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The first trickle of blood down her neck tickled far more then she had expected. The red liquid stained her skin as it fell down the shallow of her throat and over her collar bone. With slow deliberation it traced a red line down her right breast, just the side curve and then welled up until a droplet sprang free and dropped into the air to land on his flesh below her.

She adjusted herself on his cock, shifting slightly so that the entire 8 inches slid into her wet pussy easily. As she shifted the trail of the blood changed and the droplets now formed on her right nipple. She liked how that looked and leaned close enough for him to lick the red nectar and suck on her nipple waiting for more.

Moving just her hips she began to ride him as he sucked and licked, enjoying his feeding almost as much as the hard cock splitting her open. She lifted up until just the tip of the head held her lips apart and then slammed down hard until he was all the way in her. He moaned and she laughed, she loved hearing him lose control of his reactions, it meant she was winning.

"More" he pleaded as she rose up again. Her cum was dripping down his shaft and pooling under his balls, she was so wet she felt it squish out of her each time she slammed down.

"More?" She asked teasingly.

he confirmed breathlessly.
Slamming down again hard she felt his cock tense and throb in her, jerking in reaction to the intense pleasure. She ground her hips down onto him so her clit was rubbed deliciously and laughed as he moaned and pulled against his bonds. He was helpless and unable to touch except when she allowed him too.

Rising up she held herself there, his cock head in her and she clenched and unclenched her pussy muscles around him. He whimpered slightly and tried to thrust up into her but he couldn't. He growled in frustration and she laughed at him again.

"More baby?" She teased.

More! He answered in desperation.

With the long sharp nail of her right hand she slit her cut open more. The pain felt so good as she opened herself up for him. The blood flowed down her breasts and trickled onto his chest. He thrashed around trying to move his face to get the precious liquid but couldn't and screamed out in frustration.

After teasing him for long moments she finally slammed down hard onto his cock and at the same time, leaned over him so the blood splashed onto his lips. He moaned and cried out, confused at which pleasure to address. His mouth found her breast again and he began licking and sucking her in like a child at it's mother tit. Suckling and drinking her lifeblood in greedily he made great wet slurping noises.

That was enough for her, she began to ride him hard and fast. The blood, now splashing all over was getting on him from waist to the tip of his head. She grabbed her breasts and rubbed it all over herself, the sticky slippery red coating making her skin coppery in the candlelight. he cried out as she rode him, his voice a ragged growl.

Faster she fucked down onto his cock, faster and harder each thrust. She wanted to feel him in her. She wanted him to lose control and to fill her up until he dripped out of her. She needed to feel his cum filling her.

She rode faster and faster, harder and harder until he screamed out a deep low primal cry and his cock exploded into her. Blast after blast of hot cum filled her pussy and still she rode on, pulling on her nipples and quivering with her own inevitable orgasm that was building within her.

Then his eyes snapped open and the beautiful blue eyes were replaced with glowing golden eyes and a look of hunger like no other creature could ever understand. With a simple twist of his wrist the bonds snapped and he was free. he moved so fast she was unable to even respond before she was being flipped onto her back and thrown to the bed. His long hair hung over her and a deep growl filled his throat as he pinned her easily and began to fuck her harder and faster still.

He growled. "You wanna tease? You like teasing?" he said as one hand held her hands above her head and the other held her ass in place. He was still fucking her brutally fast and hard. She couldn't respond more then a moan and whimper back.

"You like teasing? Do you?" he laughed as he fucked her. her orgasm had overwhelmed her…her entire body was on fire, she didn't even know her name any more.

"Then More!" He fucked into her hard, "More!" Harder still, he cried out as his cock slammed into her so hard she began to cry in pleasure, tears streaming down her face in pure delight.

Then he was on the open wound, drinking directly from her sucking and biting her. Her blood flowed freely and she lost herself into a different sort of ecstasy, the feeling of being completely consumed. his cock was still slamming in and out of her but that feeling was so much less then the drinking, the consuming.

She cried out from some deep primordial place within herself and it came out as a shrieking growl. Feeling her teeth grow to full arousal she bit back into him. Feeling the long canines punching through his hard shoulder muscles, wrenching through his iron like flesh. Then the flow of life returning to her. She drank of him as her body shook and trembled uncontrollably his fucking finally subsiding until he was laying on her, in her and they drank of each other until they could take no more pleasure.

He rolled off of her and lay next to her, licking the blood from her skin as she finally began to catch her breath. She was still crying from the intensity and he kissed her tears as they rolled down her cheeks. She kissed him and then relaxed and let him lick all over her body, cleaning her. It was so bestial it was wonderful. her sensitive skin responding to each loving lick as he covered her. She lost herself into the sweet moment.

Then his voice in her ear again. />
She smiled without opening her eyes, />
She could actually hear him grin, />
She smiled and knew the night was far from over.

story by: David Williams

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: David Williams

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