My sexual autobiography – part – 52

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PART – 52

Dear Readers,

I hope all of you must have celebrated the Valentine day in a fantastic manner in which I did and I am writing here under about the same.
I know that it is a long writing about it, but I do not want to miss any important thing from it in order to provide maximum pleasure to all of you from my sexual enjoyment. I did not mention any unwanted details in the episode and I am sure you will like it.

So I start My Valentine Day special

I smiled and felt very happy when I received an email from a nudist resort from Italy offering a discounted stay there for a couple for the celebration of Valentine day.

Actually, we were planning a holiday on Valentine day and the mail I received was in response to my mail to them. My husband asked me to try this and finally, I got confirmation from them.

I informed this to my husband immediately over phone and he asked me accept this offer. Accordingly, I accepted the offer and booked the room in the resort for both of us from 14th February till 17th February morning. (3 nights) We heard a lot about this resort and about their special services. It was a nude resort with high dignity. They do not allow sexual activity in public even all the guests there stay nude at their activity area. It was seems to be our kind of resort. The most important offer from them was a nice day and night baby-sitting. Babies of lover pairs are being taken care of by trained ladies at a very nominal charge. There were all the arrangements for the babies aged between 4 months to 6 years.

We liked the thought of being wined and dined in high style and willing to pay well for the special services of our choice.

On the beautiful early morning of the Valentine day I was wearing a light green dress with white sandals with no stockings, and felt I was perfectly attired for the special day. My husband dressed in a polo shirt and cotton slacks and sneakers was equally casual.

We woke up early in the morning after having a wonderful quickie in the night. We slept early in the night, totally naked, in each other's arms, as usual.
"I am sure we will have a lot of fun on this occasion." My husband told me.
"I am sure we will. In fact, I guarantee it." I really meant that.

After having the morning tea and light breakfast, we left our villa to enjoy our Valentine day out. Raju was sleeping on back seat of our spacious car.

It was a long but sexy journey and finally, once we were reached our destination through the gate, the resort looked more like what we wanted to. I could see the cabanas and a large swath of manicured green lawn and the main building, tall and imposing and built in style. He pulled up in front of the door, and a pair of uniformed employees hurried to attend to our vehicle and the little baggage we carried.

An attendant carried Raju in his baby cart. It was a nude resort but I can understand that everyone at reception and in the lobby was well dressed. Perhaps the rule was, the guests and the resort staff should remain nude on the other side of the reception. We checked-in and immediately, there was a nice lady approached us right on the reception counter to take care of Raju. She told us not to worry about him and to feel free to enjoy ourselves. We handed over Raju to her with his baby cart, some of his dresses and his milk bottle. She left with Raju saying that we can check him any time and can call her to bring him in to our room whenever we wish to.

The bellhop directed us to our room with our little baggage and once he had pocketed his tip, he left us standing beside the bed in our room. I kicked off my sandals and turned towards my husband.

"Here we are." He told me, as if I did not know already. "We are free to do anything here." I knew that he wanted more than anything, at least to begin our fun. What he wanted to do first was to feast his eyes on my gorgeous live body while I was about to remove my clothes. I knew what he wants immediately. His hands, mouth and cock would all have their turn, but he wanted the visual treat first. He moved closer and hugged me, but not very tightly. His fingers began to unfasten the buttons on the back of my dress. I felt what he was doing because I wanted to start in the same way. While his fingers were busy and when he had finished with the buttons of my dress, I pushed my dress down my arms and bent at the hips so the dress billowed forward. Still wearing my aqua bra and skimpy matching panties, I stood up straight. He pulled my dress down to the floor.

Once again, he wrapped his arms around my semi naked sexy body, and this time he unhooked my bra. I grinned lewdly and, when he lowered his hands and stepped back, I teased him briefly by holding my bra cups in place. I know my breasts are worth a bit of a presentation so, after making him waits for a few seconds, I spread my arms, allowed my bra to fall down and shown him my lovely milky boobs. In addition, I moved my upper body, making my twin treasures bounce and sway before him. After kissing my two beauties, my boobs, he knelt before me, hooked his fingers in the elastic waistband of my panties and pulled them down to the floor so I could step out of them. I was standing completely naked in front of him. He remained where he was, gazing up at my truly adorable and clean shaved pink pussy. My lovely pink inner pussy lips just starting to push their way through my slit.

"My turn now," I announced. "Just sit right here on the bed, and I will take good care of you."

He was hardly able to tear his eyes away from his incredibly beautiful and completely naked sexy wife before him. He sat on the bed and I knelt between his legs and started to unfasten his belt and pull down the zipper on his fly. He stripped his t-shirt off over his head. When I started pulling his pants down, he raised his ass from the bed to help me. I smiled at the sight of his beautiful, big, long, thick and hard cock sticking up through the fly of his boxer shorts and I leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock before continuing to remove his clothing. After unsnapping the waistband of his shorts and pulling them and the pants down to his ankles, I stopped to remove his shoes and socks. My final act of undressing my husband, my Valentine was to pull his pants and shorts the rest of the way off and places them on the edge of the bed. A sexy pair, loving man and the woman, husband and wife was equally naked in the resort room. I knew what I wanted to do next.

Gently holding his familiar cock in my hand, I smiled up at him while he was sitting on the bed above me.
"I know you love this." I said in a sexy voice and without waiting for any answer, I rose up high on my knees and leaned over to start licking the head of his stiff cock by holding it my hand. One of the many things I loves about sucking off his cock is the velvety pink texture of his cock head against my tongue. I continued lowering my face slowly until entire head of his standing hot cock was nestled between my lips and I was licking it under the hard ridge. To my way of thinking, the best part of sucking off his cock, is having his cum gush into my mouth and licking off his cock and swallowing his semen. That is the best part, but the entire process is fun, and my husband's strength helps me as I want to spend a long time before getting that mouthful of cum.

Moving my face slowly, I enveloped his shaft until the head of his long cock was pressed against the back of my mouth. As I held his cock in that position, my agile tongue was leaving everything I had just engulfed. Sensuously, I drew my mouth back and held his shaft gently in my fingers and looked up at him while smiling around his rigid cock. To my husband, the best part of being sucked off is Cumming into my mouth, but everything else about this one is great too. Especially this would include the visual delight. Even better was when he see me flick out my tongue and daintily lick the end, including probing the slit on his cock head with the tip of my tongue, following that highly erotic display by slowly covering his long and hot shaft with my mouth again.

When he watched my lips slowly going down on his erection, I was looking up at him with my beautiful incredible eyes. This time, I only paused for a second when I felt the end of his cock reached the back of my mouth. One of the many sexual tricks I knows how to perform is to give deep throat, and I started doing that with him once again. I was continuing to lower my face until my mouth was accommodated maximum possible length of his long fucking tool. The stroking between my lips was slow and sensual and my tongue was caressing his shaft which I was drawing into my mouth.

He was looking right back at me, almost mesmerized as I slowly moved my face up and down and back and forth, with his cock sliding in and out of my pretty mouth. Although the sight was a delightful one, and the gentle slurping and lapping sounds I was making were pleasing to our ears as always, the physical delights his cock was receiving from my mouth was better than anything for him. I was moving slowly and we both were enjoying the blow job act. He used to get the full benefit of my warm, wet chamber of my mouth.

"I really love that," he told me. "I love what you are doing."

I smiled, but could not say anything because my lips were being shaped by his big round shaft passing in and out between my lips. I like hearing things like what he had just told me, but I had no wish to stop what my mouth was doing to respond aloud, so I gave the "OK" sign with the thumb and index finger of my right hand and continued providing carnal pleasure to him and to myself. And, in a way, it was almost as much fun for me as it was for him. I always love sucking his cock and all other sexual activities. I love the feeling of his hard cock thrusting between my lips and the sensation of my mouth being filled by his cock's presence. My tongue dotes on the texture of the smooth skin that was stretched around the hard roundness of that erotic mouthful and one of my eyes were watching my husband's body writhing above me.
I was continuing playing with his shot gun in my mouth and in my hand. My hand was also moving up and down holding lower portion of his long cock tightly between my palms. I did not want to stop in between before him cum in my mouth. Although it was a long wait, but I continued with my efforts to drink his cum.

After a long exercise, I felt that he was approaching that point, and I did not want him to cum until I had done some of my other favorite things. After backing my face away from him following one of the slow strokes I loves doing, I took his cock entirely out of my mouth and smiled at him around the shaft, like I had done before. I kissed his cock head again, and my tongue probed the slit of his cock head but, instead of then engulfing the rigid organ, I cupped one hand under one of my succulent boobs and gently held his cock in the fingers of my other hand. Smiling lewdly at him, I started rubbing my nipple, which was already erected, against his cock head. Still gazing at his face, I did the same with my other hard nubbin. For the next minute, I alternated rubbing my nipples against his cock, until I kissed the velvet head of his cock again and nestled it between my lips.

Had he asked me to do so, I would have been willing to form a channel with my boobs and slowly caress his cock between them, but he did not ask for my boob fucking. I was trying to make the blow job finish as early as I could.

A few seconds after the application of my nipples on his saluting cock, I had his cock back inside my mouth, and was again slowly caressing his entire shaft with my lips and tongue. I still loved everything about what I was doing. I enjoy a lot when I felt his stiff cock starting to throb in my mouth. From my long experience, I knew my husband was ready to cum.

"I'm almost ready to cum, Sweetheart," he said, quite unnecessarily. "Do you want me to cum into your mouth?"

Although I thought it a rather silly question, I made no verbal reply. I answered by tightening my lips, stroking his cock faster and giving him deep throat. The latter is highly enjoyable to me, but I wanted to take no chances of having my husband shoot his cum directly down my throat. Less than a minute after his announcement, I felt his cock jerking, and I positioned my tongue at the tip of his cum gun. His first thick gob of semen splashed into my mouth right where I wanted it, and I continued with the short strokes of my lips on his cock head. The second and third gushers of his cum landed on my tongue too, and I kept sucking, wanting more, and he gave me full treat with his cum.

Carefully holding his cock in my fingers, I took it out of my mouth, making sure it stayed upright so none of the juices still inside would drop out and be wasted. With that precaution taken care of, I swirled all the semen stored inside my mouth, relishing the taste and texture. Using my tongue as a paintbrush, I coated his cum insides of my cheeks and my palate with the viscous fluid, before finally letting the rest of the delicious semen slide down my throat. There was still some left, I knew, and I went after that too. Gently, I placed a thumb on the underside of his cock right in front of his scrotum and the fingers of that hand on the side opposite, and started slowly drawing that hand toward my mouth. Everything that oozed out of his cock tip was caught on my tongue until my fingers were all the way against my lips. I treated this smaller mouthful the same as I had the bulk quantity earlier. After swallowing it, I licked off his cock completely cleaned, making sure nothing was wasted.

I knew what I wanted to do next, and I was sure my husband did too. In case he did not, I got to my feet, picked up my undergarments and climbed onto the bed, where I placed my bra and panties on the corner and was laying on my back. One pillow was under my head and the other was beside me, to be put to use later. Sucking off cock of my husband had gotten me highly aroused, as any kind of sexual activity always does. What I needed was the relief that could best be provided by my husband fucking me or eating my pussy until I reach at least one orgasm, possibly more than one, as usual.

He knew well what I wanted next, and he was willing, even eager to do it for me. He looked at my lovely face where I was still licking my lips to get any of his leftover cum, and at my boobs, which are so creamy white, and he reached out to gently hold one of my boobs in his hand. After gently squeezing one of my fabulous orbs in his hand, he started to pay with both of them.

This began by licking the nipple of the first breast he held, and as always, he was elated at seeing how rigid my nipples are, like cute pink marbles, except he could feel the tiny ridges that stiffened them and the pebbly texture of my areolas. As he licked my nipple, my mouth was inches away from his ear and, after a few seconds, he could hear my pleasure through my mouth. Being a man who believed the best kind of sex is the kind where both people derive pleasure, he was filled with joy to see, hear and feel everything that was happening with him and with his Valentine partner, his young, beautiful and sexy wife on that special occasion.

When he changed his attentions to the other of my luscious boobs, that nipple was in the same happy state and, as he licked, he could feel my body started to squirm under him. His pleasure and happiness with his choice of companion increased with every movement on sound of pleasure I was making. He switched his tongue back and forth between my divine globes and my cooing evolved to blissful moaning, and my squirming became writhing.

"I love that, dear. I love what you are doing." I said, knowing it was not necessary at all as he already knew it.

He responded the same way, as I had, when I expressed my pleasure while sucking his cock, with his thumb and index finger, because his mouth was far too pleasurably engaged on my boobs. The action became even better for both of us when he drew one of my luscious globe as far into his mouth he could and, with his lips forming a seal on my firm flesh. His tongue remained active too, caressing my nipple and areola, and my upper body became more active.

As he switched his attentions to my second enchanting boob, the movements of my body thrust was up into his mouth, and he sucked and licked my other boob too in the same way as he did on my first boob. My husband continued his worship on my incredible bosom for a long time while my upper body thrashed under him, until he detected the delectable aroma of my fresh pussy juices and he knew it was time to go lower on my sexy body. After kissing both of my rigid nipples a fond adieu, he started nuzzling, sucking and licking his way down my soft belly to the source of the fragrance.

I knew where he was going, of course, and it was what I wanted more than anything in the world.
"Yes! Yes!" I urged him. "Eat my pussy!"

That was his intention too, but he stopped briefly to swirl his tongue in my cute little navel. I giggled, but pushed on his shoulders to help propel him to the place where I urgently wanted his mouth. There were no more delays along the way. He stopped when he reached my soft and silky fair Mountain of Venus, kissed me there and scurried on his hands and knees to the foot of the bed before returning, just as fast, to where I awaited him with my legs spread and by bending my knees so he could more easily bury his face in my waiting and wet pussy.

I saw him approaching and handed him the pillow I had set aside earlier. He grinned at my eagerness, which matched his own, and slipped the pillow under my sexy hips when I raised my ass, leaving my pussy in the perfect position for what we both wanted. He ducked his head; I raised my legs and he moved forward so the back of my knees were resting comfortably on his shoulders. Growing even more avid for what he wanted so much, he wrapped his arms around my thighs, and brought his face inches away from my pussy.

And what I had there at the apex of my legs was truly something to fantasize about. My pussy was clean-shaven as always. He gazed at the flawless fair skin around my pink pussy, leading to my moans and by my rosy pink inner pussy lips that had fully blossomed through my slit. He breathed in deeply of the aroma that had beckoned to him a few minutes earlier. That scent had been enticing at a distance, but it was almost intoxicating from a few inches away.

I wished he would stop looking at my pussy as it was not a new one for him and start licking it. I was in a high state of sexual excitement, but I would refrain from saying anything to him, at least for a few more seconds. I knew that he always looks my pussy as it is new for him, although my pussy was being seen and fucked by him since ten long years, when we were in college.

A few stray drops of my pussy juices had spattered on the insides of my soft thighs, and he eagerly licked them off, finding the flavor to be even more delightful as always. His tongue sluiced everything off that smooth and sensitive place and was next applied to my crotch, licking upward to catch my freshest nectar, which was trickling from my pink fuck hole that was producing it. Those juices were even more delicious for him than the others had been. He devoured every drop of my pussy juice available, before starting to slowly lick one of my outer pussy lips.

The sounds of pleasure I was uttering were music to his ears, and my pussy might well have been the most beautiful thing in the world for him, he had ever seen, with the most delectable taste and aroma. All his senses were being pleased beyond belief, but the one receiving the most fabulous sensations was that of touch.

The skin of my inner thighs are soft and smooth, and that of my crotch as well. My outer pussy lips felt presence of his tongue like a satin pillow that has been warmed by the sun, but vibrant and alive. The movements of my pussy had become almost as strenuous as those of my upper body had been; adding immensely to his pleasure, as his tongue slowly caressed the entire length of my pussy lips. When he reached my moans, he stopped, kissed my soft mound and brought his mouth back down to my pussy hole, where he feasted on the wealth of fresh nectar that had just been provided.
"I love that, keep doing it. Keep eating my pussy," I implored him.

He briefly raised his face and grinned. His mouth smeared with my pussy juices, and returned to what we both loved. I felt his tongue slowly meandering up my other outer pussy lip, stroking my pussy gently the way I loved so much. The sensations were so fantastic, because the man, my loving and fucking husband eating my pussy is the best at that activity, one of my favorites. While my body churned up the clean sheets and my head rolled from side to side on the pillow, I saw his dark head appeared over my moans. He grinned at me, kissed my soft and silky mound again, and his face disappeared between my thighs again. Once again, I felt his tongue licking up all the juices I knew had just trickled from my juicy pussy.

He seems to have decided that he would make frequent stops to devour my nectar, let some of it drip off and be wasted by soaking into the sheet. After he had it all, he began licking between inner and outer lips of my pussy, starting with the ultra-soft, smooth area between the origins of my labia. His tongue caressed me there, while my pussy writhed under his face, and he started upward between my pussy lips. When he reached the point where my pussy lips are closed together, he canted his head so he could thrust his tongue into the seam between them.

He loves everything about eating my pussy, but one of his favorite parts is the contrast between the slick outer lip and the puffy inner one of my sexy pussy, which was swollen with the lust.

Everything about what he was doing was so fantastic that he wanted to make it last for a long time before bringing myself to an orgasm. He took a long time to reach the end of my inner pussy lip. When he finally got there, he raised his head to briefly survey the results of what he was doing. We could hardly have been better; My young and sexy body was thrashing about on the bed and my head was rolling from side to side on the pillow. When he lowered his eyes to view my clit, it was so swollen that it was pushing its way out from the protective hood. Soon, he would be sucking my little cutie and bringing me to a wonderful climax.

Once again, he devoured all the freshest nectar which my pussy had secreted, before starting to lick between another inner and outer lip of my wet pussy. He treated this one the same, slowly licking every tiny area many times, before reaching the end of my inner pussy lip again. By that time, my clit had pushed its way completely out from under the hood. My hips were swiveling under his face, thrusting my legs out and back past his head, and the muscles of my thighs had turned slightly out, presenting my wet pussy fully to him. Judging from my reactions, he was as ready as I was. It was time for him to bring me to my first climax of the Valentine day.

After licking off all the fresh nectar, he raised his mouth and gently drew my clit into his mouth. With his lips forming a seal, he sucked and his tongue fondled the engorged sides and top of my luscious morsel. As he continued, my movements became even more pronounced; until I joyously cried out the happy news he was anticipating.
"Yes! Yes, I'm Cumming! Suck my clit." I moaned loudly.

My legs clamped down on the sides of his head and my hands buried themselves in his hair, as I jammed his face and my pussy together. I fucked even harder up into his mouth that was doing so much for me, while bouncing up and down on the pillow under my ass. My legs swung from side to side, carrying his head a very willing prisoner, while he hung on, hugging my thighs with his mouth clamped onto my clit and continuing to suck and lick my clit.

For almost a minute, my gyrations continued, until I gave a loud but incoherent cry of ecstasy. My back arched, ramming my pussy against his mouth for an ultimate time, while all my muscles clenched. After my orgasm, I totally relaxed on the bed like a beautiful creamy puddle. My hands released his head, and my legs remained draped loosely over the shoulders of my loving and fucking husband, my Valentine, who had brought me to such a momentous climax.

He stayed where he was for a few seconds; until backing slightly away and moving forward again. He could feast on all the fresh pussy juices I had produced while Cumming. He licked them off my legs and from my pussy lips and even sucked them from the enticing my pink pussy hole that had provided the delicious treats. He could have stopped then, but eating my pussy had been so great and my orgasm so memorable, he decided to continue eating my pussy until I climaxed at least one more time. Once again, his eager tongue started lovingly started stroking outer lip of my juicy pussy.

That climax too had been the great as always, and my face was a mask of joy, with my eyes closed and my mouth slightly open in an ecstatic smile. I felt his magical tongue licking off my fresh juices I knew had just been generated, until I noticed the way his licking was progressing. It felt like he was starting to eat my pussy once again. As his magical tongue slowly cruised upward on my pussy lips, my smile of joy grew broader, and I hit my head into the pillow, while I waited to be brought to Paradise again.

My body quivered in delight, and I watched the forehead of my husband as it came into view, followed by his face and mouth, smeared with the juices from my overjoyed pussy. "Keep eating me," I urged him. "Make me cum again!"

He smiled and nodded his head but said nothing. His face disappeared between my legs again and, seconds later I felt him licking up the freshest of my pussy juices. From there, his tongue started up my other outer pussy lip. Waves of intense pleasure coursed through my body from where the agile, wet giver of pleasure was caressing my sensitive bare skin. I could already feel a climax building deep inside my body.

My husband was having a terrific time too, and he knew he could never get bored from eating such an incredible pussy of mine and tasting my nectar. My pussy was squirming under his face already, and my delicious juices were flowing freely out of my pussy. He decided to bring me to an even greater orgasm than the first had been. Being a man who loved eating pussy, it would be as much fun for him as it was for me.

He began licking between my inner and outer pussy lips again. His tongue was following the same path as the last time, but slower and more thorough. Over and over, his tongue caressed between my pussy lips, while my movements steadily grew more strenuous under his face. This time, by the time his tongue reached my clit again, my pussy was ramming so hard into his face. It seemed to be I was trying to wrap myself around him. When he looked at me, I was churning up the bed sheet, while my head tossed back and forth on the pillow, with a look of total bliss on my visage.

He could have easily brought the highly excited me to an orgasm by sucking my clit, but he wanted me to become even more aroused before I reach to my climax. He did not ignore that my little cutie, my clit, but gently drew his tongue across my swollen morsel, resulting me in louder moans of bliss and brought me in even more vigorous movements. Quickly, he brought his mouth back down to my adorable pink hole of my pussy and devoured all my fresh nectar before starting to lick between the pair of inner and outer lips of my wet pussy.
"Suck my clit!" I begged him. Make me cum! I need to cum!"

He grinned at me as he had before, but said nothing. Seconds later, his face disappeared between my thighs again, and I could once more feel his tongue moving and caressing the most sensitive part of my body.

This time, he started below my pussy hole that had given him so much of my nectar, and probed his tongue against the bottom edge of my pussy hole that had produced it. As he did, small, delicious drops of my juices flicked out to please his taste buds. From there, he started slowly advancing up one side of that same hole, with his tongue exploring under my inner pussy lip. My body was tossing from side to side and bouncing up and down as my excitement soared to new heights.

His tongue continued its slow advance, moving from one side of my dripping pussy hole to the other. Every time he made that crossing, he dipped into my hot cauldron to taste the juices bubbling up while they were at their freshest. He took a long, happy time, until he reached the top edge and started thrusting his tongue into the small area between my pussy edge and my fully engorged clit. I begged him again to suck me there, and this time, since he was sure my arousal was at its peak, he did what I wanted.

Opening his mouth wide, he engulfed the precious little morsel, eliciting a cry of joy from me under him. His lips clamped tightly on the base of my clit, and his tongue got even more active, caressing everything it could. I had lost control of my muscles, and my whole body was rocking and rolling under him, my legs swinging past his head as I gave myself over to the excruciating pleasure he was giving me.

"Uh! Uh! Uh" I whimpered in the same tempo at the workings of his mouth. "Oh my god!" I cried out joyously as my climax overwhelmed me and I started Cumming.

Once again, my legs, hands and pussy made a very willing prisoner of my husband, the man who had brought me to that admirable state. I bounced up and down on the bed and my legs swung wildly from side to side, coming perilously close to throwing both of them off the bed and onto the floor. Neither one cared bit about that. The two or three minutes, while I was in the throes of Cumming were some of the most enjoyable and memorable for either of us on Valentine day enjoyment. When I reached in Heaven, or so it seemed to me, my back arched; All my muscles clenched and I jammed my pussy against his face for the ultimate time. After my orgasm, I completely relaxed, with my legs draped over his shoulders.

He moved slightly back, then forward again and greedily licked the plethora of fresh pussy juices from every part of my sexy body where they had spattered even sucking them from my delightful pussy hole that had been their source. When he was done and had gotten every drop, he licked off his lips and face, as far as his tongue could reach, and wiped off the rest from his fingers, which he then licked clean. My nectar is so delicious that he does not want to waste any. There were still a few traces left, so he went in to bathroom and wiped his face and combed his hairs. When he returned to the room, I was totally relaxed after two wonderful and strong orgasms, one after one.
I was feeling little hungry and so he was.

"What we have eaten was delicious, but I think we need something more solid. Shall we go down to the dining room? He asked.
"I think that's a good idea." I replied.

We got ready for the lunch. We were about to wear our clothes, when my husband made me remember that it was a nude resort and we should not be wearing any clothes. He looked around for the rules applicable and he found them on the side table of the bed.

On reading the rules, we understood that as this is the nudist resort, The dining room and other inner portions are strictly anti clothing after checking in. The waitresses inside of the dining room are nude too, and all the rest of the service staff, except the cooks and bakers are allowed to wear protective clothing of some kind. Guests hardly ever see them anyhow. Everywhere, except on the reception desk, after checking in, all the guests should be nude. No practical sex is allowed where someone can see. Guests can walk nude, can handle sexy organs for a while, other than the activity of masturbation, oral sex and practically fuck. It was mentioned in the rule book that everywhere, out in the compound of big walls of the resort, many cabins are available and the guests can use them if they wants to have sex with their partner. There were no restrictions on number of persons having sex together in the cabins. It means guests can have group sex too in the cabins provided all over by the resort.

My husband told to me: "If it really bothers you to be undressed in a group of strangers, we can order from Room Service. “No, that's okay," I said. "I would like to have that experience first time being a nude partner of a nude husband in the bunch of other nude couples. It will be a fun. I am sure the food and service are good here."
A few minutes later, a pair of complete nude husband and nude wife was walking down the way to the elevator. When we boarded the elevator, a man and woman were already there in the elevator, also nude like us. We knew, how people in nudist or clothing optional establishments are generally advised to be careful and avoid staring at the nude bodies of others, especially their genitals, so I felt really good about the way the man looked at my succulent breasts as they swung from side to side, less than two feet away in front of him. The woman with the man was much less happy about it, and she stepped between her partner and me.

When we reached the first floor, where the dining room was located, it was more of the same. We both felt proud of the way men stared at my gorgeous face, figure, my sexy body and my wonderful sexual parts, contrary to all the etiquette of the resort. I noticed several cocks that partially stiffened when their owners cast their eyes on me. I did many springier to a full erection of their cock. It was like an exhibition of different types and different sized cock, boobs and pussies. I am proud to say that my beautiful body and my sexual organs were the best among them.

When we stopped at the desk and we put our names in for seating in the dining room, I stood brazenly, legs slightly apart looking at the people exiting. One man was so taken by my appearance in the nude; he actually stopped watching where he was going and walked into a door, much to the chagrin of the woman at his side. Most men tried to be furtive, but a few were quite open in their admiration, and practically walked backward so they could continue to gaze at the me, spectacularly beautiful woman who was standing all unconcerned while waiting for a table.

Had we preferred, we could have waited for a table for just the two of us, but group activities are usually encouraged, and this included dining. My husband and I only waited a few minutes before being escorted to a long table almost filled with other nude diners, who greeted us affably. Once again, the men could not keep themselves from staring at me. I really enjoyed their attention, and their women chastised them silently. The stop at the dining room was a high spot of our stay at the resort; even though it could not really compete with the sexual activity we had enjoyed already and expected to indulge in later.

Being basically earthy people, and hungry, we both ordered steak, and I wanted a large salad on the side. My husband preferred French fries and a small salad, and we both dined well. He signed the check with our room number and we got up to leave. The food had reinvigorated us and we both wanted more sex.

The trip back to the room was much as the trip from it, except I walked with my breasts thrust out. I did slow bumps and grinds with my hips and ass to others and enjoyed their reactions. My slow stroll down the hall and posture in front of the elevator attracted some embarrassed peeks from some men and unabashed admiration from others and more than a few envious looks from women. When we reached our room and he closed and locked the door behind us, I was more than ready for better, hot sex on the bed. My pussy was already lubricating from the ego-boosting experiences of the last hour.

My husband was ready too. I knew he had tried to avoid an erection from looking at other women in the dining room, and he was still somewhat affected by that. I smiled thinking this. My hand gently holding his semi erected cock to lead him to bed, followed by a few strokes between my lips brought his fuck gun up to full readiness.

My husband was lying on the bed on his back and has placed a pillow under his head and was ready for me. His erected, long, thick and hot fucking cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Smiling lasciviously, I knelt straddling his legs and leaned over to take his hard shaft in and out of my mouth a few times. As mentioned in previous parts of My Sexual Autobiography, it is necessary for me to bring him half way of his cum journey by my oral or hand service, if I wish him to cum early and reach with me in fucking. Otherwise he takes a long long time to cum. I am proud that he takes me to minimum two wonderful orgasms in his one fucking. He is capable and has enough fucking strength that he can satisfy two females together. His cock was passing between my lips like that served the purpose of inducing my pussy to lubricate more. I was using my full experience to make him hotter, to bring him half way of his Cumming before we start cock pussy fucking game. My licking and sucking experienced mouth was giving a wonderful service to his cock, as always. We both enjoyed a wonderful blow job once again behind the closed doors of a room in nude resort.

When he was ready to fuck my pussy after my mouth service on his cock. I was sure that I could make him cum in to my pussy along with my first orgasm. I moved forward and raised my body until I was directly above him. I reached down to spread my pussy lips, and lowered myself until my pussy made contact with his cock. He moved his hot cock head back and forth in my wetness to spread my natural lubrication and, when we were both were ready; I lowered my pussy and felt his hard mushroom shape wedge on its way between my fingers and between the soft edges of my eager wet pussy door.

I sighed happily and stayed in that position for a few seconds before moving downward to take another inch of his long cock inside my pussy. When I looked down at his face, his eyes were silted and he was breathing through his mouth. Obviously, he was having as great a time as I was and, as the muscles in my talented pussy worked their magic, our coupling got better for both of us.

It continued to get even better as I lowered my body, was impaling my pussy in small increments, moving up and down until his long and thick cock was fully rested inside of my pussy. My pussy was already swollen and sensitive, as was my clit. But I wanted a wonderful fuck, and I knew how to get it. I was in the Cowgirl position, the Female Superior Position.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on his chest, giving him a chance to fondle my round and milky boobs, while stretching my legs out beside his. He saw what I was doing and, when I was lowering my body into the position I wanted, he moved his hands and arms out of the way. My firm boobs with the rigid nipples were pressing against his chest and my forearms were under his shoulders. He reached up gently to pull my face down to his so we could share a long kiss. When we broke the kiss, he moved his hands down to my hips so he could stroke my voluptuous body down during our fucking.

I started by pulling myself toward the head of the bed by using my forearms. When I noticed that just the head of his cock was still inside my pussy, I paused and pushed myself toward the other end to again embed his whole shaft where it belonged before. With his cock almost all the way back inside my pussy, he thrust up and forward by plunging it into me the rest of the way. Our naked and sexy fucking bodies came wetly together, while we whispered to each other out of the extreme pleasure we were getting.

We stayed like that for almost a minute. His whole cock was inside my pussy and sending wave after wave of joy through my body, while my well-trained internal muscles massaged entire length of his long cock in to my pussy. When I moved again, the stroke was slow and his hands caressed the smooth skin of my sides and back. This time, instead of just thrusting at the end of the stroke, he put his hands on my hips and pushed them down to help me fully envelop his cock in my pussy.

"Oh, that feels so wonderful," I whispered into his ear. "Your cock is the best thing to have it in my pussy."

"That's good, because your pussy is the best place for my cock." he whispered back.

There was no need to whisper, because nobody could have heard us if we had spoken aloud, but it was the part of intimate nature of our actions. This time, we stayed in that position for even longer, reveling in what our bodies were doing for each other, while his hands gently stroked my entire body, including my succulent ass cheeks. I finally started to slide forward again, removing my pussy from around his hard fucking cylinder that had been filling my pussy so well. That stroke was just like the second, but much better, as either of our bodies adjusted to the rhythm of the other.

We continued fucking like that for a long time. I was sliding back and forth having my husband under me, and my pussy covering his cock with a minimum amount of contact with my clit. I knew our fucking would last longer. Although my body was rocking from side to side as I moved, I retained enough control to keep steadily engulfing and releasing his cock. However, for most of that time, I had felt another volcano mounting toward its eruption inside me, and I knew it was almost time to move back into the Cowgirl position.

I whispered while we were lying still between strokes. "I'm almost ready to cum. I'm going to get back up and we can try to cum />
He had been writhing in bliss under me for some time already, and we both knew he will take little longer to cum.

Beginning with his cock buried all the way inside my pussy, I raised my upper body part off the way and brought my legs back under me. He put his hands, palms up, on his chest and, when I placed my hands on his hands, he pushed up to help me get to the position I wanted. His cock was stuffing my pussy so full, that those movements sent more and stronger waves of joy rocketing through both our bodies.

Once again, we stayed in that same position for a few minutes, reveling in the sensations, before starting to move again. I could feel my climax continuing to build; he enjoyed the visual delight of seeing my fabulous naked body slowly swaying above him. My succulent boobs were bouncing and swinging with our every movement.

Of course, that view of my lovely boobs could not compare to the pleasure my pussy was giving to him and to his cock, especially with the increasingly wild movements my body was making. Wanting to be sure, I should not fall off the bed while I was in the throes of Cumming, he placed his hands on my hips to steady me and because he liked the texture of my skin there. I smiled at him and began flexing my thighs to raise my body from his.

The first few strokes were not that much different from what we had been doing before. My pussy disengaged itself from his cock that was cramming it, paused with his cock head still inside my wet pussy. Even his actions were about the same, and he pushed down on my hips and thrust up to drive his shaft deeply into my pussy. However, once I had the rhythm going, I changed that.

When I rose up from him on the bed, I leaned back so I was no longer taking his cock straight in and out of my pussy. The base of my clit, which was fully engorged by then, massaged the top of his shaft and, elicited soft expressions of bliss from both of our mouths. The first few up and down movements were slow, but I could feel my orgasm volcano on the verge of a powerful eruption, and I started fucking him faster. He kept thrusting up into me and pushing down my hips to maximize the pleasure both of us were getting from every stroke.

My body was yawing from side to side, as well as moving back and forth. I totally surrendered to the exquisite pleasure I was getting from his cock pounding into my pussy and was raking across my clit.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I whimpered in time with raising and lowering my pussy, which was enclosing his entire shaft with every stroke.
"Oh, my god!" I howled ecstatically as my body began the expected eruption.

My movements became wilder as my naked and gorgeous body bucked and tossed above him, but he kept his hands on my hips while he drove his cock in and out of my pussy. He was ready to cum himself, but he always likes me to reach my orgasm before he does.

When I climaxed, I cried out again, joyfully but incoherently. At that moment, my back arched, all my muscles spammed, and I rammed my pussy down onto his cock for a final time. After my orgasm, I totally relaxed, flopping around on top of him, but he did not stop or not even slow down. He tightly held my hips and kept pounding his long and thick shaft in and out of my pussy until his own climax welled up inside and exploded through his cock. He held onto my sides and pulled my unresisting body on top of his, and we lay there together in a happy and satisfied pile. His cock started to fire his cum gun deep inside of my pussy. I could feel his warm cum knocking the deepest wall of my pussy.

"That was fantastic," he whispered to me.
"That's because I have a fantastic fuck partner, a wonderful Valentine and fucking husband" I whispered back.
Because of our position, as I was riding him, his cum fired and released in to my pussy have started coming out of my pussy. I could feel that his cum was coating the place around his cock and my pussy.

After our tremendous, almost simultaneous climaxes, we were both ready for sleep. We cleaned ourselves in the bathroom by having a quick bath together. We cleaned each other’s fucking tools while bathing.

But before going to sleep, I phoned up to baby-sitting to bring Raju in to our room.
I wore one of my most provocative nighties. He too wore his pajamas, but he did it much against his will. He much favors having my gorgeous body lying naked in bed with his naked body. But we did it because we were expecting a girl in to our room with our son Raju.

The beautiful baby sitting girl brought Raju to us who sleeping that time.
With my luscious ass pressed against his soft cock and his hands cupping my equally luscious boobs, we went for an afternoon nap.

The Valentine day was on Thursday and my husband was on leave for two days, i.e. Thursday and Friday as per our plan. We enjoyed many more fucking sessions like mentioned above during our stay there.

I must say that it was a beautiful and wonderful nude resort and there were many sexy nude pairs around. It was a wonderful experience watching other nude pairs having different types of fuck organs.

We swim nude in swimming pool along with other nude persons. We also fucked in fuck cabin provided by the resort in the garden.

It was my first experience to remain nude outside of the room, before others, but it was easy, because everyone was nude there.

They have taken good care of our son Raju during our stay there so that we could enjoy as much as was possible. But, we did not leave Raju with them in any night. He remained with us in our room during the night time. He did not disturb us as usual in night time while we were playing our most favorite fucking game.

We left nude resort with clothes on our bodies on Sunday morning after having breakfast and reached home at little late by lunch time.


story by: Julee Sam

Tags: consensual sex erotica exhibitionism true story group sex sex story males / females written by women

Author: Julee Sam

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