Marina pregnant after three dates

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It's been incredibly hard to concentrate on conversation, and business deals while not thinking about Marina's phone call after her doctor visit. My new sexy 35 year old girlfriend of one week is pregnant. Marina is over joyed with the news, her dream of having a family is coming true. My thoughts of her legs and butt in tights makes me horny. When I come home from the office, she gives me a kiss hello as I walk in the door and she senses how turned on I am by her. She feels it in my kiss and in my arms as I take her hand in mine, then wrap them around her. She feels it in my hardness as I press against her during our hug. Marina can tell how turned on I am by the hunger in my kiss as I pull away from her mouth and kiss her chin, her cheek, her neck. She feels my hot breath on your cool skin and my teeth just nipping at the side of your neck. I'm sure you'll get an idea as my hands wandering down and lifting the hem of her dress, lifting it above her waist. I gently and slowly guide her toward the wall of the hallway so she can lean against the wall. She feels my hands slip under the top of her panties, then follow the line down between her butt cheeks. My hands then glide back up over her cheeks, squeezing them slightly and pulling her hips toward me. As I'm kissing her, she feels me slide her panties down to her knees. I then reach behind her as I flick my tongue across her lips and suck gently on her tongue, and unzip her dress. I lift it over her head and continue kissing her, pressing her against the wall.

Then, I turn her around so she is leaning against the wall. Standing behind her, I caress her neck and shoulders, then run my hands over her arms, all the way down to her hands, as she feels my cock pressing against her butt through my pants. I run my hands back up her arms and across her smooth back until I reach the clasp of her bra. I undo it then and watch her shrug her bra off. From behind, I see the soft curve of her breasts as they fall free and she swears she feels me get even harder. I run my fingers as lightly as possible down her spine until they reach her hips then, kneeling behind her, I place them on her hips and lean in to softly kiss her butt cheeks. As I kiss them, running a finger into the cleft of her crack. As I tease her by flicking my tongue along her ass, I gently push her legs apart. From where I'm kneeling, I have the most perfect view of her silky smooth and damp pussy. Savoring the view for a moment, I feel her hand on my head, stroking my hair. I kiss her hip, looking up at her pressed against the wall, I exaggerate moistening my fingers before sliding two of them into her. I'm smiling as I feel her tense for a moment and hear her gasp. I only push my fingers in a little way before withdrawing them again and keep them hovering around her opening, just so she can feel them there. That sensation of sliding into her is so good that I want to experience it again, so I firmly push into her again, and curl my fingers around so they fill her as much as possible.

In and out, slowly, then gathering speed, I thrust them into her, all the while loving the view of her lips spread apart and my fingers gleaming with her juices. I run my tongue from her knees, up the back of her legs , to her butt, on both sides. After a five minutes, I pull my fingers out and lick them clean with a huge smile. At this point, I see her looking back at me, waiting…I lean forward and kiss her, she is kissing me back hungrily, moaning and growling into my mouth. I slide one hand back along your arm until my hand is resting on hers, our fingers entwined, while my other hand slides my pants down and my feet kick them off. I'm sure she figures out how turned on I am as she feels me guide myself into her from behind, my hard shaft stretching her apart and filling her up. That hand then slides around her belly and holds her tight as I start to thrust in and out of her, slowly and teasingly. After I thrust into her half a dozen times, enjoying the natural fit of her ass against my crotch, she pulls away from me, saying " No no no, this isn't right!" My cock slides out of her and she stands upright, shiny and wet. She quickly gets rid of her boots and dress, then pushes me hard against the wall. Kissing me deeply, she then licks and kisses her way down my chest, lingering over my nipples, drawing circles around them with her tongue as she holds my hands down by my side. Her teeth and tongue tease them to hardness and causes me to thrust against her, gasping. The mischievous look she gives me is enough to turn any man on. Then she runs her tongue down my belly as she knelt, until her cheek grazes the tip of my cock. Knowing what I'm aching for her, she ignores it and licks down the front of my thigh, giggling as I groan in protest. Without warning, she dives in and playfully nips at my balls, making me yell in pleasure. Her hands run up the back of my legs, tight and taut. My hard, wet cock is right there in front of her, but she is ignoring it for as long as she can, knowing it will make the sensation even more intense for me.

She continues to nibble on my balls while occasionally stopping to kiss my belly and legs, keeping me whimpering with desire and completely unsure of what she will do next. I know that, at some point, her hands will slide up the back of my legs and her long fingers will grab my ass cheeks, her nails digging in as she playfully asserts her authority on me. Marina sees how turned on I am, with the head of my cock completely exposed from the cover of it's foreskin shroud, and a string of fresh pre-cum trailing from the purple head to my now-damp belly button. While kissing and licking me everywhere but there, she leans into break that trail with her tongue and will " brush her tongue over the tip of the head, just once. I'd be lucky enough to be looking down at her as she did and notice the hungry, devilish look on her face. Right now, I have one hand in her hair and another sweeping up and down her body, tweaking her tiny pink nipples, then caressing my belly and reaching down to my cock. Every time it came close though, she slapped it away. I feel her hand on the base of it and then hear her giggle as she steers it away from my seeking hand. I'm growling Into to her mouth like an animal, as she teases by grabbing my tongue in her teeth. Her hands are scratching down my back, in my hair, on my chest, everywhere at once. I'd be back where I started, kissing her neck and her ear, nibbling her earlobe, nuzzling her neck softly, running my tongue from behind her ear down her neck to her beautiful delicate collarbone, then kissing my way along it, sucking gently on her skin as I move to her shoulder. With one hand on her hip and the other holding hers, I kiss my way along her arm, enjoying the feeling of her arm hairs lightly tickling my lips and tongue. When I got to her hand, I caress my cheek for a minute as I smile at her, then I suck each of her fingers deeply, enjoying the faint taste of me on them. She is running her other hand through my hair and lightly pulling it.

" It's your turn Honey. Kneel over my face?" " Ok", she answered, without hesitation, She lifts her leg over me, straddling my neck, just out of reach. The view is amazing; her swollen, wet pussy in front of me, her belly and boobs, her still-neat hair and that smile…" There's something I want to do first," She whispers, her hands on her belly. Knowing what is coming, there is anticipation and desire in my eyes, which drives her on. Her left hand slides up to her tits and cups one, squeezing it and stretching her hard nipple. Her other hand slides down, over her belly to between her legs. Her fingers slide down between her lips, opening them up in front of me, sliding inside, probing, rubbing, teasing. I don't know where to look, up or down. When my hand wanders in, she says " uh uh!" me. So I lie here, watching her masturbate in front of me, not letting me touch her. Every part of her beautiful body, starting to be slick with sweat, is turning me on. The hunger in her eyes as her fingers rub and probe, her other hand holding her perfect boob, her moaning and whimpering. I feel like I'm about to explode.

My tongue slides quickly over the pink, exposed perfection, moving up for a moment or longer, massaging the hood. My tongue occasionally loses its gentle touch when it dives deeply into her, returning each time to slide back up to again, to slowly tongue the small, soft length still hidden, protected by its tiny hood. I slide my tongue up and down, wanting her to feel what I feel when she slides her mouth up and down my cock, wanting her to feel, as I do, the first pulsing waves that will later grow to a orgasm. I take my time at this stage, slower is better. I lose myself in foolish thoughts for a minute, between a need for the explosion of her orgasm, and the desire for this moment to never end. Not for long though, and I return to experience the taste and smell of her sex, the sound of her breathing quickening, and the rhythm of her pussy as it thrusts against my mouth, and tightens around my tongue, her creamy thighs tightening around my head.

Marina lays down on the bed on her back, spreading her legs wide, I'm on my knees between her legs. I place the purple head at the swollen entrance to her pussy, then sink down into her slowly, enjoying the sensation of it filling her up, sliding slowly in, until I'm laying on top of her. I'm looking down on her, smiling as I watch the expression on her face when she feels me slip inside her. That first moment where I slide into her, that's my favorite part, so I stay there for a moment, both of us enjoying the feeling. Marina is so tight, I almost came right then. She feels my cock pushing open her pussy. My cock hit her cervix so I let her legs fall to the side and kiss her. My hands fondling her tits. I ease my cock back nearly coming out of her tight wet cunt. Then suddenly I thrust my cock fully in causing her scream. " John…you are so She kept quiet while I begin moving my body against hers. I'd gotten soft for a moment, but she again feels my cock swelling against her. I kiss her very hard, practically shoving my tongue down her throat. She begins squirming under me, she kept quiet as I thrust in and out of her. " God, Marina, you're hot. You feel incredible," I moan. Her pussy throbbing with each thrust, and she begins moving her hips with my thrusting, driving myself towards my orgasm. " Oh god, you DO like this," I moan. My thrusting is getting faster, and my balls are slapping her ass. She can tell I'm about to cum. She is too.

I thrust hard inside her, my swollen cock throbbing with each shot of cum. I'm so turned on that I keep grinding, keep thrusting, and I came too, her pussy contracting and releasing around my massive cock. I can't get enough and sat up, beginning to fuck her harder and faster, stimulating myself and, dammit her. The ridge on the head of my hard cock is stroking her g-spot in the right way, and she came again, squirting her juice all over me. She thrashes under me, unable to withstand the sensation of a massive orgasm. I keep fucking her as hard as I can, and the throbbing of her soaked pussy squeezing me repeatedly, sending sensations rippling through my body. She came a third time, this time the orgasm so intense that she screams, and that is all I needed to send me towards the edge. I whipped my huge, throbbing cock out of her and begin stroking it over her stomach. So much of her juice is on me that I didn't need any lubricants, and she watched, fascinated, as I masturbated onto her stomach and chest. My orgasm is more intense than the first, and I squeezed the head of my cock hard, my body convulsing, trying to milk out every last drop of white liquid. When I'm finished, I grabbed my t-shirt and cleaned her off, admiring her body once again. She can't help it. " That is the best sex I ever had, John." She whispered. " Yeah?" I whispered back. " Yeah," She said.

We laid there, naked, and she marveled that what started out involuntarily could end up so amazing. The sex is amazing, despite the pain when she is penetrated by my monster cock, despite the rough animal lust driven sex, despite the multiple sex every day. Marina has never experienced sex that is unpredictable until now. We are excited about her pregnancy. She put wet pecks on my lips. We both collapsed again for the third time that night onto the bed totally worn out.

story by: horny fox

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Author: horny fox

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