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When I was 8 years old my mother remarried a man, I was happy as we were kinda poor living in Detroit MI, my father had left us before I could really even remember him. My mother tried to do the best she could raising me, but it never seemed enough, so I was really happy to have a father in my life, he was a cool guy for an adult and he had a good job. He took us out of Detroit and moved us in with him in a nice suburb
My mother and step father had a child, my step sister Faith, less than 9 months later, as an adult I realized now that my mother was pregnant before she got married. We grew up pretty normal, not rich but upper middle class. The only thing was my mother was extremely controlling, didn’t allow me to do much, but I did play football starting when I was in 7th grade, I had a lot of friends and Faith became my little buddy. She adored me, and I liked having a little sister, I looked out for her, allowed her to do things that mom would not let her do, just little things like sneak into my room, which was in the basement and watch late night TV, or have snacks when she wasn’t supposed to and in return she used to look out for me give me heads up on things she heard mom was upset with me for or let me in her window at night when I would sneak out.
One night, and to this day I still don’t know why I started it, seeing how I loved Faith so much and looked out for her. She was in my basement bedroom and fell asleep in my bed next to me, which wasn’t that unusual. I was 16 at the time and she was 7 at the time I had been masturbating for about a year, almost no porn or anything like that, it was the 80’s no internet and porn was hard to come by. As she was sleeping I was jerking my cock ever so silently when I got the urge to just look at Faith, she looked so cute and pretty. I had never seen a naked girl for real and just wanted to see what a pussy looked like. So I lifted off the covers from her and slowly pulled down her little pink cotton panties. The entire time I was scared to death of getting caught, I knew it was wrong, but it wasn’t like I was going to hurt her, just look.
With her panties down I saw the tiny bald mound between her legs and not much else, I slowly spread her legs. There before me was the tiny slit, and I mean just a slit with a little lip protruding out. I couldn’t resist and had to touch it, I slowly opened her slit up, there wasn’t much to see, just a little pink reddish skin. I didn’t dare do any more. I just kinda knelt there and began to stroke my cock, for a 16 year old I knew I had a big cock, I had measured it a couple of times and when really hard it was 6.5 inches and 6 inches around. I knelt there pounding my cock, licking my hand for lube, watching Faith sleep. Soon I could feel my cum starting to rise, I so wanted to be inside her but I knew I couldn’t, I put my cock right up against her little slit and blew the first cum shot it flew up her tiny body and hit her right on the face, I didn’t care I blew stream after stream of cum on her body and tiny pussy, It was by far the biggest cum shot I had to date.
As I regain my composure and took in what I had just done I panicked and quickly began to clean her up and put her panties back in place. When I started to wipe her face, Faith woke up and looked at me and asked “what are you doing Dan?”
“Nothing honey, you were drooling in your sleep and I’m just wiping you so you don’t have to sleep in it.” I quickly came up with, after all she was 8 and I doubt she had any idea anyways. “Hey you should get up to your room it’s late, you know if mom catches you it will be both our butts”
Faith got up and went up to her room, but not before she gave me a big hug and told me what a great big brother I was. I had a feeling of guilt right at that moment I knew I was never going to violate her again. But alas I could not help my urges.
As I laid in my bed alone I jerked off two more times thinking of Faith and after each time I felt guilty.
Over the next several months I could not help myself and on a fairly regular basis I continued to masturbate over Faith, sometimes completely covering her face, other times on her tiny butt, or directly over her tiny pussy. On more than one occasion I even pushed my finger into her, but just a tiny bit. It always amazed me that she never really woke up, and when she did I was always able to cover it up because I either didn’t cum or was just cleaning her up.
By the time I was a bit over 17 I had a girlfriend and had actually gotten blowjobs, and gotten laid. Much like most teenagers we fucked all the time. Especially at my house as I was left alone a lot watching Faith after school until Mom or Roger got home. I don’t think Faith knew what we were doing when I would make her sit in front of the TV and me and my girlfriend Sonya would go for a quick fuck or blowjob, after all Faith was still only 8 or 9. Even though I was getting laid almost daily, I still got extra pleasure out of masturbating over Faith, and long ago lost the guilt.
I had turned 18 in December and would be graduating in June. I had no desire to go to college and in my house it was known that when I graduated I had to move out or start paying rent. So I decided to enlist in the Air Force under the delayed entry program.
About a week before I was scheduled to leave my mom and Roger gave me a graduation/going away party, lots of friends, lots of family. My mom let me and most of my friends drink that night, she knew I had been drinking and partying for years. It was the first time my mother actually treated me like an adult.
After the party wound down and everyone was gone I went down to my room to pass out. I don’t know how long I was sleeping when Faith was waking me up.
“Oh honey Im so tired right now, I don’t want to watch TV, its late” I said, still drunk.
I saw that Faith was crying, just standing there next to my bed. I sat up and asked her wrong honey, why are you crying?”
“cause your leaving us, and im gonna miss you, you’re my best friend Dan, I don’t want you to go” she said between her sobs.
I felt so bad, I knew I was her hero, but never really thought much about how it would impact her life until right then. I put my arms out to her and she climbed up into the bed with me. I held her and tried to explain that I wasn’t leaving her,that I was an adult now and that’s what adults do, they grow up and move on. She understood, for a ten year old she was pretty intelligent. We talked some about what I was gonna be doing in the Air Force and how she could come and visit and how I would come home from time to time. She eventually fell asleep and so did I. In the morning mom woke us both up and did not say anything about Faith sleeping in my bed. Later that day she did but knew already why Faith was down in my room, Faith had been crying all week to mom about me leaving so she figured Faith had snuck down in my room to be close to me.
Over the next week before I left I continued to jerk off on Faith, only difference was mom let Faith be in my room, so she slept with me almost the entire week other than the couple of nights I spent out with my buddys or my girlfriend.
When the day finally came and the recruiter came to pick me up, my family and my girl friend all were at the house. All were crying, including my mom, Roger was proud of me as he had served in the Army during Vietnam. I loved my family and my girlfriend, who, we said we would stay together while she was at college and I was gone but that never did last. But seeing my little sister Faith crying made me feel extra bad, she really was my little buddy, I didn’t realize it until then but in a way she was my best friend, I felt like I was abandoning her, like she said. But to late for that now. I left with the recruiter and thus began my life in the Military.
Over the next 4 years I did fairly well in the Air force, I ended up in special security and loved it. I visited home as often as I could, Mom, Roger and Faith even came out for my graduation and visited me a couple of times in Florida where I was stationed. Over the years I often masturbated thinking of Faith. But during the visits I never again did anything with her.
I don’t know how it started but about the time I was 20 I had developed quite a sexual openness and began really enjoying threesums and gangbangs, which happened a lot in the Military. I began to develop sexual urges kinda out of the norm, I had a regular girl I was seeing and cared a lot for her but loved sharing her with other often.
Right about that time tragedy struck our family, Mom and Roger were killed in what should have been manslaughter, a drunk driver hit them, but the teenage girl never was convicted of it.
It was terrible. I took a family leave and came home for a month to take care of things.
Faith clung to me now more than ever, even though she was almost 13 by now and had developed into a very responsible young woman, very pretty, five foot, very slender, beautiful dark brown hair that she now had let grow to almost her butt. Pretty blue eyes and just starting to get her chest, although I didn’t think it would grow much, no one on moms side had big boobs nor on Rogers. She still looked up to me and never lost that sense of closeness we had when we were younger.
We buried our parents with money I had saved and some help from Rogers father, In the will it was determined that I would get custody of Faith if something should happen. The house was paid off and majority of there life insurance would go to me and Faith with me responsible for her portion of the money. Majority of it was for her school and if she did not go to school could not get the money until age 23. In all with the house, and life insurance it totaled over three quarters of a million dollars. I knew we could not live in the house, so I assigned power of attorney over it to the attorney to sell it for us. After a brief background check from protective services Faith was remanded into my temporary custody. I shared an apartment with a friend in Florida and knew I had to find my own place which protective services had to approve of, and after they inspected my living conditions it was over. I took the last week of my leave and came back to Base to get things in order, Faith stayed with her grandpa, Roger’s dad.
Once back in Florida, I filled the papers with the Air Force for more money now that technically I would be a single parent, and found a nice townhouse for us near base.
After about two week I flew back up to Michigan for 3 days and got Faith and her personal stuff and what we were keeping from the house. Loaded up a truck and that was that, protective services approved everything and I was Faiths permanent guardian.

The story does not end here in fact most of this was just to put the back ground down of how my sister came to live with me, the rest of the story is how she became my lover, and then some. The rest of the story gets more graphic so please do not judge me harshly.

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