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I met this cute girl while I was out cruising Saturday night and we sort of clicked so she invited me back to her house. Actually, it looked like a small mansion. Her name was Bonnie. Bonnie said her parents weren’t due home until late. We started kissing and necking for a while. So anyway, one thing led to another. We threw off all our clothes and started fucking. Everything was going along fine and dandy. I heard Bonnie gasp while we were doing the old in and out and I thought the bitch had come.

Bonnie cried and gave me this terrified look. Oh shit! I pulled out of Bonnie’s cunt and stood up. I turned around and faced a well-dressed middle aged dude whose face was progressively turning darker shades of red. He kept looking at first my face and then my dick. I knew I was in trouble but he could see I was wearing a condom. I figured that might count in my favor since I was fucking his daughter in a responsible manner, right? Apparently not. He rushed up and slapped me in the face like I was a bitch. I retaliated with a punch to his midsection. I heard the air whoosh out of him and dropped to the floor writhing around trying to regain his breath.

“Will he be all right?” said Bonnie.

be all right as long as he doesn’t try to hit me again,” I replied. I rolled off the condom, let it drop to the carpet beside him and started looking for my clothes.

“Call the police, Nora,” the old fart wheezed. I guess he could finally breathe again. I finally noticed a woman standing by the door, a stunning brunette clad in a sexy black cocktail dress. I could tell by the family resemblance that this was Bonnie’s mother but Nora made the younger bitch look plain in comparison. My prick twitched with lust despite the stress I felt. I fancied I detected a slight smile.

worry,” I said. “I’m />
“I’m having you arrested for rape and />
“I didn’t rape Bonnie. She />
“It’s still rape. She’s only 15 and that’s underage. Get dressed this instant, Bonnie!” I glared at Bonnie but she avoided looking at me. I knew she was young but not that young. I still might have fucked her but she could have at least warned me. I felt like kicking her father who was still on the floor. He might have picked up on that vibe because he immediately crawled behind his wife before standing up. Well, I was already in enough trouble and I was still barefoot anyway.

“What are you waiting for? Call the police, Nora!” I didn’t know why this clown didn’t call the police if he was that anxious. I guess he wanted his wife to take the risk of pulling out her cell phone and punching the panic button.

“I’ll do no such thing.”

“What! Why not? He wouldn’t hit a woman.” What a fucking coward!

“I don’t think he would either. I’m not going to do it because you were the one in the wrong. You assaulted him and he defended />
“But he…he was raping our />
“I’ve told you before that I think Bonnie is mature enough to make her own decisions despite her chronological age. Perhaps it was a lapse of judgment for Bonnie to bring her friend home and do it in the family room but it looked consensual to me.”

“If you don’t see fit to call the police and have this bastard arrested then I will.”

“Yes, go ahead Richard,” said Nora. “The scandal will probably ruin any chance you had of closing that deal you were working so hard for.”

“What do you mean?” said her husband. />
“You know how conservative those clients are. When they read about this in the papers, they’ll know you have a slut for a daughter. They won’t have anything to do with you.”

“Our daughter is not a slut. This bastard raped her. Besides, the newspaper can’t print her name since she’s underage and the victim to boot.”

right. I forgot about that part, darling. I guess I’ll have to tell them myself.”

“You />
“I most certainly will tell them if you have this gentleman arrested.” There was a stare-down between Bonnie’s parents and I guess Daddy was the first to blink. He turned to me.

“Get dressed and get the hell out of here,” he finally said. “If you dare breathe a word about this to anyone you’ll regret it. If you come anywhere near my daughter again, I’ll thrash you to within an inch of your life.”

all seen and heard the last of me,” I said.

“Please don’t go yet,” said Nora. “I feel bad that we interfered with your visit with our daughter. We’ll go upstairs and you two can continue in />
crazy if you think I’m going to allow that,” Richard yelled. coming with me, young lady. Right now!” Bonnie was dressed by now and she allowed Daddy to grab her hand. She mouthed the word to me on the way out the door. That left me alone still butt-naked with Bonnie’s mother.

“Thanks for saving my rear, Mrs.–”

“Morgan. You may call me Nora and yours is–?”

“Jedadiah. Jedadiah Jones. No bullshit. That’s my name.”

“Jed for short?”

“I prefer />
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jedadiah and you’re />
“I don’t think your husband shares that pleasure with you, Nora.”

“No, I suppose not. You ruined his daughter right in front of his eyes.”

“Bonnie wasn’t a virgin when I met her this />
“You met her just this evening? You’re a fast worker, Jedadiah. Still, I’m not surprised about Bonnie. My daughter has a passionate nature.”

“Like her mother?” This lady had a sexy laugh. My prick was twitching again. Here I was standing naked in her home and having a normal conversation. I was pretty sure she was flirting with me.

“I do have a passionate nature, Jedadiah,” said Nora. “It looks like you do too.”

“It’s too bad this has to go to waste,” I said as I ogled Bonnie’s mother.

“Not said Nora. “Do you have another condom?”

“I’m afraid not. This one came from Bonnie’s supply. I don’t think it would be a good idea to go asking her for another one right now.”

“I suppose not,” the older woman replied. “I guess I’ll have to take my chances.” She reached under her dress, took down a flimsy pair of panties and stepped out of them. Holy shit! Nora was inviting me to fuck her. I wasn’t going to turn down this opportunity even with her husband and daughter somewhere in the house. I moved to embrace Nora but she pushed against my chest.

smear my makeup. Someone may become suspicious. I’m afraid we can’t take our time.” She turned around, bent over a chair and presented her rump to me. I took the hint. I stepped up behind her, raised the hem of her dress to her waist and sank my prick balls deep into her steamy snatch. Nora had a tight cunt. She’d either gone without a prick for a while or her husband was pencil-dicked.

Damn! I love going bareback. It’s got condoms beat all to hell. I began to wonder if Nora was on birth control. She did mention taking chances. The thought of giving Bonnie a little brother or sister almost made me come sooner than I wanted. I heard her groan and she said, “Yes, come in me now, darling.” I sped up the pace and my prick obliged her by spitting a huge wad of cum inside her cunt originally meant to be wasted in a condom. We uncoupled and Nora stuffed a wad of tissue in her snatch to keep it from leaking.

“That was lovely, darling.” She embraced and kissed me.

“I’m smearing your makeup.”

“I don’t care anymore.” She looked thoughtful and then said, “Do you have any pressing engagements, Jedadiah? I hope you’re not married.”

“I’m as free as a bird.”

“I want you to spend the night with me.”

“Where and when?”

“Right here, />
“I’d love to, but don’t you think it’ll be a bit crowded with me on one side of your bed and your husband on the other side?”

“I have a separate bedroom on the other side of the house when I can’t stand to be around Richard. That’s been happening quite often lately. He knows better than to intrude on my />
convinced me. I’m glad your husband didn’t come checking on us.”

“I wasn’t worried,” Nora replied. “He’s afraid of you right now. He won’t be brave again until after he’s sure you’re gone.”

Nora led me up to her bedroom via a back stairway and then left me. I settled down in bed and waited for her return but I fell asleep. I was awakened when I felt the mattress shift as Nora crawled in beside me.

“Sorry I took so long,” Nora whispered. “When I told Richard you had gone I had to sit in on a family conference and listen to him preaching to Bonnie about how stupid and dangerous her behavior was by inviting a complete stranger into the house. After all, you could be another Charlie Manson.”

true. Did she listen?”

“Bonnie listened as much as any teenager will listen.” That told me Bonnie’s father was most probably wasting his breath. I didn’t say anything else. I just wanted to fuck this woman again. We started kissing and caressing each other. I was looking forward to a nice leisurely screw this time and I wasn’t disappointed.

Like any woman I’ve ever been with Nora wanted to talk after we fucked. I just listened. It was mostly about the relationship she had with Richard or rather the lack of one. I wasn’t that interested but I did feel the obligation to stay alert and at least act interested. The woman finally wound down, thanked me for listening and kissed me good night.

I thought I’d be able to get right to sleep, but for some reason I stayed wide awake. Nora didn’t have that problem. She was fast sleep in a few minutes. Finally deciding I needed to take a piss, I got up and went in search of the bathroom. I turned the corner just outside the bedroom and ran straight into Nora’s husband. My fist snaked out and caught him in the midsection. He collapsed in a heap.

“What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean what am I doing here? I live here. What are you doing here?”

“Your wife invited me to stay.”

“She did?”

“Yeah, and she said you knew better than to intrude on her />
“I came to apologize for some of my behavior last night and try to make up with her. But now I don’t think I want to.”

“Sorry, dude.”

“I’m going to stand up now. I’m not going to attack you and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use me as a punching bag any more.”

“I acted without thinking. I apologize for that.” The man got up but I was still wary of him and I think he was of me.

“I think I need a drink. A stiff one. Maybe several.” He took a few steps and then turned to me.

“Care to join me?”

“Why not?” I returned to Nora’s bedroom, put on my jeans and shirt, then followed the man downstairs to a room that looked like a combination study/library. He poured from a Scotch bottle. I’m not a fan of Scotch but he was the host. I wasn’t going to complain. He handed me a glass.

“I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. I’m Richard Morgan.”

“I’m Jedadiah Jones.”

“I can’t honestly say it’s a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Jones.”

“I really can’t blame you from feeling that way, Mr. Morgan.”

“Call me />
“Then call me />
Richard motioned for me to sit down. We sat down in identical chairs separated by a low table. We sipped silently for a while. I didn’t mind. Maybe he just didn’t want to be alone.

“I just can’t understand what I did wrong, Jedadiah. I’ve given Nora everything she could possibly want.”

“Women are weird,” I said and took another sip of Scotch.

“Thank you for that bit of wisdom, Jedadiah,” Richard replied. “Women are indeed weird. However that knowledge isn’t going to save my marriage. If this episode is a taste of things to come, then I’d rather end my marriage now and cut my losses.”

“What I wanted to say is that women don’t think logically like a man would, Richard. They think with their emotions. They only use reason to justify how they’re />
“I’m not sure I />
“I’m no expert on women, but I have learned a few things. If you’ve appealed to a woman’s emotions, you’ve got the competition beat even if they’ve given her cash and />
“I’ve given Nora plenty of cash and diamonds so you may have a point there. Are you saying I should tell her I love her more often? I tell her that every day.”

“I bet you pet the dog too.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean Nora has heard you say it so often it probably doesn’t mean anything to her any more. You have to say it differently; in a way that appeals to her dreams and />
“I’m afraid Nora hasn’t confided her dreams and fantasies to me in a very long while.”

“It shouldn’t matter. Women’s dreams and fantasies are pretty generic. I mean like a guy’s fantasies are pretty much the same too; sex, drugs, rock and roll. I learned that from a gal who makes a living doing tarot card readings. She does pretty good at it too.”

“But how do I learn that stuff?”

“I knew a guy in school that was pretty good meeting women. He wasn’t handsome and he was broke most of the time, but he seemed to have a way of talking to them that had women falling all over him. I heard he’s a well to do kept man now.”

“I’m sorry to say I don’t have a silver tongue.”

“He didn’t either. It’s what he said, not how he said it.”

“What did he say?”

“If you listened to him talking to a woman you’d think he wasn’t making a bit of sense. In fact it was all bullshit but the women ate it up like it was a box of chocolate bonbons. I asked him where he learned that shit. He said he learned it reading romance novels. In fact he said his entire spiel was lifted out of them.”

“Nora reads romance novels.”

“Try reading one of them. They all speak to women’s dreams and fantasies, but if you can get through ten minutes of reading one of those suckers without your eyes crossing, then you’re a better man than I am. I slogged my way through a couple of those. I tried it on some women and it worked. My trouble was not being able to keep a straight face. When I started laughing, the woman knew she was being />
We talked and drank some more. I was more than happy to expound on my theories on women and Richard seemed happy to listen. Before I knew it sunlight was peeking through the window and a pair of dark eyes was peeking through the half open door. I realized it was Nora and tried to stand but I was too sauced. I fell back in my seat. Richard didn’t even try.

“Good morning, Nora,” said Richard. “Please come in and sit down.” Nora sat down in a chair furthest from us. I could see guilt and regret written all over her face. I felt sorry for her.

“We were discussing you and whether you and I still had a marriage worth saving.” Nora nodded her head and refused to make eye contact.

“What I did was pure foolishness, Richard,” Nora said. “For what it’s worth, please know that I still love you. do anything you say if it’s at all possible to save our />
see about that. There’s going to be some changes made right away.”

“Maybe I should leave so you two can discuss this in private,” I said.

“I need you as a witness,” said Richard. “My wife needs to be fully agreeable to this or there’s no use going on.” I didn’t reply. I noticed the Scotch bottle was empty and wondered what other kinds of liquor he had in the house.

“I’m listening,” said Nora.

“Starting Monday, I’m resigning as chief executive officer of the company. We shall place this house on the market and leave immediately for a wine tour of France. If we like what we see, we’ll rent a cottage. I’ll study French and learn how to cook continental cuisine. Since you already know French, you’ll spend your time painting pictures of the French countryside, or French peasants or French bread. I don’t care which. When we get tired of that, we might try the same thing in Spain or Italy.” Nora’s mouth was gaping.

“But what about the business…and Bonnie?”

“The business can take care of itself. I’ve got a pretty good team in place. They must be because the competition keeps trying to steal them away from me. I’ll still be chairman and majority stockholder. I’m only a phone call away if they need to talk to me. As far as Bonnie is concerned, she can come with us and learn French from the locals. If she doesn’t, she can move in with your sister and her family.” Richard must have been speaking to one of Nora’s fantasies because she jumped out of her chair and rushed into her husband’s arms.

“I want to stay until the end of the school year,” said a voice from the door. “I’ll meet you guys over there.” Bonnie pranced in wearing a scant negligee. She sat down on my lap and gave me a big kiss.

“Can Jedadiah visit with us in France?”

certainly welcome to,” said Nora.

“That sounds like a plan,” I replied. “But right now I’m going home to get some sleep.”

going nowhere,” said Nora. “You two smell like a distillery. Take Jedadiah up to the guest bedroom, Bonnie.

“I have a perfectly good bed in my room,” said Bonnie.

“Just be careful,” said her Daddy. I slept through to late afternoon and woke up to a pretty little nymph lying beside me. We fucked like bunnies but she made me wear a condom.

I didn’t see Richard and Nora before their departure for France and very little of Bonnie after that. You know how fickle teenage girls can be. I did receive a letter from them recently. It was to announce the birth of their son, Richard Jedadiah Morgan. Well, the timing was right but I can’t be too sure. Still I can’t help feeling like I had something to do with the birth of that child one way or another.

story by: sourdough

Tags: fiction male/teen female cheating male domination male / older female wife sex story

Author: sourdough

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