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This story is about “play meetings” between myself and a lady we will call Jean (not her real name, but I bet you already guessed that). Some of the meeting are true but others are fiction. Hope you enjoy this.

I met Jean through a husband/wife couple that I had been playing with for awhile. They had also played with Jean, but before they told her about me, we had never met. The husband of the couple sent me an email, and in it he told me that he and his wife had been with Jean on the previous Saturday and that they had told her about me, and that she might be contacting me. I opened my email on Monday and sure enough, there was an email from Jean and she said that she wanted to chat with me and maybe set up a time when we could meet.

I sent her an email that morning and in just a few minutes, she answered me and wanted to meet me Tuesday at a local fast food restaurant, so I agreed and we met. We hit it off right away and started that night, and this has gone on for about two years now. Most of the time, in the beginning of our we would get a room at a local motel. She told me she has a boy friend and we couldn’t meet at her place, because they shared the place and he wouldn’t approve of her having there.

In November of this pass year she opened a antique boot in a antique mall in the city were we live. She started setting the booth up and she asked if I would help her out, so I began spending time with her, helping set up the booth. She bought a lot of her at an auction in the city, which was held every Friday evening. We would go to the auction about 6, stay there until it was over around 11. She would purchase a lot of items, we would load them into our cars and take them back to he place, clean, fix, and price then for her booth.

This went on for a few weeks then one day Jean sent me an Instant Message and asked if I could come over and help her with some of the things we hadn’t been able to repair. I told her that I was available that day, so I went over to her place. I rang her door bell, she came to the door, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra as I went pass her. I could see her nipple was hard and looked really good under her blouse. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, but as we were working I kept looking at her breast and getting a hard on. She lives in a 3 bedroom Condo. There were three levels to the place. The main level was the kitchen, living room and dining room. The upper level is where the bed rooms and bath rooms are. The lower level is where she has all the things for her booth. We worked down there for a couple hours and then she suggested we take a break and have a drink, she only drinks hot chocolate, so she made some for both of us. We went up to the living room and sat on the couch. As we sat here we started chatting about a lot of different things. I noticed a lot of pictures on her wall of a guy and she said that was her boy friend. She said that he worked out of town and was usually be home Monday and Tuesday and some times Wednesday. I don’t know why she told all me that and I didn’t give it much thought. Maybe she felt she had to.

Well, back to the story. We continued chatting and she began to tell me what yes liked and didn’t like sexually. She mentioned that she really loved receiving oral and that her bf wouldn’t give her oral pleasure. She said that he thought it was I thought that was a little odd but I didn’t think much about it. She also said she loved getting massages.

As she was chatting, I did notice that Jean was massaging her breast and pinching her nipples. This had an effect on me which caused me to get a nice hard penis. I caught her looking at my crouch and she stood up to get chocolate. As she walked pass me she reached out and ran her hand the full length of my penis, through my pants. When she returned, she sat down on the couch, right next to me. She sat her chocolate on the coffee table and as she was bent over at little, I began running my hands up and down her back. She told me that it felt good so I continued massaging her back. She let of a low moan and starting unbuttoning her blouse. When she finished, she asked me to take it off so I could do a better job massaging her back. I kept this up for several minutes and she was really enjoying what I was doing for her. She stood up, and I thought she had enough of the massage, but she said she would be right back and she went up stairs. When she came back down, she brought some massage lotion and a towel with her. She handed it to me the lotion, spread the towel on the couch, and before she sat down again, she took the ret of her clothes off. Then she laid down on she tummy on the couch and asked me to give her a full body massage. I took the lotion and poured some on her back and began to massage all of her back. Starting at her neck, I worked back and forth down until I got to the small of her back. I did this for about 15 minutes, until all the lotion was gone. Then I poured more lotion on the small of her back and worked that area till the lotion was all gone. After working this area I poured lotion on each of her butt cheeks. I began massaging her butt but working in circles and each time I worked around a circle I would make the circle a little bigger till I was running my fingers between each cheek, down to her anus and then back up again. Each time I would get to her anus I would spend more time, working around the anus each time. She finally spread her legs apart, giving me more access to her anus and I began sticking my finger in her ass hole each time I came to it. I kept this up until I was able to be my index finger from each hand all then way up in her ass. Then I would move them in and out of her ass a few times. I then poured lotion on both of her legs, from her knee up to he ass. I worked my hands from her knees, up to her ass and each time I did this I would move closer to her vagina. She must have wanted me to go higher toward her vagina because she mover her legs further apart giving me . better access to her vagina. Seeing her move her legs apart, I began to make contact with her vagina every time I moved up her legs. She was totally wet by this time and I easily got my fingers into her vagina each time I came back up her legs. When I had worked all the lotion into her skin, I finished with the legs and asked her to turn over so I could finish the massage.

She turned over and I poured lotion on her chest and began massaging her breast, I took one off them in my hand and squeezed it in my hands. She moaned and said she liked that so I kept doing what I was doing. First to one then to the other. As I massaged one, I would suck the nipple of the other one, then alternate between them. I then poured more lotion on her tummy and massage that area till the lotion was gone. I then poured lotion on the top of her vagina and as it ran down between her legs I began working it around her pussy. I massaged in inside of her legs and the lips of her pussy with my fingers. She again opened her legs and every time I went down her legs, I would part her pussy lips further open until I was getting my fingers deep into her pussy. By now she was really wet with her pussy juice and I needed to have a taste of her. I moved around so that I was looking at her pussy, with my fingers deep in her. I took my fingers out of her and replaced them with my tongue. I started down at he anus and licked all the way up to the top of her pussy. She tasted sooo good that I kept doing this for several minutes. I could her softly moaning each time I licked her. I finally, got up to her clit and started sucking on her clit, getting it hard, and then I took it between my teeth and flicked it back and forth. I did this for a few minutes and then went back to licking the length of her pussy for a few more minutes, all the time she was softly moaning and getting loader as I continued sucking her pussy. Jean began moving her hippos up and down and moving all over the couch, getting loader with each stroke of my tongue on her pussy till she finally screamed that she was cumming and clamped her legs around my head and wouldn’t let go. I kept licking her until she finally relaxed her legs and I could move away from her pussy. I love sucking pussy, but Jean, squirted so much cum into my mouth that it dripped out the corners or my mouth. I licked up all her cum and squirreled it around my mouth before I finally swallowed it. She sure does taste good!

We didn’t get any more work done that night, but we sure had fun.. Jean was exhausted and just laid there on the couch with her eyes closed. I saw that she had a blanket thrown over the back of the couch, so it took it and places it over Jean and tucked it in around her body. I went to the door, opened it, opened it, turned the lock, closed it and went home with her taste still on my lips, I sure slept good that night.


Jean and I were becoming pretty good friends by now, so when she saw that I was online, she would often send me an IM. The next day she saw that I was online, so she sent me a message. She asked me to stop by her place. She had more antiques and other things she needed to take to her booth and wanted me to help her. At about 3, I was there and we loaded the things into our cars and took them to the antique mall and set them up in her booth.

The next day, Friday we went to the auction again. We found a couple of seats near the back of the place and settled in for the auction. Because it was cold that night we had worn our coats. I took mine off and put it on the chair, Jean had worn a long coat, she took hers off and place it on her lap. After a few minutes, she stretched her coat out over my legs also. I thought that was a little different but she said she didn’t want it to get wrinkled. OK. The auction started and Jean began buying a lot of stuff that night. It seemed the more she bought, the more excited she got. I hadn’t notice it, but Jean had put her hand, nearest to me, under the coat, until I felt her move her hand between my leg and start to stroke my cock. I looked at her and she has a big smile on her face. She continued to stroke me and I was feeling pretty good my now. It was nearing the time for the auction to be over and she was still stroking me. I told her she better stop or I would have a mess in my pants, she just smiled. Well, the auction finished and I stood up to start getting her purchases ready to take to the cars. As I started to move I tripped and fell against Jean and grabbed her breast as a fell over her. She squealed and I got off her and continued getting the stuff ready to load up the cars. We loaded the cars, went to her place, unloaded them and she asked me to come in for some hot chocolate. Well, I never refuse a good looking ladies invitation, so I accepted and we went in the house. Jean got the hot chocolate going and came over to me and gave me a big hug and then went back to finish making the hot chocolate. We drank it and she said she was tired and she asked me if I could come over in the morning and help her get the stuff she had purchased ready for the booth. I told her I would and she said she would be ready around 10:00 am, and I told her I would be there then. She hugged me again and I went home with “blue balls”

I was back at her place an 10:00am , Saturday morning. I rang her door bell and when she opened the door I was taken a back by what I saw. Jean stood there with a lavender negligee on, and nothing else. I said to her that I thought she wanted me to help her with the stuff she purchased at the auction. She said she had something else she needed help with, so I came in and we went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I sat at one end of the couch and she sat at the other end Indian style. I could see her pussy as she sat here and she nipples stuck out like little erasers on her breast. That had its intended affect on me and my cock starting getting hard. She started chatting about general stuff and after a few minutes offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted. As she got up and passed me, the negligee came open and she stopped right in front of me so I got a good look of her, again. She then went to the kitchen and fixed me a cup of coffee. When she came back with the coffee, she handed it to me and knelt down and untied my shoes and took them off, then she took off my socks. She then sat back down on the couch and told me that she wanted to me for being so nice to her and helping her set up her shop. She told me what she had in mind for the day and my cock came to attention right away.

Jean then slid over to where I was and began unbuttoning my shirt. Then she took it of and reached for my pants belt, unbuckled it and slid my pants and boxers off me. Then she knelt down in front of me and cupped my balls in her hand and with the other hand took hold of my cock and opened her lips and started moving toward my cock to stuck it.
She put it in her mouth just pass her lips and wrapped her tongue around the head and licked it. She then took all of my cock deep in her mouth and started sucking it from the head down to the base of it. She was doing a great job giving me the best head I had ever had from a lady. All the time she was sucking my cock, she was massaging my balls. I was just about to unload a load of cum and she stopped. Jean stood up and took hold of my wet cock and led me upstairs to her bedroom. She had a four post bed and I noticed, tied to each post was a red rope. She said her BF sometimes like to tie her up and she would sometimes tie him to the bed. She told me to get on the bed and I did, she stood next to the bed and started sucking my penis again. She was continuing the great head job she had started downstairs. I had told her that I was bi and sometimes like to rim a guy and have a guy fuck my ass. As she was sucking me, she reached one of her hands under me and was playing with my anus. She continued sucking my penis and as she sucked me, she took one of her hands and started playing with my male titties. She got one hard and then did the same to the other one. After a few minutes of this she stopped sucking my penis and started sucking first one nipple and then the other one. She did that for few minutes, and I have to tell you, I was feeling real good. She then, went back to sucking my cock, as she continued to suck me, she was rubbing around my anus and starting to try to penetrate it. She asked me to turn over so she could get it my anus better, so I did as she asked. She started working her finger around it again, then she spit on it and started to put a finger into it. She was doing a good job of getting her finger in to the first knuckle, then she took it out, and left the room saying she would be right back. When she came back, I saw that she had some KY with her. She squirted some right on my anus and massaged it into me. She then worked a finger into me as deep as she could go. It felt good having her play with my ass, I really love when someone does. She took some more ky and squirted more into my ass and then too two fingers and started to finger fuck my ass. I was so into her doing this that I didn’t realize that she was taking each red rope and tying me to the bed. After a few minutes of her using two fingers, she squirted more KY in my ass at got three of her fingers in my ass and fucked me with them.

I couldn’t see Jean as she was finger fucking my ass but I really didn’t need to, she was doing a really good job and making me feel really good. She took her fingers out of my ass and squirted more KY into me and I thought she was going to try four finders, but instead I felt something with a round end being place at the entrance of my anus. I tried to see what Jean was doing but she told me to relax and enjoy it. Apparently, when she went out of the room for the KY, she had put on a strapon, and now she was about to use it. I could feel she pushing her hip’s forward and as she did, I felt the strapon cock being to penetrate my ass. She moved slowly and the cock was beginning to go deeper and deeper into my ass until I could feel Jean bottom out with the cock all the way in my ass. Jean then began to fuck me like a pro. She would draw the cock almost all the way out and then drive it all the way in. It felt wonderful and she kept doing this for several minutes. Every time she drove it deep into my ass it came into contact with my prostrate and the more she fucked me the more I came closer to shooting a load of cum out the end of my cock. She kept asking me how it felt and all I could do was moan and grunt that I was almost ready to cum. She laid down on my back and I could feel her tittes press against my back, just adding to the pleasure she was giving me, she just kept on fucking my ass as hard as she could. I thought I could last for awhile longer, but all of a sudden, my cock erupted and I unloaded the biggest and longest load of cum I ever had. I didn’t think I would ever stop and I felt the best I had ever felt. When Jean got some of her strength back, she took the cock out of my ass and got off me. She stood next to the be, and for the first time, I saw the strapon cock. It is 9” long and thick. Jean leaned over the side of the bed and stuck the cock into my mouth and told me to suck it clean, which I did for her.

By this time it was about 2:00 and she told me that she needed to take a shower and get ready for church, she said she played the organ for mass every Saturday and Sunday at her church. We showered, separately, got dressed. Hugged each other and I went home and she went to church.

story by: Sparky075

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Author: Sparky075

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