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I really wanted to find a girl or a couple to give Brad a good show, and, I have to admit I was curious to try another female. Unfortunately, the only ones that didn't want to meet for drinks and be friends first were not women I'd want to kiss, let alone go down on. I am fine with completely anonymous sex, as long as I don't see them. If I know they are gross, I can't do it.

It was almost 9pm now and I was getting desperate. I only had a few hours until I had to go to sleep. I couldn't miss work again tomorrow. I decided to end the weekend with a bang. Or more accurately, a gang bang.

I made use of some of the backups I had been saving. I had about ten phone numbers of guys that had sent me cock pics, but I never hooked up with. I texted all of them, giving them the address and telling them to take a shower and show up at 11pm if they wanted to participate in a gang bang. I figured if I was lucky, half of them would show up.

I sat around for the next ninety minutes, wondering if anyone was going to show up, alternating between hoping no one did, and fearful that no one would.

A wave of fear washed over me at 10:55pm when I heard a knock at the door. Damn, these guys that can't follow instructions! I sat on the couch, wiped my hands on my skirt to dry the sweat and hesitated.

“Come in!” I yelled.

The door opened and three dark shapes stepped inside.

“Close the door. The lights stay off.” I said.

“I didn't say anything about bringing />
“You said it was a gang bang.” one of them replied.

“It was invitation only.”

There was another knock at the door.

“Open it and let them in please.”

One of them opened the door and let another guy in.

“Come in. All of you stand where you are for now. The lights must stay…” I was interrupted by another knock at the door.

One of the guys opened the door to let another one in.

Five. Good, that's about right.

“As I was saying, the lights stay off. The only rule is that nothing goes up my ass.”

Another knock on the door. My God, what have I done?

“Let them in.” I said, as I unbuttoned my blouse.

I let my blouse fall to the floor. I unbuttoned my skirt and let it slide down my legs. I was now standing completely naked in front of six, maybe seven dark shapes. My pussy tingled with excitement. I dropped down to my knees.

“Let's do this.” I said.

The dark shapes grew larger as they approached and surrounded me. I heard several zippers and some of the guys whispering and laughing.

I felt a hand grab my head and turn it to my left, then felt the head of a cock press against my lips. I opened my mouth and let it slide in and bury itself down my throat.

I felt several hands groping my chest, a couple of hands on my ass and felt someone trying to push my legs apart. I spread my legs, still on my knees, to allow them better access. I wondered how they thought they were going to fit between my legs when suddenly a tongue darted in to my soaking wet pussy.

I raised both of my hands and felt around, grabbing cocks with both of them and began jerking them softly. I continued to jerk the two cocks as a third slowly fucked my mouth. I could feel it getting harder and begin to throb.

I barely noticed another knock on the door.

My cunt was on fire from the anonymous tongue buried deep inside me, but I was too busy with the three cocks to concentrate on an orgasm. And I didn't want to get off yet anyway.

The cock in my mouth was pulled out and another put in. This one was much smaller, and not very hard at all. I sucked on it like a popsicle, making slurping noises as I pulled and stretched it with my lips. It was gradually getting harder when I suddenly heard a moan, felt the cock in my right hand stiffen and felt a splash of come hit the right side of my face.

I quickly spit the small cock out and put my mouth on the one in my right hand just in time to catch the second load of come. I swallowed it and continued to suck and swallow come until he pulled it out of my mouth.

One down.

I found the small cock again and resumed sucking it. Someone grabbed my free right arm and put my hand on his cock.

God, there were cocks everywhere.

I felt the guy between my legs shimmying himself, trying to get in position to fuck me. I lifted my left leg to make it easier for him. When I felt the head of his cock probing and finding the opening, I sank down on to him, his meat effortlessly gliding in to my dripping cunt. I felt my ass hit his hip bones and knew his cock was buried to the hilt.

There is no way I can keep in sync with four cocks. The ones in my mouth and pussy are going to have to do the work themselves. I raised my hips up a bit and stayed stationary. He got the idea and started pumping my pussy.

Oh God, it felt good. I need to think about work or something or I'm not going to last.

The small cock started throbbing. I gobbled the whole thing down and sucked on it like a straw, and furiously wiggled my tongue across the underside. The semen started pouring out in to my mouth. I greedily swallowed every drop and kept sucking it for several seconds after the come stopped.

Two down.

Just then, I felt warm come filling my cunt. Since I didn't have a cock in my mouth now, I rocked back and forth on the orgasming cock, just as another cock slid in to my mouth. This one was the biggest one yet, but not 'black guy' big.

The guy below me finished and I lifted my leg again to let him out from under me.

Three down.

Before I could lower my leg, another guy grabbed it and slid under me.

I heard another knock on the door. Someone opened it and let them in. I took my mouth off the cock I was currently sucking.

“Turn the porch light off, don't let anyone else in!” I shouted, so they could hear me over the miscellaneous moans, groans and lusty laughter.

I put my mouth back on the big cock and then felt come splashing across the left side of my face. I didn't even try to switch over and swallow it, but kept jerking it.

“What the fuck, asshole! Watch it with that shit!” someone yelled.

Four down.

I felt the guy underneath me probing around, trying to find…

“Ahhh!!! NO! No ass! Knock it off!” I yelled, jerking away from the cock trying to enter my asshole.

Baby.” he said.

“No ass or it's over! I mean it!” I yelled.

“You heard the lady!” someone said.

the guy cried. Someone apparently kicked him.

I then felt his finger trying to go up my ass.

“I said no ass! Get out of here! ” I shouted. I was thinking about yelling but what's Brad going to do against all these guys? I was getting scared.

I heard some shuffling around and the cock popped out of my right hand. I was now completely cock-less. I couldn't make out what was happening, but it looked like three or maybe four guys were pushing him out the door.

Five down.

While the door was open, it let enough light in for me to quickly see that there were at least five or six of them left. But I felt much better now. They protected me and ejected the bad egg.

“Thanks, boys!” I said, “Where were we?”

I felt around and grabbed two cocks as the big one pressed against my lips again.

“Give me all of it.” I said, opening my mouth and wrapping my lips around the head.

I lifted my leg when I felt another guy trying to crawl under me.

The cock slid to the back of my mouth. I started to gag but backed my mouth off a bit just in time to prevent it.

I felt a cock slip in to my pussy as I made another attempt to swallow the cock in my mouth and jerked two cocks />
I felt my nose touch pubic hair, and my head spun a bit as the cock thrust down my throat farther than one had ever been. I paused to take a quick breath through my nose. I was almost there. I jammed my face down on the cock, pushing, pressing for that last inch, suppressing a gag as my lips finally touched pubic hair and the base of his cock.

“Ahhhh!! Yes!!!!” I yelled as I jerked my head off of the cock, took a deep breath and jammed it back down my throat, only pausing slightly at that last inch before my lips again hit the base of his cock. My eyes watered as I kept the cock buried for several long seconds. I had finally defeated my gag reflex.

I pulled my mouth back off the cock.

“Fuck my throat!” I begged.

“Holy shit!” someone to my left whispered.

He slid the cock back in my mouth and pushed it all the way to the base with one smooth movement. He then started pumping my mouth, burying it the the hilt with each stroke.

It was only about seven or eight strokes later that I felt his cock start to throb. I let go of the cock in my right hand, grabbed the one in my mouth, pulled my mouth about half way up and started jerking it. I kept up the mouth and tongue movements as I jacked every ounce of semen out of his cock, eagerly gulping it down as quickly as it hit my tongue.

He finished coming and pulled out. Another soon took its place, and another guy guided my hand to their cock.

Six down. How many more were left? I've completely lost track.

Suddenly, I heard the door open. The living room light came on and the door slammed shut.

I looked around, there were five partially naked guys, looking around just as stunned as I was. One of them opened the door and looked out.

“It was that asshole we kicked out!” he said.

“God damn, she is hot!” someone said.

“Turn the light off!” I yelled. There was a stiff cock in my face, a cock in each hand and a guy under me still fucking away furiously. I turned my head to hide my face.

“Holy shit! I know her!” someone else said.

What? Who knows me?

“Sure you do, dumbass.” another guy said, laughing.

“And I know your mom.” another one joked.

“Turn the light OFF!!!” I screamed, looking back up to make sure someone was doing it.

Someone finally turned the light off.

About ten seconds later the guy under me exploded, his warm come filling me and immediately dripping out.

Seven down. Four to go.

The guy in my left hand crawled under me. The last guy took his place.

It took me a few minutes to get back in to it, but this was the last time tonight I would have four cocks at once, so I decided it was time. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the cocks pumping my cunt, and the firm, warm meat in my throat.

This was better than any of my dreams. Even the warm cocks in my hands added to my feeling of utter euphoria. I was flying high in the clouds, riding waves of building pleasure.

My pussy ignited and the cock fell out of my mouth as the wave crashed down on me.

I moaned deeply. I let go of the two cocks and started grinding my hips, jerking my head backward. Arching my back until I thought I would throw something out of joint, my hands hit the floor behind me as I contorted my body in to a position I didn't think was even possible.

I thrust my hips downward, digging at the cock inside me, trying desperately to bury it even farther as my whole body was wracked with ecstasy.

I cried, “More! More! Pleassseeeee! Oh, God, MORE!”

As the orgasm subsided, I raised my body back up, then collapsed on the chest of the guy under me. He continued to fuck me for a few seconds, then started to moan. I vaguely felt him coming inside me, but I was in my own world, basking in the afterglow.

I lie on his chest for a few moments, then crawled off of him, exhausted.

Eight… was it eight? Yeah, I think so. Eight down.

I still had what, three more to go? God, I'm done. I don't have the energy.

I crawled on my hands and knees, laid myself across the coffee table, knees on the floor, ass pointing toward the guys and put my head down on the table.

“I'm exhausted, guys. Fuck me and go… please.”

Almost immediately I felt someone grab my ass and slide his cock in me. My face rubbed the coffee table as he pounded my from behind. As the afterglow wore off, I felt the shame creeping up on me. I wished this guy would hurry.

Finally, he grunted and filled me with come.

Nine down. Hurry up guys.

What felt like a finger poked in to my cunt and started fucking me.

“Just fuck me and go, guys!” I said.

“I am!” someone said.

Oops. I was too tired to laugh.

I heard a high-pitched squealing, then the pulled out of me and someone else grabbed my ass. I never felt any come, but maybe I was numb to it by now.

Ten down.

I started to tear up as the last guy penetrated my weary cunt.

“Please hurry.” I said.

Suddenly, the words from earlier that had barely registered at the time flashed through my mind. 'I know her!' My stomach knotted up with fear as the anonymous cock continued to pound me.

What if he was not lying? Who could it have been? When the light went on, I got a quick look at everyone in the room and didn't recognize anyone. He was probably just screwing around.

But what if he wasn't?

God, if he knew me… it could run my life! Maybe he would blackmail me? Make me have sex with him again? Maybe every day for the rest of my life? God, what am I doing. I started to cry.

I felt the cock pull out of me. I had completely missed him getting off.

Eleven. I just fucked eleven strangers in an hour and a half.

The guy said as he opened the door.

I didn't respond.

As the door closed, I rolled on to the floor and began to sob.

Brad came out of the bedroom, put a blanket over me, locked the front door and went in to the bathroom.

He came back out with a towel and a wet wash rag. He began wiping my face with it, not saying a word.

“Why am I doing this, Brad?”

“I don't know, Ashley.”

“I mean, I can't think of anything but dirty, slutty sex until I get it, then I can barely function because of the shame and guilt.”

“I… I he stammered.

“It started out with a guy in his />
“I found a guy on the ad web site, met him in his garage and he screwed me while I watched his wife through the window. She was doing the dishes.”

“Then I met a guy in a gas station bathroom… and it just kept />
“Is it OK if I…” he said, trailing off and motioning like he was moving the blanket.

I replied, rolling over on my back.

“And I don't even know why!” I cried, as he wiped the come off my thighs with the cool rag.

I tried to sniff back the tears as he finished wiping my thighs, walked to the bathroom and came back with a fresh, wet, wash rag.

“It's like… like I do something, and then that's not slutty enough any more so I have to find something else even />
He started gently wiping the semen from the outside of my vagina.

such a sweet guy.” I said, caressing his cheek.

He smiled and pulled the blanket back over me.

“I almost got arrested once.”

“Yeah. Two cops in a hotel. They thought I was a />
“How did you get out of it?”

“They knocked me over a table and screwed me.”

“And then threw me out the door like a piece of />
“And it TURNED ME ON, Brad, it made me even />
“Were you abused… like when you were />
“No… I can't figure out why I do it. I… I />
“So, what do you do now? How do you get sluttier than ten guys at once?”

“Oh… well, you kicked one of them out…”

“I… I can't. I mean, outside of disgusting stuff, I can't think of anything sluttier. Maybe… maybe I'm cured?”

“BRAD! I need you to do something for me!”

“You… I need you… you have to do this for me!”

“What is it?”

just say />
“I'd do anything for you, Ashley.”

“I believe you would.” I said, touching his face again.

“Stand up and take your shorts off.” I urged.

“Ashley, you just did ten… eleven guys!”

“You said you'd do this for me.” I reminded him as I jumped up and grabbed the lotion from my bag.

He stood up and removed his shorts and underwear. I got down on my knees, squeezed out a handful of lotion and slopped it on his cock.

“Ashley, />
I didn't reply, but massaged his cock with my hand, spreading the lotion all over it.

“Ohhh… Ashley… this can wait until… ahhh!”

When he was nice and hard, I turned around, put my face on the ground and raised my ass high.

“I need you to do me in the ass.”

he shouted in disbelief, “I can't do that to you!”

“Brad… you have to, please.”

“Because if you don't, I'll end up finding someone who will. This is my last barrier. Help me break it down and I can maybe beat this thing.”

“Please, Brad. You have to be aching after watching us tonight. Be gentle, but please, fuck my ass, come inside me. I'm begging you.”

He got down on his knees and crawled over to me. Taking my ass with both hands, he guided his cock to my asshole.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes… Please… Gently!”

He pressed his cock against my hole, softly at first then pushed harder and harder

“It won't go!” he said.

“Wait, use some lotion… do it with your finger first.”

I heard him squirting some lotion then felt the cold liquid touch my asshole.

“Here goes…”

“Ahhh! />
“It sounds gross!” he said.

“Slower! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Just… wait… OK, go.”

I hissed through clenched teeth.

“You OK?”

“Yeah… is it in?”

“Yeah, to my />
“Fuck me with it a few times.”

“Ahhhhhh… it feels good when you pull it out.”

He fucked me with his finger, trying to loosen it up.

“Mmmm, this isn't too bad, really.”

“You ready for cock?”

“Here goes.”

I took several deep breaths.

He pressed his cock against my hole again.

“It still won't go.”

“Just do it harder. Get the head in and it'll get easier… I think.”

He started pressing harder.

“Ah… ahhh… ahhhh! STOP!”

“Brad, just do it. Like a band-aid. Just do it.”

“You sure?”

“What do you want me to do, Ashley?”

“Just do it.”

“You sure?”

“I… I screamed as he jammed the head in, breaking past the outer rim. I clawed at the carpet, trying to escape the intruder, but he held me in place.

“It's in, Ashley! It's in! Calm down… It's in.”

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!”

“Calm… I'm just going to slowly…” he began as he moved his hips back and forth about an inch.

“… very slowly… loosen you up.”

“STOP! STOP!” I cried, tears in my eyes, “It hurts, please don't move.”

“Say />
I felt his cock throb once as I tried to catch my breath.

“Slowly… I said.

He started pumping my ass again, taking longer and longer strokes.

“God, who actually enjoys this?” I cried.

“Me! Damn, this is tight.” he said, picking up the pace.

“Fuck AH! Fuck you!”

The pain was receding, but it was still far from pleasant.

“Are you sure… sure… you want me to come inside… you?”

“Yes, but />
“Oh he moaned as he squeezed both of my ass cheeks very roughly. He began fucking my ass harder and his cock stiffened, making it painful again.

“Brad! Not so hard!”

“Ohhhh shit! I'm sorry, Oh fuck!”

I felt his hot semen squirt up my ass. It was a very strange feeling. He filled me with several more loads, jerking his hips slightly with each thrust.

“Are you done?”

“Oh, God… yes.”

I gasp, as I pulled away from him, his cock sliding out of me.

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom with an uncontrollable urge to poop and immediately sat down on the toilet.

“Oh God, Brad, I barely made it.”

“It's not funny!”


I woke up about 2am in Brad's bath tub when I heard him knock on the door. The water was barely warm now.

“You OK in there?”

“Huh? Yeah… yeah… I just… fell asleep I guess. I'll be right out.”

I dried off, put some of my spare clothes on and came back out to the living room.

“Sorry, guess I fell asleep.”

“It's OK. I was just watching the news.”

“Listen, is it OK if I just stay here tonight? That hot water made me so tired, I don't think I should drive.”

“Sure, Ashley. You can sleep in the bed and I'll sleep on the couch.”

“Brad, you just did me in the ass. I think I can trust you not to rape me.”

“Yes, but can I trust you?”

We went in to his bedroom, got under the covers and I was asleep almost instantly.


I arrived at work today a few minutes late because I went to bed with wet hair and had to go home and rewash it.

I said 'Good Morning' to the receptionist as always, and she returned my greeting, but had the strangest look on her face.

As I walked past the cubicles of the phone workers, they all stopped working and looked at me as I passed. Some of them made comments I couldn't quite hear, a few laughed and one guy whistled. I'm used to the guys looking at me, but even the girls were doing it today. And the whistling was completely out of line.

I went in to my office and shut the door. I should have called in sick again today. I'm still not wake yet and my ass hurts.

Katie, my assistant, opened my office door.

“Mr. Hurst wants to see you… she said, imitating Mr. Hurst's deep voice.

“Thanks, Katie.”

“Oh God, what is this about?”

I walked to his office and looked in through the large glass window. He was looking at something on his computer screen, whatever it was seemed quite interesting to him. I knocked on the door.

“Ah! Come in, Ashley.”

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Hurst?”

“Please, sit down.”

I sat in the chair in front of his desk.

“I need you to tell me,” he began, spinning his monitor around so I could see it, “Is this you?”

My heart sank, I stopped breathing and my stomach knotted up. On his screen, was a slightly fuzzy picture of me, naked. It was apparently from a cell phone. A cock was dangling in front of my face and one in each hand. I was straddling another guy, his cock inside me. It was a full-frontal shot, both breasts and even my pubic hair were clearly visible. My face was turned a bit, but there was no denying it was me.

“It is?” he said, with a little too much enthusiasm. Someone I knew he'd be masturbating to this picture before lunch.

“Yes. That is me.”

“What… why… uh…” he was speechless.

“Where did it come from?” I asked.

“Well, that's not />
“It is to me. Has anyone else seen it?” As much as it turned my stomach, maybe I could still fuck him or something and get out of this.

“Uh… it's all over the office. It was mass emailed to everyone in the />
Oh, God. What have I done?

“Was there anything else, Mr. Hurst?”

“Well… I… as much as I've always admired your… work for our company, I've been told that… and this is from the top, you see… I've been told that we will no longer be able to…”

“I'm fired?”

“Err… Yes, I'm afraid so.”

I sat there in stunned silence.

“Just between you and me,” he said, lowering his voice almost to a whisper, “I might be able to… uh… I mean, I could talk to them… maybe… and we could work something out… you and I, I mean…”

“You are />
“Ah… I see.” he said, pushing a button on the phone on his desk.

“Todd, come in here please.”

A uniformed security guard opened the door.

“Yes, Mr. Hurst”

“Please walk this young lady back to her office to collect her things, then escort her out of the />
As I took the 'Walk of Shame', box full of personal items in hand, the women looked at me as if I were a $10 crack whore, the guys mostly watched me walk, with lust in their eyes.

The receptionist called me a whore under her breath as I walked out the front door.

I got in my car, drove about a mile, pulled over and cried for a good twenty minutes.


Brad shouted, />
“Apparently someone took a picture of me last night.”

“How did it end up in your office.”

“I don't know, they wouldn't tell me.” I replied, “Someone emailed it to everyone in the />
“But who? You said you didn't recognize any of the guys here last night.”

“I didn't. It must have been someone in the mail room, or maybe IT. I don't really interact with them much.”

“So how did they know you?”

“I guess you don't know what it's like to be a female.”

“You get used to all the guys staring at you fairly early in life.”

“Ah… all the guys there know you, I'm sure.”

“I guess.”

“So… God, this sucks… Can they even do this?” Brad asked.

“Well, they did it.”

“I mean, it was something you did at home, on your own time. Can they fire you for that?”

“I think you should talk to a lawyer.”

“You think so? For what?”

“I don't know… unlawful discharge… wait… whatever… I don't know what it's called. Maybe sexual harassment, too?”

“Maybe you're right. Guys were whistling at me, the receptionist called me a whore… my boss even tried to proposition me!”

“No shit?”

“Yeah… said we might be able to 'work something />
“You seriously need to talk to a lawyer.”

“Oh, Brad!” I cried, running up and hugging him, “I've destroyed my life! God, what have I done?”

he hushed, caressing my back, “It's only a job. You can find another one.”

“I'll never be able to work in the financial industry again!” I sobbed, “That picture is probably all over the Internet by now.”

“Maybe you could move away, get a job in another field?”

“I… I don't think I could />
“What do you have holding you here?”

“Well, my mother, and… and you.”

“Me?” he asked, incredulously.

Our eyes met and my heart began to melt.

“You are the first person I've ever met that truly seems to care about me.”

“I… I…”

“This is the part where you kiss me, you geek.”

He bent down, put his lips to mine and kissed me with a passion I had never known before. I think I fell in love, right at that moment.


It took almost 7 weeks, but my old company finally settled out of court with me. I'm not allowed to disclose the details, but lets just say I'm in no hurry to find a job, and won't ever need a job again if I'm smart with my finances.

I had a complete checkup at the doctor. I am disease free and not pregnant.

I sold my house and I'm now in a city on the west coast, staying in a hotel while I find a house to buy. Brad will be coming to live with me once he ties up some loose ends there. This is the first night I've been away from him since I was fired.

It was late and I was very bored all alone in the hotel room, so I opened my computer and loaded the browser.

I went to the classified ad site for the city I was in and spent the next two hours browsing ads… real estate ads. I'm smart enough to quit when I'm ahead.

– End –

story by: eyToad

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Author: eyToad

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