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Susan age 31 met me at the gym and I invited her to my place for a massage. She feels cold leather against her skin. The sensation is causing goosebumps all over her body. She adjusted her towel to cover her exposed skin, but that did nothing to reduce her skin's level of excitement. She is lying face down on a massage table waiting for me. She has never had a massage before, and the anticipation is doing as much to make her hair stand on end than the cold. She wishes I would hurry up and get in here. She is getting impatient, squirming with anticipation as she hears footsteps approaching. From the sound of the footsteps she guesses it is a man, and not a small one. " Hi. I'll be massaging you," I said as I approached the table. " Ready to get started?" Susan simply grunted a yes as she looked at me. I walked to the side of the table and opened the towel that is covering her back.

Susan tensed up as the cool air of the room hit her freshly exposed skin. Another batch of goosebumps attacked her body as she lay there exposed. She isn't use to having this much of her body exposed, even though she is confident in her petite slim body, and she is noticeably nervous. " Just relax, don't tense up," I said comfortingly. " Sorry. This is my first time," Susan replied. " Don't worry. Just let me know if I'm using too much force," I said as I begin my massage. As Susan feels my hands on her neck, her concerns melt away into nothing. I'm gently rubbing the sides of her neck, erasing the tension that built up during her stressful week. As I transitioned into her shoulders, she let out an involuntary moan. " Is that too hard?" I asked. " That feels perfect," Susan replied.
I continue my assault on her shoulders as she lay there in ecstasy. I'm firmly rubbing her tense muscles working from the center of her body towards her arms. I begin kneading her arms, slowly working from the shoulder all the way down to her hands. As she lay there enjoying every movement of my hands, she feels herself start to get wet.

I walk around the head of the table to the other side of her body, and she notices that my shorts aren't doing a good job of concealing the fact that I'm also getting turned on. The fact that merely touching her shoulders and arms is having this affect on me excited her even more. She knew immediately that the first thing she will do when she got home is get herself off. She needed to cum and she wanted it to be as soon as possible. I finish with her arm and begin working from her shoulder blades to her lower back. My hands are digging into her back, walking a fine line between pain and pleasure. With every press of my fingers, she fought back the urge to moan. I work lower and lower, now focusing totally on her lower back. With each series of rubs, I got closer to the towel that is covering her small firm ass. She feels me getting closer and is dying for me to rip the towel off and continue. As she feels my fingers rub underneath the edge of the towel, she lets a moan of anticipation slip. Then she feels my hands stop and hears footsteps moving towards the foot of the table.

Susan is soaking wet at this point. She needs to be touched. Her crotch is on fire with desire and there is nothing she can do about it at this point. She tries to grind her hips on the table, to give herself a little release but it only increases her urge. I arrived at the foot of the table and picked up one of her legs. I begin rubbing the balls of her foot, then down into her arch. Susan tries to focus on her feet to alleviate some of the fire she feels in her loins, but it didn't help. Even the seemingly non sexual sensation of a foot rub is driving her crazy. I have now moved on to her calves, firmly kneading the muscle like a baker to a batch of dough. With each move, she feels me spread her legs slightly farther apart. She feels that she is on display for me to see, and the thought of me seeing her most private area arouses her even more. My hands once again reach the edge of the massage area as she feels my fingers brush against the towel. " What do you think you're doing?" Susan asks as she feels me removing the towel, leaving her completely exposed. " Don't worry, it's part of the massage," I said with a sense of urgency in my voice as I begin rubbing her bare ass.

The thought of protesting seems ridiculous once she feels my hands on her ass. The feeling is incredible. Susan bites her lip to keep from moaning out loud as I roughly grab her cheeks. It certainly feels more than a massage. She isn't sure she can call it a massage at this point. She feels my hands leave her ass moving to her thigh. She is half relieved and half disappointed with the change of location. I work higher and higher up her leg until my hand brushes up against her soaking pussy. " I think this has gone far enough," Susan said as she clamps her legs together. " I don't think that's the case at all," I said as I pull her roughly towards me. I lean in pressing my lips firmly against hers. At first she tries to fight off the kiss, but she found her body unwilling to cooperate. She found herself passionately kissing me back. I broke off the kiss and start kissing down her neck down to her naked tits. I sucked on her nipple, biting gently and swirling my tongue around it as I pinch her other nipple. Susan moans loudly, my actions sending jolts of pleasure coursing through her body. I slide down, kissing her stomach as I went, until Susan feels my hot breath between her legs.

" Seriously, we are done here," Susan said as she put both her hands on my head and tries to push me away."
" What makes you think you have a say in what goes on?" I said as I roughly push her arms onto the table. " You are mine to do what I want with, and there is nothing you can do to stop it." I grab Susan by the legs sliding her down the table until her ass is almost hanging off the end. I kneel in front of her leaning in, kissing her on the inner thigh. She squirms in confusion, not knowing whether to scream or enjoy what is happening. I put my mouth over her pussy and she feels my tongue so close to her clit. She squirms trying to force me to touch her. " You need this don't you?" I said as I exhaled on her exposed pussy. The air from my breath on her wet pussy sent chills through her body. I lean back in teasing her again. " Please," Susan begs. I lean in shoving my tongue into her wet cunt and fucking her with it. Susan moaning loudly into the empty room, finally getting what she has been longing for since meeting me. As I pumped my tongue into her she writhed on the table in pleasure. I pulled my tongue out and replaced it with my finger as I turn my attention to her clit. I licked it once and she moaned in response. " You like that?" I asked as I buried my face between her legs.

I begin furiously licking her clit, getting into a rhythm then changing it so the sensation keeps changing. I swirl my tongue around her clit and she feels an orgasm building inside her. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it as I vigorously fucked her cunt with my finger. As she is about to cum, I stopped. I stood up and roughly pull her off the table onto her knees. I stood up in front of her and dropped my pants, my monster cock staring her in the face. " Don't stare at it like you don't know what to do with one, suck it Susan," I snarled at her as I grabbed her by the hair. Susan obediently opened her mouth and licked the head of my cock. As she opened her mouth, I thrust my cock inside and begin fucking her face like it is a pussy. " You like it when I use you?" I asked her. Susan just moans around my cock, unable to speak. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and dangled my balls in front of her. She obediently begins licking and sucking on them. I pushed and pulled her this way and that at my whim; I'm always in
control, doing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. A distant part of her consciousness still can't believe she is allowing me to explore her so shamelessly, but the rest of her is on sexual auto-pilot and her arousal keeps building. Giving in to her feelings, she begins to enjoy this roughness and loss of control, reveling in the feeling of being forcefully used.

She is almost limp when I pull her into a bedroom and onto the bed, rolling her onto her back. As I push her thighs apart, she tries to resist, but it is a token response, a foolish gesture neither took seriously. Moving between her spread legs, I grasp my hard cock by the base and place its bloated head against her vaginal opening. forcing the folds of wet flesh apart. She panted and gasped, fingers frantically rubbing her clit, as she feels the inside of her pussy being slowly pulled apart as it grasps the huge mass being forced into it. She screams in pleasure-pain as she feels her womanhood being violated, stretched and opened in a way she has never imagined as I continue to slide myself deeper into her. Her legs are wrapped around me as she is sweating under me, grinding her hips and
grunting shamelessly as she tries to accommodate me. She feels stuffed, her body impaled, as my cock moves
further into her tight, grasping tunnel. I'm slowly opening her, reaching places deep inside her, places
she has never known existed, creating an intense sensation of pleasurable fullness.

By the time my cock finally bottomed out, Susan is overwhelmed, gasping and squealing, clawing at my back, screaming at me to please fuck her hard. But I keep moving slowly, tormenting her until she can't bear it. She knew, on some far away level, that she is behaving like a total slut, but that didn't stop her as she took control, thrusting her hips forward so fast she almost lifts me off the bed. When her orgasm hit the feeling is like nothing she has had ever experienced. From its epicenter deep inside her it blossomed out in such intense pleasurable waves that she feared she might be having a seizure. She gives herself over to her climax completely, remaining in its throes, making no attempt to control her writhing body or stifle the curses and animal-like shrieks that poured from some primitive place inside her. I'm pleased with myself as I look down at her disheveled, sweat drenched body. Then I rocked back on my heels and pulled my still hard cock out of her spent pussy, which now gaped open.When she looked, she noticed my cock is still large and hard I had never come. Susan feels hyper aroused and
begins to mewl and squirm at the same time she reached for my cock and begins to stroke it.

Grabbing her, I flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She responded immediately, spreading her legs, arching her back, exposing her moist, open slit. I knee walked forward until I'm close enough to slide the huge purple head of my penis up and down in the furrow of her soaking labia. At this light contact, she makes a noise between a pant and a groan. I grab a fistful of her beautiful hair, now matted with sweat, and jerk her head back. " What do you want, bitch?" I asked gruffly. " Please, oh, please…." she whimpers, hoping I will stop her humiliation, but knowing otherwise. I tightened my grip, pulling her head back more sharply. I found her clit with my thumb and begin a gentle massage, causing her body to shudder. " It's easy, Susan. Just tell me what you want, what you need, what all women need." She is beaten and knew it. " Goddamn you, fuck me…just put your cock in me and fuck me," she panted in a rasping voice, her tone betraying true desperation.

Unable to take anymore myself, I slip the head of my swollen cock inside her cunt and begin to push. Susan grunted loudly as she feels the heft of my massive cock burrowing inside her, spreading her pussy walls apart as it opened her tight channel. For just a moment she feels the familiar pain-pleasure, it is quickly replaced by pure pleasure as I grab her hips and increase thrusting, ramming my thick shaft into her harder. Susan is coming completely unraveled, shaking her head from side to side and beating her fists against the mattress, while delivering an unbroken babble of screams, groans and curses. She wouldn't have thought it possible, but it felt even better this time. I have wedged my cock in very deep, hitting new, more sensitive spots inside her. Suddenly, there is a new sensation as I push one of my thick fingers deep into her anus. Earlier, she would have panicked, but now she just groans in pleasure as she feels both my cock and my finger working inside her, separated by only a thin membrane of skin. This takes her to another level of arousal never before experienced, sending another charge through her overheated body. She is dripping sweat and panting as she looks at me over her shoulder, telling me in a ragged, gasping voice that she is so close and please fuck her faster.

After several minutes of hard thrusting, I knew she was close, for I feel the twitching, tightening contractions of her anus around my finger. When Susan finally went over the edge she lost all control; her pale, sultry body begins to shake and convulse and she lets out a series of high pitched screams and squeals that echo off the walls of the room. As she continues to orgasm, I drove my cock in deep, finally hitting her cervix, then held myself still as I erupted with an orgasm as violent as hers. My heavy balls contracted and I begin to shoot hot thick streams of seed deep into her fertile womb. Moments later, we both collapsed on the bed, utterly spent. After awakening from a brief sleep, Susan snuggled against me. Her inner thighs are trembling and a stream of semen trickles from her vagina, forming a damp circle on the sheet. She looks at me lovingly and said she'd never been fucked like that. I smiled and cuddled her close, feeling her softness and warmth of her lush body. " You need to have a older lover to teach you what real sex is like," I laughed. " Now, you are my lover."

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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