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About half an hour after we had fucked upstairs, my girlfriend and mist of her family were taking an unintended afternoon nap in front of the TV. I nipped upstairs to use the bathroom, and when I came out I was confronted by her older sister, K–. We actually went back quite a long way, and we had met up a couple of times and even had a bit of a fumble before she had introduced me to her younger sister and gone away travelling. "I know what you two were up to before, you know. Lucky bitch." I didn't know what to say. "I need a cock, right now," she continued. She had clearly been in bed. Her dressing gown was worn loosely, her bare legs visible from above the knee. "I'm just going to go downstairs now…" I stated, weakly. "I don't think you are," she interrupted. "If you do, I'll run down and tell everyone you were spying on me. I don't want to hurt my sister you know. I'll never tell her. Do an old friend a favour will you? Besides, after you enjoy this" – she dropped her dressing gown to the floor – "I'll wring your balls out into my mouth. I've a couple of new party pieces I want to try out."

I gulped, and stared at her body. She had been a gymnast as a teenager, and she was still very tight, flexible and toned. Her short black hair was pulled up and didn't cover her pert tits with their hard nipples. All she was wearing was a tiny, tiny blue thong which left nothing to the imagination. I followed her into her bedroom and dropped my jeans quickly. My cock had recovered from earlier and was hard already. She looked impressed as she knelt down in front of me and began sucking my balls hard. My cock, which only half and hour before had been pumping cum into her sister's pussy, was bouncing off her face and forehead as her lips pulled at my sack. She looked me in the eye – she knew what I was thinking about. "I can taste my sister's pussy on your balls. You like it don't you, you dirty bastard?" I grunted in pleasure as her wet hand gently stroked the end of my cock.

K– rose and lay back on her bed. She opened her legs wide, pulling her thong over to reveal fat pussy lips with a small landing strip of short black hair above them. Her hole was already wet, and her fingers glistened as she pushed them in and out. "Stick that dirty cock in here, right now," she commanded, lifting her legs right up near her head. I obliged, marvelling at how easily I slid straight into her. I enjoyed the sensation of the wet material of her thong rubbing against one side of my shaft. After literally five or six strokes, I rubbed her clit with my thumb and she exploded noiselessy underneath me, her back arched and her face contorted. I was surprised but she was clearly happy. "Ooh, that's much better," she sighed. "I was wound up pretty tight." A smile broke out on her blushed face."Now, spit on my feet, and pull that big cock out of me to give my pussy a break before the next one." I was surprised yet again, but I knew where this was going and did as I was told. She rubbed her feet together to cover them and gently gripped my dick. They were surprisingly soft, and it felt like getting a good handjob.

She spoke, quietly; "I was in a sex show, you know. When I travelled in Thailand. The locals used to like seeing a white girl getting fucked. The guy was a real pro, Dutch I think, and he used to fuck me all over the place until I was screaming. He did all the stuff I'd like to do right now if we could make the noise – slap me, choke me, tie me up and fuck me in the face, the ass, the pussy, making me squirt even – I loved it all, it was all new to me. I used to cum like four times a night, sometimes more. I could only do it twice a week, because I couldn't walk or sit down afterwards! He'd never cum though, he didn't want to in front of people for some reason, and by the end of each night I was trying everything I could think of. He knew what I was doing, and it became a joke between us. The poor guy must have found it pretty hard, and sometimes he would go and have a wank as soon as we were done! Anyway, you'll see what made him cum when it's your turn in a few minutes. A local girl who'd worked there showed me something, and for some reason it worked. Anyway, I need to cum again if that's ok with you…"

I'd noticed her hand gently exploring her pussy, and she began rubbing her clit hard as I prepared to slide back into her. "Let's do it in the mirror," I hissed, and she rolled onto her side, legs open, with me spooning her from behind. The large mirror on her wardrobe gave us a fantastic view as I easily entered her. I reached around and took over from her hand, pumping in and out right down to my balls and fingering her clit. she mouthed in the mirror, and I could feel her orgasm building up. I was getting pretty close myself, and my free hand gripped the back of her neck hard.

She was pulling at her nipples when she came, and she had to stuff a hand into her mouth to stop from screaming. Her neck flushed as she writhed around, and some cum sprayed out of her pussy, covering my balls and my thigh. That nearly sent me over the edge, and I had to stop. We lay there, breathing deeply, for a couple of minutes, until she whispered "Come on, we'll have to be quick, we've been up here a while now!" She sat up, peeled off her thong and knelt on the floor again, beckoning me over. Kneeding my balls with her hand, she wrapped the moist underwear tightly around the base of my cock. "Tell me when," she whispered, and then began sucking the head hard, pumping and twisting both hands on the shaft, making an occassional slurp as saliva escaped her mouth and dribbled onto her breasts or chin. I was in heaven, and soon I was on the verge of cumming. The thong wrapped around my cock gave an extra sensation of friction, and it pushed me over the edge.

"Ok, ok…" I breathed. She changed her grip, tightening the thong and gripping the base of my cock hard with one hand whilst pumping on the head furiously with the other, her open mouth waiting for my cum. As I started cumming, only a few drops escaped her grip, spattering her face. I had only cum 45 minutes previously, and that had been a massive load, so for a second I was worried that that would be all. She knew what she was doing though, and she kept pumping until my knees were almost buckling as my cock launched into a second massive spasm. She released her tight grip as she felt the muscles tighten and I went off like a shotgun, spraying cum all over her face in one massive first jet. The second spurt flew over her head and messed up her bedding, with the third landing in her hair. I nearly passed out after that as her hot mouth closed over the end of my cock, collecting the rest cleanly. When I finished, she pulled away, showed me the cum in her mouth and swallowed, smiling. "I'll clean up, you'd best go back downstairs. That was amazing, you nearly knocked me out with that first shot. Maybe we could do it again sometime? Drop me an email or something." I nodded, but I was already feeling guilty, and I slipped out of the room without saying anything.

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