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The story starts out slow but picks up , set up for part two .

It all happened in the mountains of Virginia were I grew up , I spent most of my childhood up there with my parents ,and my little sister kary . Kary is 15 years old and around 5 ft 3 in. tall and maybe 105 lbs , she has a great figure and nice tits if I do say so , even though she is my sister . She has blond hair and green eyes that are to die for , all my friends on the football team want to fuck her , including me . I’m your average 17 year old football player who thinks with his cock and not his brain , I’m 6 ft even and around 175 lbs mostly muscle , one thing that makes me stand out more than the other guys is the size of my cock , it’s really big for my size at 9 inches long and thick around like your rist . The girls in school love it , I fucked damn near every cheerleader at the school except one , my sister . My buddies keep busting my ass saying if I was you I’d be fucking her every night . God knows I would love to , but she’s my sister , that’s incest . Little did I know her friends were teasing her to , telling her how great of a fuck I was and how she should be fucking me every night and keeping me for herself .
My sister is on the shy side , don’t get me wrong when she gets with her friends they all have dirty minds and she is no different , it’s just doing it that is hard for her . She has had sex with one of my friends who I almost killed for doing it and made him swear never to go by her again . Kary did get upset because I did that because she really thought she was in love with him . I couldn’t bare the thought of one of my team mates fucking my sister , the following weekend was the start of summer vacation , so it was really hot out already , I told my parents I was going camping in the mountains for a couple days by myself , they said ok honey be careful . Ok I said , I will , Kary just looked at me with maddened eyes and yet sad eyes . I didn’t know why I was feeling bad , but it really got to me the way she looked at me .

When I finished packing my back pack I yelled into moms room I was going now , she said please be careful I love you , I love you too mom , and started to head for the door when Kary came out of her room and asked if she could talk to me before I left , I said sure give me a minuet to put this in the truck and I’ll be right back . I took my pack out to my truck and put it into the back , and headed back inside to see what she wanted to talk to me about . Kary , Kary I yelled , were did she go ? Kary yelled down I’m in my room come up here please . I went up to see what she wanted to talk about , I knocked on her bedroom door and she said come in , in the cutest little voice I have ever heard .
I opened the door to find her sitting on her bed , she had on baggy shorts and a tank top that showed off her beautiful tits , the way she was sitting I could look up the leg opening of her shorts and see her panty covered pussy , and just imagined what it would be like to just push her down and shove my face in her crotch and eat her out ., When I heard her saying Mike , Mike , are you listening ? I snapped out of it quick and said I’m sorry I was thinking of something I almost forgot
Mike why did you do that to me , I loved him , you are my sister , and I love you , and no one is going to fuck you while I’m around . Mike please , I’m going to do it whether you are here or not , that’s my decision not yours . Kary I love you more than you could ever know and I wont let any boy use you , end of story , Kary started to cry and I reached out and put my arms around her to try and comfort her when her hand landed on my crotch by mistake and she got a hand full of my cock , I didn’t say anything because it felt really good , I’ve wanted her to touch it for a long time . She didn’t say anything either , she did give it a little squeeze when she realized where her hand was sitting . Kary please don’t cry , I love you with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt you ,

Kary stopped crying after a few minuets and looked me in the eye and said , Do you really love me ? Yes I do , more than you will ever know . Then prove it , she snapped . How ? I will do what ever it takes to prove it . Kiss me , kiss me like you do the girls at school , I leaned over and kissed her on the lips , not just a normal kiss , but a kiss of a man with a burning desire . Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths like two snakes doing a matting dance . Kary still had her hand on my cock and squeezing it now more than before , I took her cue and started feeling her beautiful c cup tits , gently squeezing them needing them , a soft sigh came from Kary’s lips , she was enjoying this and by how hard I was getting so was I . I started to pinch Kary’s nipples through her shirt which was very easy to do because she wasn’t wearing a bra and she does have exceptionally big nipples . Kary started moaning into my mouth and started to stroke my cock through my jeans , it was getting almost painful how hard it was , I cant remember ever being so hard before , not with anyone .
My breathing started to get heavy the more I got turned on and Kary knew it , she broke our kiss and said , show it to me , show me that gorgeous cock of yours that all the want . Ok I said and stood up , Karry reached over and unzipped my pants and reached in and grabbed hold of my ragging hard on and pulled him out into sight , her eyes almost popped out of her head at the size of it . Oh my that thing is huge she said , a lot bigger than some of the girls at school said . Then she leaned in and stuck the tip of it into her mouth and made the mmmmm sound which sent shivers down my spine , I almost blew right then and there but faught the urge to fill her sweet little mouth full of cum . Kary started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft with a rhythm unlike any other girl I’ve been with , she stroked my cock with every bob of her head then she licked it all over from top to bottom then sucked back into her mouth , she had only about ¾ of my cock in her mouth and came up for air and said , sorry it’s to big , I cant fit the whole thing in my mouth , I patted her head and said , you are doing a great job don’t stop .

After about 10 minuets or so I started to get that feeling in my balls , I knew it wouldn’t be long before I filled her mouth with cum . Kary I’m , I’m gona cum , she pulled off for a second and said , do it , fill my mouth with your cum , show me how much you love me , with that she started pumping faster and bobbing up and down like a jack hammer , I grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled tight and shoved my cock into her throat and started to cum , rope after rope of cum shot out of my cock straight into her throat , I heard her gag a little so I pulled out just enough so she wouldn’t choke and continued to pump my mighty load down her throat . Kary did all she could to swallow but there was way to much and it started to drip out the corners of her mouth , finally my orgasm ended and she was able to finish swallowing what was in her mouth and licked her lips to get what dribbled out she cleaned up the cum that dribbled out on her chin too , my god this girl loves to eat cum , good thing because I always have plenty to spare . I fell back onto Kary’s bed still breathing heavy from that amazing blow job she just gave me , when she said my turn , and stood up and removed her shorts and panties and said , now you can get a real good look while you eat my pussy .

No problem was all I said before she squatted down on my face and began grinding her fuck hole into my mouth , I lapped at it like a newborn on it’s momma’s tit . Kary started squirming and grinding and moaning like mad she was in the throws of a mind blowing orgasm , I licked her clit furiously and lodged 2 fingers deep inside her pussy , pushing them all the way in then pulling them out and slamming them back in again . Kary was yelling eat my pussy , eat my pussy now Mike , make me cum in my big brothers mouth , fuck yah eat me , don’t stop , please Mike don’t stop , god yah , yah , yyeeesssssss and came harder than she has ever cum before flooding my mouth with her girl cum , it sprayed all over my face , in my mouth , down my cheeks , holy fuck my sister is a squirter , how awesome is that ?
Kary’s orgasm rocked her for quite some time giving her multiple orgasms , she only squirted once but had multiple orgasms in a row . She collapsed on top of me with her face buried in my crotch and noticed my dick was getting hard again . Fuck that thing is getting hard again , I’m gona fuck you with it too , I chimed . God please let me catch my breath first , she was breathing really heavy her chest was moving up and down on mine forcing her nipples to poke me in mine , I was going nuts by the feeling of her laying on top of me . I rolled her over , still breathing hard she asked , do you really love me ?
I answered yes with all my heart , then fuck me Mike , fuck me now with that big beautiful cock of yours , I shoved the head of my cock in slowly so she could get used to the size of it , and she let out a moan of pure ecstasy , do it , do it Mike , fuck me , fuck me with all your might , that was all I needed to hear and began fucking her with every inch of man meat I have , in , out in out faster and faster I fucked her pussy relentlessly , she was moaning and screaming out in pain and in lust .
After about 20 minuets of non stop pounding of her tight little pussy I felt that feeling again and told her I’m gona cum baby , your tight little pussy is gona pull another load out of my balls . Not inside of me , cum in my mouth , I don’t want to get pregnant , besides I love the taste of your cum , with 4 or 5 more pushes I was ready and pulled it out and climbed on her chest and shoved my throbbing cock into her mouth and released my load for a second time , squirt after squirt shot back into the back of her throat , god yes , suck my cock bitch , suck it dry , fuck yes , oohhhh ggoooodddddd . When my orgasm subsided laid down next to Kary and pulled her into me and kissed her passionately and said , I told you I loved you with all my heart , her reply was , and then some .

The End ……

story by: darkside101

Tags: fiction teen male/teen female incest sex story

Author: darkside101

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