,” she said, almost drooling. Her hands ran over my chest and across my shoulders. She leaned back in and kissed me quickly. I kissed her back, but she pulled away before I could contribute to the kiss.

I asked her. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, nothing really, it's just not fair. I mean, I took your shirt off, don't you want to take this off?” She asked motioning to her bikini top.

“Do I really have to answer that?” I asked as I felt the blood flowing into my hardening cock. My hands met at the small of her back again and slid up to the ties of her bikini. I found the loose ends and pulled them. The knot untied easily so I slid my hands up to the knot at her neck. This one also untied with ease. As I pulled the strings away from the back of her neck, I sat back a little so I could take in the sight of her beautiful breasts. They were round and firm with nipples that stuck out like erasers. I dropped the bikini off to the side and ran my fingers up her ribs to her breasts. Nicole let out little gasps as I started to rub and massage her breasts. Our lips met again, but this time with open mouths. Tongues danced as we both started to moan. My hands were full with her breasts as I continued to rub them. Nicole's hands were around my neck pulling me as deep into her mouth as I could go. She took her right hand away and ran her fingernails down my spine and back up. I stuck my tongue out a little and she began to suck on it, bobbing her head back and forth.

Nicole soon brought her right arm to my left shoulder and ran it down to my wrist. She guided my hand down to her waist and to her small ass. I began to rub her ass cheek with one hand and continued on her breast with the other. Nicole's hand went to my leg and started to rub it. With my hand on her ass, I was inconspicuously trying to find the waistband of her shorts. After a little hunting I found it and slid my thumb under it, pulling it down slightly. More moans of pleasure came out of Nicole. I took that as a go-ahead, moved my other hand down her side and started to slide her shorts down and around her ass…nothing was underneath her shorts. With her bare tits pressing into my chest, I could feel her nipples poking out. As her shorts reached the bottom of her ass, I grabbed a hold of it and started to run my fingers up and down her cheeks.

Nicole's hand that was on my leg had made its way up and under my shorts and was now on my growing erection. Since I didn't plan on going anywhere, I wasn't wearing boxers. “Oh my,” exclaimed Nicole. “Brian, that is pretty good sized.” She started to rub the top of my shaft, starting at the base and working her way to the head. Her hands were fairly small and didn't quite fit all the way around. It felt so good to have her hand stroking my cock, I started to dig my fingers into her ass. “Uh, Brian, that hurts a little.”

“Oh, sorry, I was lost in what you are doing to me. I didn't realize it hurt.”

“I don't mind it, but just not as hard. Speaking of hard,” said Nicole as she slid her hand out of the leg of my shorts. I leaned back a bit and saw that I was pitching quite the tent in my shorts. uh, take these off, OK? They're kind of getting in the way now. Besides, it'll be more comfortable for you with them off right?” She didn't give the a chance to answer before her hands were in the waistband of my shorts and sliding them down my legs. As she slid them past my hard-on, it popped up and stood at full attention. “Ooh, Brian, I have seen my fair share of dick, but yours is better than any of the boys at my school.” She started to stroke me again.

I started to stand up and pulled Nicole up with me. My shorts fell to the ground and I pushed hers down as well. As I stood back up, I saw that she was completely shaven and didn't have any tan lines anywhere. Her beautiful breasts hung a little off of her chest and her long blonde hair was parted by her hard nipples. I looked down and my cock was sticking straight out pointing right at her shaved slit. I moved my hips forward toward her and I felt the tip of my dick get wet from her juices. She pulled herself back and whispered, “Not yet. You'll get your turn at that, just wait.” She grabbed my cock again and got down on her knees. Her innocent eyes looked up at me as she guided me into her mouth. She took the head in and ran her tongue around it in circles. I reached down and moved her hair out of her face so I could see my cock going into her mouth. She looked so innocent and so hot. She started to slowly move her head toward me and took my whole length into her mouth.

“Oh my god Nicole, that feels so good!” I could hardly stand the amount of pleasure I was feeling being in her warm mouth. Her hand started to stroke my cock as she pumped her head up and down the length of my shaft. She continued to suck for a little more. Nicole then stood up, looked into my eyes and kissed me. Her firm breasts pressed into my chest again. She took my cock in her hand and guided it between her legs. I could feel the wet warmth of her slit on the top of my shaft. My hands found her ass again as she pulled me in to a deeper kiss. I pulled her ass cheeks slightly apart so my cock could slide between her legs easier. I started to hump her faster, getting the full length of my shaft wet with her horny juices. I grabbed her under her ass and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck to hold herself up. I reached down, found the head of my cock, and aimed it at her entrance. “Are you ready for me now?”

She broke the kiss, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hell yes, I am. Fuck me Brian.” I made contact with my cock at the entrance of her slit, removed my hand, and slowly started to penetrate her sex. The tightness and warmth was better than I imagined. It was almost hot. It had been a while since I had been with a girl, so maybe I was just trying to get used to the feeling again. As I entered Nicole all the way to the base of my cock, she let out a slight scream of ecstasy and clamped her legs around me as to not let me slide back out. After a few seconds, she released her grip and I was able to start pumping into her.

The kisses became heavier and the moaning louder. “Nicole, it's been a while for me so I might not last too long. You're so hot which doesn't help either.”

OK, it's been a while for me too.” She started to moan louder and her arms tightened up around my neck. I could feel her pushing down on my shoulders as to help pump herself up and down against my cock. She was so wet that her juices were running down the base of my shaft and onto my balls. “Brian, turn me around and fuck me doggy style.”

I loosened the grip I had on her ass and let her down so she could stand up. She kissed me again, turned around, bent over and put her hands on the couch. Her sweet, wet pussy was totally exposed to me. I knelt down behind her, spread her ass apart and started to lick from her clit, up to her ass hole. “Brian, I didn't tell you to lick me, I told you to fuck me. Now fuck me like you mean it!” I stood up, positioned my cock at her dripping slit and pushed into her. I didn't stop until my cock was all the way into her. When I was fully inserted into Nicole, I reached around and started to rub her clit. “Holy shot Brian, don't stop. That feels so fucking good!” She started to almost scream in pleasure. I kept one hand on her clit as I backed out completely and inserted into her again. I repeated this a few more times, and then when I entered her I put just the head in and flexed it a little.

After a couple of seconds of this, I pushed into her slowly still rubbing her clit. I could feel her pussy start to tighten around my cock. I started to pump into her faster and faster. Still rubbing her clit, I found myself ready to explode. My cock swelled even more that it already was. Apparently Nicole could feel it to as she turned her head toward me and said, “Brian, I want to feel your cum fill me up. Cum in me Brian.” I pushed into her harder and faster. My balls were really staring to tighten up. I reached down with my free hand and grabbed her breast. I started to squeeze and pinch her nipple. Nicole really started to scream. “Om my god, Brian, I'm gonna cum! Holy shit, I'm gonna cum. Fuck />
I could feel all the blood rush into my balls. I was on the verge of exploding. “Oh shit Nicole, here it comes.” I pushed a couple more times into her and fully released my load into her hot, wet pussy. I shot string after string of cum deep into her. I pushed as hard as I could as I finished my wad. Nicole let out one more loud scream as she climaxed. I felt her final spurt of juices surrounding my shaft. It was now even hotter than before. Nicole moved forward to let my cock slide out of her dripping pussy, turned around, knelt down and started to suck our juices off of my softening cock.

She cleaned me off completely and looked up at me, “Holy hell Brian, that was amazing. I haven't ever been fucked like that before. Your cock is amazing.” She started to sit down on the couch, but stopped, grabbed my t-shirt, put in on the couch and sat on it. “Sorry, I don't want your couch to get wet.”

I replied as I tried to catch my breath. I sat down next to Nicole on the couch. “Wow, that WAS great! I am sure glad you decided to bring me some pie…apple pie. I an even happier that it turned into a cream pie.” I grinned and closed my eyes.

story by: bigred812

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Author: bigred812

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