Moving blues

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I have always hated moving, especially given that I had spent most of my life doing it every couple of years. I had lost count of how many times in my 32 years that I had gone through this ritual. This time was no different. It seemed to take ages to get everything packed up and ready to go. Then there was the headache of finding a new place to live. I had decided that I would find a roommate due to the fact that although I like it quiet and peaceful, as I had gotten older I also didn't like an empty home. I wasn't particular as to any particular type of roommate, just someone I could easily get along with. I must have screened through two dozen potentials before finding the right one.

Ellen was an attractive professional businesswoman in her mid-40's, divorced, and worked during the day which meant that since I work nights, I could sleep in on my days off without worrying about being woken up. We agreed upon rent and living arrangements, which gave me full access to the house so I was happy. It wasn't long thereafter that I began to move my belongings into the place. It took a couple weeks to get everything set the way I wanted it and get accustomed to my new residence, and during that time Ellen was more than accomodating. It wasn't long until I noticed that she seemed to enjoy the company as well.

We clicked well as roommates and it wasn't long until I had found we were spending many a free evening together watching TV or just relaxing at home. She was as much a homebody as I myself had become. We had our own comfort zone, and before long she would lay her head on my chest as we were watching movies or sitting on the couch, and I really didn't think much of it other than it was nice to be able to cuddle with somebody without worrying about anything else. I particularly liked the feel of her long soft brunette hair as it draped across my neck when she would rest her head in the crook of my neck, and how she would scoot really close as she would do so. She liked having my arm draped around her body, saying it made her feel safer. We settled into this routine and didn't give much thought to it.

About four months after I moved in, a thunderstorm had knocked out the TV in the living room, so we took to watching the one in her bedroom. I was somewhat nervous at first as doing this meant laying in her bed with her, however that soon went away and I was just as comfortable watching TV on her bed as I had been on the couch, and our cuddling continued. Oftentimes she would curl up in front of me and bring my arm over her waist in a spooning position. Although this could make seeing the TV a bit difficult for me, I didn't mind as it relaxed her quite well and she would be asleep.

One evening while doing this, I could hear her breathing get slower and more relaxed, and looking up I could see she had a smile on her face. She placed her hand over mine as it rested at her stomach and pressed it down firmly to her skin. I enjoyed this warmth and closeness, and without thinking placed a light kiss at the back of her neck. I heard a soft mewl of pleasure as she pressed her bottom firmly to me, which in turn caused me to hold her closer and kiss her neck more. With each kiss to her neck, her ass would rub against me more, and her hand closed around mine, soon guiding it down to her pubic mound. She turned her head to look at me, and after a moment gazing into her eyes, seeing what she wanted, I kissed her full on the lips. Ellen devoured me, quickly suckling my tongue into her hungry mouth, her hand cupped to my cheek so as to not let me go.
"Please don't stop – hold me close" I heard her whimper in a low soft voice, and I could tell she meant it, so I leaned in closer, bringing the full length of our bodies into contact and my other arm around underneath her with one hand resting at her sternum and the other at her pubic mound. Her short nightgown had by now ridden up considerably and I could feel the soft cotton of her panties. I slowly eased my hand down the top of her panties, savoring the feel of her soft pubic hair, my fingers lightly entertwining themselves in it before my fingertip eased down to stroke and caress her womanhood.

She drew in a sharp breath and lifted her leg a bit the instant she felt my fingertip brush across her slit, the soft warm folds enveloping my finger into them, her hips hunching down at my touch hungrilly. Ellen pressed her lips to mine in a hard, longing kiss and I could hear her soft whimpers as my finger slowly stroked the folds of her pussy. "Please – it has been so long for me" she whimpered between kisses, her fingers curling around and digging into my arm as I took my time exploring her. I could feel her juices start to flow, lubricating my fingers, thus making my caresses even more pleasurable to her. I looked into her eyes as I slipped my index finger all the way into her tight pussy, watching them grow wide as her wet slick tunnel gripped tight at my finger.
"How long has it been for you Ellen?" I asked as I looked into her eyes.
"Eight years" was her reply – her breath was coming faster now, and I could feel her pussy starting to spasm around my finger. Sensing her excitement, I brought my thumb down over her clit and began caressing it in small circles. Ellen's nails dug hard into my skin as a scream was ripped from her lungs as she climaxed hard and suddenly on my finger. Her inner muscles spasmed so hard that I thought they would break my finger, and her juices flowed like a river from her pussy, leaving a nice wet spot on the bed. Tears had formed in her eyes, and she began weeping ever so softly as she held tight to me. I held her in my arms for a few moments until she had relaxed.

As Ellen regained her breath, her small, soft hands began roaming up and down my chest and stomach before centering themselves on the bulge in my trousers, which was growing hard in respone to her caresses, which in turn made her stroke and squeeze it more. A wry smile crossed her face as she leaned over me, kissing me deeply and passionately, her tiny hands frantically opening my trousers and sliding them down. I lifted my hips to help her out and within a few seconds my trousers and boxers had been tossed aside by her dainty little hands. Her tiny hands tried thier best to wrap around the girth of my now fully erect cock, feeling it hot in the softness of her hands. It was at this point that I went ahead and slipped her nightgown over her shoulders and tossed it aside, I had the feeling it wouldn't be needed for quite some time. She looked at me with a big smile as my hands slid down to her hips and into the sides of her panties. Ellen gasped aloud as I tore the cotton panties right from her hips, tossing the shredded remains aside. I now had full view of the soft, brown pubic hair that provided a light covering over her pussy, the bright pink lips peeking out from behind the brown hairs.

I took Ellen's hand firmly in mine, and stood her up at the edge of the bed, slightly bent over as I stood behind her. With one firm, solid motion, my hand wrapped around her waist and I pulled her tiny little body fully to me, my thick hard cock wedged firmly between the soft alabaster cheeks of her ass. My fingers entertwined in her hair at the back of her head, leaning her head aside a bit, fully exposing her neck. Trailing warm, wet, hot kisses down the soft of her neck made Ellen relax her body a bit, her ass wiggling to me trying to get my length inside her aching pussy. Her small frame was trying desperately to get me inside, and her frantic movements and mewling sounds made that obvious. Nonetheless, I continued with kissing her neck – prepping it for what was to come. My breath was flowing hot down the nape of her neck and I could tell the time was right – I bit down hard on the soft of her neck as I held her body firmly still, my thick hard cock suddenly impaling her tight little pussy. She screamed aloud – shocked by the stinging pain of the bite and the sudden invasion of my cockhead pressed hard to her cervix, and I could feel her knees give way briefly.
"Oh my she cried out as she held tight to me, her hands clasped around me trying to hold on.
"Just relax Ellen, you are in my hands now, and I am going to make you mine." I whispered tenderly in her ear, holding her in a full body embrace as I began slowly moving the full length of my thick throbbing cock into and out of her now drenched pussy, savoring the sensation of her inner walls spasming each time I tapped her cervix.

Ellen's hands clasped frantically at the desk, her tiny body overpowered by the sensations of being filled and stretched by my cock after being celibate for so many years, her whimpers becoming sobs of pleasure with each passing moment. Raining kisses down her neck and back as I took her gently but firmly, keeping my thick hard cock fully imbedded deep within her soft pink center, it wasn't long before her tight clenching wet cunt muscles milked me – my cock throbbing as jet after jet of my hot sticky cum splashed at her cervix. I felt her body start to tremble once more as I continued to pump her tiny little body full of my seed, and her juices dripped down freely onto the floor as her climax overpowered her. Her sobs filled the room as she collapsed onto the bed, my arms wrapped around her tenderly as I lay down beside her, holding her in my arms as our climaxes subsided.

Ellen's sobs soon subsided, aided by me caressing and kissing her cheek as I held her close and tight.
"Thank you, it has been so long for me, and I needed that so bad. I didn't think any man still found me sexually attractive anymore" she whispered into my ear.
"Of course you are still attractive, I do not know why you think otherwise" I replied, my hand cupped at her Venus' arch as I held her close and kissed her forehead.
I gently rolled her on top of me, bringing her head to rest on my chest and covered us with the blanket, and before long we were both sleeping soundly.

When morning came, I awoke to Ellen looking into my eyes smiling, her hand lightly placed to my cheek as she straddled her body atop mine, her soft pubic hairs covering my cock, which was nice and stiff due to my morning wood.
she whispered as she placed her finger to my lip, her hips wiggling just so – slowly guiding my morning erection completely inside her tight, wet pussy as it squeezed down hard on my girth. Her hands were resting flat on my chest as her ass settled down onto my thighs, her hips moving back and forth, wickedly brushing the head of my cock to her cervix. A gutteral groan escaped her lips as I felt the head of my cock become lodged in the center of her cervix, threatening to rip through the thick membrane into her womb. Placing my hands on her hips, I began to slowly lift her up and down on the length of my cock, plunging the thick hot shaft deep into her cunt as she flowed her cum down onto my thighs. She was tight, the years without sex had left her like a virgin, and I could tell she was feeling every inch of my cock as it lodged deep in her womb.
"I need more….please go she whimpered, her hips bouncing with increased urgency, her face flushed red and full of color, her full breasts bouncing up and down make me yours /> Without warning, her fingernails dug into my chest and her legs spasmed closed around me, her orgasm ripping through her body furiously, leaving her a shaking, trembling wreck as her body collapsed atop me in it's aftermath.
Giving her a moment or two to recover, I then eased her onto all fours, her head down to the sheets and her cute alabaster ass up in the air, fully exposing her now gaping pink hole, practically begging to be used again. Grasping her shapely hips in my hands, I guided the thick head of my cock right into the tight, waiting in balls deep as her velvety hot inner walls sucked me into thier depths. Ellen pushed her ass back into my thighs, fully impaling herself on my length, wiggling around trying to get me even deeper.
"Mmmmmmmmmm that pussy is so very good wrapped around my cock don't you think?" I growled into her ear…..each thrust plunging deeper and deeper into her tiny little body.
"God yes….please take me…..I am yours and this is only for you baby" she whimpered and mewled out to me.
One advantage to her small size was that I was able to tap her cervix effortlessly, too much so at times as occasionally I would hear her whimpers tinged with pain from time to time when I went too deep. I lifted up a bit, altering the angle to let me go deeper as I centered my cockhead at her cervix, pressing in and stretching it until I felt like it was about to give in…….
please it's too much" she cried out, trying to ease off of my cock a bit to keep it from pushing through her cervix. I obliged, withdrawing the thick hot member till just the head was lightly pressed at her entrance, being a tease of for her to push back onto me.
"Please….I didn't mean take it all the way out…..I want it all in me, fill me up baby" she urgently mewled, lust taking over her voice as she tried to get the words out.
Thrusting back into her pussy, I obliged her request, this time animalistically taking her instead of the soft lovemaking of before, each thrust filling the air with the sweet scent of sex as her juices splashed out and dripped down our thighs. My hand slid roughly up her back until it cupped the back of her head, my fingers entertwined in the long brunette locks of hair, tugging just enough to lift her head up off the bed. I watched as her ass jiggled with each rough, hard thrust into the soft pink core of her being. Her grunts, moans and whimpers egged me on, only increasing my urgency as I filled her tight cunt with my cock, watching as it disappeared between her heart shaped asscheeks. It wasn't long like this before I knew my climax was imminent, she was intentionally trying to milk me by rippling her pussy muscles around my cock whimpering "Gawd yes I need your cum, I need to be filled with it's heat in me, please don't pull out, />
Pressing her face down flat on the bed, my hand cupped tenderly around her throat, my finger lewdly placed in her mouth as I impaled my cock as deep as I could, stretching her cervix hard as my cum exploded out of my cock, shooting past the tiny opening in her cervix, jetting directly into her womb…….
Grunts of extasy were ripped from my throat as this happened, my breathing fast and hard, sweat pouring down my brow as I filled her body, this in turn triggering a massive orgasm of her own in response to the fury of mine. Ellen's body shook and trembled as it was filled with my seed, and I could feel it starting to seep out around my cock as there was so much of it inside her.

We laid there like that for some time before getting back up and getting showered. Since that day, we have looked at each other differently – I now see a sexy, experienced lady who wants nothing more than to please me and be my companion. We have grown quite a bit closer since then, and will likely continue to do so. One thing is for sure, I have yet to spend a single night unsatisfied sexually with her. She is the roommate to keep 🙂

story by: PhoenixDark

Tags: fiction consensual sex mature hardcore male / older female sex story

Author: PhoenixDark

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