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Most of the Mike Claymore mysteries were written in the 1999 to 2004 period during a depressing period in my life.

The writing period was culminated by a tragic loss that left me disinterested in ever writing again. I have attempted to write in that old familiar style but my life has changed to the extent that I can no longer even think in that manner.

Recently I have enjoyed a rejuvenation in spirit that has led me to attempt to start a new series. For the sake of my many fans of the original series I have chosen our familiar hero, Mike Claymore, but am providing a prequel or back story to the mystery series.

I envision four novels in this series (1) Mike turns 18 and joins the Royal Canadian Navy (2) Mike meets Marlene, gets her pregnant and gets out of the Navy (3) Mike works as a prison guard in Ontario (4) Mike moves his family west.

These novels will cover a ten year period in the life of Mike and Marlene. Whereas the mysteries were bold erotica along with the violence of murder, these back stories will be much more sexually explicit and adventurous.

These are not great literature but I seek to make them as error free as possible for the enjoyment of my readers so I would appreciate feedback from you, the readers to my email box at davebccanada at gmail dot com. If you have expertise in corrections to the written English language such feedback would be vastly appreciated. And now, please enjoy…

In the Beginning:

another Mike Claymore Erotic Adventure

Copy write 2014

Chapter 1
Mike Joins the Navy 1983

Mike Claymore, son of the late Duncan Shaun Claymore, Indian agent to the Mohawk at Hochelega, south of Montreal and the late Mohawk clans woman, Mary Morris or shaman 'She who waits' has turned 18 today. His sister, Nancy, urges him to reconsider but he has his mind set on a course of action and will not be deterred.

"You can't tell me what to do, squaw. Be quiet!" Mike would never have tolerated anyone else talking to his sister in this manner, but he is out of sorts and impatient to be gone.

Everyone has tried to advise him against leaving but his mind is set and his heart is heavy with sorrow over the recent attendance of the funeral of his parents in the Ontario graveyard at Brantford. He feels abandoned by God, by his own native spirit leaders and by all who are close.

Now he is eighteen and free to go where he will. He has decided that will be the armed forces and he favors the Navy. He can lose himself among other youth as a modern warrior and so live with pride. It is his way.

In Hochelega many are on the move to the Brantford area and the Six Nations Reserve. He knows Nancy is considering that move and wants no part of it. They can go where they want and he will do as he wants. His brother Terry has gone to New York city to work the high steel and his younger sister Caitlin will follow Nancy. He is a man now and can make his own decisions.

As the eldest child of their parents Nancy feels it is her responsibility to look after the rest but Terry has already defied her so she continues her efforts with Mike.

"Silver Heels, you know our ways. Amongst our people the women hold the power to crown a chief and equally, to dehorn him. We are a matriarchal society and the people's wisdom resides within us. I sense your need to…"

"You know nothing of my needs! I will do what I want to do so stop your noise." Mike gets up from the breakfast table and lets the door bang shut behind him. He hears her mumbling to Caitlin but pays no mind. His heart is set on getting to the recruitment center in Montreal on time. He heads up the road to the post office.

"Silver Heels! Over here!"

He sees Dan and raises his arm in acknowledgement as he trudges up to his car. He says, "Are they giving you a rough time at home, too?" He grunts as he settles into the seat beside his buddy. "That sister of mine…"

"Of course", Dan smirks and shrugs as he guns the engine of his 69 Dodge Dart. Dolly Parton fills the air with "Nine to Five" as they fly down the highway for Montreal city.

Mike asks, "Where you going to leave this heap when we take the train?"

Dan grins, "They aint a gonna take us today, ya know? I doubt they even accept us. What the hell we got they gonna want?"

Mike considers, "Youth, that's what we got. We're no old farts, you know. We got young minds and fast reflexes. That's what they need, too. I'll tell em. We'll ship out today. You wait and see." He smiles and nods to a teenage native girl as they pass her by.

Dan just shakes his head and taps the horn at the girl as he slows down. "Who's that?" He leers back over his shoulder.

"Don't know."

"We can't leave. That's one we haven't screwed yet." He grins, "Love to get into that, oh yeah." He turns the car around. Meanwhile Mike is shaking his head and rolling his eyes up in the air.

"What ya gonna do when we are at sea for six months?" There's no pussy out there, ya know."

"I heard they are recruiting a lot of females right now."

"Well, maybe you can talk this one into joining with us," Mike chuckles as he says this. They slow as Dan pulls across from the girl in question.

"Would you like a ride? We're going into the city?" he calls across in front of Mike out the window. She shrugs and calls something back in French. She has a stunning smile and waves to them. "Aw shit," says Dan.

He pulls into a driveway to turn around as she comes up to the car. He mutters, "Just turning around, babe. See ya." But Mike raises his hand for Dan to hold it.

"Hi", he says.

"Silver heels, what's the point. She's a Frenchie," he throws up his hands knowing neither of them speak French.

Mike reaches and turns down Eddie Rabbit's "I Love a Rainy Night" so he can hear her. "Ou />
He tales a chance, "I'm Mike." He taps his chest.

She laughs, "I'm Marie. Hi Mike. I guess you don't parle la lange." she grins and says, "speak the language. French, I mean."

Mike asks, "Okay, so what did you ask? I know it was a />
"I asked where you are going?"

"Oh, into town to the recruiting center. We're gonna be sailors…" he hesitates, "but we have time to take you for a ride first, if you'd like."

She grins, "I don't think so. After all, there are two of you guys and I'm all alone." She lowers her eyes and studies the ground.

Dan lightly taps on the gas pedal and says, "That's your problem, babe." He starts to back out. Mike hangs out the window smiling at her and winks. She giggles and waves as they pull ahead. Mike blows her a kiss.

He pulls back into the car and turns up the radio. "Do you really want to hurt me?" comes from the speaker with the voice of Culture Club. Dan shakes his head up and down with the music and sings, "oh yeah." Mike laughs and they are headed into the city again.

Later they cross a bridge and Mike asks, "Are you sure you know where we are? What is that island down there?"

"That's Boucherville Island. We just came through Boucherville. Didn't you notice? We'll be in Montreal East in just a few minutes."

"Okay, okay, I guess you know where you are. I was just checking." He grins like he knew where they were all the time. "How much farther to the />
"It's not that far now. It won't be long. Did you want to stop to eat or get />
"No, no, I don't think so." Mike let's his open stretched hand float on the breeze outside the side window. He thinks about Marie and wishes they had taken longer to check her out. He thinks he might have struck up a friendship there then grudgingly admits to himself how silly that would be if he is leaving.

He broods over the memory of his awkward break with Grace two nights ago. He should have said something before things got hot but she felt so good and she satisfied his needs so well he had kept putting off saying anything.

He feels an erection growing in his lap thinking about that night. She wanted to do it so much because he was now eighteen. She had hopes of it meaning much more to them. Then he had dashed her hopes by telling her goodbye. He felt it was cruel but couldn't think of any other way to handle it.

"Hey, do you want to watch for a parking place? It's not far now." Mike cheers up as Dan makes this declaration. City traffic is light so Mike spots a parking place very quickly and Dan guides the car into place.

Mike volunteers, "I got the meter, bud." He digs for coins as they exit the car. "Can you see? Are there many in there?"

Dan ignores him and goes right up to the glass door with the fancy blue on blue navy poster on it. Mike rushes to catch up with him.

He hitches his jeans, dashes across the sidewalk and enters the shop on Dan's heels running his hand through his long black wavy hair. He cuts a striking figure as a tall lanky youth with quick, bright eyes and clear brow. The recruiter sees a poster child and rubs her hands in anticipation.

Dan is in the lead so he speaks first to the man behind the counter. "Hey, is this where we sign up for the navy? My bud and I," he nods to Mike, "we want to sign on to see the world." He favors them with a broad smile. The recruiter smiles to herself and lets the counter agents take them but watches with interest.

"Yes, this is the place, my man. I'm Gary Whittier and who might you be?" He might have been a year their elder but clean shorn and most civilized to their inexperienced eyes. They thought of him as a dandy.

"I'm Daniel George and this is my buddy, Mike Claymore. We want to join your team." He proffers a bright smile as he slaps Mike on the shoulder. Mike moves his head up and down.

"Very well. If you are of at least eighteen years and have a minimum of a high school diploma we can sign you on today."

Mike grins and says, "See, I told you we could ship out today." Dan looks thoughtfully tense and Mike remembers he didn't matriculate with him. He was going to have to repeat the last year of high school if he didn't get in. "They offer free education," he glances at Gary, "Don't you?"

"Yes, in almost all the trades you can think of. What did you have in mind?" You can be anything from a deck hand, to a truck driver, a cook to a doctor. We offer education to all those that qualify. During basic training on the east coast you can decide where you would like to fit in and we take it from there." He puts two sets of documents on the counter.

"Do you have a birth certificate or a drivers license to start with?" he nods, "and a copy of your senior matric, if possible, will help."

Mike flashes a letter, "Will a letter from the school be enough? I don't have the diploma with me."

Gary glances down the "To whom it may concern" letter and nods, "We will need a copy of your diploma later but this is fine. Do you have a drivers license?"

"No, but I got my birth certificate. Will that do?" Meanwhile Dan tosses his drivers license on the counter and buts in, "I don't have anything from school with me. I'll bring it in later."

Gary nods and tells them, "Okay, I need you to fill out these forms." He details how he needs it done and gives them each a pen. They move down the counter to make room for a young couple who have come in. Gary urges, "Can you take that over to those booths. We have them set up for doing paperwork. You'll be more comfortable there."

They crowd in together in one booth. Quickly they write as much information as they can readily remember then get out a wallet to fill in numbers and dates, etc. They chatter back and forth as they work but are eventually done. It is almost noon so they go back out to the counter.

"Where is Gary," Dan asks the woman at the counter. She is on the phone and nods his way entreating him to be patient. She puts a hand over the receiver and whispers, "Just leave it on the end of the counter there." Mike smiles and nods as he complies but Dan glares at her.

Mike nudges him and says, "Just leave it and we'll go for lunch. Come on."

Dan complains, "I want to speak to Gary again. I'm not sure how to fill in part of my history." Mike shudders as Dan keeps bugging the lady on the phone. Its obvious that there is no one else here right now.

The lady hangs up the phone and says, "Okay, its noon and the counter agents have gone out for lunch but if those forms you were working on are ready, I'll review them." She stands to pick up the forms, " You can hang around or go out for lunch, whatever you like. By the way, I'm Virginia and I am the recruiter for this />
Virginia is sweet, blonde, blue eyed and about twenty. She has a radiant smile and stands nearly Mike's height at six feet. He judges her to be about five foot, ten and a half inches. Mike is captivated as she returns to her desk further back from the counter. He sees her marker on her desk. MS V Houston – Recruiter it announces.

"Let's go," urges Dan then calls, "We'll be back after lunch." Mike waves to her and she flashes a quick smile before dropping her eyes to the paperwork.

They stand on the street and view the area, "What do you think? Do you see anything?" They look up and down the street. Mike points, a Tim Hortons." but Dan sees a bistro around the corner.

"Chez Helene. Sounds good to me. Let's go."

They duck around the corner and step down a step into a dimly lit dining room. The tables are full and the French patter fills the air but as they watch a couple leaves and they catch the now emptied small table in a corner.

A harried waitress calls, "Ce est correct, vous pouvez prendre cette table." She works her way to them. "Que />
Mike takes the lead, "Do you have a special.. une speciale? For lunch? Un dejeuer speciale?" He grins and shrugs.

She grins, "English, eh? How about meatloaf? It's 25% off just over the lunch time but it smells really good. I think I might have it later. Its two fifty with coffee or tea, pop is extra. That's not a bad deal?"

Dan asks, "Can we get a menu?" He hesitates, "In English, too."

"We don't have them in English. I have to run. When you decide call me over. I'll drop a menu off." She dashes off and shortly drops menus on their table.

Mike catches her eye and he says, "Meatloaf and water, please." She nods and is gone. Dan ponders over the menu. He mutters, "I guess I'll have the same and a coke. Where is she?" He looks around for the waitress.

He catches her eye at the counter and she waves as she talks with another customer. She comes in a minute with Mike's water and Dan places his order. Of course, Mike's order arrives first so he takes his time to enjoy it when Dan gets his. They pay on separate bills but Mike leaves the tip.

Outside they head back to the office and come in to be greeted by Gary. my men. So glad to see you back."

Mike nods and Dan says, "Thought we skipped out on you, did ya?" He laughs. Gary laughs with him but says not, that he was just kidding.

Virginia goes to the end of the counter and calls Mike over. She has his forms in hand. "Do you have a recent medical?" Mike nods in the affirmative. "I'll need that. How soon will you be ready to go to work for us?"

Mike shrugs with a boyish grin, />
"Are you serious?" Mike nods. "Who is your doctor and sign another form for me for your doc and I can have you on a train Wednesday to the coast. There's a new basic training course starting next week and I think I can get you on it. How does that sound?"

Mike grins from ear to ear, "Can I kiss you?" she just laughs and hands him another form to sign.

"That's for your doctor and this form makes you ours. Be sure before you sign this one." She pushes a contract towards him. Mike signs both. "I'll get your tickets done up. Should have them in less than an hour." She has a broad smile for him. "Now you can kiss me."

Quickly she backs off yakking, "Just kidding! I'm kidding you. I couldn't get away with that, I'm an NCO. That's a non-commissioned officer, by the way. I'm a Master Seaman." She notes his puzzled look. "Like a sergeant in the army, you know?"

Mike sighs, "Does that mean I can't date you?" He puts on a real long face, />
"It's not allowed aboard ship… or on a base… I'm not sure in civvies in town. What you got in mind?" She giggles.

"I don't have a license or a car and I live out of town so I guess all I can offer is a walk in the park in the />
She thinks on it, "I bet it would be fun. When are we going?"

"What time is my train />
"It's the overnighter from Quebec City. You catch the 6pm train here to Quebec and change to the overnighter but you don't have to leave the train, they change the car to the eastbound run and convert the seats. You'll be in to Halifax by sun up and again they switch your car for day liner seats the rest of the way. Usually there are quite a few new recruits on it from all across Canada."

"Can you get off Wednesday? I could meet you here at noon or even earlier, if you'd like" She considers his words as he walks his fingers up and down her arm with a boyish grin.

"Actually, I am off Wednesday so I am free as early as you want." she rolls her eyes at him. "Don't you have a girl friend?"

"I did have but bade her farewell the other day. And what about you, you must have scads of guys hanging around or one very special guy."

"I recently accepted this post so haven't met that many interesting men yet." she reconsiders, "a few but mostly flakes." They quietly chuckle together.

"If you give me your phone number I can call you when I know what time I'll get into town. How does that sound?"

She sighs, "I was going to suggest you give me your number so I could call you and find out what time you'll be here."

"Why don't we exchange numbers and then we can both call if we want?" He nods his head pointing at the form he has already put his phone number on earlier. She takes a business card and jots her number on the back of it.

She suggests, "I better see your friend now. Please send him down here. I'll have your tickets later."

Mike goes to Dan and says, "She'll see you now. I'm going over to Tim Hortons for a coffee. You'll know where I am if I'm not back when you are done."

Mike is back in an hour and Dan is waiting for him. He looks glum slouched in a chair waiting. Mike greets him, "Have you been done long? Why didn't you come over and join me?"

"Let's get out of here." Dan gets up to leave.

"Hold on, I have to see Virginia again. Be right with you." He heads over to the counter and waits for her to notice him.

When she does she joins him to give him his tickets. She shakes his hand and says, "I'll see you Wednesday. Don't you forget."

"I'll call you later. Bye for now." He takes his leave and joins Dan on the way out the door. They head across to his car and climb in. Dan starts it right away but Mike notices his quiet so he asks, "How did you make out, buddy?

"Bah! Come back next year when you have your high school education. She didn't suggest GED so I asked her and she said it was only available for those who have been in the work force for ten years and need it for promotion. If you have a job for ten years what do you need GED for. Damn!"

"That's too bad, Dan. I was hoping we might join />
"She's just a skirt! What's she know? I'll go back and Gary will get me in. How about you? What excuse did she hit you with?"

Mike doesn't know what to say. He admits quietly, "I'm in, Dan. She signed me up and gave me the tickets for the train to Cornwallis this Wednesday. I'm going for the basic training course next week but I'll be in the barracks Thursday night on the coast."

"What! Oh shit, Mike! I want to go with you. Damn!" he strikes the steering wheel in frustration. He becomes moodily silent for the rest of the trip home. As they get into Hochelega he asks slyly, "I guess you won't want that Grace any more, eh?"

"We broke up the other night." He nods, "I guess she's fair game now, bud."

"Gawd, I'll give her a wild ride. She'll forget all about you, man," he thinks it over. "Sorry, Mike. I didn't mean that. It's just I'm so damn

He seems to be almost on the verge of tears so Mike says, "You can let me out anywhere here, Dan. I want to see some of the friends up this end anyway."

"Okay, at the poolroom. eh?"

"Yep, that's great. Thanks for the lift today."

Dan drops him then squeals his tires taking off down the highway. He honks his horn as he goes and Mike waves to him. Mike checks he has all his paperwork and tickets. He smiles when he sees the business card with the phone number on it.

He decides to walk straight home instead of going in. It's getting dark so he walks quickly but has only gone half way there when a car pulls in beside him. He smiles at the sweet face regarding him from the passenger window.

It's Grace. She says, "How did you make out? I got dad to bring me out and see if I could see you. Get in, please."

Mike does as she asks and says, "Good evening, Mr. />
"Hello Mike, are you going home?"

"I was headed that way, sir. I guess that's right."

"I think my daughter wants to talk to you. Maybe I'll go get some cigarettes." He opens the car door and leaves.

Grace turns in the seat. "Will you be going to the navy, Mike?"

"I signed on with them today. I have my tickets to ship out Wednesday night."

"Oh, I didn't know they had a ship in Montreal harbor right now. Why do you need a ticket?"

Mike explains, "I go by rail to the training base in Nova Scotia on Wednesday. I start training next week."

"Oh, you're taking the train." She sits glumly almost pouting. "What am I going to do now? I thought we were going steady."

"We were, honey, but it doesn't seem fair for me to go off and leave you here waiting for me. I don't want to tie you to a promise that might be impossible to keep. Its better we realize I am going to be far from Hochelega for a long time."

She whispers, "Will you make love to me one more time before you go?" She reaches over the seat to touch him. "Just one more time if you care for me."

Mike slides his arm around her shoulders and quietly reassures her he will try to do as she asks. She whispers, Mike nods and says later.

Her father returns to the car and they drive Mike home. He bids them goodnight and goes to the house. He sits on the porch watching the stars for a while. He remembers his bagpipes in the attic. It tears a hole in his heart to think of his father playing and teaching him to play. He cries softly, "Why did you go to far off Scotland? Why did you leave me?"

He tries to put their funeral out of his mind and goes into the house. Nancy and Caitlin are sitting in the living room. Caitlin is sewing. Mike nods as he heads for the stairs.

"Michael, aren't you going to tell us what happened today?" Its Nancy but they both watch him as he stops. He walks back to them and dumps the paperwork on the table. She asks, "It's a contract, isn't it? When do you leave?"

Grudgingly he says, "Wednesday on the train."

She looks over the papers, "At least you only signed for three years. I'm glad you had the foresight to not sign on for five. You can always sign on for more if you find you like it later."

Mike is surprised but acts knowing and wise. He had no idea he had only signed for three years but it sounds like a good idea. He settles to chat with them and all seems easy with his going now it is settled.

Soon it is midnight and all have retired to their rooms. Mike takes moccasins in hand and stealthily leaves the house. He moves like a shadow along the streets and blends with the night behind a house a few streets from home. He climbs a tree by the house and sits on a limb watching the nearby window.

Grace is waiting in the room by the window. She is watching for Mike but has been waiting for over half an hour so her eyes are heavy. Suddenly she jerks and smiles opening the window for her lover. He flows into the room towering over her and catching her in his arms.

Their lips hungrily taste and search each others crevices and planes, They suck and soon are open to each other in a frenzy. Tongues chase tongues in merry delight as they each try to arouse the other in greater measure.

She feels a warmth fill her whole body when he is near. His touch sets her on fire so she caresses his skin while they move as one. They seem to stagger drunkenly in her bower but its a dance of slow languid movements, each relishing the other.

They have met in this ecstasy often enough to know what works best for them. He showers her with kisses around her chin then, her nose, her eyelids and under an ear. She quivers expecting each touch but thrilling to it as if surprised. Each time with Mike is like the first time.

She whispers, "I knew you would come to me but I hurt when I think of you going. I hurt deep inside my heart and my guts." Mike places fingers tips over her lips and nibbles an earlobe feeling her tremble.

He whispers, "Tonight is for love. We have this time so let's not spoil it with other thoughts, my precious dove." He lightly scoops up a breast to lift it to his lips. He licks and tastes the flavor of her skin all around the orb but purposely avoids her tawny nipple for now. She grips his strong shoulders and shudders all over.

She whispers, "Mike, you set me on fire." and tries to draw him across the room to the bed but his lips wander below her breasts and work their magic across her belly. She flutters like a leaf in his arms wrapped around her figure. She shrugs out of a light airy top and lets it go where it will fly.

With her top out of the way he licks and teases her breasts finally making contact with first one and then the other hard nipple with lips and finger tips. He can hear her gasping intake of sharp breaths as he makes steady progress. He allows her to guide him closer to the bed.

She can contain herself no longer and pulls on his belt buckle. One hand clutches the belt and the other traces the hard swelling in his jeans. She is desperate to set him free.

Mike complies by quickly shucking his shirt but his fingers never cease to trace her curves. They seek out and measure the slippery wetness in her center core then ply the inner planes of her lower limbs. He is steadily aware of the urging insistence of her fingers on his throbbing manhood.

As he stretches her out on the bed he runs his lips where his fingers have been and she arches her back to him, He licks and nibbles his way closer to her throbbing mound first tasting with flickering tongue then slurping up her opening with a quick eagerness. She gives a sudden squeak and Mike stops raising a cautionary hand. She mumbles, "Mmmm, I know."

His tongue seeks her bud and he feels it starting to protrude from its sheath. He runs his tongue over it as it rises. He feels Grace's hands on his head then he licks and catches the clit between his lips. Lightly then with more urgency he sucks on it and licks it. Her hands grip his head hard and she pulls him closer.

Mike insinuates a finger into her opening and then another. Softly but quickly he beckons her big 'O' with fingers drawn over her rough spot inside her as he sucks on her clit. She goes wild writhing on the bed and clutching her pillow to her face to remain silent. Mike lets her enjoy the moment while he relishes her musky and slightly salty flavor. It's a flavor he never tires of and never finds to be exactly the same between differing partners.

As he takes a moment he slides out of his jeans and lets them join her panties on the floor. She weakly reaches to help him shed his shorts then welcomes him with open arms.

He moves his arm to encircle her hips then draws himself higher to mouth and tickle her belly button with his tongue. She is still slightly arched and breathless so he kisses his way back to her breasts with her bucking under him.

She opens wider her arms and her legs to hold him and feel his hard presence against her body. Mike feels her hot and very wet entrance with his rock hard erection. He poises there feeling her flesh quiver against him. She pulls on him to urge him in. He rolls his hips working his cock along the wet lips to heighten the sensations.

He can only take so much of that and soon he cannot help himself. He slides smoothly into her. She is so wet and slippery that he plunges deep then stops to enjoy the silken glove she has become. He kisses her lips softly and starts to move. With the movement he can feel her grip him tightening and releasing in a wild rhythm.

They start with the missionary position but quickly advance to a doggy style and a big 'O' for her there, then it's a rear entry spoon and many orgasms there. A reverse cowgirl is Mike's undoing and so their last tryst ends and Mike steals away home.

story by: davebccanada

Tags: fiction consensual sex erotica mature male / female teens sex story

Author: davebccanada

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