Mike's homecoming part 2

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The basement was ringed with a bunch of chairs and couches. There was a bar in the back in a dimly lit corner. I made my way over after standing a putting my skirt and jacket back on. I grabbed a big drink of water and then took a shot of whatever alcohol I could find. Mike cam back down and came to me. “Melissa is asking about you and wants you to talk to her” he said while grabbing a clean tall glass and pouring it with a bottle with no label. “Tell her I am fine and that I was down stairs. Be sure to explain it the way you did to me when I got here. And just feel her out for this, she’s not as open as I am” I responded. He smiled gave me a kiss and went back upstairs.
I went to a dark corner that had a soft chair and sank in and made sure I had a good view of the center of the room. After a few minutes the door to the stairs opened and Mike and Melissa slowly came down. The guys in the room were getting excited at fucking a new white slut and made a large horse shoe in the center of the room. Melissa was wearing high heel shoes, my cat suit with the opening in the crotch and see through mess material, a white pair of Brazilian shorts that were skin tight and laced up the sides and a loose white sash that covered her breasts, and of course the black hood like the one that I wore, with just an opening at the mouth. Her chest was heaving heavily from her breathing. The two reached the center of the room and Mike said, “Okay boys its time to see which is best, that first cock sucking slut or this little white bitch here.” “It’s about time you showed bitch, we been fucking that slut friend of yours for hours now, we need some fresh pussy” some big black guy yelled out over the music.
“Bitch you do what we tell you and everything will be fine, if not we are gonna fuck you how we want no matter what you want” Mike said to Melissa as he sat her on the stool that they fucked me on. Melissa was always leery about gangbangs, that night at the frat party was her biggest leap ever. As a matter of fact that was the first time she had been with more than two guys before. “Alright you fuckers fuck this little cunt and let her prove to you that I am not a liar” Mike yelled out. With that he stepped back and walked toward me. One of the guys walked to Melissa and held his limp cock in the hole in the hood. Melissa was sheepish at first so one of the guys got her a tequila shot and handed it to her. She took the Tequila shot and seemed to relax. The limped dicked guy put his cock back in her face and she slowly began to suck his cock. She began running her tongue over his cock head and got his head wet. As his cock got bigger and more erect she started to take him into her mouth, first a little then deeper and deeper until she was deep throating his cock. Mike came over to me and said, “hi Babe, what do you think of my little party.” I smiled and said “I have never had so many big cocks to suck and fuck ever. But if Melissa wants to stop then you stop it, please.” I just thought that you two would love this attention” he responded. “Oh yeah but I am still waiting for you to give me that nice cock of yours” I said as I leaned in and kissed him as I grabbed his crotch and rubbed his dick through his jeans. He kissed me back and we kissed for a minute, all the time I watched Melissa take the guys cock into her mouth sucking him and bobbing her head on his prick. Mike got up and went back to watch and I just relaxed.
Melissa soon had the guy to his limit and I heard him grunt, and as with me he pulled out of her mouth and shot his cum on the hood over her head. One of the other guys soon replaced the spent cock in Melissa’s mouth with a new hard cock. She sucked him in the same fashion but now had two cocks in her hands that she was jacking in rhythm to her sucking. Every now and then she would switch to one of the cocks in her hand and take his prick deep in her throat, sometimes gagging but never missing a stroke. I was a little tired and dozed off even with the music as loud as it was. I must have napped for about thirty minutes and when I woke two guys were standing Melissa up. They removed her tight shorts but before they did I got a great view of her curvy ass. Those shorts made her ass look amazing, mine to as far as that was concerned. They took off the shorts and the sash and stood back to view Melissa’s firm body. I could hear them whooping and yelling, one of them yelled out, “Damn Mike this little bitch came ready to fuck too, look at that cunt opening on her bodysuit.” “Yeah, I know dude, last time I saw that suit it was on that cunt in the corner” Mike replied. Melissa immediately started looking for me and screamed out “Candice!? Where are you!?” “Not to worry Sis, I am over in the corner watching you suck some nice black cock. Enjoy it Sis!” I returned. Even before she could say anything else they picked her up and laid her on her back on the cushioned stool that I was on before. Immediately she had a cock in her mouth that she feverishly began to suck. One guy knelt down to her crotch and began to lick her pussy. It must have been that guy that knew what he was doing because she began to raise her hips pressing her pussy into his face. She was giving the guy in her mouth one hell of a blowjob, alternating between his balls and his cock. After a while she started tensing up and I could tell the guy eating her out was about to make her cum. She then lowered her head on the edge of the stool, giving the cock in her mouth a straight line to fuck her mouth. The guy responded and grabbed the sides of her head and began to stroke his long cock into her mouth and throat, slowly at first and quickening the pace until he pulled out of her throat and shot his cum all over her tits and her cat suit. Then she tensed up and rubbed her pussy letting out heavy moans and a few screams until she cam on the other guys face.
She rested for about a minute and two new studs flipped her over and began her dual cock treatment again. She look so fucking sexy getting fucked doggy style and sucking the three cocks to her front that I started getting wet again. I looked across the room and saw one of the guys sitting on a couch stroking his limp dick. I walked over to him and immediately went to my knees. I pushed his hand away and took his cock into my mouth, massaging his head with my tongue. The feel of his cock head in my mouth was really getting me wet again. I slowly took his shaft into my mouth while I kneaded his balls with my hands. Soon I had him fully erect and pulled him out of my mouth and said, “ Ok you are ready for my girlfriend” as I jacked him off to keep him hard. During that time Melissa had drained the guy in her mouth and swallowed his load down her throat. The guy fucking her pussy was slamming into her with deep strokes. She began to pant and scream “Damn fuck me with that black cock!” The guy soon cam all over her back and motioned for the next guy to fuck her cunt. The guy that I sucked hard stood up and went over to Melissa. He then picked her up and sat her on the floor. He laid beside her and picked her up and slid his cock into her. “Somebody fuck this bitch in the ass” he said. A guy came from the back of the room and stood above Melissa and the guy she was riding cowboy style. He knelt down and stopped Melissa’s motion and began to slowly fill her asshole with his cock. Melissa let out a scream and whimpered as this guy in her ass pushed deeper into her with his large cock. Soon the three were rocking in unison and Melissa looked like she was enjoying it. She must have been because she was really riding the two cocks in her. She yelled out “Is anyone going to stick something in my mouth?” Instantly she had a cock in her mouth and was sucking it and taking it down her throat as the other two guys slammed into her. I then started sucking the nearest cock I could find as Melissa fucked the three that was on her. Another guy came to where I was and sat beside the guy I was sucking off. So I started to alternate between the two cocks in front of me. When the two I was working on became fully erect I did as before by licking their cock heads and jacking them off until the three fucking Melissa came in her.
After the three had cum in Melissa they picked her up and laid her back on the stool. The two I had been sucking got up and went to Melissa. One of them started pulling off the cat suit she was wearing exposing her breasts. After the suit came off the other began to lick her cunt. The one licking her cunt then moved up to her mouth and shoved his prick into her mouth. She started on him but he grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way down her throat. She gagged and he pulled out of her mouth and immediately went to her pussy, mounting her missionary with her legs over his shoulders. The guy that undressed her then mounted her tits and began to fuck them. Melissa then squeezed them together and began to suck his prick head as it got close to her mouth. While these two fucked Melissa, I was getting wet in my pussy again so I just sat on a guys lap and let his cock slide into my vagina. I slowly slid down his shaft, easing my wet hole down his cock until he bottomed out in my cunt. After mounting his cock, I placed my legs on the edge of the couch seat and began to pump my hips up and down. I pumped his cock with my cunt slowly at first and began to quicken my gyrations. He was 8 inches long and wide and from time to time I would just let his prick fill my hole. After fucking this guy for about five minutes I pulled him from my vagina and turned around and bent over, letting him lick my snatch. He licked my clit in circles and fingered my pussy. I could hear my juices as he slid his fingers in me. After a good finger fucking I kept my stance but lowered myself back onto his cock. I rode his prick slowly and watched Melissa getting fucked by five guys now. She had mounted the cock that was fucking her tits, and the big cock head was fucking her in the ass while three others stood by her face and feed her cock in turns. As Melissa’s fucking and sucking increased in speed so did my pace on the hard cock in my cunt.
A few of the guys that were stroking their black dicks on the other side of the room came over and started to feed me their hard pricks. With each one I would start rolling my tongue over their cock heads, taking their shaft into my mouth with my tongue messaging the underside of the shaft. I soon was taking their cocks deep into my throat gagging at times making sure to caress the under side of the shaft with my tongue. Feeling those two hard cocks down my throat was really setting my cunt on fire. My wet pussy was sliding on that black cock with ease and soon the guy started to tense up. I quickly jumped off of him and went to my knees. He stood right in front of me and I took him into my mouth. I bobbed on his head taking his hood into my mouth. When his hood was at tongues reach I would circle the crest of his head with my tongue stimulating it. Soon he erupted a massive load into my mouth, which I dutifully swallowed. He came so much that that cum was running down my chin and dripping onto my tits. I rubbed the cum into my chest and then started to passionately take the two I had been sucking into my mouth. Those hard cocks felt wonderful in my mouth and I could not wait to have their cum on my face. Soon my wish was fulfilled with both men cumming on my face, mouth and chest.
Melissa had procured two loads down her throat from two of the cocks she was sucking and a load in her pussy from the guy she was riding. She was now getting fucked alternately in her ass and pussy in doggy style fashion with her chest low to the floor while vigorously taking her third black dick down her throat and sucking his balls as he was laid out with his crotch right at her face. The big headed cock working her ass and vagina soon erupted onto her back and I went over to suck him limp. That big head took up all the room in my mouth and I just sucked the extra cum from his big black shaft. Mike came over to Melissa and whispered something into the hood that was soaked with cum and then removed it from her head. Melissa was disoriented like I was. As she began to see the 18 black men and their cocks her jaw dropped to the floor. She had always told me that she would never be brave enough to get gangbanged like this. Then she looked at me sucking a cock limp and smiled at me. “Now mother fuckers, was I fucking lying when I said these two white bitches know how to fuck and suck a black cock?” Mike yelled over the music. Cheers filled the basement and all the guys started congratulating themselves on getting to gang fuck two little white cunts.
After sucking what seemed like my 30th cock for the night to a limp and relaxed state, Melissa and I made out French kissing and fondling each other while the guys retreated for drinks and some relaxation. After making out for a while Melissa and I also took a break and went straight for the bar. We slammed what drinks were left and went upstairs to take a shower. While showering we cleaned each other and made out as we explored each others bodies. Mike came upstairs and asked if we were having fun. Melissa and I both wanted to suck him off as soon as he came in the door, but still he refused. He told us that all eighteen guys wanted to fuck us one more time. And then the three of us would take a nap and clean up and then he would be ours for the whole day.
So M and I each grabbed an arm and walked down the stairs with Mike. The guys in the basement were lined up nine to each side. We walked between the two walls of black cock and Mike positioned both of us in the center of the room. “Okay ladies, before these assholes fuck you one last time I want you to get each others pussy nice and wet” Mike instructed. M and I lay on the floor and immediately went into 69. I was on top and M on bottom. This was no where near the first time Melissa and I fucked each other, so we had no inhibitions about sucking on each others pussies in front of these men. We did as told and we brought each other to climax quickly. After pleasing each other M and I went to our hands and knees and began taking cocks in our wet cunts. Each guy took turns either fucking our mouths or pussies. I was so stretched out that I was in no pain at all. Then we each mounted a stud cowgirl style and each had a dick in our cunts, mouths and ass holes. We fucked these guys for about thirty minutes each of them depositing their loads of cum in whatever hole they fucked. After each cock got the treatment as described by Mike the guys dressed and left the room. Melissa and I collapsed from exhaustion and were asleep before the last guy left the room.


story by: Rowe

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Author: Rowe

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