Lessons – chapter 2 –

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As I walked home from school I thought about what I had just done. I had acted on my feelings and forced the bitch Sarah to deep throat me and I fucked her hard and rough and even cummed inside of her twice. Not only that but I basically promised her that I would be doing the same to her the next day and possibly more. I felt the regret of my actions seep into me, I wasn’t that kind of guy. All of the times before when I had sex with a girl it was gentle and loving, sure some of it was rough but nothing like what I had done to Sarah.

Then I started to think back about all of the things that Sarah had done to me, the regret was crushed and I felt a little better. I had done to her what I had been wanting to for a while, I felt good. But just as quickly I felt bad, sure in the middle of it all Sarah had screamed out that she was enjoying it and for me to continue, but that could have just been heat of the moment. All she would have to do is yell rape to the nearest adult and I would be going to jail for a very long time. I was screwed, I had done it to myself and my freedom of not getting dragged into jail for rape was resting on the shoulders of Sarah. I had inadvertently given the bitch even more power over me!

All of the thoughts were rushing through my head when I walked through the door and bumped into Mom as she was walking over to me for a hug like she normally does. She looked at me and wrinkled her nose. “Ugh Eric, you smell like someone took a piss all over you!” She said pinching her nose. “What the hell happened to you? You’re absolutely filthy!” I opened my mouth to say something but shut it quickly, I didn’t want to let Mom know what I had been doing recently. I don’t know how but she caught it and put her hands on my shoulders and looked me right in the eye. “Why do you smell like sex Eric?” She asked looking at me bluntly.

I looked down at the floor and wished that I was somewhere else right now. “Damn it Eric, you tell me right now who you had sex with!”

“Sarah Brown,”

“The girl that’s been a jerk to you?” I nodded in reply. She asked. I looked up and knew from her face what she was asking, I didn’t open my mouth to reply though. “How did you have sex with her Eric!” Mom said firmly. “Did you seduce her into it?” I shook my head. “So you forced her?” I just stood there looking at the ground. I was in deep shit and I knew it. “Eric, she can cry rape if you forced her into sex! That’s such a stupid thing to do even for you Eric!” I tried to turn and walk away but Mom kept her grip on me and pulled me close to her. “I’m sorry Eric, I didn’t mean it that way,”

“I know,” I mumbled. Mom hugged me close to her and I felt her head rest on my shoulder. My Mom had me when she was pretty young still being only 15 when she got knocked up and had me two weeks after her 16th birthday. I never knew my father, all I knew was that he had been quite a bit older than Mom and couldn’t marry her for some reason. He still pays child care even now and is the reason why I can attend a private school that will actually help me through my dyslexia, I’ve never met the man but from the things I’ve heard about him from Mom he is a very nice and good man. So if you did the math you would know that Mom is only 32 years old, when she got pregnant and had me her parents actually disowned her. She keeps in touch with a couple of her sisters and I’ve met a couple of my aunts and cousins but I have never been to a family reunion where I’ve met my grandparents.

At 32 Mom is pretty hot and still very attractive. She keeps in shape by going to the gym and she has quite the smoking body. She stands at a tall 5’10” and has a slim waist, her breasts aren’t huge but rather a medium cup, her bra reads a 36C, and she has quite the nice ass on her. She has really long and toned legs. She could easily be on the cover of a playboy and be the centerfold to boot. Her hair is long and a dark auburn and I got my bright green eyes from her.

I heard Mom say into my shoulder as her hands caressed my chest. “Go upstairs and shower, I need to think of a few things.” I nodded and still feeling like shit for what I had done to Sarah I went up the stairs and stripped. My clothes were really started to smell rank so I tossed them into the hamper and walked from my room down the hallway and into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot before I jumped in and let the water wash over me.

“Oh what am I going to do?” I asked myself as I leaned against the shower wall. I was washing my hair when I heard the shower curtain move aside and then someone climbed in with me. I already knew who it was and felt her squeeze past me.

grounded,” I heard Mom say as I felt her start to wash my back. “Just until the end of the week but you already knew that,” I nodded my head, it was already Thursday and I didn’t have anything really important for the rest of the week. “I want you to think about what you did Eric, forcing a girl to have sex with you just isn’t the right way to do things. And you know that if you ever get frustrated in that department I am more than willing to help out!” By now Mom had finished washing me back and was reaching around and rubbing my chest as her breasts were tightly held against my back.

Mom and I started having a more intimate relationship when I was only 8. Mom had been really frustrated at work and came home in a bad mood. She wouldn’t tell me about it though and went to the cabinet where she kept her liquor, not much just a bottle of scotch and a couple bottles of wine. I remember her pouring herself a tall glass of white wine and then walking back over to the family room and collapsing on the couch. I knew better then to try and ask her to help me with some things so I just sat next to her as she watched some movie that was playing that night. She was halfway done with her drink when she got up and pushed her skirt to the ground and took her jacket off just throwing it to the side. She was now just wearing a dress shirt and she was taking big swallows from her glass.

I moved over as she swung her legs up onto the couch, they landed in my lap and I just started to massage her. She liked it as she slid further down onto the couch and let out a groan. Then she started muttering how men were all the same, how the only man she knew cared for her couldn’t be around because of a mistake they had made. I was old enough to know what she was talking about, I knew Mom was drunk and just saying things but they still hurt.

I asked Mom if she really thought that I was a mistake, she looked over at me and she looked terrified. She started crying and reaching out to me telling me that she was sorry and didn’t mean what she had said. She pulled me on top of her and hugged me close to her body. She told me that I was a mistake but if she had the choice to do it over again she would make the same mistake every single time. This made me feel better and laying against Mom felt really good too. We went back to watching the movie and Mom got up and made a small dinner of just some frozen pizza. She was on the last of the bottle of wine when the movie was done and she was acting pretty loose. When we got up to eat and came back I took my normal seat that was an armchair and Mom took the couch as she spread out. I kept glancing over at Mom instead of watching the movie because of where I was sitting I got a view right up her shirt and saw her panties. They were black and looked to be made of lace, I remember them being really good looking on her.

Then Mom started doing something that I hadn’t seen her ever do, well I had never really seen her drink anything like she was now but what she was doing now made me really take notice in her. She started to unbutton her shirt, soon it was completely unbuttoned and her hand was over her panties. She just held it there for a couple of minutes, then she started to move. She started circling her hand, slowly at first but she circled it around and around her panties. She started to let out these sounds, almost like she was groaning in pain but it wasn’t that. Soon she started to get louder and more intense, I got a little concerned and moved over to the couch. I put my hand on hers, she jerked and looked at me. “Are you okay Mom?” I asked looking at her.

Her face was red and she looked down at herself. She moved her hand off her panties and closed her shirt. “I’m fine baby,” She said looking a little embarrassed. “I was, I was just giving myself a little massage honey.” She said smiling at me. I nodded and sat back on the other end of the couch.

“Do you want me to give you another massage Mom?” I asked looking over at her. She smiled at me and nodded, she lifted her legs and put them on my lap and I went back to rubbing her feet like I normally did. Another movie came on TV and we started to watch it. Things were getting late now and Mom was acting a little funny again, she kept putting her hand down to her panties and held them there before moving them away. The movie we were watching was pretty adult with a lot of kissing and stuff so I focused on giving Mom a massage. I started moving up her legs and scooted closer to Mom on the couch, she didn’t seem to notice it though and just kept watching the movie and putting her hand to her panties, holding it there for a moment before moving it away.

I worked up to her knees and looked over at Mom, this was usually where I stopped when I gave her massages but she was really focused on the movie and didn’t see me. her hand was also back on her panties and was slowly moving over them. I took this as a sign of her wanting more so I moved up to her thighs. Her thighs felt really different from her feet or her legs. They were softer and there was more to massage. I also found out that Mom really liked having the insides of her thighs massaged more than the outside, I knew because whenever my hands went over that part of them she let out a sigh as if it felt really good. I kept moving up closer to Mom as I rubbed her legs and the further I went up the more Mom started to let out those feel good sighs.

I glanced back at the TV and saw two actors kissing really heavy and their hands were moving all over each other. I looked over at Mom and saw that she was really focusing on the TV. Her hand was now on her panties and she was rubbing them pretty steadily. I also saw her other hand move up to her chest and start grabbing and massaging one of her boobs.

My hands were now only a couple of inches from her panties and when I moved to massage the inner part of her thighs she spread her legs apart giving me better access along with a really clear view of her panties. I watched her hand on her panties as they rubbed and rubbed, I could see her panties start to get darker as if she had spilled some wine or something on them. She also started to let out these moans that sounded like they were deep in her throat. I was so involved watching her massage herself I didn’t keep track of my hands, I moved one closer to her panties and the side of my hand touched them. She jerked and let out a louder more intense moan and I felt her muscles get tight under my hands. She clamped her thighs together and her back arched a little. She stayed this way for a couple of seconds before relaxing.

I asked looking at her as her eyes seemed to refocus. “Are you alright?” She looked down at me and saw the concern on my face, she also saw where my hands were and then looked at the TV. The people on the TV were now mostly naked and doing things with one another, I saw the woman’s boobs as the man grabbed them and massaged them kind of like what Mom was doing to hers.

“Oh my,” Mom said quickly closing her shirt and sitting up on the couch, she turned the TV off and moved her legs so they weren’t on my lap anymore. “Uh, yes Eric, I’m fine,” Mom stood up from the couch and took a couple steps away from the couch and me. “It’s late sweetie, you should be in bed by now,” I got up from the couch and stood looking at Mom. She was a lot taller than me when I was 8 and she just looked down at me.

“Good night Mom,” I said walking up to her and giving her my normal hug goodnight. At first Mom was a little tense as I hugged her but soon she was hugging me back and kissed me on top of my head.

“Good night sweetie, sweet dreams!” She let me go and I walked through the house and up to my room. I brushed my teeth and stripped down to my underwear before I got into bed. I was trying to get to sleep when I heard a noise. Intrigued I got up from bed and walked out into the hallway. It was pitch black but I knew my way around the house and could see a little light coming out of Mom’s door. Usually she sleeps with the door completely shut but right now it was cracked open. I walked over to it and heard the noises coming louder from inside. I heard Mom letting out those little cries like she had on the couch but I also heard something buzzing. When I peeked inside I saw Mom laying back on her bed. She was on top of the covers and she had a long and slender plastic stick rubbing up and down between her legs. She was completely naked and I saw just how beautiful she was.

I walked into the room and crept closer as I watched Mom slide the buzzing plastic stick up and down between her legs where he crotch was. I climbed up onto the bed and Mom reacted. She jerked and looked at me with a confused look before crossing her legs and covering herself up as best as possible. “Eric, what are you,?”

“I’m the one that massages you Mom,” I said putting my hands on her legs and pulling them back to me. “Let me give you a massage!” I think the only reason I got away with it all then was due to Mom being so shocked at what I was doing. She didn’t stop me when I spread her legs more and she didn’t stop when I put my hand on her pussy and started to rub it. I my mother to four orgasms that night and we slept together for the first time since I was a baby. The next morning Mom sat me down and said that the massage I did was special and should only be done to the person you love, I told her that I loved her. She said that it had to be with someone special and I told her that she was special to me. She kept on trying to tell me that what we did was wrong but I kept coming back and somehow disarming her argument. That day Mom took me back to her bedroom and I gave her entire body a massage, she had me do a whole lot more than just rub her too. She had me suck on her breasts and even had me lick her on her pussy.

We became lovers that day, it took a week before I got an erection and fucked her and two years after that before I started to ejaculate. By then I was well versed in the ways to please my mother and we had explored nearly every possible aspect of sex.

Back at the present Mom was in the shower with me and was washing my body with soap as I rinsed my hair out. Her hands eventually found their way to my cock and started to rub it bringing it to a full erection. I turned the water spray back on and rinsed off quickly before turning back to Mom. She smiled at me as I looked down at her beautiful face, I leaned down and kissed her as my hands went down her back and fell to her firm ass. The way I was making love this time was exactly that, what I had done earlier with Sarah was plain fucking, what I was doing now was making love to someone I knew and trusted completely. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to face Sarah come Monday when I went back to school but at the moment my mind was clear and calm as I felt my mother’s hands between us as our tongues played around with each other’s. My cock was fully erect and pushing into Mom’s stomach but neither of us cared about it right now. Right now I wanted to hold her and kiss her as we embraced under the hot spray of the shower.

I lost track of time as we kissed and I playfully kneaded her ass cheeks. When the water started to get cold though we climbed out and dried each other off, we didn’t even bother with clothes as we walked out of the bathroom and into our bedroom. I have my own room with a bed and desk with all my clothes in it, and sometimes I sleep in there but most of the time I just sleep in Mom’s bed with her.

I picked Mom up and set her down on the bed she looked down at me and smiled as she spread her legs a little as I climbed between them. “Give Mommy a massage my sweet?” She said to me with a coy smile. I smiled back as I sat on my legs as I lifted Mom’s left leg up and started on her feet. I rubbed it and kneaded it, I sucked on her toes and kissed her heel. I did this all the way up her left leg and paused at Mom’s now dripping pussy. I inhaled it smelling her natural and womanly scent before giving it the briefest of licks then moving down to her right foot. She giggled but never stopped looking at me as her hands softly rubbed her breasts. When I got up her right leg and to her pussy I gave her another quick lick before kissing her through her Mons which were trimmed and shaved into small landing strip by non-other than me this morning.

I moved my way with kisses up her body following with my hands. When I got to her belly button I dipped my tongue in and kissed her before putting my hands on her stomach and rubbing it. I moved up to her breasts and kissed between them before moving to the side and lazily licking the underside of one as I tweaked the nipple of the other. Mom had rather sensitive breasts and was extremely aroused by nipple play. I moved up on the breast I was kissing and licking and took her nipple between my lips and teased the tip with my tongue. She arched her back and put her hands on the back of my head pulling me closer. She moaned out as I started sucking on her nipple and pinched the other. When I was done with the one breast I put my hand on it and lightly kneaded it as I kissed up to the bottom of her neck.

“Fuck me I heard Mom say as I started kissing her neck. I was already in the perfect position and using just my hips I positioned my hard cock at the entrance to Mom’s pussy. I flexed a couple of times making it bounce up and down lightly teasing her clit and making her let out another moan of pleasure. I repositioned it and gave a little thrust. I went in about an inch and Moms hands went to my back as she let out a strong moan and arched her back. She thrust her hips up to meet mine as I pushed into her and soon I was fully inside of her and touched the entrance to her womb.

“I love you!” I said as I kissed the underside of her jaw. Our mouths met and we were soon kissing with much more passion than what we had in the shower. She moaned into my mouth and I felt her fingers as they began to dig into my back.

“I love you too!” She moaned out as I thrust hard into her. Mom’s legs wrapped around me and pulled me tightly to her as I started to just grind and do small short thrusts into her. I reached back behind Mom and put my hands on her back, I then leaned back and pulled Mom with me. I was soon kneeling on the bed with Mom wrapped around me as we fucked. Right now everything that we wanted to do was just fuck, long and hard to enjoy the ride everything was extremely pleasurable. “Fuck, me, Eric!” Mom said as I bounced her up and down on me. I was powerfully thrusting my hips up into her and felt as I banged against her cervix each time. She screamed out and I felt her legs squeeze tightly around me and her fingers really dig into my back as she started to cum.

I never stopped though, her pussy was giving my cock the death grip but her juices were so slick that I was still able to slide in and out of her with relative ease! “OOOOOH YESSSSS!” Mom howled out throwing her head back as I pushed her into another orgasm toppling onto the other. By this time I was feeling pretty ready to cum myself and when she started to squirt onto me and I felt her hot sex juices flow over my balls and thighs I exploded deep inside of her. Mom let out a screech as I stayed deep inside of her, I think I put her into another small orgasm as she felt my cum flow into her womb flooding it. She shook on me and hugged me close to her as she lost partial control to her body.

I pumped a good 6 shots into Mom before I was done, I slowly bent down supporting Mom the entire way until she was laying on the bed. My body was crushed on top of hers as we kissed and then I slipped off her and to the side.

We were both pretty tired from the fuck and just laid on the bed next to each other for a couple of minutes as we tried to catch out breaths. Around 7 we got up and washed ourselves again, this time not bothering each other with anything sexual, when we dried off we walked out to the kitchen and made dinner. When we are in the house alone Mom and I don’t wear clothes so that we can have sex whenever we want to, I mean we do wear clothes if it’s for something special like acting out a fantasy or something but the normal attire is nude for the both of us.

We eat dinner on the couch as we watched a movie that was on network, Mom and I were sitting right next to each other and if someone walked in and didn’t know either of us they probably would have thought that we were just some married couple, Mom looked like she was in her mid to early twenties while she said to me over and over again that I was a very handsome young man. How much of that was real and how much was because she was my own mother I don’t know but I didn’t care as I got to sit naked next to the prettiest woman I knew.

The first movie ended around 11pm and when it was over Mom got up from her seat as I stayed there. She picked up the remote from the coffee table giving me the most perfect view of her pussy and ass from behind as she bent over, she moved backwards and sat right in my lap with my hard dick sticking out between her legs. She leaned back into me and I wrapped my arms around her mid-section as I started to kiss and lick her ear lobes. She let out a moan as she leaned back into me and hit a button on the remote switching the input channel. A moment later the screen was filled with the image of a hot porno scene playing on the TV.

“How was work today?” I asked as I looked at the TV, it was on mute so it was just silent scenes of people fucking each other hard and fast in one big orgy. ‘Big Tits and Big Ass’ I think was what the movie was called.

“Work was alright,” Mom said grinding downwards with her butt and letting my cock move between her slightly open pussy lips. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, I gently squeezed the flesh of her tit and gently but firmly teased her nipples. This got me another low moan from Mom and one of her hands moving down to the head of my cock and rubbing it. My pre cum was oozing out and let her hand slide more easily over the head of my dick. I was pretty well disentailed by now, I mean I could certainly go for another round or three with Mom but I had also cum three times at school with Sarah and once more with Mom in her room. “You know I’m now pretty sure that Kelly is gay, she made another pass on me today during lunch!” Kelly is Mom’s assistant at work. She’s been very flirtatious and Mom’s ben debating whether or not to act on Kellies advances.

already baited and hooked on you Mom,” I said as I lightly nibbled on her ears. “All you need to do is reel her in, see why I love making love to women so much!” I felt as Mom shivered against me as I pulled one of her nipples away from her chest. I felt as her pussy actually shuddered against my cock, she was getting really turned on now.

“Somehow I don’t think it would be the same for me as when you do it.”

“Oh?” I playfully teased her as I started to slowly move my hips making my cock slide up and down between her pussy. “And why would it be any />
Mom giggled as she moved her hips up a little until my cock was laying against the entrance to her pussy. “Oh I could think of something!” Mom lowered herself down and sighed as she became fully seated on my cock. “I love how you’re just the right size for me,” Mom said as we slowly ground into each other as we watched the intense scene of mass debauchery play out on the TV.

I wasn’t looking forward to it but I knew that it was going to happen eventually. Mom put her hand on the side of my thigh and let out a sigh like she wasn’t looking forward to something. “Tell me about this girl you forced into having sex Eric.”

I stopped playing with Mom’s breasts and dropped my hands down to her hips. I stopped moving my hips and we sat there on the couch still connected with one another but no longer moving. “You know about Sarah, how she’s always making fun of my dyslexia and making me do things I’m not good at in public.” Mom nodded her head as she put her hands on mine and moved them to her stomach. “Well we had a student council meeting today and she got particularly nasty, she ended up driving the other kids out of the room with how mean she was being. Usually only one or two of them leave but she was taking it to an all new level and they all left leaving only me and here there. I should have got up and walked away but I stayed and listened to her bitching.” I didn’t want to talk about what happened next but I knew there was no way Mom was going to let this be. “She started saying how I should never have been left alive and how you and Dad should have had me aborted when you found out I had learning disabilities. And I guess I snapped, she got me where it hurt with that comment and I was already pissed off at her for all the shit she made me do. I forced her down and started talking about her like she was nothing, I tore her clothes and bound her arms behind her back. I raped her, there isn’t much else you could call it. I forced her to take my cock into her and I raped her. And when I was done I left her in the room sitting in a pile of her own piss and covered and filled with my cum. Not only that but I basically promised her that I was going to do the same thing to her every day, that she was nothing more than my bitch slave now. I screwed up Mom,” I rested my chin on Mom’s shoulder and held her to me.

We sat there for a minute without a single word between us. The silence was driving me crazy, I wanted Mom to say something to me. Tell me that what I had done was justified or that it was unacceptable. “Mom, what do I do?”

“I don’t know Mom said looking down at the ground. “Like I said earlier she could call rape on you, that would mean you getting arrested and possibly sent to jail. We could fight it in court, I can afford a good lawyer but I’m just not sure. We could also move away, other side of the country maybe. Or I could send you away to your aunts, she would love to spend some time with you and you could stay there until things calm down, if they ever calm down.” Mom shook her head at me though and just kept staring down at the floor. “But I think the best thing to do is wait and see, if she doesn’t call rape on you when you see her next I would get down on your hands and knees and beg her for forgiveness, maybe then she won’t come after you.”

Mom and I just sat there thinking about everything. The mood for sex was kind of over even with porn playing on the TV, Mom got up and kissed me goodnight saying that she needed to think over some things alone and that I should sleep in my own bed tonight. This told me that she was pissed at me, whenever she got mad at me she told me to sleep in my own bed, I guess between us it’s like a wife telling her husband to sleep on the couch.

I watched as Mom walked away, even now her hips did that sexy sway and I felt a tingling in my cock. Just because the mood for sex was gone didn’t mean I wasn’t horny, but I knew that even jacking off wasn’t going to cut it so I turned off the TV and went to my own room. I pulled on some sleep pants and climbed into my bed remembering how strange it felt sleeping in a small twin size bed versus Moms super comfortable king size bed. It was late and I was glad that I wasn’t going to school tomorrow, unless Mom thought that I should at which case my stomach was not feeling real good.

I ended up throwing up that night, I luckily made it to the bathroom in time but I was feeling sick as a dog. When I went back to bed I couldn’t sleep and I think when I finally closed my eyes and got my sleep it was rather un-restful. It felt like I had blinked when I woke up. When I looked over at the clock it read 1pm. I groaned to myself as I rolled out of bed and took a quick shower washing away the sleep. When I went downstairs I saw that Mom was already gone, nothing unusual there, and the house was eerily quiet. I made myself a snack and then just sat about the house doing nothing. I had homework that needed to be done but my stomach was still grumbling at me for some reason. At about 4 I heard the doorbell ring, Mom wasn’t home yet and wouldn’t be for another hour or two. I was just going to ignore it but when the person didn’t stop knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell after five minutes I let out a sigh and went over.

I was just wearing my sleep pants as I didn’t feel like putting anything else on today with how crappy I was feeling. I opened the door and saw Sarah Brown standing there before me, she looked up at me and I saw the strangest combination of emotions on her face. Her face had a mixture of uneasiness and trepidation on it, but her eyes screamed lust and wanting. I said slightly bewildered as I looked at her.

She looked down at the ground bowing her head at me, her hands were fidgeting and she seemed rather uneasy about something.

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