Incest girl – chapter five

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Eve wasn't the only one whose tits were being mauled around. From her hiding place in the bushes, where she and her brother stood watching her Mom and Dad, Paula's firm ripe breasts were getting a workout too. Her brother was pressed up close behind her. He had already pulled down his swim trunks and her bikini bottoms, so he could press his bone-hard prick into the crevice between the cheeks of her shapely ass. Dennis' arms were around her. Her halter was pushed up and he had a firm grip on her tits, one in each hand, as he squeezed and caressed them.
Paula could appreciate the hot and horny desires her mother was experiencing – for Paula was having her share of them too. She stifled her urge to moan and sigh, hoping she could remain silent in spite of her brother's hands and the exciting show her parents were unknowingly putting on for her and her brother. If she gave away her position now, it would be difficult tp say which of the two couples would be more embarrassed.
When George's mouth went back onto Eve's nipple, her hand reached down and latched onto her husband's upright cock. She squeezed it with her fingers, pumping it up and down. Suddenly George's hands were busy tugging her bikini bottoms down over her lush lips.
Paula stared through the protecting foliage at her naked mother and watched her lean back against the picnic table and spread her legs wide as she pressed the head of George's prick against the warm moist lips of her pussy. George bucked his hips forward and his cock smoothly entered her. She gave a little squeal of delight and wriggled her firm shapely ass each time his prick went in deeper.
With his hands under the cheeks of her ass he lifted her buttocks easily up from the edge of the picnic table. Eve lay back on the table top, knowing what he had in mind. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his back. She locked her ankles and let her rear end relax in his firm grasp, so that his prick could move even more deeply into her. She was breathing hard, her sexual fever increasing and her panting took on more of the appearance of sexual satisfaction.
George sweated, as he held her ass and kept up a steady humping rhythm. As he leaned over her, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, her face pressed closely to his ear. She dipped her tongue in his ear and then kissed his neck. Between her gasps for breath she coaxed him on to even greater effort. From behind the bushes, Paula watched her mother having a wonderful time and nearing her climax.
"Come on, you wonderful fucker!" Eve gasped breathlessly. "Fuck me, darling! Drive that beautiful prick up into me!" She clawed at his neck and the part of his back she could reach without losing her grip on him.
Paula stared at her father's swiftly moving ass as he pumped his cock into Mom for all he was worth. He drove forward with his legs and his hips, bitting deep inside her cunt.
"Oh baby, you feel good!" George panted. "You always do! You have such a sweet little pussy. I love it!"
Eve clawed at his back and bit at his shoulder as he stepped up the pace, panting and gasping himself. George clutched her ass and drove it to her. Paula could see her father's fingers digging into the soft flesh of Mom's rear end. It seemed to make Mom all the more excited.
"Ooohhh! Aaahhh! I'm coming darling! Oh God! You're driving me out of my mind!"
"Your pussy feels so /> The gasps and moans of Paula's mother changed to screams of passion as she trembled and shook in the frenzy of her orgasm.
"I'm going to shoot!" George bellowed.
"Yes darling! Do it!"
/> yes!" Eve shrieked. "Oh darling, that's so good!"
Paula watched them excitedly. She knew they had both come. Dad had sprawled heavily on top of Mom, who hugged and caressed him lovingly with her arms and her legs.
"Thank you, darling," Eve sighed. "You were just wonderful, as usual." She tenderly kissed his ear. "Do you know this is the first time you've fucked me on top a picnic table?"
"It is? And I've been taking you on picnics from the time you were fourteen. I wonder why we never thought of it?"
Eve smiled up at him. "I guess because we enjoyed it in the hayloft so much, we just never thought of doing it anywhere else – until later."
George grinned. "Yes… until later. Then we did it in all kinds of places. The swimming hole, the woods, in the cornfield, behind your house on the back lawn – you name it."
"You did it to me in the library one night, and we nearly got caught. /> "I sure do," said George. "That was close."
one place I'll never forget," said Eve. "Remember when Mom and Dad were planting something in the flower bed under the kitchen window? I was leaning out the window, watching talking to them."
"Sure," said George. "All they could see was the upper part of you as you leaned on your elbows on the window sill. I was in the kitchen, out of sight. You looked so good, bending over like that, I just couldn't stand it any longer."
Eve shrieked with merriment. "I'll never forget how shocked I was! I was talking to Mom and Dad when suddenly my skirt flew up over my back and my panties were whisked down to my ankles. The next thing I knew, your hands grabbed me by my hips and I felt your cock push its way up into me. I never expected anything like that! Fortunately I was so shocked I couldn't scream or even make a sound."
"I'll never forget that day either," George said. "That was a real thrill, fucking you in that position. And your folks right there, so close, and not knowing what was going on."
"You wouldn't believe what a time I had, having a really sensational orgasm and trying to make it sound like I was just coughing. Mom looked up at me, all concerned and asked if I was getting a cold. Can you imagine?"
"It wasn't a cold her virginal daughter was getting," said George. "It was a bone-hard cock thrust into her pussy."
Eve gave George a mischievous smile. "Maybe Dad thought of me as their virginal daughter, but I'm sure by then, Mom knew better."
"You think so?"
"Mom is nobody's fool. How could she believe that at seventeen I was a virgin, when I was going steady with you – considering what went on between you and Mom?"
"Oh! You /> "I'm talking about that Saturday afternoon when Dad was helping out at my uncle's farm," Eve said. "You and I didn't have a date because of something else you had to do, so I made plans to spend the afternoon and evening with my friend Helen. Only Helen and her family had unexpected weekend guests, so I came on back home – and what a surprise I got! You were in the living room with my mother and both of you were stark naked. Mom was lying on the couch and you were on top of her. She had her arms and legs wrapped around you and you were humping away like crazy. There was no chance of my being mistaken about what I saw because I just stayed right there in the hallway and watched the whole thing."
"That was quite an exciting afternoon you spent, watching us," said George with a grin.
"It certainty was," Eve agreed. "Quite educational too. Mom and I were always close. I thought I knew her so well, even her innermost secrets. I'd never have believed she'd let anyone but my father put his prick into her… never dreamed she'd let her daughter's boyfriend fuck her – that she'd suck his cock and then let him put his prick up her ass!"
"That's part of your mother's irresistible charm," said George. "She looks so sweet and innocent – the result of a lifetime of clean, pure /> "I learned something else too, that day," said Eve. "The way you two were getting it on, it was obvious this wasn't the first time. You two had a good thing going there and it looked like it had been going on for quite some time. But it wasn't until years later, after you and I were married, that Mom and I had a friendly talk and she gave me some facts I hadn't known about."
"Such as?"
"Well for one thing, I was only nine years old when it all began. Mom was only twenty-eight and she found herself getting the hots for this handsome guy named George Prentiss who came out from town every Saturday to mow the lawn and help her with the flower beds – and whatever else she had for him to do. It was also a time when Dad had a number of business ventures occupying his mind, in addition to running the farm, and he wasn't looking after his bedroom duties like he should have been. The situation was, ideal for what Mom and this boy both had in mind."
"And what was that?" asked George.
"As if you didn't know," replied Eve with a soft chuckle.
"Ah yes. Those were the said George, giving a contented sigh.
"By the time I was seventeen," said Eve, "Mom was pretty certain you were fucking me as well as her. But she liked what she had going for her too well to rock the boat, so she said nothing. A long time after that – after you and I were married – she was really shocked when I told her I was only fourteen when you took me up into the hayloft and fucked me."
George laughed. "It was too late for her to object then."
"Why would she?" asked Eve. "Even to this day, as far as she's concerned you can't do anything wrong. Au those mother-in-law jokes certainly didn't apply to you and her. You two have a passionate love for each other that's both physical and /> "She's a sweet lovable creature," said George.
"And you still fuck her."
"Not often. When do we get a chance to be /> "You did all right at Christmas," Eve reminded him, "when she and Dad stayed with us."
George grinned. "Yes, that was nice!"
"Paula and Dennis wanted to go ice skating. I went with them and we took Dad along. You didn't go because you had to work on some papers. Mom stayed home to take a nap. Some nap!"
Paula could see her father grinning again, and his cock was still in Mom's pussy, right up to his balls. His hands moved around on her ass and Mom kissed him and caressed him. "After you left," George told Eve, "Mom remarked how peaceful and quiet it was in the house. Then she suggested that it would do me a world of good if I were to lie down with her and take a nap. I heartily agreed and followed her upstairs and into the bedroom."
"You two went upstairs and took a nap?"
"Not exactly. Neither of us wanted to get our clothes wrinkled, so I took mine off and undressed her. When we got onto the bed we were both bare-assed naked. She cuddled up in my arms and told me that suddenly she didn't feel at all like taking a nap. Then she asked me if I still considered her /> "And you assured her you did?"
"I drew her hand down onto my cock to show her how bone-hard and eager it was to get into her. Then I spent the whole afternoon fucking her. What better way to prove to her how attractive I thought she was? I fucked her five times! The last time was up that luscious ass of hers!"
"You must have done a good job on her," said Eve. "She absolutely adores you – as she has for years."
"Not only is she still a great looking woman," said George, "but even at fifty-two, she still is as hot and wild in bed as she ever was."
"How old were you, the first time you fucked your mother?"
George looked at Eve with a half-smile. "This is a hell of a thing for a guy to be taking about to his own wife!"
it was later that same summer," said George. "Dad had an accident and was in the hospital with a broken hip. It was the first night Mom and I were alone in the house. I was in my room, lying there thinking how much I needed a piece of ass. I was fucking your mother every Saturday, but that didn't help me through the week. Suddenly I thought about my attractive, sensuous looking mother, alone in her bed lust across the hall from me. It wasn't the first time I'd thought about how much I wanted to fuck her – but now this was my chance! All I had to do was walk into her room and try it! Without giving it a second thought, I was there, sitting on the edge of her bed."
"Was she surprised?" asked Eve.
"Surprised and pleased. She wasn't asleep. In nearly nineteen years of marriage, there hadn't been a night when she went to bed by herself – except when I was born, I guess. She felt insecure and lonely. I leaned over her and cuddled her into my arms, and kissed her. Her luscious, full firm tits, barely covered by her thin nightie, pressed against my chest. I always slept in the raw, but to go to Mom's room I put on a pair of undershorts. I didn't want to scare her by suddenly waving my hard-on in her face, but those undershorts sure felt uncomfortable with my cock trying to get bigger."
"You could stand a little discomfort," said Eve, "the way you had everything going your way."
"It sure was," agreed George. "Between kisses, Mom was murmuring how sweet I was, to be concerned about her like that. Then I asked her if she'd like me to lie down beside her and keep her company. Quickly she drew back the sheet to make way for me. As soon as I was stretched out beside her, she pulled the sheet over us and I moved in close to her. Our arms went around each other and held each other close. We kissed… and after about the third one, we weren't doing mother-and-son kisses anymore. We were both pretty free with our hands. I got mine inside her nightie and was feeling all over her luscious full firm tits. But she didn't seem to notice, didn't try to take my hand away, but she sure did start breathing harder! That's when our legs got all tangled up /> "You were doing alright for yourself," said Eve.
"I was doing okay, even for an adult," said George. "I couldn't believe it was going to be so easy. I just pushed down my undershorts to my ankles and got my feet out of them. I pulled her nightie up to her waist and got on top of her."
"Oh God! You make me so hot and horny just listening to you!" moaned Eve.
"That's what I like to do!" said George with a grin.
"Go on. Tell me the rest of it!"
"Well, I thought at the time that Mom was so worked up and excited she just didn't realize it was her son putting his prick into her. But one thing really surprised her – how well hung I was! She pulled her mouth away from mine and gasped that she wasn't used to having one that big! She spread her legs out wide and her hands grabbed me by the ass. It was like she was helping me all she could to get it into her. A moment later I had it in, right up to my balls! And Mom was going wild underneath me, writhing and squirming around."
"What a kid!" said Eve. "You were fucking two married women! My mother and yours!"
"For twelve whole weeks, Dad was laid up in the hospital," George said. "And each night, all during that time, Mom and I fucked like rabbits. We didn't always wait for bedtime either. Quite often, as soon as I was home from school she and I went right upstairs to her room and fucked until it was dine for her to start getting supper ready. And there were times we just skipped supper /> "You and your Mom had a good thing /> "Right. She was delighted that I enjoyed eating her pussy so much. And it thrilled her when I told her how much I loved her sucking my cock. Then, after we'd been making it together about six or eight weeks, she finally got the courage to let me try something I'd wanted very much to do. She smeared my cock and her asshole with lubricant, then got down on her knees and let me work my prick up into her ass!"
"Did she go for that?"
"She didn't mind it, that first time. Then, by the third time she really got into it. If I had a dollar for every time I've fucked Mom in the ass, I could retire in comfort when I'm sixty. If I had a dollar for every time I've had my cock in your mother's ass, I could retire at fifty!"
"Is that so!"
"And if I had a dollar for every time I've had my prick in your ass – from the time you were fourteen to now – I could quit work /> "I take it then that you like fucking me in the ass?" said Eve, smiling up at her husband.
"You know I do."
"Would you like to do it to me that way again? Right now?"
His mouth pressed down onto hers and their arms tightened about each other.
"Just as soon as I can get my cock out of your pussy and get you turned over," George said when their lips finally parted.
Paula saw her father pull back from her mother's pussy, saw his cock slip out of her – long, huge and solid. Eve got up from the picnic table, turned around so her back was to her husband, then leaned over with her forearms resting on the picnic table top.
"You don't need any lubricant, darling," Eve said excitedly. "Your cock is wet and slippery and your cum is all over my ass."
For a moment George just stared at the luscious ass in front of him. Then suddenly he grabbed it with both hands.
"Give it to me, darling," said Eve.
"Yes baby," gasped George. His eager hands grasped her tightly by her hips, puffing and tugging on them. As his nails dug into her mounds of ass-flesh, his breathing got heavier and heavier. "Oh honey, I love to fuck you this way!"
"Then do it, darling!" Eve said. Her hand reached around behind her, seized her husband's cock and guided it into her bare ass. As the head of it touched her moist tender asshole, she cried out with pleasure. "There it is, sweetheart! Push on it! Make it go in!"
Eve shoved her ass back and George shoved forward at the same time. His thick pulsing dick burrowed into her asshole. She wriggled and rolled against his solid shaft, working on it as the cock moved back and forth in her tight hole. Soon there were wet squishing sounds, caused by the small flow of cum that leaked out of George's cock.
"Oh Eve, baby," George moaned. "I love fucking your ass!"
"I know you do, honey," said Eve breathlessly. "Put it into me deep! I want it that way!"
His hands cupped both her tits and with his tight grip on her creamy jugs, he moved her about as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Eve pushed back at him with every thrust he made into her. He drove it in deep, slamming his huge hairy balls into the crease between her ass-cheeks. Paula, watching from the bushes, saw her father's long hard meat move faster and faster, back and forth in her mother's ass. She knew Daddy was going to cum and she stared in fascination at every motion of his busy cock.
It was becoming difficult for Paula to concentrate on the sensational ass-fucking Dad was giving Mom, even though they were both so close to her. Paula's brother was holding her ass tight against his iron-hard prick. The shaft stood straight up, and he rubbed the length of it between the luscious globes of her ass. Both his arms were around her as he hugged her tight and kissed her ear, her cheek, and her soft shoulder and slender neck. One hand gripped her breast, teasing the stiffened nipple until Paula wanted to shriek with pleasure. His other hand was on her pussy-mound, one finger in her cunt working back and forth while his thumb teased her stiffened clitoris.
she whispered as softly as she could. make… any noise. You're making me… cum!"
"Me too, Paula," replied her brother in a hoarse whisper. Paula feared he could be heard on the other side of the bushes by their mother and father. "You feel so good… I'm gonna cum all over your beautiful young ass!"
Paula was quickly losing herself in the pure pleasure of sex, excited by the extra thrill of doing it so close to her parents, where the slightest sound could tip them off as to what was going on in the bushes between her and her brother. In a daze of passion she saw her father grip Mom's tits really tight and slam his cock into her ass. The burning prick in her ass shot in and out, faster and faster, then stopped as George buried it to the hilt. Paula watched her mother's ass wriggling all over it, pushing back at him.
"Oh darling, you're wonderful!" Eve shrieked. "You really know what to do to set me off!"
"I'm going to shoot, baby!" gasped George. "Shoot my load into your hot little ass!"
Paula knew from their movements that her father's hot cum was spurting into Mom's tight asshole, jetting into her one thick burst after another. Her father's spitting cock pushed in and out of Mom's asshole, pushing her about, moving her from left to right. She couldn't hold back. George's fingers reached under her, teasing her clitoris, setting her off. She creamed over his fingers.
At the same time, Paula's brother's fingers were busy on her cunt – with the same results. Only the screams of her mother in the throes of her climax, and the guttural cries of her father, saved Paula and her brother from being caught. For Paula couldn't go through such a pleasurable orgasm in complete silence. Nor could her brother remain quiet when his throbbing cock shot a load of cum up Paula's bare back and all over the cheeks of her ass. She could feel the hot sticky substance up as far as her shoulder blades. She leaned back against her brother, who hugged her tightly while they struggled to catch their breath.
"Oh darling." Paula heard her mother moan happily. "You're such a beast with that beautiful cock of yours. No wonder my mother and your mother – and God knows who all else – are so crazy about you. You really know how to please a woman."
"It's having such a beautiful woman impaled on my cock that inspires me," George replied gallantly. "I could set up housekeeping between your beautiful legs and live there forever – happy as a king!"
Suddenly Paula felt her brother pulling at her arm, urging her toward the pathway down to the river. They reached the water's edge before her brother spoke. "That was close," he said. "Mom and Dad will be down here any minute to get cleaned up. Up ahead, where the river takes a sharp turn, we'll be out of sight. We'll wait there and give them time to get back in shape."
"Give them time to get back into shape?" asked Paula indignantly. "What about us? I've never felt so out of shape in all my life! You shot your cum all over me. It's probably in my hair too."
"Sorry about that," Dennis said with a broad grin. "I can come just looking at that luscious little ass of yours. But feeling it against, my prick, and you wriggling and squirming around, I didn't have a chance to hold it back."
When they arrived back at the picnic table about twenty minutes later, Paula's father was tending the fire and the meat on the grill. Mom had a table cloth on the picnic table and everything spread out, ready for them to sit down and eat.
"Well, you two timed it just right," said Paula's mother. "Everything is ready and we were just going to call you or start looking for you."

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