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For the next four years I spent most of my time at home. Becky Marilyn and I continued to have our threesome. Becky hired Mona-Lee to sit with our two youngest one night because the boys were going to be at a school function. I didn’t say anything about what I new but wasn’t happy about it. When she came over she gave me a startled look when she realized who I was. When I took her home that night she thanked me for not saying anything to anyone. I asked her about Bill, She said they were fucking again and she was thinking of moving in with him when she graduates since he was divorced. I said I didn’t think it was a good Idea for her to baby-sit for us and she agreed. She said I owe you one though and reached over and unzipped my pants. Like a fool I let her pull my cock out and when she saw it she let out a low whistle and said my god I’ve never seen one that big. She began to suck it and every now and then would gag. When we got to her house she said pull around the corner and I did. She sucked on my cock for about ten minuets and then said I have just got to try. I said try what. She grinned and pushed me down on the seat and pulled her shorts and panties down and got on top of me. She sat down and tried to get my cock to go into her pussy but she was just too tight. She got it in about two inches and finally had to stop. I was just too big for her. At Sixteen she had never been fucked by anyone except Bill. I new that if I turned her over on her back I could with a little work, bust her wide open. She had a real cute body with firm tits about the size of a large apple. I said to myself, Jason what the hell are you doing. You could ruin your whole life. So I said we better stop. I was getting close to cuming anyway from the excitement of her young body. She said just a minuet and moved up and down on what she had in her and then pushed down real hard trying to get it all in. She let out a little scream and stopped before she tore that little pussy apart. She said it’s just too big. Now I know why you wouldn’t fuck me when you caught Bill and I. I lifted her off me just as I started cuming and she went right down on me and began to suck my cum into her mouth. I really shot a load and she choked as it spurt into her open mouth and down her throat. I have to give her credit She was choking but kept swallowing it at the same time. After she cleaned herself off and me too she said I want another chance. I said Mona, you are a beautiful young girl with a magnificent body, but we can never do this again. I am flattered that you would want to but I have to say no. Enjoy your life with people your own age. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.
I always went home on Mom’s Birthday and gave her a good Birthday Fucking. She always laughed and said that was the only present she ever wanted from me was my beautiful cock she had helped make. Even though Mom was now in her fifties she still
had a great body. And each time I was with her I remembered how much I loved her and how much I enjoyed fucking her. Just before Dad died he had taken turn for the worst and he went into the hospital. I flew down that night. As I lay in bed I felt Mom crawl into bed with me. She cuddled up to me pushing her butt up against my stomach and pulled my arm around her shoulders. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to fuck her or not so I started to rub her tities. She said, no, just hold me. We laid there quietly, like that and I heard her sobbing. I heard her say I’m going to miss your Dad terribly. He was a good husband and I loved our love making. I whispered in her ear and said Mom I will make love to you for as long as you want me too. She rolled over and took my head in her hands and looked into my eyes and said I know, and kissed me long and hard, and then we fell asleep.
Dad died about two weeks later, he was only fifty-nine. Everyone was there. Tina, Greg, and their two kids; Becky and my four kids, Jerry and her husband, Bob and his family as well as his Mom and Dad. Many of Dads friends and co-workers came, Even Tom, his wife and three kids. His wake lasted all day and into the late evening. Dad would have loved it. At about two in the morning I snuck into Moms room to see how she was and to my surprise there was Mom and Tina in bed crying and holding each other. I got into bed and held them both. Tina and I got up about three thirty and we went back to our own rooms.
On Moms next birthday I went down to celebrate it as usual. She picked me up at the airport and as usual when we hit the 405 she unzipped my pants and began to suck my cock. It sure felt good. With the exception of Becky’s mother I never had any one give better head than Mom. She was the only one who could consistently make me cum. Just as we turned onto the Santa Monica freeway I came. Mom buried my cock into her mouth and let it shoot directly down her throat. She raised her ass up so she could get a better angle and she mooned a truck driver without knowing it. I looked in the rear view mirror and I thought that truck was going to cause an accident. He was swerving all over
the place and I just took off. That night after dinner and a hi-ball Mom showed me this new rocking chair with a nice cushion on it she had bought. She said it’s nicer than the
one Jerry had and smiled. Then I remembered how she had watched us from my bedroom. She said come on Jason I feel like going for a long ride. We striped down and I sat on the rocking chair and she got between my legs and began sucking my cock. It felt sooo good. Once I was hard, Mom got on top of me and inserted my cock into her pussy.
As usual that cunt was wet and ready. We fucked like that for hours. I rocked back and forth with my cock sliding in and out of her without any pushing by either one of us. We talked about all kinds of things. Her life with Dad, how she was glad he never new about Tina and me. But that she never regretted a moment we spent together. She always felt we were lovers as well as Mother Son and Daughter. She told me that Tom
finally gave up his pool job and that he and his family moved to Oregon last month. I said what are you going to do. I can’t come down here that often to keep you satisfied, and you sure don’t act like you have slowed down much. She smiled and said I guess it’s Ok to tell you even though I promised not too. Remember just after Dad had his last stroke? I said yes. Well, one Sunday afternoon I was sunbathing with just a small towel over my middle. I had on my dark glasses and I heard a noise at the gate. I looked up and it was your friend Bob. He couldn’t see that I was looking at him. I don’t know how long he had
been watching me but I could tell that he liked what he saw. I thought I’d play a little game and tease him a little, so I began to rub myself between my legs. I let the towel slide to the side and inserted my finger and began to massage my pussy. I watched his reaction and he started rubbing between his legs. I bent my knees and parted them and my pussy was looking right at him. I pretended to look startled and sat up but I didn’t
remove my fingers from my pussy. I said, Oh my goodness. I’m so embarrassed. Bob
stammered and said something about coming over to see how you were doing. I said you might as well come on in. I wouldn’t want you to go off with that big bulge in your pants. Mom, you didn’t? Yes I did, and when he came over and stood next to me I took out his cock and began to suck on it. I looked up at him and almost laughed he had such a look on his face, half way between astonishment and ecstasy. Boy did he fill my mouth. He was bigger around than you but not as long. I could get almost all of him in my mouth. It sure didn’t take long before he let go of his sperm juices. He came a ton and I’m proud to say I never lost a drop, and she gave me this big grin. We fucked in the pool just like you and I did that time and then we went inside the pool house and fucked some more. She said he was better than Tom and almost as good as you but doesn’t have your stamina. He now stops by and see’s me twice a week. Usually on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. So you see, I’m getting by and grinned at me again. I Thought, Bob, you sly old hound dog. You’ve fucked my sister and now my mother, and never said a word.

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