Wi-fi master part 4

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Wi Fi Master
Part 4

Introduction: With three installments down and no end in sight the Golispi’s have ran into trouble with the law. Well that will be handled quickly and Howard’s going to find the girl of his dreams.

Chapter 1

Ronnie left Howard’s room and headed for the basement, to the Howard was right on his heels, he was thinking of how pissed his dad was and what he could do with the transmitters.

Howard began. “You sure you don’t want to cool down before you do something you’ll regret later?” “Howard I’m well aware of what I’m doing, don’t worry son I’m not going to kill him.” “Even though I’d like to, I have a better Idea. We may need a special contact in the Police Department someday.” Ronnie chuckled with an evil grin. When I’m through with Mr. Big Dick, He’ll be my puppet.

Ronnie brought out the transmitters and turned them on. Howard reached over and gave the main transmitter a boost. They both put their ear plugs in and went upstairs to wait for their guests to arrive.

10pm came and went and no Deputy Steele. Ronnie was beginning to worry that the bastard might show up another time when he wasn’t home or wasn’t ready for him. Everyone was on pins and needles by 10:30pm.

At 10:45 pm they heard a car in the driveway. Ronnie peaked out the window and saw the County Cruiser parked in front of the garage. Two large forms exited the car, one from each side.

They came to the door and rang the bell. Ronnie went to the door and opened it. “Ah Deputy Steele, How nice to see you again, please come in.” Ronnie said as he stepped aside to let the two officers in. They both stepped through the door one after the other and immediately had the blank look on their faces. The transmitters were working and the Officers were in for an interesting night. “Ronnie said, Come into the kitchen and meet the rest of my family.”

Of course they followed Ronnie around the corner to the kitchen, and sitting at the table was Helen, Helena, and Howard. Hello Deputy Steele said Helen with a touch of ice in her voice, “Please meet my daughter Helena and my son Howard. The big Deputy said hello and was a little confused as to why they were here. He was planning on banging the shit out of Helen’s tight old pussy while her husband licked his balls again. As he was thinking of that and trying to figure out why their kids were there, he realized he hadn’t introduced his Rookie in Training. “Oh this is Deputy Darnel Jackson everyone.”

Darnel said hello to everyone but took a particular interest in Helena.
He noticed even though she was sitting down that she had the kind of frame that he loved to ride. Thick and firm, damn he was getting hard just looking at her. Those big tits of hers were talking a language all their own and they had his full attention, that is until Ronnie said, “ok gentlemen let’s all go upstairs for some fun.

Alex Steele had not told his Rookie what was up as of yet, but as they followed the family upstairs Alex whispered to Darnel, “The old lady loves big cock and the daughter probably does too!” Darnel whispered back, “I’m going to find out if she likes it and she’s going to get it either way.

As they entered Howard’s room Ronnie said, Deputies you should strip naked immediately. Both did as Ronnie said and began to strip. It took them a couple of minutes to get their uniforms off with all their Police gear. But in a few minutes both were standing nude in front of the Golispi family. Their dicks were both soft at first and Ronnie had forgotten how big Steele was. His cock was every bit of 6 inches long and hanging down over that big set of balls.

But the real shock came when Ronnie looked from Steele to Darnel Jackson. Holy shit his dick was even longer than Steele’s. “Deputy Steele you should suck the Rookie Jackson’s dick and let’s see how big it gets when hard. Deputy Steele was pausing for a little too long for Ronnie and Ronnie shouted at him to get on his knees. The Deputy immediately dropped to his knees in front of the Rookie Jackson and began licking the soft skin behind the huge cock head.
Chapter 2
Suck it you son of a bitch!

Ronnie said to Deputy Big Dick, “Suck it you son of a bitch, and lick those balls too. Remembering how the big bastard had humiliated Ronnie earlier that day was getting Ronnie worked up now. He said, “OK Helen it’s show time!”

Helen went to the closet and got Howard’s Polaroid Camera from his bag. She said to Deputy Steele, “Smile real big for the camera” as he did she took his picture with his mouth full of dick. The photo came out and she laid it on the bed sheet covering the dresser. “Keep jacking that big cock Deputy Steele, I think the Rookie is starting to get hard.”

Sure enough Darnel’s cock had grown a couple inches and was fucking amazing in girth. None of the Golispi family had ever seen anything like it. “Hold that big cock up beside your head Deputy Steele so we can see how big it is, Ronnie said.” As he did Helen took a picture of them that showed both of them clearly and their faces.

Then Ronnie told them to both get on the bed. Of course they obeyed and Ronnie had them get in a 69 position. “Keep working that cock Deputy Steele and let’s see if the Rookie can get his Boss’s dick hard.” Ronnie said as he motioned Helen to take photos of them sucking each other. Then he had them face the camera holding the others dick next to their face and smile. Click, click, and click. Helen took three shots as fast as the camera would go.

As the two Deputies sucked and licked each other to full hardness Helena was getting really moist between the legs. Helen already knew what that big cock of Deputy Steele’s felt like hammering away at her pussy and she was wondering if Helena was thinking the same thing as she was.

Helen looked at her daughter and Helena looked back at her mother and smiled a wicked smile at her. Helen nodded toward the two big cocked black men and Helena stepped up a little closer. Helena said, do you mind if I try this black cock once before you totally humiliate them?” “I’m assuming of course you’re going to make them fuck each other’s asses?

Ronnie said, exactly what I had in mind. I want photos of them two fucking each other’s ass.” Helena said, “Well before they get those big cocks all dirty, I would like to see what one is like.”

Ronnie was reluctant to let her for many reasons, but one of the main ones were she would probably remember it tomorrow. From the studying Howard and him had done it appeared that Helena remembers what goes on while the transmitters are on. He was afraid of what she might do if she liked it. But he did want to see if he told her to forget while under the transmitter, if she would or not. So he rationalized it in his own way and gave her permission.

Helena looked at mother and smiled like the cat that got the mouse and slid onto the bed beside the two Deputies. She came along side the Rookie and began licking the opposite side of Alex Steele’s cock that Darnel was licking. She couldn’t get over the massive amount of cock she had at the tip of her tongue. She reached a hand down to Deputy Jackson’s cock and stroked the part that was not in Deputy Steele’s mouth. Alex let his hand fall away and just concentrated on the head of the Rookie’s cock while Helena pumped it into his mouth.

The scene before her wasn’t helping Helen one bit. She was getting hornier by the minute and knew of only one thing that was going to satisfy her itch. Ronnie thought he saw Helen rubbing herself out of the corner of his eye but wasn’t sure. He said, “You alright Helen?”
Chapter 3
Helen can’t take it anymore

When she didn’t answer, he repeated himself a little louder. Helen jumped a little and blushed some. She said, “Huh, What?” “I asked if you were alright Ronnie said.” Helen blurted out, “Hell no I’m not alright this sex show in front of us is making me horny as hell!”

Ronnie had about a half a hard on himself and Howard was as hard as a rock. He told Helen under two conditions she could join her daughter, one was that she would never do it again with any man besides him as long as he was living, and secondly not to let the men cum. He wanted that saved for their asses. When they woke up in the morning he wanted man cum running out of their asses. She was so horny she would have agreed to anything just then and said ok immediately. A little too quick for Ronnie but he looked on as she slid into the tangle of body’s on the bed.

The sharp contrast between black skin and white skin was so sharp it almost hurt your eyes to look at it. The white skin of the Golispi women was glowing it was so bright against the two black men. Ronnie told Howard to take a few careful pictures of the two Deputies sucking his dick, making sure no Golispi faces were in the photos. Howard did as he was asked as Ronnie stepped up to the bed and told each black man to suck his dick.

Helen reached for Ronnie’s cock as he withdrew it from Alexander’s mouth and sucked him deep into her mouth. Ronnie groaned as she worked her tongue around the head of his cock on the outward strokes. Helena got Alexander away from Deputy Jackson and was trying to fit his big cock into her mouth. Helen let go of Ronnie and he stepped back to survey the scene.

Howard stepped up to the side of the bed and told Deputy Steele to suck his cock, which the big black man did immediately. Howard pumped his cock into his mouth hard and fast and came in his mouth about five minutes later. Deputy Steele tried to swallow it all but got choked as Howard slammed his cock down his throat and the big man coughed and gagged shooting Howard’s hot sticky cum out his nose.

Helena leaned forward and started to lick Howard’s warm cum off the Deputy’s face as she continued to work that big cock deeper into her pussy. Ronnie went to the Master bedroom and got some condoms, when he returned Helen was riding Deputy Jackson’s cock but only managing an inch or two plus the huge head into her over heated snatch. She was being stretched beyond belief as the big cocked stud worked his hips up and down slowly trying to wedge more of his big meat into the tight old lady. Ronnie got up on the bed behind her and pulled her off his cock, replacing it with his own. Drilling her hard and fast trying to open her up more so she could take more of the Monster meat of Deputy Jackson.

Ronnie let the women ride the big cocks till they both had mind blowing orgasms and then told them to get up and stand beside the bed. Then he told the two black Deputies to get up on their hands and knees with their faces on the bed. Of course they both did as told. Then Ronnie handed a condom to Howard and said, “Put this on.” He seemed to pull a bottle of lube from nowhere and squirted it on his condom covered cock. He was hard enough but Howard wasn’t so Ronnie had the women go over to Howard and suck his dick and Helena seeing what Dad had in mind began fingering Howard’s ass hole. Soon after she started dipping one finger then two into his ass, he was hard as stone again.

Once both Golispi men had hard dicks with condoms on, they each mounted an Officer and brutally pounded away mercilessly until each had cum in the condom. Then Ronnie seeing both black men still had erections told them to fuck each other’s ass till they shot a big load of cum up one another’s ass. To see Deputy Steele’s ass stretched around Jackson’s huge cock was a sight to behold for damn sure. Ronnie and his family were sure he would be feeling that in the morning.

Once they were done fucking each other and Ronnie had the pictures of it he wanted he told them to get up and get dressed. When ready they all went down stairs to the front door. Ronnie told them they would each remember fucking and sucking each other but nothing else. With that he told Deputy Jackson to go to the Patrol car. Then he placed Deputy Steele in front of the open door, told him to never come here again, and to never ever bother this family again and swiftly kicked him in the ass with such force that he fell out the front door, rolled down the steps and landed in the yard.

Chapter 4
Howard sees more of Gwen

The following day Ronnie mailed three photos each to the officers with a note saying their secret was safe and someone would call if they needed their help.

The following weekend Howard was back at his parent’s house and Gwen was on the phone with his sister. When Helena got off the phone she told Howard Gwen was interested in seeing him again. Howard was excited and began to make plans; he still didn’t want to use the transmitters on her so he put that thought aside.

He called her that evening and made plans with her for the next day. He would pick her up that next day at noon; have lunch and then a walk in the park. All went well for the two of them and they found that they were very much alike. It seemed that Gwen’s business was Computers and writing software and building the necessary hardware to go with the programs she wrote.

In November of 1971 after Howard and Gwen had been dating for a year, Gwen was very busy working on a Microcomputer system. Once the project was complete and the announcements were made in all the major trade publications including Electronic News, the new 4 bit system was well on its way to being a big hit. The clock speed of the CPU was 108 kHz. Performance was an unheard of 60,000 operations per second, using 2300 transistors based on 10 micron technology.
By August of the following year Gwen’s work was booming, a Canadian Company had introduced the world’s first programmable word processor with a video screen. At Xerox, Jack Hawley developed the first digital mouse.

Howard was off for the summer from his work at the University and seeing Gwen every chance he could. They were falling in love and Gwen decided she needed a break from all the work. She planned a two week vacation in Hawaii for them to end Howard’s Summer Break.
Howard took the transmitters along for some extra fun, and upon arrival they ran into trouble at the Airport. Jumbo Jet Service to the Island had only been running about a year and things were still pretty unorganized. They had been waiting and fussing around with the Service Desk for 10-15 minutes getting nowhere, so when they couldn’t get transportation to their Hotel, Howard pulled out his hand held transmitter and had switched the main one on already. He asked Gwen who she thought was in charge at the Customer service area and she pointed to a tall Hawaiian looking woman with beautiful features, dressed sharply and Howard pointed the transmitter at her and hit the button.

Gwen looked at Howard and then at the laser transmitter and said, “What was that?” Howard just smiled and said, “I’ll explain later, but watch this.” Howard stepped in front of the big lady and said, “Excuse me, Find our transportation In five minutes they were on their way to the Hotel in a limousine
Gwen asked again, “What just happened?” “Well Gwen,” Howard didn’t know where to begin. It’s a long story I’ll tell you over lunch. They arrived at their Hotel and checked in. As the Hawaiian Bell Hop showed them into their room, Howard noticed he was staring at Gwen’s 40” bubble butt.
He got them in their room and settled, Howard tipped him and sent him on his way with what Howard suspected was a rather large hard on for a young man of his size. He looked to be 18-20 years old and stood about 5’ 1’’ and couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds. Howard thought the bulge in his pants was the biggest thing about him.

They unpacked and changed clothes as Howard marveled at Gwen’s sexy body, his cock started to swell in his underwear as he approached her from behind and began to rub it into the crack of her ass through her panties. “Whoa Big Boy you can wait for that, I want to hear about what happen at the Airport first. Let’s go eat.” Gwen said.
They decided to eat at the Hotel restaurant and as they were seated and served drinks from the bar, Gwen said, “Ok, let’s hear it.”
Howard began with the story telling her about his Great Grandfather and every generation since that had been working on this idea, and how he himself with a little help from his Dad, had actually gotten it to work. He told her all about the equipment and his development of it and said he used it when needed. He left out all the experimenting he had done with it and the recent brush with the law that his father had had.
Gwen sat there and sipped her drink looking around the restaurant at the other people in the room, thinking about the transmitters and what she could use them for. Howard didn’t say anymore, he just left her to her own thoughts as lunch was served, they began to talk again.
Gwen asked if anyone could use it and Howard told her that that was the dangerous part, if in the wrong hands, it could be used as a weapon. Gwen looked at Howard and chuckled. She said, Howard reached in his pocket turned on the transmitter then took the laser beam from his pocket, pointed it at Gwen and hit the button.

“Gwen I want you to take your bra off and lay it on the table.” You won’t remember doing it, but you won’t put it back on either. Gwen immediately reached under her shirt and unclasped her bra and took it off while leaving her shirt on. Pulling the bra out through the arm hole of her blouse, she laid it on the table. Howard switched the transmitter in his pocket off and looked at Gwen. She looked at him and said, and she didn’t even notice the bra on the table. Howard said, Gwen I want you to know I’ve never used this transmitter on you until now. Honestly, and I love you very much. She reached across the table and patted his hand and said, “Awe Howard that’s very sweet and I love you too. But so far I’m too impressed with your toy.” Howard replied, “Oh it’s not a toy let me assure you.” He then pointed to Gwen’s bra on the table and when she looked she recognized it immediately and gasped. “Howard, what She grabbed the bra off the table and put it in her purse. She sat there for a few seconds trying to understand what had happened. Howard could see the confused look on her face as she tried to remember taking it off. But she didn’t remember a thing. Finally Howard said, “I suggested you take it off and that you wouldn’t remember doing it. Do you think it worked?”

Gwen sat there in shock still thinking and wondering what it all meant. Meanwhile Howard was enjoying the view of her without a bra on. Her tits really were magnificent. 38” firm globes of flesh, they stood tall and proud and her white shirt with light flowered print was perfectly allowing viewing pleasure to Howard or anyone else who looked carefully at the her. The print was only on parts of the shirt and the left nipple and areola were plainly visible because the print wasn’t covering that part of the shirt.
Howard looked at the waiter as he took another drink order for him and then turned to Gwen and started to ask her if she would like another. Howard could tell when he finally saw her nipple because his eyes got a little bigger; he composed himself fairly well and kind of stuttered when he asked her about another drink. She told him yes and to double the rum this time. “Yes he said and smiled really big as he took another quick look at her nipple. After he left Howard said, “So do you see why it could be dangerous? A person could get anyone to do what they wanted them to do just by suggesting it.

Gwen thought about it a minute and said, “Yes, I see what you mean.” “So what fun can we have with it,” she asked. Howard said, “Think of something you would like to do but no one would let you do it.” They talked for awhile and came up with a few things and Howard explained that there were some limits to the device. To control a whole room of people at once would be difficult and thought of telling her about the base unit him and his father had, but then changed his mind.
Howard had never really checked the range the transmitters could reach, but felt it would be around 30’ to 50’ with the hand held and around 200’ with the base units, without any interference of course. There were just so many things he didn’t know about the devices. But he sure like what he knew so far he thought as he stared at Gwen’s nipple.

Chapter 5
Howard and Gwen have fun in Hawaii.

One of Gwen’s ideas was to right an obvious wrong. She asked Howard to take her to the rich part of the Big Island. So they finished lunch hailed a cab and ask to be taken to the wealthy side of the Island.
Upon arriving in an upscale area the Cabby asked, “Now where?” Gwen told him to drop them off a local Shoppe which he did. They looked around for awhile and then sat at an outdoor café and had coffee. Soon the waiter came to a table across the patio and the big fat Hawaiian man started telling the waiter that his order was all wrong and just chewed him up one side and down the other. The young man apologized and left almost in tears. Soon he came back with what seemed to be the Manager. The big Hawaiian explained to the Manager in a nasty tone of voice how the Waiter had gotten his order all wrong. The Manager looked at what the Waiter had written on the order ticket and then asked the Customer what he had ordered. Finding the Waiter had the order right the Manager tried to explain but the Customer wasn’t having any of it and started raising his voice to the Manager. Howard reached in his pocket turned on the transmitter and handed the laser transmitter to Gwen.
Gwen pointed it at the big fat Hawaiian and hit the button. He immediately stopped yelling and had the blank look on his face. Gwen got up from their table walked over to the fat man and said, “Apologize to these gentleman, pay your bill, leave a $100.00 dollar tip, send a $1000.00 check here every month and never return here again.”

The big man did exactly as Gwen suggested. When the man was gone the Waiter and the Manager looked at Gwen and thanked her and went back to work. As Gwen returned to her table Howard got up, left the money for their coffee and a tip on the table and they walked away.
“That felt good Howard” Gwen said. They both walked along until they saw a commotion across the street in front of a souvenir Shoppe and walked over to see what was going on.
“I said you’re going to pay for what he broke the huge Hawaiian bellowed.” The young Asian mother looked so scared she could hardly speak. “I’m so sorry, it was an accident”, she said. But the Shoppe Keeper wasn’t going to let her off, and he said, “I’ll call the Police if you don’t pay for the damages.” She said she didn’t have $89.00 that it was just her and her son and they had won the trip to Hawaii in a sweepstakes. Howard took the laser from his pocket and turned on the main one in his other pocket. Pointing the laser at the Shoppe Keeper he hit the button. Immediately the big man’s face went blank. Howard stepped up and suggested he apologize and send them on their way. Of course the Shoppe keeper did as suggested and the young Asian mothers apologized again and thanked him. As they were walking away Howard hit her with the laser and told her to wait a minute. She stopped and Howard asked the big Hawaiian his name. The man said, />
“Well Aukai I think you need to come to the Neighbor Island Hotel this evening and bring this nice young lady with you. Get her address and pick her up. Be at room 207 at 8pm sharp.” Howard then turned to the young Asian and said, “Aukai will be picking you up this evening and you will come alone with him to the Hotel.” She just had that blank look on her face and nodded her head as if she understood. Howard told them goodbye as he and Gwen walked away.
Gwen said, “Howard, what do you have in mind?” “Well I don’t really know yet, but those two are gonna be best friends when we’re done with them tonight. Gwen gave him a lusty look and said, we’ll think of something.” Howard hailed a cab and they were off to their Hotel.
At 5:30 pm Gwen and Howard went to the beach for dinner and to watch kahiko; an ancient style of dancing. Basically male dancers in Hula skirts with bare chests and huge biceps, this did nothing for Howard, but Gwen seemed to really like it. Howard noticed her squirming in her seat a few times during the performance. At 7:30 they left and headed back to their room to get ready for their guests tonight.

Chapter 6
Howard and Gwen’s best night in Hawaii
At precisely 8pm there was a knock on their door. Howard opened the door to see his two guests standing there. “Please come in” he said. Gwen was ready with the laser and hit both of them as they entered. She instructed them both to strip completely naked. They both complied without reserve under the influence of the transmitters.

Gwen asked the little Asian her name and she replied it was Ju. Gwen, Ju, and Howard all gasped at the size of Aukai’s package. Approximately 7-8 inches long and two inches wide as it hung between his legs kinda resting on his ball sack. His balls were pretty menacing too, looking like large duck eggs hanging in a sack. Gwen told Aukai to lie down on the bed with his head hanging over the edge of it. He climbed on the bed and got into the position Gwen suggested. Then she told him to show Ju how sorry he was for earlier today by licking her ass.

Ju seemed to like that idea and backed right up to his face hanging over the side of the bed. As Aukai began to lick Ju’s crack she began to rock back and forth grinding her ass in his face. Ju’s little body was a beautiful sight, she stood 5’1” tall and weighed 115 pounds. Her measurements were 32-24-34. She was perfect. Her skin tone was a light brown and her slanted dark eyes were penetrating. Her long black hair looked like silk as it hung over her shoulders.

Howard letting Gwen have complete control over these two puppets, went over to a chair in the corner, took off his clothes and sat down to watch this display of debauchery. Looking at Ju’s hot little body had Howard hard as a rock. Noticing this Gwen went over to a bottle of chilled Champagne and poured herself and Howard a glass. She went over to Howard, handed him a glass and sat right down on his hard on. Her pussy was so juicy from watching the male dancers earlier and now seeing Aukai’s cock that Howard slid right into her pussy without any struggle or pain. When she hit bottom she went, When she began to gyrate her hips like Ju was doing in front of her, Howard began to moan as well.

Gwen sat there on Howard’s dick; sipping her drink and watching Ju rub her ass all over Aukai’s face. By now his dick was growing larger and it was looking better and better to Gwen. She wanted to try it but was afraid of what Howard might say, so she held off.
From Howard’s angle he could still see all the action even with Gwen sitting on his lap grinding down onto his cock, using little hip rotations to milk Howard to ecstasy. He was watching Aukai tongue lashing Ju from the top of her ass crack all the way to her clit as she rocked back and forth. It was making him hungry for Ju and he wanted so badly to have her himself that he couldn’t stand it.
Gwen came eventually, all over Howard’s cock and balls. As soon as she climbed off on shaky legs, Howard got up and walked over to Ju. He suggested Ju to clean Gwen’s pussy juice from his cock. Of course Ju went to work on Howard’s cock immediately. She started at his ball sack and balls, licking and sucking each nut; then heading up his shaft to the shiny head. Howard loved it and wondered if he could go further with her without pissing Gwen off.

Well when he finally tore his eyes away from Ju, he looked up expecting Gwen to be in the chair. But she wasn’t, she was on the other side of the bed looking down at Aukai’s long brown stick. She was aching to touch it, and Howard could tell. “He said, Gwen I think we both want something extra from these two so let’s get to it.” Gwen looked at him and smiled, nodding her head to him in agreement. She went for his cock so quickly it startled Aukai and he jumped a little. Gwen began to work her hand up and down his shaft and could feel it getting bigger and longer. She had long since decided after talking to Helena about her dad’s run in with the law, that if she ever got a chance at one of these big cocks, she was going to take it.
Aukai was tiring of licking Ju’s cunt so Howard told her to lie on the bed next to Aukai. She did and Howard just stood by the edge of the bed admiring her luscious Oriental body. Then he climbed on top of her and began sucking her firm tits. The sounds next to him caused him to look over and see Gwen gobbling Aukai’s cock. She looked to be enjoying herself thoroughly.

Howard rubbed his cock on Ju’s sweet juicy pussy until it was soaked in her juices and he was completely hard again, then plunged into her with about half of his length. She moaned in pleasure as he started to fill her hot little hole with his 6.5 inch stiff rod. After he was all the way in her he looked at Gwen and she had half of Aukai’s 9.5 inches of dark brown cock in her mouth, working the other half with her right hand. Pumping him up and down while she sucked the top 4 inches with hunger, Gwen was moaning on his dick and driving him crazy!

Aukai was about to shoot his load so he pulled Gwen up to his face and kissed her. He then proceeded to point his massive pole at the entrance to her dripping hot fuck hole and started working the big head into her. “Oh, Oh, Oh” was all she could say as he jabbed her with short powerful little strokes. As Howard looked over he could tell Aukai was having trouble getting into Gwen’s tight hole. He pulled out of Ju and told her to get behind Gwen and help Aukai get his cock in her. Ju crawled off the bed and got behind Gwen and slid a pussy soaked finger in her alongside Aukai’s cock and was spreading her wider on each of his outward strokes. Howard came up behind Ju and reinserted his cock into her while she worked on Gwen’s tight hot hole.

In a few minutes both men were boring their cocks into tight pussy. Drilling them for all they were worth; Gwen moaned and shook through her first orgasm. Ju began to chant something in Chinese as Howard plowed into her. He felt his balls begin to churn and knew an explosion was about to occur.
By now Aukai was ¾‘s of the way in Gwen’s tight hole and he was still trying to work more of the chocolate fuck stick into her with some difficulty. Howard looked over and saw the determined look on Gwen’s face and noticed they were both sweating from the exertion of stuffing Aukai’s big man meat into that tiny hole on Gwen.

The sight of her hole being stretched and the grip Ju’s pussy had on Howard’s cock proved to be too much for him and he grunted and growled as he buried his cock completely in Ju and shot a huge load of spunk deep into her oriental hole. Grabbing her tits and cramming her with as much cock as he could muster Howard’s orgasm began to finally fade and he released his hold on her small tits and began to pull his softening dick out of her. Ju’s little pussy was still grabbing at Howard’s cock as he pulled out.
Damn, Howard that as he noticed her pussy was still grasping his cock as he was pulling out of her. She was obviously not done fucking yet. He could tell that pussy still wanted more cock. He watched as Gwen rode the big brown Hawaiian cock. Howard noticed after all Gwen and Aukai’s hard work, he was finally all the way in her and she loved it. So were Howard and Aukai. Gwen had two huge orgasms and was pretty well exhausted and so Howard helped her off Aukai’s big pole. Howard looked at Gwen’s gaping hole and wondered if it was ruined. Gwen lay down beside Aukai and kissed him and thanked him for a great fuck. Although he hadn’t come and his dick was still hard as steel, he seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Howard, seeing Aukai’s cock still hard and knew Ju’s pussy was still wanting more cock, told her to mount that big brown iron and ride it till they both came. Ju got up and climbed on the big Hawaiian and was able to take most of his cock in one plunge. It seemed that Howard’s cock and the big load he shot into must have opened her up enough to accommodate that big cocked Hawaiian fairly easily. She still mumbled something in Chinese as she bottomed out on the big pole, but was smiling and bucking her hips the whole time.
They fucked on into the night and both had huge orgasms, then Howard suggested they get up and get dressed. Gwen instructed them to stay in touch with each other even after she returned to the States. Howard told Aukai and Ju that they would only remember the sex the two of them had together and that on her son’s sixteenth birthday Aukai was to send him $20,000.00.

Chapter 7
Home from Vacation

Six months later Howard and his new bride were moving into their first home together. Three months after being there they went to Howard’s parent’s house and announced Gwen was pregnant. They all congratulated them and had wine after the meal and a toast to their bright future, this was in May of 1973.
Howard and Gwen were busy over the next nine months planning and prepping for the baby’s arrival. It didn’t dawn on Howard after Gwen had made two trips to Washington DC. on business that the Watergate scandal blew wide open with the release of the taped conversations that Nixon tried to keep private. But he did know she took the laser transmitter with her. He often wondered if she used them on Nixon’s former staff member to get him to release the tapes, but he never asked her about it.
The day finally came on a cold day in February of 1974 when Gregory Golispi came into the world. A bouncing baby boy, 23 inches long and weighed 8lbs. Grandparents from both sides were at the Hospital that day and hadn’t seen each other since the wedding. Howard’s sister Helena and her husband Phillip were too.

Ronnie still liked the look of Howard’s mother-in-law and wondered what Helen thought of her husband as he noticed Helen staring at the slight bulge in his pants while they were all in the waiting room taking turns holding the baby. Ronnie made sure he took a turn holding little Gregory after the mother-in-law, Jean was holding him. As he gently took the baby from Jean he let his fingers graze her tits for a second too long and she looked up from the baby directly into Ronnie’s eyes. He acted like nothing was wrong and took little Gregory in his arms and smiled not only because the baby was cute, but because he had gotten a good feel of Jean’s tits with no one the wiser. Except Jean was pretty sure what he had done, she couldn’t prove it. So she didn’t say anything, but it did piss her off. When Ronnie was done holding Gregory he handed him to Helen, doing the same thing to his own wife. He decided Jean’s tits were just as nice as Helen’s.

Chapter 8
Birthday Party at Howard and Gwen’s

Ronnie had been talking with Howard about using the transmitters on the in-laws for about six months now and Howard had been against it all along. Then one evening Jean and Greg Sr. came to Howard and Gwen’s for dinner. After an uneventful dinner the men retired to the patio for wine and cigars and the women went to the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess. After Howard finished his glass of wine he still had plenty of his cigar left and decided to get another glass of wine, he asked Greg if he wanted another and Greg declined. Howard excused himself and went inside to get another glass for himself.
Upon entering the house he could hear the women in the kitchen talking over the noise of the dishwasher. He heard Jean say, “Gwen Tim is coming home for Christmas and he wants to see you.” Gwen shouted, “No goddamn way Mother!” Jean pleaded, “Please Gwen it’s been 15 years Her voice trailing off left Howard wondering who they were talking about but he could tell by Gwen’s reaction he didn’t dare ask.

So he backed up almost to the patio door and said loud enough they could hear, “Gwen, do we have more wine?” Of course the conversation died immediately and he entered the kitchen. Said hi to the ladies and got him another glass of wine from the bottle in the fridge. He said, “You ladies want to join us?” Jean started to say no, and Gwen cut her off with a quick yes. So Howard poured them both a glass as they stood glaring at each other and they all proceeded to the patio. They finished the wine and the men their cigars and after playing with the baby for awhile decided to head for home.
Over the next 4 months Gwen never said a word about her and her Mother’s conversation in the kitchen that night. Howard had only seen them once since that night and nothing was said that he knew of. Greg and Jean had been over a couple of times to see the baby or Jean had took little Gregory to see them a couple of times. Howard was sure in that amount of visits that the conversation had surely been brought up again. But Gwen never said a word about it.

Howard was kinda disappointed in Gwen for keeping something from him and Christmas was nearing. He decided to take up his dad’s offer to use the transmitters on them and then he would know what was going on behind his back and who the hell this Tim was!
Howard had his dad over and told him of the plan he was formulating. Howard planned a birthday party for Gwen her birthday being December 5th. Howard and Ronnie set up Howard’s original home base transmitter and tested in on each other in various locations throughout the house. Finally they decided on the Den as a central location. Ronnie wanted to test it on the women when they came back from shopping but Howard said no way, because he didn’t want Gwen suspicious of anything when he turned it off. Howard told Ronnie the reason he agreed to use the transmitter on the in-laws and Ronnie was as curious as Howard as to who “Tim” was.

As the night of the birthday party drew closer Howard got more nervous about the secret Gwen was keeping from him.

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