Loo loo's big night out – the beginning

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This is a fictional story of a Pete and his partner Louise and their relationship. For Pete, there is nothing better than encouraging his busty partner to experiment with sexual her sexual for Louise there is nothing better than agreeing to do so, with some exciting results.

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Loo Loo’s Night Out – The Beginning

I married a slut. I knew it, my wife, Louise, commonly known as Loo Loo (the slut) knew it and indeed most, if not all the guys that I worked with at the taxi office knew it too! Not that I minded of course but I did have to keep Louise under tight control at times; but what was planned for tonight was not one of those times.

One week />
“You dirty little slut!” I exclaimed, gazing directly into the bright blue eyes of my very sexy wife, Louise as we lay looking at each other in the early morning. “You really are a dirty slut, aren’t you?
She just nodded and grinned mischievously at me from the other side of our bed. Her blonde hair sat sensually on her face and curled around her bare shoulder.
“Are you serious? Serious about this?”
“Of course I am darling, very serious!” Louise giggled back. “And I think that you will enjoy it too!” I suddenly felt her warm hands under the quilt encircle the thickening shaft of my manhood. “On the other hand!” She giggled at me. “I can feel that you like the idea too!” Seconds later she ducked her head under the duvet and I felt her tongue lick the head of my cock before her lips closed expertly around the shaft. I groaned as I felt her tongue and fingers working their usual magic and moments later she heard me let out a loud groan and felt my engorged cock explode into her mouth shooting hot sticky cum down into her throat. Her sucking and swallowing actions accentuated the intense feelings of pleasure and my cock seemed to not want to stop shooting into her hot mouth.

Tonight’s the Night


I had arrived home early. There was a note to say Louise had gone out with some girlfriends for the evening and wouldn’t be late. I knew differently and had planned a night to remember for both her and me! It was what she wanted but she just hadn’t expected it so soon. Settling down with a beer I flicked on the laptop and entered a sex chat site. Feeling horny I entered into chat with a couple of new hot friends and could already feel my cock starting to harden, not at the hot chat, but at my plans for Louise for the evening.

A stretched Mercedes taxi with darkened windows beeped its horn outside in the street and I glanced out to see Alan, a colleague and taxi driver wave over at me from the driver’s seat. I waved back, grabbed my jacket and exited the house. The moon was full tonight and there was a slight chill in the air. The car was a large 10 seater with the middle seats folded flat and only the three rear seats in place leaving plenty of room in the back for what I had planned. I smiled at the old, overweight Alan as I entered the front of the car
“Nice motor Mate, just what we needed for tonight!”
He grinned in agreement before I instructed him to go to the main shopping centre in the City Centre.


Lifting my phone I called Louise. Glancing at the car clock it was just after 10.30pm.
“Heyyyyy, babes!” Was her drunken greeting!
“Be outside the centre in ten minutes!” I ordered, “I’ll see you then!”
“But, I was She started to slur back but I clicked the off button cutting her off mid sentence. Looking out of the window I watched the street lights go by as Alan weaved his way through the streets of Glasgow. I told him to go through Waterloo street so I could look at the hookers (and their onlookers) on the street corners before we finally headed into town.

Louise was standing outside the main centre as she had been told to do. We drew up in front of the Centre and she looked stunning. The little black licra dress was so tight around her curvy body it left little to the imagination. Low cut and almost at the top of her thighs, her long legs were adorned with patterned tights and 6” heels accentuated her legs. With her hair in soft waves and the dress literally moving with her I knew that Alan’s mouth would already be watering. The dress was low cut at the front showing the top of her red lace basque creating obscene amounts of cleavage and her heavy breast flesh was practically overflowing from the top. The material of the dress just seemed to be painted directly onto her body and highlighted her rounded hips and bum, her flat tummy but especially her 36DD breasts that seemed to wobble as she moved and had a life of their own.

“Fuck me!” Exclaimed Alan. “She looks fucking stunning Pete!”
“Well, if you’re lucky I might let you have a piece of her slutty little arse later!” I grinned as the car pulled up next to Louise. I got out and walked over to her and she immediately smiled that smile that she always did, and tried to kiss me. I responded and pulled her to me, my mouth by her ear. “You look like a tart, and your fucking drunk!” I whispered hoarsely!
I looked at her startled face, her eyes watering slightly from the shock of my rude greeting. “Get in the car slut; you’re going get a fucking hard time for this!”
She looked at me again quizzically and then noticed the playful gleam in my eyes and she giggled loudly.

You cried out still sounding drunk with a huge grin on her face. “Is it tonight?” Her eyes were wide and gleaming green as she looked at me expectantly. I couldn’t keep up the pretence any longer and a grin appeared on my face as I nodded and winked at Louise.
“Just get in the car, you gorgeous woman, and let’s go and have some fun!” I smiled broadly.


Sitting alongside Louise in the taxi I went to pour 2 glasses of champagne but she quickly grabbed the bottle from my hand, instead putting it straight to her lips and gurgling the ice cold bubbling alcohol down before burping loudly and falling about laughing!!
Alan laughed and I told him to start driving. A short time later we were back in North Street and I noticed a couple of Asian teenagers hanging around on a street corner. I told Alan to pull up alongside them. One was tall and thin with a goatee and the other shorter and plump with long hair. Exiting the car I walked slowly over to them and started to talk pointing over to the car. Alan flicked the lights on inside the car and opened the window nearest to Louise from his front controls and I turned to see her looking out at me with a grin on her face.
“So,” I finished speaking, “Are you up for it or not?!”
“Fucking right we are!” Replied one of the teens and they both quickly went over to the car. your name Bitch?” One asked.

Louise looked out at them, slightly drunkenly. She was leaning forward so her breasts fell forward practically toppling out of her dress. “Never mind names, boys, you wanna fuck my brains out or not?!” She giggled. Within seconds the boys were sitting either side of her on the back seat kissing and groping my wife’s hot luscious body through the material of her dress and underwear. The car was moving with me now in the front holding a video camera to catch every moment of the wonderful night. With the windows up the action was invisible to the outside world and Alan drove slowly around the city outskirts as I filmed the events unfolding. Louise wasted no time at all and I watched the teenagers eyes widen as she reached down between their trouser legs to feel their hardening young brown cocks that were already forming tents in the material. Their hands were all over my wife’s fat breasts as they excitedly tried to release them from the captivity of the tight dress and corset. Louise closed her hands over the big hard cocks through the material with one hand on each squeezing the head. Suddenly her pale fleshy udders were tumbling out of the corset top and Louise giggled loudly with delight as she watched and then felt, first their brown hands, then their lips devouring her tit flesh, kissing and sucking at them repeatedly.

Quickly and expertly my wife unzipped them both and reaching inside pulled out the two big brown dicks to get a better look at them. Her pale white hands and fingers hardly fitted around each of the teens' thick tanned shafts as she started to wank them up and down slowly, much to the enjoyment of the boys.
it bitch!” Panted the taller of the boys. “Oh yes!” Moments later he lay back on the chair and I watched (and filmed) as Louise leaned forward before wrapping her hot painted lips around his big thick cock as she began playing with it with her mouth. I could hear a deep groan pour from his lungs as I watched her expertly take his whole cock deep into her mouth and down her throat.
“Suck it bitch!” He gasped.

Louise looked up at him, her wide eyes shining brightly and her mouth full of his manhood. She began sucking frantically up and down his shaft taking his dick deep into her throat and then releasing it before repeating the action over and over again. His friend was now naked in the back of the car and undoing my wife’s dress to pull it down over her gorgeous body. He looked with a mixture of admiration and lust as he finally let it fall to the floor exposing her fabulous sexy lingerie. Suddenly the teen that she was sucking grabbed the back of her head to stop her! “Shit, Man! Don't make me cum before we even get started Bitch!” He exclaimed as he pushed her away from him aggressively. Quickly his mouth headed directly for Louise’s big fat udders and swollen nipples as he started sucking them again. His friend was pulling her backwards by the hips before placing his fingers into the waistband of her thong and literally ripping it from her hot body. I quickly zoomed the camera in and onto her pussy which was clearly swollen and wet. She turned briefly to look at the teen behind her smiling broadly before wriggling her full bum cheeks in his direction with a loud giggle.

“I don't think you know what you've started, Slut!” He said as his friend pulled his boxers off and the boy behind her got to his knees. He was holding his big dick in his hand and smiling at her.
“Oh, you think you know me?” Louise whispered as she sat watching them both intently. “I can handle you both just fine!” Grinning, she looked up at them, her big blue eyes wide and dazzling.

The teen at the front looked at his pal and then back at her as his smile disappeared.
“Then handle this you fucking slut bitch!” He pulled her back up onto her knees as he stood up crouching in the car. He roughly grabbed the back of her head and hair and literally forced his swollen cock back into her mouth and began to set the pace, pumping his hips, with his hand on my wife’s head he was practically fucking her face as he pulled her hair. She could hear his friend behind her growling. “Suck that dick bitch! Suck it hard!” Suddenly Louise felt the heat from his body as he rested against her with his hard cock digging into the base of her back and then his hands were reaching around her hot body as she felt his fingers and thumbs clamp firmly around her nipples tightly creating a painful but wonderful sensation.

I focussed the camera on my wife’s wonderful sucking actions filming it all as she sucked and lapped and licked and sucked even more like a whore so hungry for cum! But suddenly the Asian teen was pulling out of her mouth once again and felt herself being pushed forwards and propped against the rear car seat in a kneeling position. The chubby teen knelt behind her again and she could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck.

“I is gonna fuck you now. Fuck you like a dog. Like the fucking horny dog that you is!” He hissed into my wife’s ear. Pushing her over a little more she suddenly squealed as she felt his hard cock penetrate her wet pussy from behind. He grabbed her hips roughly and again set the pace of her fucking. He pumped his hips back and forth ramming his hardness as far as he could get it inside then pulled out making the friction almost unbearable as Louise gasped and moaned. It was obvious from where I was watching and filming that she was finding it all so good and he had no intention of stopping.

“Fucking hell, bitch, you have such a fucking tight pussy.” He snarled and moaned a little. Reaching forward a grabbing her hair as he pulled her head up off the seat all the time punishing her with his cock. She was panting and moaning and clearly enjoying the rough treatment. Suddenly he started to quicken his pace and Louise felt the hands of the other teen mauling her big fat breasts, pulling her nipples hard as he leaned forward biting into her tit flesh. This had the desired effect and she started to cum hard on his dick as an orgasm swept through her body and she visibly trembled. She felt her pussy start to contract and heard him chuckle. He then pulled her head further back and snarled. “Loosen up, bitch!” But I knew from experience that Louise couldn't, she was gone too far. Moments later she felt his hands come around her onto her fleshy breasts and he pushed her to the floor and started to pound her pussy hard as she moaned and shook uncontrollably. Seconds later the chubby Asian let out a loud groan before my wife felt her tight pussy being filled with his hot sticky cum. He moaned loudly and collapsed back onto the chair with a satisfied look on his face.

Louise lay still for a moment before glancing up dreamily to see the other teen’s cock inches from your lips once again.
“Now my turn again bitch!” He smiled a crooked smile. “Open your mouth!” He ordered. She looked up at him once more smiling before she felt his hand come down with a hard slap across her face. Her cheek reddened as she looked over to me and then back to him while he stroked his big cock inches from her face.
“I fucking said, open your mouth, bitch!” He spat the words out!

Timidly she parted her painted lips. Seconds later as he wanked himself harder she watched (and I filmed) as his cock exploded inches from her face with cum splattering all over her cheeks and mouth. Suddenly he grabbed her hair again and shoved his overflowing cock back down her throat as she felt his Asian Teen cum fill her hot mouth. Some dribbled out the corner of her lips splashing down onto her fleshy udders. As we arrived back to where we had picked them up I told the guys to get dressed and once Alan had stopped the car I ordered them out.

“Get yourself tidied up!” I grinned as I sat alongside Louise in the back of the car again. “The night is early yet!” There was no mistaking the huge bulge in my own trousers as I looked at her cum covered and cum filled slutty body and licked my lips! We enjoyed a glass of champagne as Alan drove to our next pick up point.


“Suck it bitch!” He whispered as his long hard cock waved in front of my wife’s face. I watched intently with the other two strangers as he literally forced his swollen cock into her open mouth. She started to gag as he pushed in as far as he could and we watched intently as her nipples hardened under the soft tongue of the young girl in the back with us. The men were older this time, at least in their 50s and had been having a cigarette outside the working men’s club in the High Street. They had jumped at the offer of using my horny busty wife and one had invited his daughter to join in too. She was thin and looked like she had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, but she was game as was her Dad who was now feeding his cock inch by inch into Louise’s mouth. But soon it would go no further and the only way of breathing was through her nose. She glanced briefly at me with slight alarm as she started to choke.

“I said fucking suck it bitch!” The man glared down at her as his daughter bit into a hardening nipple and her hands slid up under my wife’s dress short dress. The other two men were watching and waiting their turn with Louise and I could see from the way she was sucking and slurping at the huge cock in her mouth that they wouldn’t have to wait long. Suddenly the man was grabbing my wife’s hair roughly and forcing his cock all the way in groaning loudly. I heard her moan and cough and watched as slimy sperm dribbled out from her gorgeous lips around the thick cock shaft. He quickly pulled out and leaned back sitting on the floor. Second’s later his daughter’s lips were on my wife’s in a long tongue entwined snog slurping at her Father’s cum juices. She broke off the kiss and turned to the other two men.
“Now guys!” She said in a strong Irish accent. “Which one o’ you wants to fuck the whore next?”

Louise looked across at me and the glint in her eyes told me she was still feeling like a dog on heat and begging for more! I smiled back at her and refocused the camera. Another man moved forward and quickly turned Louise around so her big round bum cheeks were in the air in front of him. Louise let out a slight squeak of pleasurable pain as she felt his hand slap hard against her buttocks. She squealed again as she felt him slap again and again before feeling his hands probing between her creamy thighs and sliding straight up into her soaking pussy. She moaned loudly as she felt his fingers penetrate her wet pussy.
wet as fuck!” He blurted out as she felt his stubbly face kiss her roughly on the cheeks. “Now bitch, feel this!” Seconds later she felt his short hard cock pushing against her arse and she relaxed slightly before feeling it penetrate her tight anal canal. She squealed, much to the amusement of the men and girl.

the pig you are!” The man said as he started to pump harder into Louise. Suddenly she felt his hands on her hair and he was dragging her by the hair backwards to kneel upright.
“Take her cunt Brendan!” The man behind Louise shouted to his friend. double her. And you suck on them big fat titties Suzy!” The girl giggled and clamped her lips around my wife’s nipple again as the other man pulled his trousers down to reveal his thick cock to her. Suzy reached down and grabbed his cock. Uncle Brendan!” She giggled loudly, “Fuck the bitch like you know you want to!” She smiled up at him. “Like you’re always fucking me!” She giggled again.

Brendan pushed his finger roughly into my wife’s pussy as she felt the cock in her arse sliding in and out. She gulped and looked over helplessly at me as Brendan pushed his thick cock forcibly up into her pussy and Suzy continued to naw on her swollen nipples. I could tell Louise was close to cumming again and especially with all the attention she was receiving. And true to her nature seconds later an orgasm swept through her used body. And as her muscles were contracting she felt her arse, with its cheeks spread apart, being filled with hot cock fluid as the man behind groaned loudly. He pulled out and Brendan forced Louise back onto the seat before pulling out of her. Kneeling above her as she lay helplessly on the floor of the car, I filmed as Suzy bent her head to suck on her Uncle’s hard cock before releasing it and wanking it down over my wife’s huge udders. Her wrist action was fast and seconds later he was shooting load after load of cum down onto her heavy chest, before leaning back and watching. Suzy leaned down again to work her mouth like a vacuum all over Louise’s big soft udders lifting the hot cum before leaning over my wife and squeezing her face to open her mouth. Slowly she let the spunk dribble out of her mouth and it splashed down onto my wife’s lips lips. My cock was rock hard at this point in time.

“Swallow it bitch!” Suzy screamed and I watched as Louise gulped it down, powerless to do anything else.

Having had their fill with my wife they left the taxi and I entered the back of the taxi.
“You still enjoying this?” I asked looking at her lovingly. With a tentative smile she nodded and I could tell by her eyes that she hadn’t had enough yet.
“Right, take the basque and your thong off!” I demanded, “And put the dress back on.” Louise smiled without saying a word but never took her eyes off mine. Her big fat juicy melons looked magnificent within the thin material of the dress and my cock was close to exploding from the shows I had seen so far. But I wanted to wait until the end before giving my wife what she and I really wanted. I pulled out a bag and fished my hand into it and Louise watched with a gleam in her eyes as I pulled out a collar on a chain.
“Put that around your neck Slut!” I demanded, before turning back to Alan.
“Know any dogging sites Alan?” I asked! Without even replying the car started to move again. Alan chuckled, “Dogging, it is Sir!”

To be

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