Leo's life part 1

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I stood in the hallway outside of the physical trainer’s room staring at the football list. All of my stats were 20 times better than I thought they would be. It was August and the days were long hot and humid. But I still had tried my best. I’m a junior in high school and play football. (Obviously) The List read:
Leonardo Luchiano
Height: /> Weight: 243lbs
Bench: 375lbs
Squat: 520lbs
Power Clean: 350lbs
Vertical: 38.7in
40 yard dash: 4.55sec

I pulled out my phone and took a picture to go show my mom later, figured she’d be proud. You’re probably thinking why I wouldn’t show my father before my mother and that’s because he died. When I was 10 years old, I’m now 17, we were riding some of our old 4-wheelers when he tried to do a trick and ended up over the bars and being crushed to death by the A.T.V. After that, he had left me and my mom a hefty 150 million dollar bank fund and alone in the huge mansion we had at the time.

Anyway, coach came up to me as I made my way to my car and congratulated me on my hard work. I thanked him and sped home to show my mom my results. I walked into the house and yelled for my mom.

“Mom I’m home and I’ve got something to show you!”
“I’ll be right down” she replied.
My mom was just about the most beautiful woman in the world. She was a tall 5’10” for a woman, and 140lbs. She had the sexiest frame ever that held the best looking Double-D breast the world could offer and a bubble butt that was perfectly smooth. It was all topped off by hazel brown eyes and long curly light brown hair. She was mixed in race which gave her the slightest hint of brown skin, giving the illusion that she was always tan.
When she finally came downstairs she caught me by surprise when she had just bright pink panties on and a tight matching pink tank top on with no bra. I got a little hard right there. Don’t think I haven’t seen my fair share either, I was always mature for my age with a rock hard built frame and a lot bigger than average muscles. And to top it all off I had a porn star meat pole. A full ten inches and thick as a tree stump. Almost the entire cheerleading squad could tell you.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before” my mom said when she figured out why I was speechless. She was right, when I was about 15 and started maturing rapidly there were nights when she would have nightmares and ask me to sleep with her. Of course I got to look at her.

“Sorry mom just caught me by surprise, take a look at this” I handed her the paper and she read it.
job honey” she said looking unimpressed.
“Those are really good for a linebacker in high school, coach said with those numbers and how good I am I could play at any college I wanted to”
“OK now I get it, amazing honey!” she replied with honesty this time and hugged me. I felt the head of my dick rub against her inner thigh when she hugged me and prayed right there she didn’t feel it.
“Your dinner is on the stove and I’ll be in my room if you need me” she said when she let me go and started to head back upstairs. I ate quickly and got in the shower. When I got out I went into my room and decided I needed to relieve some stress. I laid down and started to stroke my meat slowly, and started to feel a little better. But that’s when my mom walked in asking for something but stopped, her eyes glued to my dick and mine on her eyes. What felt like a minute passed by and she ran back down the hall to her room and slammed the door. About 2 hours went by and I decided I better go apologize to her. I threw on some sweat pants which was probably a bad idea and made my way down to her room. This time, I made sure I knocked and she told me I could come in.

“Mom, I’m really sorry” I started as soon as I opened the door.

“It’s alright Leo, maybe I should’ve knocked” she said with a laugh. She was lying in bed and I walked over and sat next to her. She started playing with my hair when I noticed what she was watching T.V, a thousand ways to die.

“Why are you watching this?” I laughed as I joined in.

“My co-worker got me hooked and now this is all I watch” she replied with a giggle. She moved her hand down to my back and started rubbing knowing that was my sweet spot. I turned and started to tickle her until she couldn’t breathe and started hitting me.

“Goodnight mom” I said giving her a kiss on the forehead and walking out of her room and back to mine. I resumed to lie down but nodded off in no time at all.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon, sausage, and pancakes. I put on my robe and slippers and walked down to the kitchen. My mom was at the stove when I sat down at the island in the middle of the kitchen facing her. I sat there messing with my phone until she turned around, causing me to nearly fall out of my chair. She had on her favorite big black fuzzy robe but it was slight open down the center revealing the inside part of her naked big round breast, not the nipple unfortunately, and the sexiest black lace panties I’d ever seen.

“My fault honey didn’t mean to excite you “, she said cheerily fixing her robe, “and how was your sleep?”

complain, went right to sleep as soon as I put my head down” I replied, readjusting myself in the chair,” I’ll be out all day at the gym and at football practice to let you know.” She let out a sigh and gave me my plate. “Something wrong” I asked her.

“I wanted to spend time with you today because I’m off work, what are you doing />
“I won’t be doing anything so we can get together then” I told her reassuringly.

“OK, but don’t make any plans or I’ll hunt you down” she said, poking her fork at me from across the island. I nodded with approval with my mouth full of pancakes.

I got all of my gear ready and went out to the gym where I ran into an old fuck buddy of mine. Her name was Alyssa and she probably had the best head of all the girls that ever sucked me off.

“What are you doing in here big boy?” she asked me when I walked passed her on the way to the bench.

“Haha, long time no see, I didn’t even notice you there” I replied looking directly at her mouth and back up again, ”what are you doing is the better />
“I’m in here for field hockey, trying to tone up before the season” she answered looking down at my cock which was hardening because of the memories, “and I see you still got your big package down there too” she added with a wink.

“Yeah, speaking of that you want to meet me in the bathroom real quick?”

“I could take a little break” she smiled and we went into the family bathroom. As soon as we got in there she squatted and pulled my pants down.

“ Holy shit! You’re even bigger than before” she observed grabbing my swollen rod and licking the head in swirls.

“Wow that’s fucking nice” I said as she swirled and wetted my cock with her saliva. It was then she took half my pipe in her mouth and started sucking on it like a lollipop. I was in blowjob heaven. She kept going occasionally taking me in to the hilt and choking as I clogged up her throat with my meat. After 10 minutes of the best head ever, I felt my balls tense up.

“I’m going to bust babe!” I yelled not caring who heard and shoved my cannon straight into her tonsils.

“Oh I mouthed releasing the biggest load I have ever busted. Gush after gush of milky hot sperm shot into her throat and wasn’t showing any kind of decrease in flow. I pulled out and started oozing on her face until the flow stopped and made her suck me clean.

“Damn you still got it A” I said pulling my shorts back over my dick refreshed. She swallowed all of the nut I busted into her mouth and managed to reply.

“I’ve always missed getting your big loads all over me, make sure you text me later” she said as she cleaned her face in the sink and came back over to me. She put her number in my phone and walked out the door not before I managed to smack her ass which was one of the fattest asses you’ll ever see.

I decided to leave the gym and head straight to practice. Practice was the usual hitting drills, sprints, circuits, and because of the head I received earlier, performed pretty well. On the way home I grabbed a sub from subway and ate that so I could go straight to sleep after a shower. I pulled into the garaged and walked in the house, going straight to my room. That’s when I heard my mom moaning from the stairs. And the weirdest thing was, as I approached she was moaning MY NAME! She usually masturbated from time to time and I had gotten pretty used to it. She had no man to satisfy her needs. I quickly got into the shower drowning out the sounds of my name. I was in the shower for about 45 minutes, just thinking over what I had heard. When I got out, I didn’t even bother putting anything on and laid straight down. I was watching T.V and heard a knock at the door.

“Come in” I said barely raising my voice. It was my mom which I expected; she was wearing one of my shirts which were long enough to reach her mid-thigh. She apparently just got out of the shower too.

“Can you brush my hair for me please?” she asked poking out her bottom lip. She looked so cute.

“Yes, I can brush your hair” I replied apathetically. She smiled and scurried to my bed like an excited little girl. She sat down right in front of me and I began to brush her hair in long, smooth, slow strokes.

“What would your friends think of you if they saw you doing this?” she asked laughing at her own joke.

“I don’t know really, probably pretty jealous that I’m brushing such as beautiful woman’s hair.”

She laughed softly, ”Thanks honey but I’m getting pretty old…and ugly”

“Mom, shut up, guys would kill over you, which is really bothering me because you still haven’t brought a guy home since dad?” I asked questioningly

“All I need is you baby, and you’re growing into quite the young man yourself” she reached back and shook my thigh.

“Thanks mom, but I can tell you get lonely” I said quietly. It took her a while to respond.

that supposed to mean?” she asked sounding taken aback. I brushed a few more soft strokes before answering.

“I heard you my name, I think you might need some company” with this I sat up and boldly started kissing her open neck. She started humming and leaned back into me. I reached around her body and felt for her panties. She didn’t have any on and was already getting wet. I licked at her neck while I played with her pussy. She always got bikini waxes done and was perfectly smooth. After a minute or so she started trying to talk.

right baby, I’m always horny as hell, and every time I see you, I just want you inside me ” she said very quietly through heavy breaths. I took my chance and lifted her shirt off and laid her down on her stomach. I spread her legs and started to line up the head of my shaft with her lips. I started to push in just at the entrance and even with her extreme wetness it took a few pushes to get my head in. She was so fucking tight. She went years without dick and started yoga 3 years ago. With a great amount of effort I managed to push about 6 inches and stroke very casually.

“Oh my FUCKING GOSH, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” she screamed even as I took it slow.

like… this… dick… you… babe” I taunted her, each stroke continuing to push in 4”, then 5”, then 6”. And with babe I buried my cock balls deep and she let out a moan which turned into a scream.

“Oh fuck she yelled. I got my stroke up and started pulling out just to the base of my head and ramming back in…DEEP! I could feel her walls contracting and expanding. Faster and faster and faster and faster. I almost busted but wanted to keep fucking so I turned her over to let my sack settle back down. I inserted slowly to the hilt again and we started French kissing as I stroked slowly. Kissing down her neck to her big full round breast. Licking and sucking at the nipple and then continued my furious stroke. Moan after moan, scream after scream. Eventually she started to even claw my back and I knew teammates would ask tomorrow in the locker room. I felt tensing again in my balls so I tried to change positions but she took control.
“I’m going to ride you now babe you’ve done enough” she sat up and pushed me back. When she mounted I knew she was going to fuck my brains out. She sat all the way down on my cock and started moving her hips back and forth. She had her hands holding herself up on my ass, making her tits push together. I always loved titties, almost more than ass. She started riding me really fast and hard making her big breast bounce up and down, I should’ve busted a long time ago but I was fighting it so I could feel her warm tight pussy all night. I could feel her ass smacking my thighs now as she bounced up and down on my dick. I grabbed it and smacked it trying to fight the boil in my balls. I held it off when she started to scream.

“BABY, BABY, BABY, BABY I’M GONNA CLIMAX! She yelled, at this point riding me so hard I thought she would take my Johnson with her. She started to go into climax and her pussy choked my dick lifeless. Her body got weak as she entered the state so I started pounding as hard as I could up into her.

“FUCK, she screamed every time my thighs collided with her fat juicy sweaty ass. I fucked her all the way through her orgasm, which felt like 2 minutes. As soon as she regained control of her own body she performed a 180 degree turn still on my pole and started slamming her ass against my stomach, fucking me reverse cow girl. At this point I was weak as her newly tightened pussy hammered all the way to my balls. I pushed myself up and reached around her with my right arm and started pounding her again. My sweat and her sweat, her pussy juices running down my cock and balls onto my bed.

“I’M CUMMMMMMING AGAAAAIN, “she shouted as I felt her pussy tighten up to a vice grip on my cock. I felt an unrelenting force well up in my balls and knew I couldn’t hold it back. I pounded harder again as hard I could and she started to convulse as I busted the hard, hottest, and fastest nut I ever had. I convulsed with her pulling her to me and busting hard straight into her. Wave after wave of pussy and ball juice collided splashing me and her like we were in the shower with the water at the hottest setting. Collapsing together, both straight to a peaceful sleep, me still inside her.

This is just part #1, I can continue the story if I get a good enough rating! More still to cum later 😉

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