Kathy ch.1 the beginning

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

I have always had a tough time with men. All of my life they had done me wrong. It started when I was pretty young, five or six, my dad walked out on my family leaving me, my brother and my mom to fend for ourselves. My mom wasn’t working at the time and she had to get two jobs practically over night to support us, she spent nights as a janitor at the local hospital, and evenings as a supermarket cashier. She would come home tired every day at nine o’clock in the morning after me and my brother had already gone to school. She slept all day until it was 5:30, time for her to go to her second job at the super market. She put my brother and I in 6 to 6 to make sure we were looked after during the day. We lived like that for three years, us barely seeing our mother, until she was just too over worked to continue. Then she sent my brother, Matt, and I to live in the suburbs with our grandmother.

Grandma was kind, but too old to really watch out for us like we needed. Matt, who was 11 at the time began running with some neighborhood punks who were getting him into trouble, all of which went right over grandmas head.

Some of the guys Matt hung with were fifteen or sixteen years old. They would sell Matt weed and later, speed for the money he stole from grandma.

At first I liked the boys. Some times when I would get home from school they would be there on the back porch, smoking weed and drinking. Occasionally, they would call me over and have me do them for money. It started out being innocent things, They would pay me a dollar for a hug or a kiss on the cheek, but it soon begun to turn into bigger things.

The first time, one of the boys named Jeremy called me over to him. I went and he pulled me down onto his lap like he often did.

“Wanna dollar?” He asked me, waving the crisp dollar bill in front of my face. I nodded.

“Will you do me a favor first?” He asked.

I said />
“Gimme a kiss?” He offered.

I turned my head and planted a kiss on his cheek. He gave me the dollar and I prepared to hop away, but he held me on his lap firmly.

“Wanna make five dollars?” He asked slyly. I had never made five dollars before and my weekly allowance was only a dollar fifty. I jumped at the chance.

I yelped. Jeremy pulled a fresh five from his wallet and put it in my hand.

“Kiss me in the mouth.” He said. I began to get a strange feeling. I didn’t like the way he held me or the way everyone looked on like hungry dogs.

I asked. I wanted to be sure I heard him right.

“You know, kiss me like how they do in the movies some times.” He coaxed. I mulled over the proposition in my nine year old head for a second, then I leaned in and let my lips fall onto his. He sucked my small mouth into his and parted my lips with his tongue. I thought I was going to be sick. I didn’t like the feeling of his hot tongue trespassing in my mouth.

I squirmed away and he let me go. He laughed as I clumsily shrunk away to my room, crushing the new bill in my hand as I went. Later I spent some of the money on chocolate to help ease the memory away.

A few days later, he asked me for the same favor. I accepted, wanting the offered raise of six dollars, and from then I began to grow accustomed to the feel of the boys tongues and hands. Granny fell sick and had little to say about anything my brother or his friends did. By thirteen I was making about twenty dollars a week, letting the boys kiss me, touch me and view my ripening breasts.

On my fourteenth birthday, Kyle, the oldest of the gang, came up to my room to pay me a special birthday visit. He was seventeen, soon to be eighteen, and had a wicked smile that spread across his freckled face.

As I spastically danced around in my room to the new Thrice CD my friend Cheri gave me, Kyle slipped in my unlocked door unnoticed. He must have been watching me for about three minutes or so, and when the song ended he clapped slowly. Startled, I spun around to see the wicked grin that was smeared across his face.

“Nice moves baby.” He said leering at me.

“Get out.” I said meekly.

“Why? Don’t tell me your He said taking a few steps toward me. be ashamed. Come on, dance for me.” He said turning the music back on.

“No. Get out.” I said softly not wanting to make him angry.

“Aww. Come on babe.” He said as he grabbed me and held me in his arms. I struggled against him but he persisted, taking my ass in his hands. Then he enveloped my mouth in his. When he broke the kiss I spoke.

“Let me go or I’ll scream” I said. My voice was shaking too bad to really make an effective threat. Kyle threw his head back and let out a loud laugh.

“Go ahead and scream, It’s not like granny’ll do anything even if she does hear you.” He said nastily, then he turned the stereo up full force. He threw me to the floor on my belly and then began ripping my clothes off, tearing through my thin cotton panties and pulling my long shirt up over my head.

I cried out and tried to flail my arms and legs around but his weight kept me restrained. He pulled his own pants and underwear down and laid on top of me. His hard cock pushed sickly against my ass. He wrapped his fingers in my sweaty hair and pushed my face into the carpet so hard my lips swelled up, then I felt him slide his thick head into my poor virgin pussy.

I screamed into the floor as he relentlessly fucked me without a word. The whole time I never let up my fight no matter how useless it was. He was going to have what he came for. For a little over three songs he fucked me, unmoved by my muffled pleas for him to stop. He finally came in me, violently shaking and drooling on my neck.

When he was done he got up and pulled his pants back up. Then he took some money from his wallet and threw it at me, hitting me hard in the back as I struggled to get up.

“And to think, I was only gonna give you ten dollars.” He said with a satisfied tone. Then he left; closing the door behind him.

I collapsed on the floor crying and shuddering. I knew that if I told anyone that they would hurt me or Matt; or even grandma. After a while I gathered myself enough to get up. I began to cry all over again when I saw the floor was stained with my blood and his cum. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my self out, then I got a soapy rag and cleaned the rug. I threw my torn panties and the rag in the trash and came back to my room. The CD was still playing loudly . I ripped open my CD player and angrily hurled the only gift I had gotten that year out of my window. I never wanted to hear Thrice again.

I picked the money up off of the floor and unfolded it. Five tens; one of which had Happy Birthday Kathy written on it in red marker. I spent the money on new clothes that I had paid for with my virginity.

story by: jessica finch

Tags: fiction young virginity rape sex story

Author: jessica finch

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