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“Kids, breakfast is ready!” the typical wake-up call from our mother on a summer day. Being the eldest, I would often be the one first to take up the courage to wake-up and leave my loving bed even though I was not a morning person. When I went down, my mother was preparing the table and said “Mike, please wake up your brothers for />
Now for a little background about my family before I continue my story.
My name is Mike and I have 2 brothers. When I was 10, our father passed away. By this time, Troy, the second eldest, was 7 years old and JC (the youngest) was about 5 years old. Being the eldest, my responsibility for my brothers got even bigger now that my mom is alone. We had to move from our big house to a smaller house because my mom’s income is not enough for the house and for ourselves. All of us grew up in this small house (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and a living room) and since my brothers and I share a bathroom, we often see each other naked. Other than that, chores were equally split among us based on what we can do, but when our mom is not around, I get to boss both of them, mostly Troy.

Now that I’m 17, my responsibilities got bigger, but I still get to boss around my brothers. By this time, we have moved to a house that was a little bit bigger because now it has 3 bedrooms (one for my mom, another one for Troy and JC, and one for me) and 2 bathrooms. Because of this, I rarely see anyone naked at home.

Some details.

My name is Mike, I’m 17 right now, a little fit because of badminton, around light brown hair, light skinned and about 125 lbs and have a 5.5in dick (I’m a late bloomer). Troy is 14, with spiky brown hair, and was about He was sorta fit because he plays soccer and because of this, he is a bit tanned. JC, on the other hand, is 12 but is just starting his puberty. He is around a bit chubby and light skinned. He also had brown hair…

Now back to the story.

I dragged my feet going to my brothers’ room to wake them up. As I enter, I can still see that both of them was sound asleep, JC was even snoring (cute little guy). Well, I had to wake them up…. I decided to walk over to Troy and wake him up first. As I walk to him, he sort of rolled and his blanket fell. I was shocked to see that my little brother, Troy, was wearing a pajama and that he did not sport any bulge at all! I stared for about 4 seconds until my mother shouted again and I woke them up for breakfast.
During breakfast, my mother announced that tomorrow there would be guests that would stay in our house. This means that I will sleep in my brothers’ room. I said sarcastically.
After breakfast, it hit me. I just realized that my little brother had a small dick! But I wasn’t also sure about it. I only begin to wonder how they looked like without anything on. And that I realized that tomorrow, I would be staying in their room… oh yeah, this would be fun.

Tomorrow came.

My mom’s friends went to our house and they decided to eat outside. JC had a sleep over at his friend’s house. So I was alone with Troy. What a perfect day.

We had some chores to do. Clean the dishes, take out the trash, clean our room.. blah blah blah… Being the eldest, I get to boss around my little brother.. so I did. While Troy was cleaning the dishes etc. etc., I was just playing PS2 in their room. After he was done with “our” chores, I got guilty for letting him do all the work and I cooked dinner for the both of us. I cooked 2 t-bone steaks (I was a pretty good cook) and it was the bomb. After eating dinner, my brother thanked me but I could still hear that he was angry at me for letting him do all the work. After doing so, he went to take his bath and it was time for me to make a move.
After Troy got in the showers, I went to their room after I was done cleaning the dishes. As I was in their room, I turned off the lights with a camera ready. After a while, I heard the showers go off. My plan was to catch him by surprise because he usually takes off his towel when he gets into their room and when he does, I’ll get a picture of him naked with his small dick.

I could hear footsteps nearing the door….

Troy opens the door, takes off his towel and turns on the light. *CLICK!*

I was laughing so hard not bothering to look at the picture I took. I was almost crying of laughter and that my eyes are closed. When I opened my eyes and looked at the picture…. I was shocked.

After looking at the picture, I looked at my brother. I was obviously wrong. His dick looks like a real man’s dick!.. They were huge compared to mine! Soft he was about 6inches with balls that looked like a pair of huge apples. Other than that, he has a solid six-pack , bulging pecs and a beautiful V-shape thing that lead to his manly dick. I stared at his body and his dick for about 10 seconds. There was silence.

Troy broke out the silence by shouting

I was starting to get hard in my tight shorts because of his body.

I replied with silence. He noticed that there was a tent forming in my shorts and grinned. …..
“Do you like what you see, Mike?.. cmon… let me see your dick.”

At this point.. I froze standing up, not knowing what to do.

Troy was naked, walking towards me, with his dick slightly swinging from left to right. He took the sides of my tight shorts and pulled it down. He saw my small erection. My very small erection compared to him. He fell down on the bed, laughing hysterically. He was laughing so hard that the neighbors could hear him.

"That, that is a piece of shit. What do you plan to do with that? Pose at a kid’s />
“This. This is a mans dick. It would and had meet many pussies”

Many pussies. Shit. Not only my brother has a big dick, but he has gotten a lot of girls to have sex with him.
By this time, his dick was getting bigger and bigger. From 6 inches it became around 8.5 inches. I gasped and my eyes got bigger.

Troy took the camera I was holding and took a picture of my small dick. He even went beside me and took a picture of his dick compared to mine. I was no match for him. At this point, I was completely frozen.

“You still hungry, Mikey?”

was all I’ve said after being frozen for a while

His question got me good

“You still hungry? Because this dick wont get any smaller you know… never as small as you”

He pushed me down to the floor, giving me the pleasure to look at his superb dick in frontal view.


I was scared. I was never in this kind of situation. I opened my mouth slowly. When my mouth was half opened, Troy slammed his dick in my mouth.

“What part of open your mouth don’t you He was getting angry.

I opened my mouth to the fullest. Without any warning, I felt something big hit the back of my throat.

“mhmmmm.. that’s good Mikey… you like my big cock don’t you?”

Shocked, I still able to think a bit in my mind… His precum tasted like sweet salt…

Troy was applying pressure to my head to swallow his dick. Me failing to do so received a slap from him.

“Bitch! Get on the bed!” shouted Troy.

I immediately followed his command and sat on the bed.

Troy followed me after a while. Before getting on the bed, he looked at my cock.

“Pathetic. JC’s as big as you, faggot!”

Faggot? I’ve never heard him say those kind of stuff.

As he got on the bed, he pushed me so that my head was on the pillow.

“Open your fucking mouth, faggot”

I opened again my mouth. It got sore. Really sore. As I opened it to my capability, he immediately put his dick on my lips.

“Kiss it. I bet it’s the biggest dick you’ve ever seen, compared to your dick, HA! What a pathetic excuse for a brother”

Ouch.. I thought to myself. But then he was right. My dick is inferior to him and I worshipped his.

He held my head on the side covering my ears. He immediately jammed his dick in and out… my 14 year old brother.. was fucking my mouth.

“mhmmmm yeah, that’s better Mikey”

He was hungry. He had to take care of his hunger for pleasure.
As I look up, I can see my little brother having the time of his life. I reached my hands up and felt his abs.

“ohhh you like that? Faggot. Don’t worry, you will clean my body next time.”

He was fucking my mouth in and out. Spit came out of my mouth as his dick goes in. He suddenly slaps me.

“Bitch! Lick on my dick while I fuck you.”

was all I’ve managed to say.

For some time, he was still fucking my mouth. I sort of got used to having a big cock deep in my mouth. As time passed by, I was wondering whenever he was gonna cum. I decided that I will pull out his massive cock when I feel it pulsing.

“Shit, im near Mikey.. you know what that means”

I looked up to his eyes, frozen, not knowing what to do.

“You hungry?” he asked me again, “’Cuz you are going to swallow all my cum you little faggot.”

Cum? Ew… Shit. I had a huge cock going in and out of my mouth and now I had to accept the consequences.

moaned Troy

A full blast of cum went straight to my throat. It was weird. But I liked it.

said Troy as he was applying pressure to my head.

Another hot blast of cum hit the back of my throat. While the rest was slowly hitting my tongue. I was about to pull out because I was overwhelmed but before I get to do so, he slapped me.

“Oh no, you WILL eat every last drop of your little brother’s cum and You. Will. Love it, you fucking faggot.”
I couldn’t disagree anymore. I took his cock and sucked the tip of his cock head. I sucked it hard.

“fuck yeah. Best one ever…. Clean up bitch, mom’s coming home.”

I just laid down there, frozen once again with cum dripping off my mouth. I saw Troy going to the camera that was set-up on the table and was on an angle that could see us. He must have set it up when I was going to bed before he fucked my mouth….

“Fuck. Nice vid bro. Very nice.” Said Troy as he walked while holding the camera.

Shit. I thought to myself, my brother got him fucking my mouth on tape. Fuck. Just fucking great.
He got his towel and head back to the shower.

While I was alone, lying on the bed.. I thought to myself…. “What happened? I planned to embarrass my little brother about his cock size and it turns out, he gets a video of him fucking me…”

After a while, I got up and head for the other shower. I met him at the hallway

“Nice one fag. Now you have nothing on me.”

He was right. Ugh….


story by: Dingg007

Tags: fiction cum swallowing incest boy / boy domination/submission oral sex sex story

Author: Dingg007

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