Jameson high ch. 3-4

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Chapter 2: Well now that you know about Alex and I, it’s probably time I tell you about my family, mostly, my two sisters. My sisters, Julia and Allie, are identical twins and even through all the genetic modifications, they have stayed exactly identical. My sisters (At least they started as sisters) are hermaphrodites by choice, they modified themselves to grow a 15 inch cock and a set of balls each the size of an orange at will. They are platinum blondes with 34C breasts; I happen to be VERY well endowed in that department, with athletic figures absolutely no trace of their Hispanic heritage. When they registered at the academy a few years ago they ended up being the first ever incestual dom/sub pairing. By this time they had both become hermaphrodites and were wearing rainbow colored robes and when they found that they were paired, mother was joyous having enjoyed the mixed endowments of her twin daughters many times previously.
That night at home in mothers room (father died many years before) it sounded like a shark frenzy on land until the wee hours of the night. Well as they loved to fuck nightly, mom had their room soundproofed to give me my peace and quiet. While I myself preferred the female form over any other, Julia and Allie chased any tail, guy or gal, everywhere. Julia was the dominant one and gave Allie no freedoms. It started with Allie having to have a cock-ring, a dildo, and a butt plug in her at all times; after that Allie had to ask permission to use the toilet and eventually Allie had to crawl whenever in Julia’s presence. Allie was a natural sub even before the evaluation placed her and embraced this enthusiastically. Julia loved using and abusing Allie’s body like a fuck-toy, one time she did this I was watching while my mother fucked my pussy with her 12 inch strap-on.
“On your knees, SLUT,” “Yes “Suck me off,” “Lie down while I take that magnificent cock up my ass,” Allie follows all of these orders without hesitation. Then eventually, after coming many times; Julia twists Allie over, shoves her cock in her ass and takes Allie’s cock deep in her cunt and rams into her from behind. She keeps fucking her sister’s ass in this modified Hermes twist while reaching around to fondle Allie’s breasts while twisting her nipple piercings and pull the chain connecting them. When she does this Allie falls into the depths of an orgasm that, with any other person would require post-traumatic stress therapy to recover from, her cock pulsing and cum flying past the ring into Julia’s cunt, her sphincter squeezing Julia’s cock until she blows her load deep in Allie’s ass. they yell in unison. Julia pulls her cock out and shoves it all the way into her sister’s mouth for a good cleaning. After being satisfied the cleaning is sufficient, she begins dick slapping her on the clit until Allie comes again from the stimulation. This whole time my mother and I had been cumming nearly continuously. Allie soon falls asleep in Julia’s loving arms, their twin cocks pressed together, still leaking cum on each other’s bellies.
Chapter 3: For my 12th birthday, my mother gave me her entire collection of sex toys, over the years I have collected my fair share of fuck toys ranging from anal beads the size of a fist and butt plugs that make traffic cones look tiny to vibrating eggs and womb crawlers, but the size of and things in this collection were incredible, strap-ons as long as a models leg, anal toys that would stretch the holes of even the most veteran whores, bondage equipment and clothing, gags that literally throat fucked you, and nipple clamps that could be used to milk a cow with ease. Most of these toys have been in storage for years; with the exception of the bondage clothing and equipment, of course; but today I was going through them to find one I had loved as a child. It was a black double dildo with a sentient AI that controlled its functions. This AI was my first true love and thanks to Alex’s mom, I could now have its fragmented memory restored by the latest computer and nanite technologies. “Found it!” I yelled to no one while I pulled on its wide tip to free it from the rubble of toys.
As I drove home I began fondling my favorite childhood toy, soon it was too much, I immediately lifted my skirt and jammed the wide head into my cunt while rubbing my clit furiously. When the head entered my pussy it activated immediately and started vibrating the head only while forcing itself deeper, two thin tubes shot out of the other tip and went directly for my heaving breasts. I obliged it by ripping my blouse off (I really don’t like wearing underwear) and offering my breasts to them. I had found early on that my breasts were much larger than other girls around me and were still bigger than some girls with genemods; I also learned that my nipples were incredibly sensitive. The dildo must have sensed that I was pregnant and lactating (One of Alex and I’s latest bondage sessions had fruit and we were overjoyed) and started sucking the milk from my now 72FF breasts. I began cumming from this amount of stimulation and it came with me which is odd because it has never done that before but, I embraced it whole heartedly as I felt it flowing throughout my cunt.
While I was coming, it must have slipped out because I now felt a prodding feeling on my asshole. I allowed it into my ass where it began going deeper and deeper until the whole thing, all 36 inches, disappeared into my intestines; I could felt it going still deeper and it felt mind-blowingly incredible. I began moaning again, thankful that I had cleaned myself out with my twice daily three gallon enema. I fingered myself as the dildo worked wonders on my colon; I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted milk, “MY MILK!” I thought to myself. Well that’s where it was putting it, and I absolutely loved the mixture of juices and milk and started gobbling copious amounts of it from my leaking pussy. Now I was aware of an odd feeling in my stomach, I realized that it was the dildo, it had traveled through my intestines and was now pushing up into her stomach; as its head popped into my belly from the wrong direction, I began cumming again and blacked out at one point from the sheer amount of excitement the stomach rape was causing. By the time I regained control of my body, the dildo was wriggling at the back of my throat when it began spewing more of my (still being pumped) milk into my stomach and out of my mouth. As the milk was being sprayed throughout my body, I came again and again, the vibrations of my dildo running from my throat to my ass and pussy. I blacked out again and when I came to, the dildo was firmly lodged half in my cunt and half in my ass, all the milk and cum was gone and my clothes were on, “Good Morning, I heard a female voice say but I couldn’t quite place it. “Down here, Adi,” I glance down to see the dildo and I remembered it had an AI, but that can’t be; the system has been broken and corrupt for years…

story by: Lesbo Lover

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Author: Lesbo Lover

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