Me mom and sis part-1

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It was a bright Sunday morning. I am usually a bit late on these days. It was not before 10 o clock that I ever woke up on a Sunday morn, especially like this. But who knew today my whole life was going to change. I am Katy, a fifteen year old girl. I live in the outskirts of New York with my mother Megan, and my 17 year old sis’ Lily. My mom told when I was nine that our father left us for someone else. I couldn’t understand why. In my school my mom was the most beautiful mother of two, in all ways. So what was the reason that dad left us? I never got an answer till now, and I don’t think I need that.
I was sitting on my bed, smelling the awesome aroma of bacons and fries. When I was 11, I was taught about the changes in our bodies during this age. And I was pretty excited about those. So on Saturdays I wear only a panty and bra when I sleep, as I keep exploring myself during the night.
I stood up lazily, and went towards my bathroom. It’s good to have a mom with awesome amount of money for anything. We live in a great mansion, of two storeys. There are three rooms, with attached and separate loo and bathroom. Downward there is the kitchen, dining hall and the visitors’ room. I took up a magazine as I sat in the lavatory. After I was done there, I pulled off my bra and panty and went to the bathroom. I was halfway through my bath when the phone rang. As mom and sis were out in the garden busy with the bacons, I picked up the extension. It was my principal. She called to congratulate me that I got my scholarship for math.
I was standing in the garden with broad grin in less than a minute. “What is it honey? Something special?” my mom asked. “I got my math I announced with pride. Both, mom and sis smashed me between them at the same time. I never felt uneasy while hugging my mom and sis, but this time I got a squirmy feeling between my pussy, as our bodies smashed each other’s. “This calls for a party huh?” mom said gleefully. We went to a ladies club, and I tasted the first beer of my life. Although it didn’t taste good, after two more mugs I was, flying across the skies. All three of us returned home quite drunk. Since it was my first I was more drunk than anyone else. But I quite distinctly remember that I was so pathetic I literally tore off my clothes, which were making me itch, and even in that state I could distinctly remember mom and sis, gaping at my semi nude body. I slowly made my way up to my room and fell into instant deep slumber.
I woke up next day only to feel something in my pussy. Then I realized it was my hand only. But again someone tugged at it. I opened my eyes to see mom lifting my soaked panty and trying to take out my fingers out of my pussy. I jerked them out at once and sat bolt upright. Mom lifted a hand and rested it on my shoulder and said, “Its fine honey. I know this happens. If you have any problem then let me know okay? And give me those panties of yours. They need a good wash.” I hesitated first, and then slowly pulled it down revealing my complete cunt to my mom. I could see her eyes brighten a little, but didn’t dare to speak. She slowly regained her composure and stood up. She knelt close to my mouth and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I was astounded. She never kissed me before like that. But whatever it was for, it felt good. As she went slowly towards the door, I could swear that I saw her literally smelling and just before turning to close the door licking my panties.

I looked at the watch. It was too late to go to school now. I remember now, how lucky I was that I forgot to lock my door when I went to the loo. After I did the daily job, I turned on the shower full blast and squatted on the floor. I slowly started rubbing my clit. It was now almost a daily routine. As I came, I suddenly became aware that I was fantasizing about my mom, and screamed so hard that it must have echoed in the house. I was almost on the verge of passing out as one after another orgasm followed in tow. Just then I heard a soft tap on the bathroom door. Shit. I thought to myself. “Honey, are you all right in there?” it was my mom. “Yeah, mom I am absolutely fine.” I tried not to breathe too hard. “You are breathing hard honey. I am coming in, to check.” What??? Mom never said so. She never came inside even my room to check. I heard the door knob click and saw her entering wearing a bathrobe. After so many orgasms, I didn’t have the energy to stand up. She slowly came over and turned off the shower. Then she helped me up and took me to bed. As I stood there stark nude with my mother only wearing a bathrobe, I again felt squirmy. I slowly felt her hands behind my neck as she craned it towards her mouth. She kissed me. This time long and a bafflingly passionate one. Her other hand searched my inner thighs and touched my coochie. I started only for a split second as she engulfed me into another kiss while her left hand found my clitoris (I searched the net and found these words and the parts). It felt like I was flying a fighter jet plane. It was so sexy, so horny feeling that I could barely move.

Slowly I eased a little more. Mom stood up and threw off the robe to reveal a body worthy to defeat even Britney Spears body. I just couldn’t take my eyes off the body. She smiled down on me. Slowly she pushed me further on my bed. We kissed for the umpteenth time with passion flowing out of both of our lips. As our lips opened and tongues frantically searched for each other, I felt her hands guiding mine and letting it rest on her cunt. Then she reached for mine and slowly pushed some fingers in it. Without any word she backed a little to suck on my mooooooom. I looooooove I just couldn’t speak properly as I breathed short too often. She slowly moved down, inch by inch, taking in the taste of my body all the way down. Then suddenly I felt her tongue touch my cunt lips, making me almost flush out. I let out a loud gasp. Before I could say anything she dug in my pussy and was frantically licking and sucking it. And without even thinking what was happening, my mouth started pouring out all that I heard in the videos one the net. mom, yeah. Oh fuck me mom. Make me cum. Fuck me you slutty mother.” I didn’t even think what I was saying. I almost screamed my throat out when the orgasm came. I don’t know what happened to mom. But I thought that it should never stop.
Again I felt lips of my mom trying to open mine as her tongue searched mine. We again kissed for long time. Then she laid back and winked at me, you do one for me?” I was always an obedient girl, so as soon as she spoke the words I dug in with my tongue in her pussy. I licked the outer lips. I couldn’t stop myself and heard myself saying, “Your clit tastes awesome mom.” yeah??? Then make it cum in your mouth.” I started licking and sucking with all my might, and got my results. It looked like it was never going to end. The sweet and sour honey.
“Mom, you should think we should tell sis about this?” “Oh yeah. She and I are doing this when she was a year younger than you. Did you like it?” I nodded hard. We stayed there for some time. As my mom was getting up I asked, “Mom, you know we are only three of us here so do we need to be clogged in clothes a t home too?” she smiled, “I and Lily had thought the same thing. So from today we can stay the natural way at home, and honey can’t you call me Megan? Coz I am your lover now. Lily always calls me that.” She winked and walked away, as I sat on my bed, wet with juices and watching her go down to prepare food.
I went down too, to eat. Only this time, I was not thinking that if I forgot to wear my bra or panties. I was just waiting for Lily to />
(Yo, if you liked that, then say it. The next part will be hotter than this one)

story by: sherlock.holmes

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