Katha pt.4 – training session for a future mistress

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Warning: This story contains spanking a girls' ass, pissing and shitting / playing with shit. If one or more of these topics disgust or offend you: DO NOT READ FURTHER! You have been warned! Reading on is permitted only under your own responsibility – you've chosen to read this story; it's not me forcing you to read it. Please let's be clear about this before we're getting started. – And now: enjoy…

Some weeks had passed since the camp trip of our school classes. Meanwhile, we were in the second half of May, and it had been nice and warm outside for several days now. On such a nice pre-summer day, Katha, during the final lesson for this day, shot me one of her />
Would you come and visit me this afternoon? Have something only you can help me with.

An invitation to visit a horny girl? Why not, I thought and answered her letter: What's on? When and where should I come?

No need to discuss this now. Would you meet me at 4 p.m. at the bus stop in my village?, was her answer. I agreed to do so, the letter didn't come flying back to me, and the lesson soon ended. Off we went.

That afternoon, I took my bicycle and drove to Katha's village, a short ride of just a bit more than a mile. I arrived at the bus stop and waited for her, and soon, she came walking down a nearby small way.She wore a complete riding dress, with skin-tight sandy-coloured riding trousers.
"Hi Michael. Nice you could come. Just come with me, I have a… say… somewhat delicate matter where I need your help."
I looked at her clothes.
"If it's something about horses, I doubt I'm the right one. I didn't even ride a horse before."
"No, no… no need to ride horses. This clothes are just kinda camouflage, my family thinks I'm out to take care of the horses and maybe taking a ride, but indeed, all horses are out to the meadows already."
I followed her, and after a short walk, we arrived at a riding stable, and she went in. I locked my bike to a nearby fence, then followed her in. I still had no clue as to what she was up to, but was to find out soon.

"Right. Thank you again for coming. Now, why I asked you to come here… look… it's as this. Two friends of me, a guy and a girl, have asked me for advice. I could give you the names, but you wouldn't know them anyway, they're from this village here but are at another school. So, well, they want advice – you know, they know I'm a sexually pretty active girl with some experience, and they now I'm open not only to standard fucking but to much more. Now, they want to do a good submission / domination spanking session – not only stupidly he smacking her ass but with some more… flair, I guess. That's what they asked me for advice, but to be honest – I've never done a spanking session or sub/dom before but I want give them what they want. You see, I have to get this experience before I can talk about it, and you once told me about your spanking experience with that other girls some years why I've asked you to come here."
I had listened with interest.
"Well, I think I can help you. So you want to know about a spanking session – well, there are some things to know about it. We have to talk -"
"No. Not just talking, please. You know: I want to LIVE this session. In different words: I want a spanking session with you."
"Well, okay", I smiled back, feeling my hormone levels rising. "You ask me to give you a spanking, did I get this right?"
She swallowed, nervously, but then nodded.
"Absolutely right. You see, this two chaps want to have it this way: the girl wants to be the sub, the guy should be dominating her, and they want it all dirty and with a good ass smacking, they said. They even surprised me with that open words, and they want to come out here tomorrow in the afternoon, so I have to learn the matter today."
"Well… okay, but I didn't know what you were up to, so I don't have any spanking implements with me."
Her face lit up a bit.
"So you're going to have this session with me, I assume?"
I grinned.
"How could I resist? Having a pretty girl with a nice ass asking to be spanked, what else could a boy wish for?"
"So then… follow me."
We walked further into the stable, passing empty boxes where the horses used to stand around when they weren't out. In the air, there was the clear smell of horse, and Katha's breath started to speed up a bit, I registered. She led me to the last horse compartments and behind them. To my surprise, I found something standing there I hadn't expected: a wooden four-legged device with a rounded surface of smooth leather, with leather straps on each leg and on the surface. It was a classical punishment horse standing at the ready!
Katha noticed my surprise and giggled a bit.
"Well… I've preprared something for this afternoon, as you see here. This stable is known amongst people from my village, they use it for sadomaso sex sessions for years now, couples coming here from time to time when they think no one is seeing them. It's an open secret here. Well, and for today, we are here… I've sneaked around here already months ago, you know, and found this thing in the small room behind this rusted door there. Thought it could be useful for us and for the two /> "Excellent thinking", I replied. "There are only the spanking implements left, then we would have anything we need."
"Oh, right… the things for the ass. Wait."
She slid behind the rusted iron door and soon came back, handing me the spanking implements.
"Here we are. I've bought this riding crop in a horse riding special shop yesterday, it's brand new" – with that, I got a riding crop made of leather, with a flat ending nearly the size of my hand, "and I took this pointing stick from school some time ago", she handed me a pointing stick, just the same model I had used to cane Janet with years before. It was over a meter long, about 6 or 7 mm in diameter and consisted of strong fiber glass coated with flexible plastic, and was fitted with a handle on one end and had a somewhat shattered other end where once, a pointing tip had been but had been gone during years of use.
"Did you really take this from our school and bring it right out here?", I wanted to know. She looked at me a bit shyly, but then giggled.
"After you've told me about your girl you spanked with such a thing some years before, I wanted at least to have such a thing, so yes, I took it from our school. Didn't dare to have it on my ass until now, but now, I have no other choice anymore since as I've said, I must live this experience before I can counsel others with that."
"Good girl. Any other implements you want to feel on your ass?"
Her face got a bit red.
"No… sorry… nothing I felt could be of use."
"No problem. So lets get it on… first, there's one thing you absolutely need to know. Whenever you're playing this kind of games, it's mandatory to agree to a 'stop word'. This means: whenever you use this 'stop word' during the game, I have to stop at the moment with whatever I'm going to do. Tell this your friends, too – when the girl is spanked she may cry around and beg the boy to stop, but maybe doesn't really want him to stop at all and will be disappointed when he stops reddening her ass for real, but he can't read her mind, of course. So you need to have a 'stop word' or catch phrase before you start. You understand this?"
She only nodded.
"Well then – for today, maybe it's best if I set this catch phrase. It's 'final frontier'. Mark this words – 'final frontier'. When you speak them, the session will be over at the same moment. Got that?"
"Final frontier. I'm not a stupid, I can keep this words."
"Fine. Then, about the behaviour: most such games are kind of role play, so the two actors should behave accordingly to their roles. And: it's a role PLAY, if the two want to get along with each other afterwards they should not forget this."
"Got it."
"Good. As for today, we'll let aside the role play thing as you just wanted to learn the technics – right?"
"Yes, that's it. Can we leave theory behind and get started, now?"
"Hey, you seem to be in a hurry to get your ass cheeks red!", I grinned. "So who am I to let you wait for it?"
She made a face, but didn't move, obviously she didn't know what was to come next. So I had to continue to instruct.
"Well, first, it's always a good idea to warm up the bottom with some nice hand spanking. So then… bent over the punishment horse here. – No, not crosswise, here, lenghtwise… yes… that's it. Lay your upper body on the horse, yes…your butt has to stuck out, yes, exactly like this… very nice."
Indeed, her butt, still in her riding trousers, stuck out in the air. She looked over her shoulder at me.
you fix my legs with that straps?"
"No, not now. Will come at the right time. And now – no looking back anymore! From now on, you will look straight forward – or else!"
She hurried to obey. I took my hand and rubbed around her bottom.
"Nice, really nice. You know, at school, some years ago, it was many boys' favourite break task to smack girls' bottoms?"
With that, I lifted my hand and let it smack down at her ass firmly, and she gasped.
"Yes! Yes, I remember! I felt like that!"
"Good. So you already know what comes know… this is always good to warm up the ass, to get the spanking started."
I lifted my hand and smacked her ass cheeks, again and again, rubbing around between the strokes, then placing two or three hits in a row, rubbing around again, and smacked again. I gave her ass about 20 smacks, 10 on each cheek, letting her some time between, and noticed her gasping at first, then her breath slowed down a bit towards normal. Her ass started to emanate some noticeable heat. After the 20 smacks, I stopped.
"Well, this was round 1, I'd say. How do you feel?"
"Well… to be honest… first, it hurt, it massively hurt, but now it's not so bad at all. Though I wasn't spanked at home, my ass always got some attention", she giggled.
"Good. Because now, we're preparing for round two. But now, it's not going to be on the covered ass – now we will get your butthole some fresh air. No, stop it, keep as you are", I stopped her as she wanted to get up to undress, pressing her back on the horse.
"I will take care of your clothes – I have the control, not you."
She seemed to understand. I got down on her legs, lifting her left foot from the ground and pulled off her boot and sock, then repeated the procedure with her right foot. Then, I unbuttoned her trousers and slowly slid them down, getting her butt cheeks free. At my command, she lifted her legs so I could remove the trousers. Then, I looked at her ass: she still wore something: a nice G-string tanga. Besides, her cheeks were glowing in a nice rosy color.
"Well, a bare bottom spanking means a completely bare bottom", I stated with almost no emotions in my voice. I started to finger for the g-string, but she protested.
"That necessary?? My ass cheeks are bare, aren't they?"
As an answer, I smacked her ass harshly with my bare hands, which made her give a little scream.
"Silence! Already forgotten? I'M in charge here, not you! And before you forget again:", again, I gave her ass another bare hand smack, even harder than the one before but regretted that nearly at the same moment as my hand began to sting as well. She just gasped.
"Yes sir. I won't forget."
"Good girl. Now, lets get down that sexy string."
I did as I had promised her, baring her nice shaven pussy and her cute (but today clean and shit-free) butt hole. Then, I put aside her clothes and boots and rubbed around her literally hot ass cheeks, occasionally fingering her pussy and her ass.
"May I ask a question?", she said politely.
"You may", I answered with a generous tone.
"The girls' pussy and asshole so… open, you know… in that position… well, they are fully open and on display. Is this meant to be so?"
"Yes, it is. Without that, there would be no sexual component in this game. If it's a disciplinary game like teacher / student or daddy / daughter, it should add to the girls' embarassement about the punishment, standing there and the other being free to stare at her private parts, or even fingering them, like this", I told her, accompanying my words with the appropriate finger skills. "There are even some kind of spanking parties or spanko gang-bangs, you know, where the girl is on spanking in front of not only the other part of the couple, but in front of several other people, too, but that's for the more advanced spanko people, I'd say, and besides, not every girls' taste. You /> She nodded, and I could see she was making notes inside her mind.
"So then, let's get round 2 started. First, now it's the right time to strap your legs."
With that, I did as I said, fixing her legs to the wooden legs of the punishment horse.
"Hmmm. Maybe we should fix your body, too. You see, it's important
the girl won't shake around during the more serious spanking, as the spanker might miss his target area and inadvertently hit another area like the nephrons, and that could cause real damage. So lets fix your body with that strap here", I did it with the strap that was clearly intended for this task.
Then, I took the riding crop and let it dance before her eyes.
"What do you think about this nice thing? Admit it, you horny little girl – you bought it just for the purpose to feel it on your sexy ass, didn't you?"
She grinned, but nodded slowly.
"Well then, I shouldn't let your butt wait any longer for it. Lets see -", I lifted it and let the leather come down on her ass, lightly at first. After a few light strokes, I rubbed her cheeks again.
"This rubbing – you know, it's not only for rubbing the sting of the smacks out, but also to feel how your skin reacts. Spanking should be about lustful pain, but not about real or serious damage to the skin, esepcially if you don't want to keep permanent marks like scars that will be there for the rest of your life."
Without a further annoucement, I lifted the crop again and smacked the leather at her ass cheeks, much harder this time. Katha gasped with surprise and pain and involuntarily tried to kick and wiggle around, but was kept in her position by the firm leather straps. I gave her upper leg backsides two light strokes.
"You see now why it's better to have the girl fixed?"
She nodded, clearly having trouble to keep up breathing normally and not to cry around like a little baby girl. Once again, I lifted the crop and hit her ass a few more times.
"M-Michael, please… stop it. Stop."
I gave her another forceful hit with the crop, creating some nice (and surely hurting) marks.
"Why should I do so?"
"Because… /> Whack! Another smack, at her other cheek this time.
"Yes? I didn't hear a catch phrase or stop word!"
"No, no… I don't wanna skip this lesson, I don't wanna you to completely stop… I just have to pee."
"Ah, well, I see. Well, I remember, you told me you want it dirty", I said, fondling her pussy with the leather flap of the crop.
"Yes, I have to pee, so please, get me free here."
I grinned dirty.
"Why should I do this? The ground inside this horse stable here is covered with straw, so you can take your piss right as you are."
She gasped with some surprise.
"I should… pee here?"
"Sure! Why not? You see, the horses, when being in here, piss right where they are, too! They don't ask for a bathroom or visit an outhouse, or am I wrong about that one?"
"No… no… but I'm no horse!", she tried to protest.
"But you can take a spanking like one, I see, you are in the same position, and this place is fitted to cover for those needs. So… what was it you wanted to do?"
"I wanna pee!"
Smack! Another hit, straight across her bottom, with my bare hand, then I let my fingers wander and found her dripping wet pussy, where I played around a bit.
"Wrong answer, I'd say. Do you want to rephrase that?"
"I need to pee, please, sir!"
Whack! Another smack at her ass, followed by some pussy and ass hole fingering.
"I'm /> "Michael, I'm sorry… what do you wanna hear?"
"I shouldn't let you talk
to me in this tone, but I will help you out. You said your friends want it to be dirty, right?"
/> "Good – and 'dirty' includes the language. So, once again: what do you want do to?"
"I wanna piss!"
"Aaaaaaah, I see – good girl, now that's the right answer. It's not 'pee' – little girls may pee, big girls and especially dirty sexed up girls piss", I explained, rubbing and fondling her ass cheeks.
"So, well, then – you're free to piss now", I told her.
"And you watch? Honestly, Michael, you won't let me alone for this? No game now, I really want to now this."
"See, Katha – it's the same as before, when you asked me about the pussy and the ass hole being on full display. A real dom for sure won't let his sub alone just because of this, it's a part of the game."
"Well then. So I will take a… piss now, right?"
"Absolutely right."
I continued to caress her ass cheeks and watched her pussy. With some effort, she managed to relax her sphincter muscles, and her flow started: first, only a strem of drops, then it soon became a steady, strong stream of liquid. A liquid that was nearly clear as water. I took my hands and collected a complete double handful directly from the stream, and brought it up to her face.
"You said you wanted to take a piss! Now look at this – this is just warm water! You call this a piss?!?!", I thundered.
"I'm sorry, master, for disappointing you…"
I let the warm liquid splash down, Katha had finished her pissing, anyway.
"And for that, I have to break a good ass spanking treatment… unbelieveable. But you wanted to piss, you wanted to have piss, I assume, so now you'll get piss. Real piss, this time, to be sure."
I got in front of her face, opened the zipper of my jeans and took out my cock, holding it right before her eyes.
"You know boys are using this not only to fuck your cute little pussies and assholes but to piss as well? Well, if you didn't know, no worry, you'll learn now."
She looked at me with some horror.
pissing at me??"
"Got it!! – Wanna use the catch phrase?", I added quietly since I didn't want to disturb the atmosphere that had built up, but she shook her head in a barely visible movement.
"Well then, better close your eyes, squeeze them shut as not to get piss into them, this would sting too much and can be hazardous to them", I advised her in the same low voice, then lifted up my voice to full strength again.
"Now you'll get some REAL piss! THIS is piss, dirty girl, not this water you call piss!"
With that, I took aim and started to piss right into her face, covering it completely with a strong, yellow stream. Katha squeezed her eyes shut as I had advised her, but to my pleasure, she opened her mouth, and I shot some piss right into it. Well, she let it flow out right at the same moment, but had gotten a good yellow shower into her mouth and face, even the hair framing her face was wet with piss. I stopped.
"Have more to come, but I think this is better spent where piss normally belongs – at your backside", I explained. I got behind her, slapping her butt cheeks with my hands several times. Then, I took my dick again, aimed and let another hot stream shoot right across her ass cheeks and directed the stream at her ass hole, getting her whole ass and pussy wet with hot yellow piss. When I was empty, I got back to her face.
"Now THAT'S real piss, hope you've learned that."
She nodded shyly.
"Good. And to make sure you won't forget: open your mouth and lick my cock clean."
She hesitated a bit, and I could see her mouth starting forming the words "final frontier" which would have meant for me to stop right where I was. But before she could complete even the first of the two words, she changed her mind, got a defiant look at her face and opened her mouth, and I shoved my dick in. Without protesting, she licked around it, cleaning the tip from the remaining piss. I pulled out after maybe a minute.
"Okay, enough for the moment. We still have a bottom to get a good spanking, don't we?"
"Em, Michael… sir, master… may I make a request?"
Somewhat amazed, I looked at her.
"What is it?"
"Well. You know about my dark secret, about my… ah, what the fuck, you want dirty language, you get it, you're right about that. So, restart: you know I like shit games, the smell of my shit, the soft brown smelly mass. And these two chaps tomorrow want it dirty. I've planned to let them have my riding crop, and what's dirtier than having real girlshit at it? Or at least the smell? So please, Michael – can I shit while you spank my asshole, you spank my shit and get this riding crop really shitty, dirty, brown and shit /> I was taken aback by this sudden outburst of shere filthy dirty lust, but didn't let that show, but contiuned my role.
"It's your crop, and if you want a shit spanking, why should I not have you let it. So take a last look at it, it's nearly brand new by now, smell it… smell the leather", I said, holding it right under her nose. After a minute, I withdrew the crop and let it fly through
the empty air.
"So then – let's /> I lifted the crop again and landed a powerful smack on her left ass cheek, then another one on her right cheek.
"You may start shitting whenever you want", I informed her. And I didn't need to wait: her ass hole opened, and her soft brown shit started to come out. I didn't hit it at the first moment because I didn't want to smack it back into her bowels. But after some seconds, a nice small amount of shit had gotten out, and I slapped the leather flap of the crop right into it. I didn't use much force, but Katha stopped shitting the same moment. I moved the crop back and forward a bit, browning the flap and the shaft a little bit, then lifted the now shit stained crop and gave her butt cheeks another few smacks. Her asshole started to open again, and more shit came out. This time, I waited a bit longer until more shit had gotten out, then just pressed the leather flap into it, smeared it around, covering the whole flap on both sides and most of the shaft of the crop with her soft brown shit. She continued to shit, and I caught it from falling to the ground with the leather flap, pressing it against her ass until she was done. A really plesantly shitty aroma started to spread out, mixing with the horse smell that was present in the whole stable building. I brought the crop flap with her shit to her nose.
"Here, you dirty, filthy little girl… that's YOU,
that's YOUR shit… tell me, do you wanna sniff it?"
"Yes sir, master! Please let me smell my own dirty shit!"
With a sudden move, I brought up the leather flap to her face and forcefully smeared it around, covering her nose and her whole face with her own soft brown mess.
"There you are – keep it for the rest of your punishment right there, you will from now on continue to smell your filthy shit!", I ordered her. She started to wiggle around on the punishment horse, and her breath accelerated – she was steering to orgasm! She tried to reach her pussy with her hands, which was, of course, impossible – so I got behind her, placed the crop at her back and fondled her pussy with my hand. It emanated an enormous heat and was literally dripping wet: pussy juices, some remains of her own piss and my piss mixed altogether. I didn't need to play with her pussy for long until she shook around on the horse violently – well, at least she did so as much as the straps allowed her to do so, and yelled out her climax. Good thing there were no horses inside this afternoon – I'm not sure if they wouldn't have panicked.
After more than a minute, her breath slowed down a bit, and her body shaking slowed away. I took the crop.
"Well? Time to continue with your spanking, I'd say!"
Again, I lifted the now shitty, dirty, smelly brown leather crop and smacked her ass mercilessly at least 50 times, creating a nice pattern of red on her ass cheeks, the shades of red ranging from rosy red to Ferrari red to darker shades of red, accompanied by brown stains of shit that got smacked onto and partially into her skin. Katha was crying silently by now, obviously determined not to let me know how much her ass hurt at that moment. After I had finished coloring her ass in crimson red and brown colors, I let the crop down and looked at it. Most of the shit had flown away.
"Bad thing I had to continue to use it, now it's almost clean. Lets have a look at your face… aaaah, good girl, there's some shit left. Or, maybe even better, do you still have some brown chocolate inside your lovely ass? C'mon, lets try. Do it. Shit for me. Or better: shit for you", I encouraged her. And, sure enough, it happened: her body tensed, and more shit emerged from her shitty smelly hole. Again, I caught it with the leather flap, pressed it against her ass, covered the whole flap with it and pulled the shaft through her ass crack several times until the whole thing was completely covered with soft, brown shit which smelled exactly like where it had come from: from an incredible horny girl that was really up for more than just plain standard sex. I brought the crop up to her face.
"There you are. Shitty and dirty enough for tomorrow? Or should I go and see if I can find horse's shit in here and pull it right through it, too?", I asked with a sugar sweet voice. She really considered the matter for some seconds.
"No… I think human shit will be enough to get it dirty enough. Besides, if I add horse shit, I would take it right from the source, right from the horse's ass, but they are out by now. So it's fine just as it is, this is a nice dirty spanking thing by now. Owww, my poor ass", she commented. I handed her the crop (indeed, I hadn't tied her hands, I hadn't tought this to be necessary, and it really wasn't).
"Maybe you want to keep sniffing this new, fresh shit from your ass when we will come to round three now."
"Round three???", she asked with horror.
"Of course! Do you think the game would already be over with this few hand spanking and this few crop lashes? You want to learn the whole thing, don't you?"
"Oh, I didn't know there's more to come… so please… go on."
"Well, to be honest, Katha, you DID know there was more to come, right?!", I thundered at her, gripping the pointing stick and letting it dance before her eyes. She looked in horror.
"Uuuuuh, well… yes… I just didn't dare… but now, I cannot escape it any longer, I guess?"
"Right! But maybe before we start the final caning, we should see after your butt…" – with that, I got behind her again and rubbed her ass cheeks, more roughly this time. The had gotten pretty red and raw by now, but surely could take some more spanking, this in the shape of caning with the flexible plastic 'cane'. And I had another look at her pussy: again, it was dripping wet. I started to fondle around it with my hand, and, once again, it didn't take long before her body was shaking around with its next climax. Well, I already knew girls are capable of having multiple orgasms and, in general, having way more than only one orgasm during a sex session, but it's one thing to know about it and another thing to see it for real.
After the waves of her orgasm had abated, I took the plastic 'cane', the pointing stick from school.
"So then – ready for the final round?"
All she could do was nodding. So I got into the right position behind her ass, then lifted the plastic and smacked both her ass cheeks. Whack! A clear caning mark appeared at her already sore bottom, her body shook, and she let out a small cry. I rubbed around her ass a bit, feeling the cane mark, then lifted the rod again. Whack! Stroke #2 landed at her butt, leaving another mark, and Katha shuddered and cried again. This time, I relinquished to rub her cheeks, but indeed placed strokes #3 and #4. – To shorten it up: I gave her ass a really good caning of about 30 strokes, which left Katha constantly crying and her butt cheeks nearly cut into stripes, but she didn't say the catch phrase. After about 30 strokes, I let down the pointing stick, gently rubbing her ass which was now glowing in a dark red with clearly visible caning marks, I could feel each mark under my fingers. I turned to face her.
"I must say you have done very, very well. Your skin isn't cut yet, there's no permanent damage at your ass. But at this point, I will stop, I think it's enough – if we continue, I'd risk to really injure your skin, and we mustn't let it come as far as to real bleeding. Agreed?"
She sniffled and nodded.
"Fine. But one last thing: you know what we boys want. We wanna cum, and it won't be different with your two friends tomorrow, I guess. So, if you would…"
With that, I pulled out my by now steel hard cock again and offered it to her. She began to wiggle around on the horse once again.
"Pleeeease, Michael… free me first… I have to come, too… please", she pleaded. Since the spanking session was over anyway, I did as she wanted, and opened the straps that kept her body down and her legs fixed. She got back some steps, squatted down and began rubbing her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I approached her face with my cock, and she sucked it in like it was a sausage and she was about to starve, and rubbed her pussy and sucked my dick at the same time. Needless to say, I could not hold myself very long and pretty soon shot my load down her throat – and I could see she had completed her pussy rubbing at the same time, both of us shaking around with hot orgasm waves.

When we both were back in our bodies, I opened my eyes and looked at her. She held her aching bottom cheeks.
"Aaaaaah, that really, really hurts… guess I will have serious trouble sitting the next days… but now I know what to teach this boy and his bitch tomorrow /> "Glad I could help. And, for real, a question:do you remember our stop phrase?"
"Final frontier", she shot back. "Do you think I'm an idiot?"
"No, but I wondered if you forgot the words and wanted me to stop but didn't remember how. It's always a bit difficult for a responsible spanker not to go too far and take care of his spankee."
"No worries… today, I've exceeded or better, extended my own final frontiers by far", she grinned. I smiled back.
"Glad to hear this. You happy with this /> She smiled really thankfully at me.
"Yes, definetly yes. I've learned really much today, and I knew you were the right guy to get the experiences I still didn't had, but now have."
"That's nice.So, I guess now the task at hand is cleaning up."
"I'll take care of it, it will detract me from my aching bottom. Speaking of – how should I get clean my ass and face from all that shit?", she asked, making a face. "I know it's my own fault, I didn't have needed to make all this mess, but it was so horny…" – for some seconds, a dreamy look appeared in her face.
"No problem", I grinned. plenty of straw here to wipe clean, isn't it?"
Her look wasn't overly enthusiastic, but then, she shrugged.
"Guess it will have to do."
Since she wanted to clean up here for herself, and since I could well imagine she now needed some time alone, I said my goodbye and left, my memory some nice experiences richer.

The next day, Katha didn't visit school. Uh-oh, I thought, maybe I was a bit too harsh with her butt? Did I at last injure her seriously?

But the following day, she attended school as if nothing ever had happened, only she had clearly trouble sitting on the hard wooden school chairs. During a break, I approached her.
"How are you?"
She made a face.
"My ass still hurts, but is getting better."
I sighed with relief.
"Thought I really inflicted damage to you."
"No… not at all. Yesterday, it was really bad, I had to take pain killers, and those pain killers made me fall asleep, so I missed school. But the afternoon was a real success… you see, we were in the stable again, with my shit still being there. I could really advice and counsel the two, and the girl got a pretty nice spanking, she got an awfully dark red ass, and she got pissing. They both are not, however, into shitting like you and me, so there was no shitplay with them, but they had the smell from the riding crop… thought it would be the smell of horse", she chuckled, "they really thought my shit smell to be horse smell, sniffed and even licked it, both of them -", her chuckle became louder, "and of course she got a pretty hefty spanking at her bare ass cheeks from him with this thing. They were really turned on by the 'animalic horse smell' – great…! This was well worth the aching bottom! I, honestly -", she lowered her voice, "had to secretly rub my pussy and had to come at the sight of it, it was great! – After the chap had shot his load, as you said, they even asked me to continue the spanking and give her the caning, I guess this girl's really into it. And after that, I had to cane the guy, to… it was so great! Without you, I wouldn't have known for real how to guide them, but I had just lived the whole thing the day before, so everything was great, and I had the self-confidence I needed for this job. Maybe it's something to do on a professional base… and maybe I'm up for another spanking, but not today and not />
It wasn't the last time I had talked to Katha, and it wasn't the last time we had a sexual encounter of more than just plain fucking with each other. But many years later, I learned Katha had indeed become a professional domina, was earning good money and was making customers, both male and female, happy with extraordinary games… well, it makes me somewhat proud I had given her the basics for a major part of her future life that afternoon in the riding stable.

story by: Michael_O.

Tags: fiction spanking scatology teen male/teen female water sports/pissing sex story

Author: Michael_O.

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