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Here I am a 41 year old married man who is in the middle of a divorce. I have kids in school and have a lot of responsibilty at my job. The boss keeps track of my time and hours spent at one job to another due to the 2-way radio in the work truck. I just had my cock sucked by a boy for the first time and came stream and stream and he took almost all of it. If I continue I take a chance on blackmail or someting going terrably wrong and it gets out what I have done by his mother and I get sued and everyone will know i'm gay and lose my job and family income. I had all this going through my mind as I starred at those pasley underpants that were open some in the front and I had a glimse of something pink inside.
So I left off last story which was all true up to 98% anyways. I had just had my cock sucked by this georgous young man and had this most amazing look and the beautiful hair on his chest and all the way to his waistband. That's where I left off. After about 3 seconds of all that shit running through my mind I knew no matter what I was going to open those boxers and take out that pink looking cock and see it and taste it for the first time. I looked up at him and with assurance he was cool. My eyes were focused on the slit and I went for it and opened it to revil this 6" pinkish cock and balls that looked to of been recently shaven. I was amazed at it's glory and was pleased to know it wasnt a hairy mess. Don't get me wrong I love hair on a man but the gentials I prefer clean shaven or at least trimmed down. Well I grabbed it and held the shaft with my right hand and closed my eyes and opened my mouth and sucked the head of it to see what I have been missing. I was in aww at how sweet and soft yet hard it was in my mouth and the sweetness of the pre cum made it all so much more pleasing. I had already cum and was starting to get hard again. I did not even touch it but focused on what my mouth was doing with this young cock. I let my hands rub up his chest and squeeze his nipples not knowing what I was doing just doing what came naturally. My mouth quickly became sore I suppose from this being my first cock and I have never practiced it before. I was also thinking my boss was looking for me to 10-8 this call and be on my way to my next. I began to eagerly suck it in and out faster and faster. I had no salava and my mouth had started to dry some. I was sucking and his pleasure of this was overcome by his thrust and the growing of his head. (thank goodness) He told me he was going to cum I guess to give me a choice to remove my mouth but I let him cum into my mouth. It did not taste the same as when we kissed earlier with mine but more bitter and salty. I had to spit it out on the kitchen floor and only had a small abount to swallow so I would remember the taste.
He cleaned up with a towell his cum and mine and threw it in the dirty clothes while I was getting my things together and pulling my pants back on. I was thinking of takeing the towel with me but instead left it. He seemed relly happy at what just went down and I knew I could trust him not to tell his mother what happened in her kitchen. I can't remember much after that except we kissed one or two more times and I think I even put another 20 on the counter grabbed my tool bag and order tablet and quickly not looking back left and got into my truck. I looked back as he shut the door and when I went around the corner I pulled over and jacked off a big load into paper napkins from chicfila before I called to the office to call my next service call. I thought of nothing more of him for ever and jacked off every night thinking of him but I had no telephone number and had no way of getting ahold of him. I seen him once at McDonalds working but I had a buddy with me so I never said anything. I ofter went by there and got a coke at drove thru but never did I see him there again. I guessed he quit and was working a real job or in college. I was wrong though.
I had another encounter with him almost 10 months later as he was babysitting at a neighbors house. He was standing at the door when I first seen him again and he was wearing a Superman shirt with about 6 kids running around. I was called to work on the washing machine and met all the kids real fast because he was getting them dressed and out the door to another neighbors house while I fininshed up with the washer in full sight of everyting because it was right in the kitched where we all were. He had them choking thier lunch down and was putting it on paper plates to take with them. I was getting that heart beat again because I knew even though these kids boys and girls were not too old they knew he was Gay and were getting the idea real fast. And here I am still in the closet but had my own place by then. as soon as I finished up with the wsher he was getting the last kid out of the house. He looked even more beautiful but at same time seemed to be in a hurry. I made out the bill and he jumped into my arms and started kissing me real hard and fast. Yes I thought I was haveing a Heart attack but kept kissing him and then he jumped off and stripped totally naked and had his ass in the hair as he lay on his back on the kithcen rug that sharred the table and chairs. So here I am and he is telling me to Fuck him and make it fast. I did as he wanted no condom bareback but had a hard time getting my cock in his tiny hole. I never knew about rimming and sticking my finger in to loosen it up. I made him go get something slippery anything and he came back with jergens hand lotion. I didn't think it was a good idea but never said a word. I put it on my cock which was ready to bust and on his timy hole that had hair around it. I stuck it in kinda fast and hard but knew no different. remember htis is my second time with a man and first time I had my dick going into his ass. I pounded and jacked him off and as we were going to it the door knocked. Someone wsat the door. Yes the cable guy that was scheduled same time as me. I pumped fast and shot on his stomach as much as I had but all I wanted was to leave because I was scarred to death at this point. I left a small bill and let him keep most of it and left. I will never forget the looks on all the kids and the cable guy as I entered my truck and drove off.


story by: Jughead1117

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Author: Jughead1117

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