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There are times that I look back on my dating life and smile when I think of one of my overly sexual girlfriends. There are some perks to come with that kind of sex drive.
I met Lisa online one evening, we chatted and decided to meet for lunch. Lisa was a pretty lady. She stook 6 feet tall, with long curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She had a nice figure to match her smile. She wasn't skinny, but had nice curves, wide hips and just the right attitude.
Needless to say, lunch turned in to dinner and dinner turned into breakfast. It was the start of a wonderfully sexual relationship.
One of my more memorable outings came over our first Summer together. Lisa decided we should go downtown to visit with her roommate who was waiting tables at one of the major hotels for lunch. She also invited a couple of her friends to come along as well.
Lunch went fine. We got excellent service with a little sarcasm to boot. Lisa was her usually amorous self. There were a few innuendos passed back and forth and a few touches under the table. I was feeling a bit turned on by the time lunch had finished. After lunch we decided to wonder around downtown and kill some time. All I wanted to do was empty the growing pressure in my balls that Lisa had helped fill over lunch.
Across the street from the hotel was a Carson's, so we decided to go do a little browsing. We slowly wandered through the home appliances. It seemed that every chance Lisa got she rubbed up against me or would give me a slight nibble on my neck.
"You should really stop that." I whispered to her.
"Why? Is something happening?" she replied with a wicked grin.
I shot back a "You know what you're doing to me" look. That only seemed to bring a bigger grin to her face.
We finally took the escalator upstairs and started roaming the clothing areas. Not that we were looking for anything sepecial. We were just enjoying a little fun and flirtation time. My mind was really more on getting back to her place and ripping her clothes off.
As we walked through the clothes Lisa continued to rub across me. As we passed the dressing rooms in the middle of the store she turned to me and whispered in my ear, "Are you doing OK?"
"I'm just really turned on." I answered back.
"Good!" she replied. Then she looked around real quick, grabbed my hand and led me in to one of the changing rooms.
Once inside with the door lock, Lisa put her arms around my waist and pulled me in to her. I responded by wrapping my arms around her and pulling her lips to mine. Her lips were soft as ever. We kissed, our tongues played.
Then I felt her arms move and felt her hands rub the outside of my jeans over my slightly erect cock. What I felt next made me break our kiss. I felt her hangs move to the waistband of my pants and open th button.
"What do you think you're doing?" I asked.
Our embrase was so close I could feel her lips moving against mine as she spoke.
"Just helping," she replied witha grin.
I then felt her hand lower my zipper and pull my now growing cock from my boxers.
We enjoyed another short kiss as she slowly stroked my cock. Then Lisa lowered herself and took me in to her mouth.
The feeling of her warm, wet mouth along my shaft coerced a soft groan from my lips.
My mind started to wonder if there were any cameras in the dressing room and I half expected someone to come knocking on the door.
As I looked over I could see the reflection of Lisa in the mirror, her head softly bobbing up and down. My mind quickly came back to the reality of the situation and I placed my hands on her head and guided her up and down along my, now 8" shaft.
Needless to say I started to relax and just enjoy the feeling of her mouth on me. I could feel softness of her lips and the tightness of her throat as she took me in deep. I would have loved to enjoy her sucking for a long time, but being so turned on I quickly realized a growing feeling growing within me. Each stroke of her hand and her lips along my shaft brought the feeling boiling higher and higher.
I finally couldn't take it any longer as I felt my legs began to quiver as my orgasm raced through my body.
I clinched my hands slightly harder in Lisa's hair as my orgasm took over me. I felt the fluids racing from their origins up through my hard shaft and explode in to Lisa's mouth. Lisa instinctively slowed her stroking and sucking as she took in my cum. Expertly she coaxed each blast from within me, causing my body to twitch with each expulsion.
Lisa continued to stroke and suck until she was satisfied there was nothing left in my now shrinking member.
Then she stood up, and fished my cock back in to my boxers. She leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my lips as I buttoned up my pants and and pulled up my zipper.
Lisa still had that smirk on her face as our kiss ended.
"Feeling better?" she mused.
I just looked back at her with a satified silly grin on my face.
"Much!" I replied.
Lisa took me by the hand again and we left the dressing room.
We quickly met up with her friends who were still walking around the clothing department.
Both of them gave us a knowing smile as we decided to leave the store.
I must say it was the best trip I've ever had to a department store.

story by: bstrbrwn1

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Author: bstrbrwn1

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