Karen and michelle’s sad story part 1 chapter 7

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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 7
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 7, Karen’s Journey Home

Karen woke up early that morning just after the sun came up. She had only slept for about three hours. Between the cool night mountain air and her aching tits, ass and pussy, she couldn’t sleep very long. For a long while she lay there in the trunk curled in a fetal position and cried. She wondered why god was angry with her and allowed these things to happen to her. She had always tried hard to live a good life and not do the things they said were evil. The only thing she ever really insisted on doing that her parents didn’t want her to do was going to the Prom. “God, if I could just go back and do it all over again I would listen to them and stay home. Then none of this would have happened and I wouldn’t be being forced to become a whore. E She thought as she cried. She was still mostly asleep and not aware of where she was, just that she wasn’t comfortable.

She fell back into a light miserable sleep for a few more minutes. When she awoke again, it took her some time to fully awaken and realize that she was curled up in the trunk of the car. She could not remember how she got there. Her last memory was of being gang raped for about 30 minutes with what seemed like 100 or more men waiting in line to get at her next. She shivered in disgust at herself for allowing herself to be put in this position. She blamed herself for everything. She thought that if she would have just listened to her mom and dad that none of this would be happening. God was punishing her for being rebellious she thought. She also realized that she would have to play along with Darrell until an opportunity arose for her to escape and get to her parents. Surely after she told them what Darrell and his parents had done to her and made her do, they would help her get away from them. She continued thinking these thoughts as she began to get out of the car. As she was getting out, her hand hit something solid and she looked down and saw the two dildos that Darrell had left there for her. She let out a sigh of resignation as she realized that she had better focus on the present or she would be punished even more severely than she already had been.

Karen grabbed the dildos one at a time and pushed them into her ass and cunt. It seemed to her that they went in a lot easier this time than they had yesterday, which wasn’t surprising from all of the cocks that had been rammed in her ass and cunt in the last 48 hours. She crawled around the cabin and into the woods just behind the outhouse and shit out the remaining piss and cum that was dribbling out of her ass and then pissed. Once done, she crawled to the well and started pumping it until there was a good flow of water started. She lay down on her back under the water and continued to pump with her left hand as the water flowed all over her. She felt that if she could just wash herself enough that she could wash away everything that had happened to her. She just kept pumping and pumping while she cried and sobbed out her misery. She finally got up on her knees and started washing herself inside and out. There wasn’t a single part of her body that didn’t ache and no matter how much she scrubbed and washed herself, she still felt dirty and violated.

Karen finally finished cleaning herself and crawled to the back door. The first thing she saw was Darrell’s note to fix breakfast. She opened the door and crawled in to the cabin to get it started.

She got a pancake mix out and fixed up some batter. She also found some salted pork that she could slice and fry up to go with the pancakes. She searched the pantry some more and finally found a jar of honey that had turned to sugar and some butter. She crawled back to the well and filled a bucket with water and slowly struggled with it back to the cabin.

The first thing she did once in the kitchen was to reconstitute some powdered milk. She put water into a small pan and put it on the stove to warm up. She opened the jar of honey and put it in the pan of water. She made the pancake batter with the reconstituted milk and pancake mix and then sliced three nice slices of salt pork and started frying it in the cast iron skillet. While the salt pork was frying, Karen put a pot of coffee on the stove as well. Soon the whole cabin smelled wonderful from her cooking. Once the salt pork was done she cooked three plate sized pancakes. She buttered them up and set the table. She took the honey out of the pan and noticed that most of the crystals had dissolved. She set it on the table along with the pot of coffee and then went in to the bedroom to wake Darrell.

It was now 8:30 am and she thought that he would want to be up. She remembered what he had instructed her on the first evening here so she got up on the bed and uncovered him. He was nude so she leaned over him and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking. Soon he was hard and she started swallowing his entire cock and twirling her tongue along the underside as she moved her head up and down. It wasn’t long before Darrell woke up and moved his hands to the back of her head and forced her face down into his pubic hair, forcing his cock down her throat.

Since Karen had had much larger cocks forced down her throat in the last day, she had no problem with Darrel’s. She soon had Darrell cumming down her throat, but Darrell didn’t let her up. She found that she could breathe through her nose when she had Darrell’s cock down her throat so she didn’t struggle. She swallowed his cum and felt it start to soften. He held her in that position until he started pissing. She was surprised but started swallowing as rapidly as she could and only a drop or two of piss seeped out of the corner of her mouth. Finally the flow stopped and Darrell lifted her head off of his cock and tilted it up so that she was looking at him. He looked her in the eyes and said, “That is by far the best wake up call I have ever had. I am glad that you remembered me telling you how I wanted to be woke up. You were also absolutely marvelous last night. You did everything asked of you without hesitation and I am proud of you my pet. I will reward you by allowing you to clean the out house that you messed up using normal equipment instead of having to clean up your dried up shit with your tongue. You will however, have to use your mouth and not your hands to hold the scrub brush. Now let’s go eat breakfast, it smells wonderful. E

Darrell got up out of bed and walked to the kitchen table and sat down at the place that was set for him. Karen went and got her dog dishes and scooted them into place beside Darrell’s chair. She then assumed the proper position on her knees while sitting on her heels and her head bowed.

Darrell ate everything on his plate and looked down at Karen. He told her that there was nothing left for her so she would have to eat slave gruel. He got up and grabbed a bag of what looked like dog food except this one said slave gruel for pregnant slaves. He poured the bowl full and then poured water on it and filled the other bowl with water. He ordered Karen to eat it all in the next 10 minutes or he would make her clean the outhouse with her tongue. Karen didn’t want to do that so she immediately set about eating the gruel and drinking the water as fast as she could. It really didn’t have any taste to it. It was like eating saw dust.

When she was a little less than half done she heard Darrell say “Five minutes left E She redoubled her efforts and started swallowing everything with minimal chewing. She just got the last mouthful in her mouth when she heard Darrell say time. She quickly swallowed the last bite as Darrell came over and looked at the empty bowls. “Very good my pet, Ehe said. You cleaned your bowls in time so you can clean the outhouse normally this time. I want you to go out there now and get it cleaned up quickly. We are going back home to my parents house for the rest of the week. They are planning a nice wedding reception for us on Saturday and we need to help them get ready. I want to leave by 10:30. That gives you an hour and a half to finish and get dressed. I’ll put the clothes you are to wear on the front seat of the car. E

While Darrell was talking to Karen he grabbed the dildo in her cunt and replaced it with the special silver one he got from Joey. He informed her, “Now slut, that dildo in your cunt is very special. It’s designed to make you exercise your cunt muscles. If you don’t squeeze it hard enough, it will shock you. If you let it fall out of your cunt, it has sensors in it that will trigger some metal pins to eject and lock it in place in your cunt so it can’t fall out any further. Once it is locked in place it will begin to shock you repeatedly until I turn it off. I would recommend that you concentrate on keeping your cunt muscles tight and avoid the pain. I’ll leave that decision to you though. Now get busy. E

Karen got the mop bucket with a squeezing mechanism to squeeze water out of a mop and went into the pantry. There she found a wide variety of cleaning materials. Many of the cleaning materials looked like they had been specifically designed to be used by mouth. There was a scrub brush with a bite holder that looked like an athletic mouth guard, a mop with a bite holder and a spray bottle that sprayed each time you bit on its bite holder. Karen put the equipment into the bucket along with a bottle of soap and crawled out to the water pump. She put soap into the bucket and filled it half full with water. She put the scrub brush and small mop into the bucket and crawled to the out house.

While Karen was crawling she felt a shock all of a sudden. She gave a squeal of surprise more than pain and remembered that she had to keep squeezing with her cunt. When she opened the door to the out house, the stench was almost unbearable. She saw that there was a fairly large area of dried shit coating the floor and also on the seat. She decided that the best way to clean would be to start with the seat and work down. She picked the scrub brush up and put the bite handle in her mouth and started scrubbing as hard as she could all around the stool. Some of the dried shit was very hard to get off so she had to dip into the water several times. When she thought she had all of the dried shit loosened up on the seat, she took the miniature mop between her teeth and started mopping up the dirty water, ringing the mop out in the water bucket, wringing it out and back to mopping up the dirty water. She repeated this process with the floor as well.

Karen was shocked a couple of times because she forgot to squeeze down on the dildo in her cunt. The water in the bucket was getting really putrid and when she dipped the brush or mop into the water it splashed her with the foul smelling stuff. The smell caused her to get very nauseous several times and she had to fight to keep from throwing everything up. She was a bit over two months pregnant and was susceptible to morning sickness anyway, so it was a real battle to keep everything in her stomach. When she had completely scrubbed and mopped the out house the first time, she dumped the dirty water into the hole and went and rinsed the bucket at the well. She returned and repeated the process all over again. When she finished the second time she inspected every little nook and cranny to make sure that she didn’t miss anything.

When Karen was sure the out house was clean, she crawled to the well pump and cleaned up. Finally she crawled to the door, knocked and assumed the proper kneeling position and waited for Darrell.

Darrell opened the door and asked, “Are you finally done bitch E
Karen answered meekly, “Yes master. Will you please inspect it and see if it meets your approval. E

Darrell walked to the out house with Karen crawling behind him. He opened the door and spent quite a bit of time inspecting the facility and then used it to take a dump. When he was done, he came out and praised, “You did well slut. There just may be some hope for you yet. E

Deep down Karen sighed and let out the breath she had been holding. She had been so worried that he would find something she missed that she had held her breath while he inspected the building.

Darrell asked Karen, “Now slut, we still have those 100 swats from last night to take care of. What do you think we should do about them? E

This rattled Karen a little, but she quickly responded. “This unworthy slut knows that she failed miserably yesterday and earned a thorough spanking. I hope that my willingness and performance last night might lessen the number as you had promised this unworthy slut. E She closed her eyes and prayed that Darrell would be merciful and not spank her. She was shaking in fear at the thought of being paddled again.

Darrell smiled at her answer and thought that she was definitely picking things up a lot faster than he ever thought she would. It seemed that the more he pushed her, the more compliant she became. He felt that he ought to reward her so he told her, “Go to the car slut and wait there until I join you. E

She crawled to the car and noticed that he had set out the tan Capri pants and red tube top. Her heart jumped with joy at the outfit that Darrell had selected for her. She liked it better than any of the other outfits. She hoped that her response to Darrell was the right one. She really didn’t think she could stand too many swats.

Darrell finally showed up with the cat-o-nine tails. He told her, “Stand up and put your hands on the roof of the car and spread your legs as wide as you can. I’m going to whip you with the cat on your ass and legs ten times. Remember to count and thank me properly after each one. E He then gave her five hard strokes on her already sore ass.

Karen let out a short scream and then gave the count and thanked him after each stroke as she was told. He gave two on each thigh ensuring that the ends wrapped around and got the tender inner thigh area. Karen’s screams were a little louder, but she was able to count them and thank him appropriately without too much delay. The final strike of the whip was an underhanded one that landed right on her cunt lips and curled up and struck her clit. She let out a hideous scream and immediately collapsed from the pain. She groaned in pain for a few seconds and then in a very soft tone forced out, “Ten, thank you Master for punishing this worthless slut. E She struggled to get to her feet. When she finally got up, her legs were still weak and wobbly.

Karen forgot about the dildo in her cunt and it started to slide out. When the end started to be exposed to the air, the drop in temperature triggered the spring mechanism and drove the pins in the other end out into her cunt walls and stopped it from sliding. This caused her to again fall to the ground and curl up in a fetal position with her hands reflexively going done and covering the area just above her Mons. She screamed out, “Oh god, oh god, Erepeatedly. All of a sudden Karen started jerking and screaming. She was not keeping enough pressure on the dildo and it was sending electric shocks into her and with the pins stuck in her it magnified the shocks.

Darrell looked at her in confusion for a minute until he saw the silver dildo peeking from her cunt and realized what happened. He laughed at her and said, “You forgot about something didn’t you. I warned you what would happen if you didn’t keep that thing in your cunt and keep enough pressure on it. E

Karen begged in between screams from the shocks, “P E Elease master, release the pins so I can put it back in. I promise I won’t forget again. P E Eleaseeeee E! E

Darrell reached in his pocket and found the remote. He hit the release button and told her, “You better hurry up and push that thing back in as far as you can. If you don’t those pins will release again and shock you some more. E

Karen complied and struggled back to her feet. She found that she couldn’t close her legs because of the pain on her most tender areas. Darrell ordered, Go get the luggage bitch. Bring it out and put it in the trunk. E He followed her as she crawled into the cabin hitting her ass occasionally with the cat. Karen squealed in pain each time and hurried as fast as she could. When she got into the cabin, she saw two big suitcases and didn’t see how she was going to be able to get them to the car without standing up and carrying them. She got up on her knees in the proper manner for asking a question and waited.

Darrell finally acknowledged her and asked, “What do you want slut? E

Karen answered, “This worthless slut asks that she be able to stand up and walk back to the car so that she can carry the suitcases sir. It would be too difficult to drag them because they do not have any wheels on them, E

Darrell considered what she said but denied her request and told her, “No, I’ll just put them on your back and you can carry them to the car that way. Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute. E He went to the car and came back with a couple of 20 inch rubber bungee straps. He had Karen get on all fours and lifted the biggest of the suit cases and placed it on her back. He put the bungee cord under her breasts and pulled and stretched them up until he was able to hook them. This squeezed and pinched Karen’s tender breasts and caused her pain. He then put one hook of the other bungee cord on the hooks of the first one and stretched it back and down through the crack of her ass, through her very sore cunt lips and over her tender clit. He had to pull hard to stretch it far enough to hook the strap between her breasts on the first strap.

Karen groaned out in pain, “Oh god it hurts, it hurts. Please let it loose, I can’t stand it. E

Darrell ordered, “Shut up bitch. Get that out to the car now or I’ll make it even worse.

Karen whimpered from the pain but began to crawl to the car. It was a struggle to move without causing severe pain. The straps covered her nipples and clit which were still very sore and tender from the piercing and cauterizing. They also went through her cunt lips that were still sore from the strike with the cat. Every move she made caused the straps to aggravate one or more of these areas. It took her twice as long to get out to the car because of the pain the straps were causing.

Darrell wasn’t happy with the progress she was making and started whipping her ass with the cat to speed her up. She was finally at the car and through her tears and crying asked, “Could you please release the straps master so that this worthless slut may put the suitcase in the trunk.

Darrell told her, “Undo the one between your tits and let it go. E

Karen immediately unhooked the bungee cord and praying that it wouldn’t hurt, let it go. When she let go of the strap, it whipped her clit, cunt lips and ass as it snapped up. It had enough tension on it that it snapped up and thumped her on the back of the head causing her additional pain.

Darrell removed that strap and unhooked the other strap and let it go. This one just dropped to the ground and didn’t get the desired effect that Darrell wanted. He ordered, “Hurry up and get the suitcase in the car so you can get back to the cabin to get the other one. E

Karen immediately complied, crawling as fast as she could. When she got to the other slightly smaller suitcase, she waited until Darrell placed it on her back. This time he hooked the bungee cord between her breasts instead of on the suitcase. He connected the second one through her ass crack and cunt lips like the previous time, hooking it onto the hooks between her breasts. This one wasn’t as tight, but it still caused pain with every movement.

Darrell whipped her ass with the cat as she crawled. This time he concentrated on trying to get the ends to strike her cunt lips. Though he didn’t hit them very often, there were a couple of times where the ends wrapped around her ass cheek just right for the end to strike them. When they did, Karen screeched in pain and tried to stop but Darrell just laid into her more with the whip when she did. Finally she got to the car and asked permission to take the suitcase off her back. He agreed and told her to hurry. She reached between her breasts with one hand and released the strap that went between her cunt lips and it seemed to hit every tender and sensitive spot on its way through causing her to grunt and groan in pain again. She then undid the hooks of the other strap and released them. This would have been fairly uneventful if the hook on her right side hadn’t gone through the nipple ring on her right tit. When it did, the snap of the cord and the sudden yank on her nipple wring hurt so bad that she immediately fell to the ground screaming and crying while grabbing her right tit because of the intense pain. It felt like the ring had been torn out of her nipple. Darrell just laughed at her and gave her a whip on her ass and told her to hurry up and get the suitcase in the car. She got up sobbing and though afraid of what she would see, looked down at her right nipple. She could see a trickle of blood coming from it, but otherwise it looked to be OK. She grabbed the suitcase and put it into the trunk, closed it and crawled to where he had the clothes laid on the seat. She assumed the appropriate kneeling position and waited.

Darrell ordered, “Stand up and put your hands behind your head and spread your feet shoulder width apart. E He reached in his pocket and pulled out her nipple and clit chain and attached one end to her clit ring. He then ordered, “Put on the pants. E

Though Karen liked the pants, she knew that they would cause her a lot of pain on her whipped ass cheeks and especially her sore cunt lips and clit. She knew that her most sensitive parts would be constantly rubbed by the material in the crotch. When she started putting them on she realized that they were about a size to small and that they would pinch her even more than normal. She groaned in frustration as she knew it was going to be even worse than she had realized. She struggled for a couple of minutes before she finally had them up far enough where she could zip them up and button them. As she expected, the material put pressure directly on her most tender and sensitive abused areas and she could only moan in pain while tears started to flow from her eye. When she had the pants on, she assumed the position with her hands behind her head again.

Darrell handed the red tube top to her and ordered, “Put it on E She put it on over her head and tried to get it to cover her breasts. The top was a couple of sizes too small and stretched ridiculously thin. You could see the outline of her nipples and nipple rings easily. The top was only about 6 inches wide and when stretched so tight it barely covered the tops and bottoms of her breasts.

When she had finished putting it on as best as she could, she reassumed the position with her hands behind her head. Darrell took his pocket knife out of his pocket, pinched the material just over her left nipple with his fingers and cut a small hole in it. He reached in with his thumb and forefinger and pinched her nipple hard, causing Karen to groan in pain and pulled the nipple and nipple ring out. He repeated the process with the right nipple and then attached the two chains to the nipple rings. He stepped back a few steps and admired his work. The top was so tight that it was stretched very thin and the nipples stuck out beautifully. The attached chains brought the focus of the eyes to the nipples. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked and he started getting hard again. He ordered, “Turn around slut. E When she did, he unbuttoned and unzipped the Capri pants and yanked them down. He pushed her on the back, bending her down over the front seat. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out with one hand while he removed the dildo in her ass with the other. He slammed his dick in her ass without hesitation. He pumped in and out of her dry ass for a few minutes causing Karen to grunt in pain with each inward stroke. When he was about to cum, he reached under her and grabbed her clit ring and pulled on it. Karen let out a scream of pain just as Darrell let loose a load of cum. He pulled out and said, “Clean me bitch. E

Karen got up, turned around and fell to her knees. With tears of pain and humiliation running down her cheeks she took his shit covered cock and stuck the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked on it until it was clean and then sucked as she backed off of his cock resulting in a loud pop when it finally came out of her mouth. She took his limp cock and tucked it in to his pants and slid the zipper up. She briefly looked up at Darrell and then bowed her head down with tears silently running down her cheeks, more for her lost innocence than for anything else. She wondered if she would ever have a normal life again.

Darrell ordered, “Put your pants pack on and get in the car bitch. E

Once she had finished dressing she got in the car and Darrell took off. They got about half way home when Darrel pulled into a diner for lunch. Darrell ordered, “Go and get me a burger, fries and soda for lunch. Don’t be to long about it either. E

Karen asked, “I need some money for the food master. E

Darrell laughed at her saying, “You go get what I told you. I’m sure that you can figure a way to pay for it. E

By this time, Karen knew what was expected of her. She turned and went in to the diner. There were only a couple of patrons in a booth, both male, and a fat old man behind the counter. He appeared to be the owner and looked like he hadn’t had a bath in a year.

Karen tried to whisper to the guy behind the counter but he acted like he couldn’t hear her and told her to speak up. She looked at the booth with the two other guys at it and turned around and whispered a little louder, “I need a hamburger, fries and a coke but I don’t have any money. Is there any thing I can do to pay for it? I’ll do anything you want to get it. E

He still acted like he couldn’t hear her and told her, “Listen missy. I’m hard of hearing so your going to have to speak up louder. E

She repeated the request again so loud that the guys in the booth heard her. The guy behind the counter looked at the guys in the booth and asked, “What do you guys think would be a fair exchange for a free meal? E

They all looked like they were in thought for a minute and one said, “Well if I was you I would get at least a blow job for myself and my friends as a minimum but would shoot for a nice gang bang, filling all three of her holes. Yeah that’s what I would do. E Well what about it missy, that’s the price of a free lunch around here.

Karen hoped that Darrell had inactivated the silver dildo or she was going to be in severe pain as she started taking down her pants. The first thing they noticed was that she wasn’t wearing any panties when she pulled the pants down. Then they let out a cheer and a laugh as she squatted down and strained to force the dildos out of her ass and cunt. More out of reflex than anything, she took the dildo from her ass and brought it to her mouth and inserted the whole thing down her throat and sucked it clean as she twisted it and pulled it out of her mouth. She put it on the counter and started pulling out the silver one from her cunt. She decided that the best way would be to remove it rapidly and hope for the best. So she grabbed it and pulled quickly. Fortunately Darrell had turned it off because he knew what was going to happen. He had arranged for this that day at the porn shop. The guys in the diner were friends of Joey and his mom and dad. This was just one thing in a long line of humiliating events they had planned for Karen over the next couple of days.

Inside the diner, Karen was trembled in fear as she laid the silver dildo on the counter. She stood there with her pants off and with a tube top on that was so tight that she might as well be naked. And on top of that, her nipples were poking through holes in the top for all to see. Her nipple and clit rings were clearly visible and the chain focused the attention directly onto her nipples and clit.

What better vision could any red blooded male ever behold? The guys at the booth got up and walked up to Karen. They looked at the guy behind the counter and asked, “Hey Mack. Can you lock the door so we can have some fun? E

Mack went to the door to lock it while the others took their pants off and ordered Karen to start off by sucking them hard. The old guy came up after locking the door, took his pants off and joined them. All three cocks were over 10 inches and Mack’s cock looked like an aberration that was almost four inches across. After sucking on them for a few minutes, they were as hard as they were going to get. Mack lay down on his back and ordered, “Okay cunt. Put that sweet cunt of yours right down on my cock and be quick about it.

Karen started to squat down and forced the cock into her cunt but Mack picked her up by the ass, turned her back to him and placed her ass down on his cock. At first it wouldn’t fit but the head soon slipped in and she let out a grunt and squeal of pain. He started lifting her up and pulling her down on his cock. He forced her down a little farther each time he did. When he finally had all of his cock in her ass, he reached up and grabbed her by the tits and pulled her back. The guy with the next biggest cock got down and started putting his cock in her cunt. It was a tight fit because of the cock in her ass but he kept forcing it in over and over until he finally had it in to the hilt.

Karen’s cunt lips were still sore from the whipping and her clit hadn’t healed either. Every time Mack rammed in to her cunt, she let out a groan of pain which just stimulated them into ramming in even harder. The third guy finally came over and forced his cock down her throat to the hilt.

The three guys got a rhythm going and after about 10 minutes of joint fucking, the guy in her mouth let loose a load of cum down her throat followed shortly by the guy in her ass and then the one in her cunt. The guy in her throat pulled out and patted Karen on the head saying, “That was well worth a coke. E

The guy in her cunt pulled out and came around to her mouth and ordered her to clean it. When she was done licking it clean he patted her on the head saying, “That was worth a large order of fries. E

Finally the guy on the bottom lifted her up off his cock and set her down on her ass next to him. He stood up and presented his cock to Karen and ordered, “Clean me up good bitch. E

Karen cleaned off his cock as best as she could and when she was done he said, “That was definitely worth a burger. Now why don’t you go unlock the door while I fix your order? E

Karen went over to the door and unlocked it while Mack went behind the counter and put a couple of 1/3 pound burger patties on the grill and a large order of fries in the fryer. He turned around just as Karen started to put the silver dildo in her cunt. He and the others watched as she grabbed the ass dildo and inserted it. She started pulling her pants up creating quite a show as she wiggled her ass back and forth to pull the too tight pants up. When she was done, the guy behind the counter turned back around and flipped the burgers and dumped the fries. He put some cheese on the burgers and made two hamburgers for her. He bagged it all up and said as he handed it to her, “I couldn’t let you out of here with just one meal. I know your husband Darrell is out in the car waiting and what you just did for us was worth a 100 of these. E

As much as Karen hated what had been done to her, she felt a little bit of pride that she had exceeded their expectations. She grabbed the bag and said thank you and left the diner.

Karen opened the door of the car and got in. She handed the bag to Darrell and said here’s your lunch master. Darrell looked in the bag and noticed that there was enough food there for two meals. That was the signal that she had exceeded their expectations. He looked at Karen and asked, “Are you hungry bitch? E

Karen of course said, “Yes Master E

He took out one of the hamburgers and gave it and some of the fries to her. “You earned this so enjoy it, Ehe said.

Karen dug in to the hamburger as if she hadn’t had anything to eat for days, which in fact other than the slave gruel, she hadn’t. Darrell watched her as he leisurely ate his burger and fries and drank his soda. Karen’s throat was dry and she ate so fast that a bite got stuck half way down. She gasped out, “Master, could I please have a drink of your soda, it feels like something is stuck in my throat. E

Darrell unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out and told her, “If you want something to drink, you know where to get it. E Karen, who was on the verge of panic because of the stuck food in her throat, shook her head no and Darrell grabbed her behind the head and ordered, “Drink my piss if you want something to drink. If you don’t get started now, I’ll ram it up your ass and piss in it and then I’ll have the guys in the diner piss in your ass and then I’ll make you shit in a bowl and make you eat it while I whip you all over with those 100 swats I let you out of. E

At this point Karen was struggling with the stuck bite of food and shook her head and got out of the car and leaned over and tried to cough up the chunk of food, but it wouldn’t come up. Darrell began to realize that she was in real trouble and was having difficulty time breathing. He got out of the car and walked up to the trunk, opened it and grabbed the paddle out of the big suitcase. He walked up behind Karen and whacked her ass with the paddle. Karen took a deep breath in response to the paddle and it caused the bite to totally block her air way now and she started turning blue. Darrell finally grabbed her around her abdomen and doubled his fist up and jerked up and in as hard as he could to force air out of her lungs and dislodge the stuck bite of food blocking her airway. After about the eighth time, Karen coughed up a good size wad of chewed meat and took a deep breath. She whispered out, “Thank you Darrell, you saved my life. E

Darrell pulled Karen up by her hair and looked her in the eye and told her, think that this changes anything bitch. You are my wife and sex slave and I sure as hell don’t want anything to happen to you until I’m done with you. Now I think you know what is going to happen to you so let’s get in the Diner and get it over with. E

He picked up the paddle and went in the Diner with Karen walking a step behind him with her head down. She was sobbing uncontrollably at the cruelty that Darrell was showing. When they got through the door, he locked it and directed Karen to the first booth and made her lay her front half tits down on the table. He gave her 10 swats on each ass cheek and then invited the others to also give 10 on each. Darrell made her count each swat and with each swat if the paddle it became harder for her to count. She would scream for a few seconds after each strike and when she was able to get control, she would gasp out the count.

By the time they were done her ass cheeks were bright red and burning. Darrell picked up the paddle and put 10 more on each cheek to make the total 100 swats.

Darrell pulled her up and spun her around and told her, “The next time you’re allowed to eat real food, you better slow down and eat it in small bites so you don’t have to go through this again. E

Darrell made Karen suck him hard. Once he was hard, he made her bend at the waist and removed her ass dildo, dropping it on the floor and sticking his cock in her ass. He waited for his erection to go down and pissed in her ass as he had promised. While he was doing that he said to the guys, “Why don’t you guys come on over here and let her suck you hard. When I’m done pissing in her ass, I want you to stick your cock in her ass and piss in it. E

The first guy got in position and Darrell pulled out while the other guy stuck his cock in. After a minute or two the guys cock softened enough for him to piss in her ass. They repeated this with the two other guys and then Darrell stuffed the dildo back in her ass before any piss could escape.

Karen cried in silence during this whole process. She cried from the soreness caused by the spanking. By the humiliation of having four men piss in her ass and from the shock of her near death. Nothing showed her better what her status really was than having the man who married her and saved her, then abused her without mercy. She felt as if she was absolutely worthless and lost most of the remaining self respect that she had left.

At this point in time, Karen was trying to remember better times but could not remember any other time in her life other than the past few days of abuse. She responded in a daze to whatever Darrell ordered her to do.

Darrell didn’t bother putting Karen’s pants back on when they were done with her. He grabbed her tit and clit chain, pulled her out of the diner and to the car and made her get in. He threw her pants in the back seat and drove off down the road. As he drove, he kept looking at Karen. She had a vacant, glassy eyed stare that made her look like she had taken some drugs. He knew that something had snapped in her. He ordered her, “Put the back of the car seat down, close your eyes and sleep until we get home? E

Karen did what he said and was soon sound asleep. About 40 minutes later he pulled up into his parents drive way and parked. He got out of the car and pulled Karen, sans pants, out and led her into the house by the tit and clit chain. Karen followed along with that dazed look still there. He found that no one was home at the moment and took Karen up to the bathroom, removed the ass dildo and sat her down on the bathroom stool.

Once Karen was done shitting out the piss and shit he took her to the shower and made her get in and wash up. He stripped down and got in the shower with her. He removed the silver dildo from her cunt and set it on the sink. He then washed her down good and ended by washing her hair. When he was done, he turned off the water and got a towel dry her off. As he dried her off she continued going through the motions in a daze. Once she was dried off, he took her to his bedroom and made her lie down and go to sleep. He got dressed and went out to the car and brought in all of the suit cases. He took them into his bedroom and noticed that Karen was sound asleep. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He returned to the living room, sat down and turned on the television. He watched and waited for his parents to come home.

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