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Latex Dress

When my sexy sixteen-year-old daughter said that she needed a special dress to wear up on stage for her solo during the school musical I thought to myself, “Why not.” Then I was sorry.

When I took Valerie to the mall to shop I had no idea that they even sold dresses like that. She picked out a bright red skin-tight latex dress. If I could have seen the slit in her pussy I would have sworn that it was painted on. It fit her like a second skin. I had no idea that my daughter had curves like her mother used to have. The dress was strapless but her nice breasts certainly kept it up. It was way too short on her but the sales lady told me that it was perfect. She also said that Valerie couldn’t wear any panties with it or that they would show through the material. Then the sales lady told Valerie that she should shave her pussy too. When Valerie turned around I actually drooled over my own daughter. Her ass was even better than her mother’s ass had been. God I really miss her mother. She had been dead for several yeas but I missed her every single day. Against my better judgement I bought the dress for Valerie. As I was paying for it, the sales lady told me that I would have to help her in and out of the latex dress. Then she told me that I would have to cover Valerie with baby powder, help her pull the dress on, get everything in place, and then wipe the dress down with a damp cloth to get the excess powder off from it. Get everything in place? That meant that I was to hold the front of her dress out while Valerie shook her tits then let the dress snap back into place around them. I might have to wipe her down with a damp cloth a second time just before she goes out on stage too. Great!

Valerie decided that as long as she was in the dress that she should just wear it home. As we walked through the crowded shopping mall on our way out, every guy that saw Valerie could not take his eyes off from her. She loved the attention and didn’t want to leave right away. So just to kill some time I took her to a sports memorabilia shop, to a toy store, and to a shoe store. The shoe store was a mistake. She wanted a pair of shoes to match her dress and she was willing to let the salesman try every pair in the store on her feet while he looked up her dress. I was positive that he got a very good look because of the tent that had formed in his trousers. Finally she made a decision to get the six-inch heels with the three-inch platform bottom. She wore them out of the store too. As we walked guys were running into things as she passed by them. Valerie was very pleased with her outfit but decided that she wanted fake fingernails and her styled before the performance too.

When she sat down in the car she couldn’t get her dress down far enough to cover her hairy pussy. Valerie decided that once I got her back into the dress again that she shouldn’t sit down in it. It also got pretty hot and she was sweating profusely underneath it. However it was all running down to her pussy and of course down her legs if she was standing up.

At home Valerie could not get out of her new latex dress by herself and had to ask me to help her out of it as the sales lady had told her. I was actually quite anxious to see her naked and was wondering how I could prolong it to give myself a longer view. Hell I didn’t have to do anything of the sort. That dress was a bitch to get off from her. I started at the top and pealed it down her breasts, inch by inch. Once her breasts were exposed I took a little break to admire them and then peeled her dress down her ribs and her tummy to her waist. Then it was time for another break. It was harder work than I had thought. I knew by now that her hips were going to be just as bad as her breasts had been because of their flair. With some effort I managed to pull her dress down over her hips and to expose her hairy pussy to my eyes as I did so. Once I got it over the hump of her ass it got a little easier. It didn’t get really easy until I got it to her knees. Then suddenly it was off. Valerie just sat back in the chair limp as a dishrag from the exhaustion of trying to help me. All I noticed were her gorgeous tits, her hard nipples, and her moist pussy as her legs splayed out to the sides. She made no effort what so ever to cover up any of her nudity from me. Truthfully what was the difference now anyway, I had already seen it all and touched it all too helping her out of that rubber dress.

Valerie was so exhausted that I helped her to her feet and walked her into the bathroom. I helped her down into the bathtub and started the water. She was covered with sweat and she needed a nice warm bubble bath. Then for some strange reason I started to bathe her like I had when she was a child. She was clearly not a child any longer, Valerie was definitely a woman now in all aspects. She closed her eyes as I washed her breasts with the washcloth letting my bare hand touch her soft skin occasionally. I washed her shoulders and then her tummy. I lifted each leg and washed it from her toes to her pussy. Finally the only place left to wash was her pussy. As I started to wash her pussy Valerie raised her knees up and pressed them against the sides of the tub to allow me better access. I started by using the washcloth but not for very long. I used the bar of soap and let my fingers drift around her folds until I touched her clitoris. Valerie’s eyes were still closed but she smiled and cooed for me to continue, so I did. I massaged her clit with small circular strokes. The more I tickled her clit the more she cooed. When I felt that she was ready I increased my pressure and my speed and drove her right into an orgasm. I used to do that to my wife too and she absolutely loved it just like Valerie did. After she came down from her orgasmic high she opened her eyes and looked at me as she thanked me for that wonderful feeling. So I asked her if she wanted another one. She said that she would love another one once she was in her bed. Then she smiled and said that it could be my bed if I wanted her to sleep with me. Then she added that she wasn’t a virgin. Further more she wasn’t a slut either she had only let Tommy fuck her twice. I was not to worry because she was on the pill and she made him us a condom too. Double protection!

So I helped Valerie up to her feet and then I washed her back and her nice firm ass before rinsing her off and then drying her before helping her to my bedroom. I covered her up and then I went back to her pussy. I rubbed her clit again to her cooing, her groaning, and to several verses of “Oh Daddy I love you.”

After Valerie calmed down she asked me to make love to her. What! Why! She said that her mother had often told her what a terrific lover I was and she said that Tommy had only fucked her twice, she wanted to know what it felt like to be made love too. Okay! I rolled over between her legs and with a little force I got my cock into her pussy. Valerie may not have been a virgin but she sure felt like one to me. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what my wife had felt like back at that age. The next thing I knew in my mind I was making love to my beautiful wife and it was sweet, very passionate, and oh so gentle. When I finally filled my daughter with cum I just slipped off to her side and cradled her in my arms.

In the morning Valerie kissed me to wake me up. She was still held tightly in my arms. I told her that I had a dream that I had made love to her mother. Valerie told me that I had made love to her and that it had been the most loving and tender thing that she had ever experienced. Then she kissed me again and told me that she loved me. Valerie said that she loved me just like her mother had and I believed her.

That day we practiced putting on and taking off that rubber dress. Latex sucks when it sticks to your skin. The baby powder was great to get it on with but after an hour it was almost glued to her skin when you wanted to get it off. In between the changing I got to shave her pussy bald for her just like I used to do for her mother. After that we made love again to try to get my erection to stay down for a while. She let me give her a bath after each try and we tried on that dress three times. The last time I got the dress on her Valerie asked me if she could go out and tease some more men in it. I really couldn’t think of any place to take her in that dress so I talked her into letting me get her out of it again.

Once I got Valerie out of that dress I gave her another bath and asked her to slip into her sexiest outfit. She put on a tiny skirt and a bikini top. She looked just like one of those girls that dance at the stripper bar that I go to on occasion. That was it! I would take her to amateur night. As a joke once, I had a birth certificate made up that made Valerie two years older than she really was. Valerie loved the idea of competing at a strip club in front of a bunch of horny guys. She asked me if she could get completely naked because that thought really excited her. I told her that a few girls usually did get naked and that they were usually the winners too.

The bouncer at the door gave us a hard time because Valerie did not look eighteen to him. Finally we were taken right to the owner of the bar. I produced Valerie’s birth certificate, my diver’s license, and then convinced him that she was eighteen years old. It is funny that you have to be twenty-one to drink but only eighteen to serve drinks and to be a stripper. Some laws make no sense what so ever.

Valerie and I sat in the back of the bar away from the stage and watched as a few of the professional strippers performed up on stage. Valerie said that she could dance a lot better than they could and she knew that she was prettier too. I certainly agreed with her.

Finally it was time for the amateur contest. Only five other girls had signed up for the contest that night so Valerie had a one in six chance to win the two hundred dollar prize money. All six girls were brought up on stage, introduced to the audience, and then they got to draw numbers to see what order that they would appeared in. Valerie drew number six, which was actually pretty good, because she would be the last dancer that the audience would see before the voting took place. The judging was done by a decibel meter so the louder the applause the better.

The owner of the bar told the girls to pick out a song that they wanted to dance too. He also told them that they had about three minutes on stage to do their thing.

The first girl was obviously a college student trying to impress her drunken boyfriend and some of his drunken buddies too. She was really cute but she was pretty drunk too and she kept attempting to cover her breasts with her hands and she then to top it off she wouldn’t take off her panties. Valerie laughed at her foolish attempt.

The second girl was not much better than the first one. It appeared that her husband had dared her to do it. She was slightly overweight and she had stretch marks on her flabby tummy.

The third girl was drunk enough to strip all the way down but she really couldn’t dance very well at all. But then again most of the professional strippers that I had seen couldn’t dance very well either. The forth girl and fifth girls were actually very good at dancing and one of them removed her panties but the other one was just beautiful.

Then it was Valerie’s turn to go up on stage. She immediately removed her bikini top, handed it to me as she kissed me, and then told me that what she was about to do was just for me. Then Valerie made her way through the audience topless toward the stage steps as everyone cheered her on. No music played because she hadn’t picked out a song. Valerie walked right up to the very front of the stage and started to sing. I recognized it right away as the number that I had bought the latex dress for. She was going to sing that song on stage during the musical that she was in.

As she sang the audience got dead quiet so that they could listen to her. It was a song about a very high priced call girl. As Valerie sang she ran her hands softly over her tits rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her tiny skirt came off and then her purple sequined panties hit the stage behind her too. The other girls that had gotten naked had done so right near the end of their performance not at the very beginning. The audience inhaled deeply upon seeing her bald pussy on display and so did I. As Valerie sang about her body being a work of art she caressed herself all over. The men watched as Valerie’s hands stroked her perky breasts, her flat belly, and her nicely rounded ass. Valerie was getting herself all worked up right there on stage in front of two or three hundred men along with maybe another fifty women too. About halfway through her song Valerie was singing about her greatest lover taking her to new heights of sexual pleasure. That was when Valerie squatted down low, opened her knees up very wide, and started to masturbate right there on stage. All eyes were on her bald pussy as Valerie poked her fingers into her moist hole and as they came back out all shinny and slick. They watched as Valerie fingered her clitoris right in front of them too. Her voice never cracked and she sounded like an angel as she sang. All the while Valerie was masturbating and every man and woman in that audience knew that it wasn’t an act. Valerie was even dripping cum from her pussy down onto the stage. She had been so excited that she had been wet while sitting in her chair waiting for her turn to go up on stage and now it was dripping out of her and making her performance that much better. When she stopped singing she started to coo softly, her breathing became ragged, and she had an orgasm right there on stage as everyone watched her.

The silence was finally broken as the audience came out their trance. The place went absolutely berserk. Pandemonium broke out. The bar was in such an uproar with the clamor that I though a riot was going to break out. It lasted for a good two minutes even with the owner trying to get it under control. He finally decided to let it continue as he asked Valerie to get dressed. Since she didn’t have a top to put on he asked her to cover her tits with her hands, which she did gladly with a smile.

As the noise settled down enough so that his microphone was finally able to be heard, people started to take their seats and stop cheering for Valerie’s performance. He announced that the other five contestants had conceded to Valerie and that his decibel meter had never before recorded a level that high. So he presented Valerie with her two hundred dollars winning, a small trophy, and a T-shirt with the bar logo on it, which she proceeded to put on as the audience once again cheered her on.

Valerie and the owner exchanged a few words and then he told the crowd that Valerie would be appearing at nine o’clock every Friday night for the next ten weeks to repeat her performance if they wished to come back and bring a friend. He also announced a ten-dollar cover charge with half of the money going to Valerie. In my mind I quickly estimated close to two thousand dollars for each performance. That would make a great college fund for her.

She could hardly squeeze her way through the crowd to get back to my table. She said that everyone wanted to fuck her. I smiled and asked her if she wanted to take any of them up on their offer. She smiled at me and said that she wanted to take them all up on their offer but that she wasn’t sure how many of them would take her up on her offer. What offer! A thousand dollars a pop! Just like the high priced call girl that she had sung about.

On the way home Valerie told me that she would have to cool her act some for the play at her high school next Saturday. Some was an />

The End
Latex Dress

story by: fbailey

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Author: fbailey

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