Mike's sleepover

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Mike came home from class and saw his mother and father getting ready to head out for the night. “Hey Mom you guys look nice were you going?”
“We are headed to a party at your fathers work. It is a few hours away so we will stay the night there. Your sister has some of her friends over so be nice to them.” She said as she kissed him on the check and started to head for the door. Mike was back for the weekend from college. So his mother knew he was only home to get some studying done away from the distractions that come from college life.
“Ok mom.” he answered. With that she left the house and was followed by Mike’s father.

Mike headed to his room to finish up a paper that was due Monday. His room was at the end of the hall with his sisters being the first room, and as he past by he saw that his sister and two of her friends were sitting on her bed talking. His sister Missy squealed with joy as he walked passed and said “There is Mike he will take us.”
Mike just turned away and said “Like hell he will.” He got to his room and closed the door before she could say any thing.

About fifteen minutes later a knock came to Mike’s door. He paid it no attention because it could only mean they still wanted something from him. But the person just knocked again, and again. After about the 10th knock he stood up and swung the door open and said “What do you want. I am trying to write this paper.”
To Mikes surprise it was not Missy it was Kristin one of his sisters friends. She was a cute young girl about 15 with smooth light brown skin. She has a cute face with all the proportions just right with her deep brown eyes and little noise. She was standing in front of him in a tank top and some rather short shorts that hugged he ass very nicely. Her body was near perfection with nice sized b cup breast for her just over 5 foot frame. She has a small waste that lead into a juice round ass.
She cocked her head to the side and down a little and pouted her lips and looked up at Mike with her bid round eyes. “Could you please take us to the store so we can get a movie and some food so we don’t have to bother you again?” She said all this with her handsand behind her back as she swayed her ass back and forth.

Mike could easily be mean and say no to his sister there was no way he could say no to this cute young thing. With out saying a word he turned around and got his wallet and keys and started walking to the door. Kristin let out a giggle “hehe I knew I could get him to do it.” Mike knew he was being manipulated but he did not like having his faced rubbed in it like that, so he turned around and head back to his room. Kristin jumped in front of him, but mike just started to push her out of the way when she wrapped her arms around him and said “I am sorry. I am sorry. Please take us I will love you forever.” Once again mike found it hard to say no so he sighed and shook his head and turned back around.

Kristin ran over to the other girls and the walked in front of Mike as they all headed out side. He had seen Kristin a lot because Missy and Kristin were best friends. Mike was admiring the scenery as they walked out He was looking at the third girl by the name of Katie, she had a great tan but also had fiery red hair. She was thinner then Kristin so her ass and breast were not quit as nice and developed but they were nice all the same.

Mike got into the car and leaned over to unlock the other door on his truck. There was only the front bench seat so mike told the girls it would be a tight fit. Kristin got into the car first followed by Missy and then Katie. Katie could not quit get all the way in. “come on slide over more.” She cried. “No were else to go unless one of us sit on Mike and he anit going to like that.” Missy replied. As she said that Kristin looked over at Mike and gave him a very sly smile as he raised her self on to his lap. That gave Katie enough room to get in so she closed the door. Mike would have protested but was wanted to see what the smile was all about.

With this fine young thing on his lap and the constant vibrations of the car Mike could not help but get a little hard during the trip. He tried to hide it as to not freak Kristin out, but he was not sure how successful he was. They got to the store and he dropped them off at the front door and they ran inside. After what felt like forever he saw Kristin come out of the store, but he did not see the other two. He pulled to car around so she could get in.
“What they hell is taking them so long.”
“John is in there and they like flirting with him.” She said as she slid over to the middle and put her bag of snacks on the floor.
“Why did you not stay it there with them? You don’t think he is cute.” Mike inquired.
“Its not that just I like someone else, so I don’t really care to flirt with him.” She replied as she played with the radio.
Then suddenly Kristin’s bag fell over and all her stuff fell over the floor board by mikes feet.
“Crap, my bad Mike I will get it.” She then leaned over and reached between mikes legs to try to get the stuff. As she came up she accidentally rubbed mikes cock and it stirred.
She gasped and with drew her hand mike pulled the car into a parking space so he could get the rest of the stuff.
After he put the items back in the bag he saw that Missy and Katie were by the front door of the store waiting for him. Kristin saw this too and moved up onto mikes lap as he pulled the car around.
During the ride home the girls talked about the boy they meet at the store and other girly crap. Kristin’s hand was resting at her side and Mike saw it slowly creep down the side of here leg until it was just about to be resting on mikes crotch when she retracted it and joined in on the conversation with her friends. When they got home the girls ran in to Missy’s room and shut the door so they could talk about stuff and mike would not be able to hear.
“Well did you make your move?”
“I tried but I got nerves.” Kristin said as she sat on the end of the bed
“I have one more idea to help you.” Katie said as she got the movie out of the bag.
“I don’t know about this guy, he is my /> “Even you said he was cute.” Katie said as she headed for the door with the movie
“I know but still.”
“But nothing this plan is going to work.” With that Katie opened the door and head to the living room.
Once there she reached behind the T.V. and loosened one of the video cables. She then stuck the movie in.
“Ok Kristin go get him to come help fix the T.V.” Kristin smiled and ran down the hall to Mike’s room.
Mike was already deep into his paper and another knock came at his door. Like before he ignored it, but the knocking would not stop. Mike got up and opened the door and sigh loudly as Kristin stood there with her cute little look. “Please come fix the T.V. the movie will not come up.”
“Look I want to finish this paper tonight so I don’t have to worry about it again for the rest of the /> “It will just take a second.” With that she grabbed his hand and started to lead him into the living room.
“See no picture but there is sound.”
Mike walked over to the T.V. and messed with it a little with no success. He then move around the T.V. to make sure every thing was plugged in and he saw the one loose cord. He reached back and pushed it back in and the video came up. A load squeal came from the girls as the jumped up for thanked mike for helping. But Kristin reached over and hugged him again but this time her hands were lower around him so they were resting right on the top of his ass. Of course he stood there pretending that he did not like her touching him but they all knew he did. She looked up at him and said “Could you please stay and watch it with me they got a really scary one. They knew I did not like those kinds of movies.” She gave him that look that he could never say no to.
Missy and Katie had already spread out over the couch so the only chair that was left was the big recliner.
“Its big enough for the both of us mike I don’t take up a lot of room”
/> Mike shook his head like he was not totally against the idea. Mike sat down and Kristin sat some his lap. She moved her head back so it was resting just below Mikes face. He could smell the sweet aroma of her shampoo, and body lotion. The time passed as they watched this crap B horror film.
About mid way though Missy got up and headed to the back of the house
“I have to go to the /> “Damn I need to go too can we pause the movie.” Katie said as she reached for the box.
“What ever don’t be long.” Mike replied.
As Katie walked passed mike could have sworn she winked at Kristin. But it was getting late so he just though he was tired. Mike leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. After a few minuets he felt something rubbing down his chest. He cracked one eye as he felt Kristin’s hand was now rubbing his stomach just over his waist band of his pants. Wanting to see were she was going he let he go with out saying any thing or opening his eyes more. She finally got to right above his cock which by this time was fairly hard form having thing cute young thing sitting on him and rubbing him.
Kristin built all the courage she had and started to rub mikes cock. She followed it down admiring how big it was she had never seen a dick before being a virgin. She keeps running her hand up and down the length of his cock. Mike was sure he was not confused by her intentions any more. So he felt it was time he took some action.
“You know it easier to do that if we pull him out first.” Mike said as he looked down at her.
“Well what are you waiting for.” Kristin replied with a sly smile on her face.
Mike reached out and undid the button on his pants and unzipped them. Kristin not satisfied with the speed at which mike was proceeding moved his hand out of the way and reached into his pants. She started to pull his boxers down and Mike remembered that there were two others in the house.
“Shit we need to stop before they come back.” He said as he tried to close his pants back up.
“They will give us as much time as we need, don’t worry.” she reassured him.
“So you planed this you little fox.”
She said as she tried to pull his boxers down.
Mike lifted his butt up so she could get his pants off. As she slid his pants off his cock sprang free. Kristin gasped not expecting it to be as big as it was. It was a good eight inches and as tick as her wrist. She reached her little hand out and grabbed it and slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft.
Mike reached his right hand around and started to caress the inside of her thigh. Kristin flung her leg over the arm of the chair so he could have easy access to the prize. Mike moved his hand closer to her cunt and he could feel the heat coming of it. As he started to rub he snatch he felt wetness coming trough her cotton shorts. He realized at that point that she opted to not wear any panties. Mike then kicked his pants the rest of the way off and picked Kristin up and moved her over to the couch. As he laid her down he reached around her shorts and pulled them down, reveling and freshly shaven pussy with just a thin strip of hair above it. He smiled at her and started to kiss the inside of her leg starting at her knee. He slowly progressed down her leg closer to his ultimate goal. He got closer to her dripping pussy he could smell the intoxicating aroma coming from her. He kissed around her pussy getting very close then pulling away. She was moaning heavily and panting she reached down and ran her hands through his hair. The sensations were driving her crazy he was sending shivers down her spine and he has not even touched her pussy yet. She could not take any more of this and she grabbed hold of his head and ground her pussy into his face. He got the message and started to lick deep into her pussy sticking his tongue as far as he could reach it into her. She was starting to shutter and was close to orgasm. He took hold of her clit between his lips and started to suck and he slid one finger into her cunt. That was it she screamed in ecstasy as he kept a tight hold on her clit and never stopped sucking. As her orgasm subsided she pulled his head up to hers and kissed him deeply tasting her cunt juices all over him. She broke this kiss and looked deep into his eyes.
“Mike I am still a virgin and I want you to help me with that.”
Mike kissed her again and reached down and lined his cock up to her pussy. He stopped the kiss and looked deep into her eyes and he slowly pushed his way in to this untouched girl. She was so tight that it felt like the circulation was being cut off to his cock. He was not in very far when he felt more resistance he looked at Kristin who was biting her lip and she nodded. He pushed past it and he gasped and closed her eyes tight form the pain. Mike stopped to give the pain a chance to subside; once she opened her eyes again he continued to fill her dripping pussy. Inch but inch it went in until he had her fully impaled on his shaft. He pulled out almost to the put of coming out completely, and slowly pushed his way back in. after several stokes like those Kristin reached around and grabbed Mikes ass with both hands. Mike knew that she wanted him to go faster so he picked up the pace. He kept it slower the normal but faster then he had been going. After a few minutes of that he felt her tense up again and he knew she was having another orgasm. She opened her eyes and smiled at him and that was all it took, he felt his balls tighten and the first eruption escape his cock deep into this beautiful young girl.
Just then he felt tiny hand reach around him and grab the bottom of his shirt he looked up and say Missy standing there in a red corset with matching garter belt and stockings. He looked back to see who had there arms around him and it was Katie wearing the same thing only in black. She pulled his shirt off and leaned in close and said.
“Did you think we would let Kristin have all the fun?”

I will be working and the next part if you guys like this one. And it will have more action in it for sure.

story by: Mike32

Tags: fiction young virginity male / female teens sex story

Author: Mike32

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