How can i resist?

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I know you still come and go.
I can tell you are here, though your face you won’t show.
Lurking about watching me.
But I think this time you will really will leave.

It’s a strange comfort knowing you are around.
Though I will stay quite and not make a sound.
Not even utter a simple hello.
I want you to feel free to come and go.

I can’t say you will be gone for good.
Even if you know you really should.
Because if those urges ever come back.
I am the one who gives you what you lack.

Now what is going to be so hard for me.
Is minding my business and letting you be.
My lust for you is out of control.
But setting you free is my goal.

You don’t know how many times I have stopped myself.
Took all my emotions and put them on a shelf.
Didn’t leave that note or picture too.
Doing everything I can to stop enticing you.

But my heart says don’t you even resist.
It gets very bossy and says do as you wish.
My wishes are that you are taken care of.
And are happily married to your true love.

Behaving myself will be so hard to do.
When all of my fantasies revolve around you.
I have to accept I won’t get what I need.
And that you never had any intentions to please me.

Maybe you did but it just didn’t work out.
Now I have grown too tired and just pout.
Still thoughts of you invade my head.
Schemes and plans to get you into my bed.

Show some restraint is what I must.
Stifle all my passions when it comes to you.
It leaves me with a big empty hole.
From the chunk of my heart that you stole.

You are completely irresistible to me.
I am so conflicted trying to set you free.
I know I simply must not persist.
But my weakness is you how can I resist?

story by: MistressB

Tags: poem sex story

Author: MistressB

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