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Dear World,
I'm a young submissive male looking for a must be between the ages of 15 & 19.I only text no calling unless special occasion.I am new to this and like to take things slow so be patient with me.If you have any rules for me to follow state them clearly in an E-mail etc.I will try to follow them best I can unless they conflict with my personal life etc.Please make sure that I'm what your looking for based on the text before you contact me.You must live in the United States due to the fact that my cell phone only has nation wide you'd like to E-mail me.I live in upstate New York so be sure to state time differences by amount of hours. (Example) subtract five hours from your(my) current time.You can call me whatever you wish but my real name is Josh.Tell me what you'd like to be addressed by wether it be Master,Mistress etc.I have some limitations based on time of day,willingness etc.I am an easy going laid back kind of guy.If you do decide to contact me my email address is or P.M. me.(Personal Message) via wait to hear from you.
Sincerely, Your Submissive Slave.

story by: Scorpio X

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Author: Scorpio X

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