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It was a small wedding just a few friends and family. We had it in the town hall with the Justice of the Peace. Patricia wore a light beige dress and I was in an old suit from my younger more professional days. Patricia’s maid of honor, Kristine had her usual sour look on her face and my best man was an old friend that flew out for the occasion. Once we said our vows and exchanged rings, we moved to the reception. It was another small affair in the local lodge with dinner and drinks. Patricia and I had our wedding dance to a very romantic song holding each other very close. When it came to the speeches, my best man gave a great one wishing us a long and happy marriage and a long life together. Kristine on the other hand just said that she hoped that we’d do better now than the last time. What a bitch.

The honeymoon was simple. I rented a small cabin in a wooded area about 50 miles from home. It was a beautiful area completely surrounded by trees and a small pond with fish about a quarter mile from the cabin. The cabin was simple. Kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom. It was perfect for the two of us. Once we settled in, we went to the bedroom to unpack. We were both exhausted from the day’s events and needed a nap. Once we were both in bed however, napping wasn’t going to happen. As I stroked her hair she kissed me on the lips gently and pulled my face to hers. Opening my mouth with hers, she slid her tongue into my mouth and we had a very long kiss. As our tongues intertwined she pulled my hands up to her breasts. She stopped our kiss, sat up and pulled her pajama top off revealing her perfect breasts. I sat up as well and pulled my top off as well. We embraced again with her perky tits pressed against my chest. With my arms wrapped around her I rolled her under so that she was under me never breaking the kiss. As we continued to mash our tongues together and as I groped her perfect breasts, I stopped. Rising up on my knees I pulled her pajama bottoms down to reveal what I had never expected. I had seen Patricia naked before, but I had never seen her vagina up close. Her pussy didn’t look like that of a 40 year old women that had birthed two children, but that of a 20 year old. Her inner lips were well concealed by her still puffy outer lips and she had a well-trimmed bush. As much as I wanted to bury my face in it, I needed to stick my dick in it more. I pulled my undies down exposing an engorged cock that needed relief and lay back down on top of her. As I continued to kiss her I slowly slipped the head in. She moaned as I went deeper and deeper inside her. Knowing that it had been a couple years since she had last had sex, I was taking my time penetrating her to avoid any discomfort. Soon I was all the way in and started long slow strokes. I couldn’t believe how wet warm and tight she was. As I continued to pump in and out of that beautiful hole I could hear her breathing begin to get deeper and deeper as she sucked on my earlobe. Raising her legs, she wrapped them around my waist and our sweaty bodies began to reach the point of no return. Her moans had turned into quiet cries of joy as my speed increased in anticipation of my own orgasm. “Oh you feels so good baby. Fuck me deep”. I began to pump harder and faster until I felt her start to quiver beneath me. “I’m cumming too babe…. Uhhhh…. Uhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhhh” I grunted as my climax started. “Give it all to me” she cried out as she climaxed simultaneously with me. As the jets of sperm shot out of me and deep into her insides we held each other tight. After a couple minutes of deep kissing, she relaxed her legs from around my back and we rolled together to one side as my flaccid spent organ slipped out of her. “I love you” she whispered to me face to face. “I love you” I responded. With that we both slipped into a deep sleep, still holding each other close.

A few hours later I awoke to a beautiful sight. There was my new bride, hair still wet from the shower orally pleasuring me. She stopped when she notice that I was awake and said “Well hello sleepy head. You didn’t think I was going to let you sleep all night did you?” “I’m glad you I replied. “Get up here and give me a big kiss.” She slid up until she was face to face with me and kissed me softly. “I didn’t mean with those lips.” I said with a devilish grin on my face. She had the same grin on her face as she slid up and placed that perfect beaver just above my mouth. I started slowly, licking the bottom of her perfect hole and led my tongue up the side of her inner lips before I attacked her clit. As I licked it, my lips sucked her pussy like she had never had before. Gripping the headboard, she came and came again. My constant flicking of her clit with my tongue started to make her knees rubbery so she stopped me for a second and rotated herself so that we were in a 69 position. Just as she was having another orgasm, she pulled my cock out of her mouth to moan and I popped. It wasn’t much, but splashed on her neck in the ropey fashion that was normal for me. Turning around to face me she grabbed a Kleenex from the nightstand and wiped the goo from her face. Grabbing another, she wiped my face clean from the glazed look that she had left around my mouth.

After a week of our honeymoon, Patricia was walking almost bow legged and my cock was raw. I could barely get any drizzle of nut to come out of me. It was time to go home and back to work. The trouble started almost as soon as we stated to unpack.

We unpacked, made dinner and went to bed. Patricia’s boys were all giggles about our condition but they stayed respectful. We slept that night holding each other but sex was not an option. We slept the sleep of death. The next day it was back to the routine. We were up early as usual, got ready for work and went on our way. After work Patricia had a surprise waiting for me. “I talked to Kristine at work today and she told me something Patricia said as I listened a little curious. “She told me that the two of you were having sex at the same time we were seeing each other”. That little cunt I thought to myself. “So do you hate me now” I asked. “Of course not” she replied. “I love you more than life itself. I was a little upset when she told me because I thought that we were exclusive to each other but it was before we started sleeping together, and the more and more I thought about it, I actually started to get aroused at the thought of seeing you in action with another women”. Coming closer to me she wrapped her arms around my back and hugged me. “Maybe someday I’ll get to see the real thing” she chuckled. Hugging her back I said see”. “The boys are going to be at a friend’s house tonight so I figured on grilling us some steaks. Sound good”? “Sounds great” I told her. “So while I’m grilling, why don’t you run to the store and grab some beer for us tonight”. “No problem hon” I told her giving her a quick kiss. “I’ll be back in a few”.

While at the store I grabbed the beer and a few other things and guess who I ran into? Kristine was all smiles when she approached me and asked how me and Patricia were doing. I told her lying through my teeth. “She threw me out today. Said that she heard that I was cheating on her when we were dating.” Kristine then confessed. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I told her about our night together. She seemed mad, but I didn’t think she would kick you out for it”. Kristine tried to have a sympathetic look on her face, but I could see the grin she was trying to suppress. Evil bitch. “I’ll make you a deal, sleep with me again and I’ll tell Patricia that I made it up because I was jealous. Nothing gross like you did last time, just good sex.” “And you will tell her that we never had sex?” I asked . “Oh yea. I loved the way you felt inside me and I want to feel it again.” Thoughts began to swirl in my mind. “Let me sleep on it. Call me tomorrow.” She agreed and went on her way. I finished my shopping and returned home. I went straight to the backyard and told Patricia what Kristine had proposed. “That evil bitch!” Patricia yelled. “What is her problem?” I calmed her down and told her that I had an idea that would both satisfy her desire to see me with another woman as well as humiliate Kristine. “If you can pull it off go for it babe.” Patricia said. I told her that it would be quite ugly and take a day or two to set up. She was fine with that, and so after dinner we watched some TV, orally satisfied each other and went to sleep.

The next day Kristine called and asked about her offer. I said that it would be fine and to meet me at my hotel room that I had been staying at since Patricia had thrown me out. Little did she know that I had talked to an old friend of mine that worked in the surveillance industry. He set the room up with wireless cameras that would cover every angle and upload to a laptop under the bed. All of the cameras were tiny so that even I didn’t know where they were.

Kristine arrived about an hour later and immediately grabbed me and jammed her tongue into my mouth. I responded by mashing tongues with her but feeling just a little disgusted. She tore her clothes off and then started to pull mine off as well. Both naked, we fell upon the bed and she said “Stick it in me”. I did so and she responded with an I pumped her for a few minutes until she was about ready to climax then I stopped. Sticking my tongue back in her mouth, I kept her from cumming until I was ready. I pulled out of her pussy until just the tip of the head of my dick was in. I waited until she cooled off and then plowed it back in. Pumping a little longer, she was ready to cum again so I would stop. Once she cooled down, I sat myself up right between her legs and continued the tease. I would drive it in balls deep then pull out all but the tip of the head and repeat until she got close and then stop. I continued this for about five minutes then decided that it was time to have me some fun. I plowed my dick back in but before she could go over the top, I pulled out all the way, lowered my cock just a little and with a hard thrust jammed it in to her rectum. She reacted with an but as I forced more and more of my cock deeper into her ass, she started to enjoy it. “Oh yes. That feels great” At that point I started to get irritated. As I pumped deeper into her ass she tried to play with her clit. Each time I would slap her hand away and pound harder but she was loving it. I drove my cock into her colon trying to make it hurt, but the bitch just yelled for me to pound her ass harder grippe dthe sheets in her fists and CAME!!! At that point I was ready as well so I shot my first burst of nut up her ass and then in mid squirt pulled out and plunged back into her pussy to drain the rest. Let her drip from two holes for the rest of the day. As I collapsed next to her she looked at me and said “I never thought that anal would feel so good. I was always so afraid of it”. I told her that I needed a shower and reminded her of our deal. worry, I’ll take care of you and Patricia”. I couldn’t see it but she had that evil grin on her face again. While I was in the shower she dressed and popped her head in through the curtain. wait till I see you next time”. She blew me a kiss and left. I stayed in the shower for about another fifteen minutes trying to wash off that feeling of yuk. I got out, dressed, collected the laptop and headed to my friend’s house to do the editing.

“Damn Mike. I can’t believe the footage that your cameras captured”. He had placed the cameras at every conceivable angle so that there could be no mistake as to who Kristine was and what was being done to her. “High tech stuff buddy” he said. “Now I just have to remember where I put each camera” he continued with a chuckle. “Just remember to digitize my face. No one needs to know who I am, just who she is and that she enjoying being corn holed. Oh yea, make me two copies of the disk. Patricia wants to see this as well”. “I can’t believe the change that you’ve made in Patricia”. Mike told me. “I’ve known her for years and it seems like night and day since the two of you got together”. a great gal Mike, she just needed someone to bring it out in her”. “You definitely did that. Let me know how it turns out with the videos”. After a couple of hours and more than a few beers, he gave me my two copies, shook my hand and I headed home.

The boys were at a game so we would have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. I put the disk in, warned Patricia about the content, and told her that I’d be in the garage when it was done. I was tinkering at my work bench twenty minutes later when all of a sudden the garage door began to close. I looked to the door going back into the house and there was Patricia with fire in her eyes. As she walked toward me she was unbuttoning her shorts. She unzipped them, they fell, and she stepped out of them never missing a beat. “We need to cleanse you cock of that skank. PUT IT IN ME NOW!!!” she demanded. She was right in front of me so I dropped my shorts and undies. I was half hard just from watching her approach me with that perfect triangular bush. She forcefully kissed me and grabbed my balls. That was all I needed. I was rock hard and ready to go. I turned her around so that her back was against the car, lifted one of her legs and slid into her pussy with no effort. She was actually sloppy wet. For the first time since I was a teenager I lost control and after only three of four pumps I blew deep inside her. As my cock pulsed inside her, she held me close and whispered in my ear, better babe, don’t ever go near that cunt again”. I withdrew, we went back in the house to clean up and I explained my plan. Patricia approved so I went to nap for a couple of hours.

Having worked in the store for a few years, I knew the routine like the back of my hand. Every morning at 3am everybody would leave the store for a smoke break. Also one of the side fire doors had the alarm disabled and was dummy locked so that employees could sneak in and out. There was no camera coverage between the door and the break room so I was able to slip in and out with no evidence that I’d ever been there. Inside the break room was a TV and a DVD player for company news. It hadn’t been used in more than a year, so nobody paid any attention to it. I made sure that everything was plugged in, popped the disk into the DVD and programmed a tiny remote that Mike had given me to power up both devices. I slipped back out the door just as the crew was returning to work.

The next morning was Friday and the busiest day of the week at the store so the most employees would be there. Patricia arrived at work a few minutes early and went to the break room to get some coffee. There was a large crowd now of people waiting for the pre-shift meeting, so Patricia was pleased to see Kristine arrive walking like she was in some discomfort. “Hi Patricia” she beamed with that evil grin again. up Kristine” Patricia responded with an evil grin of her own. “Well, I hate to tell you this, but me and your husband had sex again”. With that Patricia reached into her pocket and pressed the remote. The TV and DVD came to life and Patricia looked at Kristine and said, “I know, I told him to”. The video was just starting to show me shoving my dick in her ass and Kristine was horrified. fuck with my marriage bitch”! Patricia told her. To the sounds of “pound my ass” Kristine ran from the building crying her eyes out. She was never seen in that store again. After the footage had looped a couple of times, someone finally had the decency to pull the plug. Since my face was digitized and my voice was deleted, Patricia had no liability and still continues to work for the company.

So there you have it. One mean chick converted and the other disposed of.

In the future Look for "Adventures with Patricia”.

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