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Alyssa was 13 years old when she met Nate, being in a new school in a bigger city it was intimidating. school was big people stared alot, but she stood proud back at them.
her mom died young after having her and her father taught her to be proud she made it without a mom.
she was standing at 5' 2" and her dark brown hair fell at her thighs and eyes shone soft brown but full of life.
she was slender and curves that made you look twice from a glance to see if it was what you thought.
wore a size lager clothes to hide her growing curves of puberty.
Nate was a 7th grader who tried to smoothly be the first to earn her interest.
she was an only child and he was one of five boys.
she made friends but only a few, being a new girl who was prettier than most there she didn't respond to boys trying to impose friendship on her.
she chose them.
she made good grades and tried out for extra activites and enjoyed her stay in her new home, got the scoop on where to go and what she could do.
Nate was turning 14 and invited her to his birthday party his parents made him have and she was on of two girls there.
he was the 2nd youngest and his older brothers egged him on to do things with girls.
the party was fun but after nate's parents went to bed leaving them to the night of fun, the two older brothers took nate and the two girls out in the back yard and behind the two story guesthouse and offered them their first joint.
they said no, later after a bit of peer pressure they gave in and Alyssa held it in as they told her to and felt everything suddenly feel softer and warmer.
nate made friends with alyssa more over the end of summer, and felt that over time he would be her first lover,he wanted her since he saw her when the new school year started, but over time they bonded and he made no effort to be more than buddies, until he found the right situation.
this was it.
the two girls smiled and laughed with each other enjoying the sensation of being high for the first time.
the ealry summer night was warm for the time of year and the older ones watched the two girls smoking cigarettes and talking quietly amongst themselves.
after everyne was done passing the joint around and put out their cigarettes they brought the girls in to the guest house to watch a movies and munch out.
alyssa never felt so happy in her life and everything around her was so warm and comfortable.
she laugh with her friends and never felt so hungry in her life and soda never tasted better to her.
after an hour they went back out again and lit another joint and the night got darker and the neighborhood was still.
the two joints were a present from nates older brother to share with his party members
and after the last one two of the older ones left to a house party an hour away.
getting restless with movies the 4 teens the two brothers and two girls got out some games to play.
the games got boring and nate watched as the girls became more relaxed and dazed.
nate suggested he and alyssa go for a walk she said she didn't want to go out late like this so he asked her to be alone for a talk. she said okay and they walked upstairs to a large bedroom and he locked it after her.
she was sighing with happiness still high as ever, finding the smallest thing funny.
he saved his gift from her for this moment and pulled it out and she came around more serious now and said she hope its what he liked.
he was not concerned about what it was, more of how she looked to him at that moment. her long thick hair lying on her chest over her thick shirt.
she wore layers and he turned up the heat and waited until she felt she was hot enought to take off her top shirt. they talked about the times they had in school and what they wanted to do next year. they were in the middle of the bed and she finally apologzed and said she needed to take off her sweater and his eyes fell on her still growing body and thought to she was more perfect than girls he thought were beautiful.
she was different.
She had a niceness and understanding about her that everybody loved about her. she can make friends easy, but kept them at a distance to not be interested in more than friends.
nate got to this point to be just friends.
she trusted him.
he never made a move and as he opened his gift she looked far away but trying to stay together and laughed when she felt embarrassed.
it was the game he had been talking baout getting for months but his parents said no.
he was pleased. she said it had to be one that stuck out for being her best friend.
she had a hard time with out a mom evene thought her dad tried his best to make up for it but she talked to nate about alot of her problems and he knew most about her because he was just a friend.
and the problems she had before she moved here, he gave a comforting feel to her and never thought about being intimate.
the heat rose and she layed on the bed wit ha dazy look on her face and asked how often does he get to feel like this?
he said when his brothers give him the chance. so often enough not to be caught.
he layed next to her and said i think you are so perfect.
a look of wonder and please came across her face and then said thank you.
fearing she would see him looking her up and down he got up and turned on the radoi to their favorite staion and sat there for a while feeling the music in their highness together.
it was loud enough to cover up sounds that he thought would be if he made a move and she didn't like it. she felt thirsty and wanted to go and get a drink. he asked her to wiat as she got to the door and she did and felt a twinge as she watched him get off the bed and walk towards her.
she waited and smiled at him as he stood by her waiting for him to say what he wanted to so she can get a drink.
he said thank you for being here and i was hoping i can get my first birthday kiss from you, if that is okay.
she thought about it for a minute hoping that it was the pot making him say this to her now.
she was not ready or even thinking of being more than friends with anyone. being alittle slow to react with a bit of shock of the feeling he was expressing in his request he gave her a second to relpy and moved in for a kisstook a step forward and put on hand on her firm waist and the other behind her head gently to hold her in place and met her lips and kissed her for the first time.
she blinked and let him kiss her she was surprised by it.
it was a nice kiss but not what she was thinking about doing until high school.
he stepped back a bit to see her reaction, reading her face that was confused from the effects it took a while to find herself again.
then he asked did you like it?
she stood looking at him and said yes for coming out of no where.
asking if he could do it again and if she would try kissing him back she said only once more then she had enough and needing something to drink.
he felt so excited and feeling this was a night he won't forget,the desire to touch her was overpowering him as he wrpaped his arms around her in a deep wet kiss that his hands moved her upwards towards him and he pressed himself against her with his hands on her back
then took one hand to the middle of her back and the other to her right breast that she always hid under layers of clothes and she broke the kiss after feeling his squeezing hand.
took her hand to move his awa and tired to back away.
feeling her breast made him feel like he had to have more of her and now.
not letting this moment pass him by the music he had playing was loud enough to grab her and pull ehr on to her back on the bed as he used his weight against her and she was pushing him away feeling hurt that he was behaving in such a way. she slapped him and said stop it right now nate and let me go now!
not knowing what he would do after slapping him she layed still hoping he would come to his senses.
her hand was strong from being agry with him he was straddling her waist with his sittin on her trying to get her to the postion he needed her in to make his night with her.
he stopped and looked at her for a moment then she said we are both high but that doesn't mean you can do this. its your birthday and we were having a good time, get off me and stop now and apologize or lose our friendship forever.
he looked at her face seeing anger and fear for the first time and how he felt about her made him want her to be like this. he took her arms and and leaned in towards her and said yes it is my birthday and we are high and this is not something i can do, i am sorry.
feeling a little better she relaxed her body and waited him to move off of her. he gave her a minute thinking of how he can do this with out too much noise and fighting. she was breathing heavily, mouth dryand still under him looking unsure of what will happen.
they kept a dagger in the drawer next to the bed to fight off intruders, guns were not appropriate for teenage boys to be around. he leaned over and got it out and reached and got a tissue to wipe the tears that fell from her eyes and she pleaded for him to stop.
her handed her the tissue and got off her and turned out the lights and quickly made his way over to alyssa and took her shirt and ripped it alittle trying to get it off her. she fought his effort and leaned back and he moved in and fought his way flat against her his weight heavy against hers.
get off of me, stop it now you can't do this to me i don't want you to do this to me let go, let go now what 's wrong with you she said over and over again getting madder everytime.
he used his weight to get her out of her shirt and take his off too, her jeans were harder wit hher fighting he showed he the dagger and took her hair and yanked it so she can see he was not going to give up.
seeing it made her freak and he cut the back of her neck by accident and he squeesed her arms so hard she stopped her fighting and cried in pain. when she calmed down he looked and her cut and it was not too bad but it was an accident.
seeing he was going to hurt her if he had to she listened as he told her to be still and she won't get hurt more and that was not supposed to have happened.
please stop this now but he had gotten that far and it was too late to back out even if he wanted to.
he said stay still or get cut again.
not knowing what to do she wouldn't let him take her like this.
hoping everyone else has not heard a thing and would not come upstairs to find them, he held her shoulders down with dagger in hand and moved to her button and zipper of her jeans and she cried out in fear and he moved in real close to her face and said if anyone hears you this will be more painful than you could think it is right now.
feeling helpless and fearing his state of mind she burst into a new flow of tears.
her jeans slipped down and she lay there crying quietly and he moved fast to remove the remaining clothes and his own. her soft light skin glowing in the dim moonlight.
he layed off to her side facing her and holding his weapon in his hand that was under her head and across her neck and he felt her body and enjoyed feeling her twitch
under his fingers in hate for what he is doing.
her nakedness beautiful to finally see after hoping to feel her soft skin and surprisingly large breasts she hid all the time.
her body was slender and firm, a short sparse patch of curly pubes were coming in but her thighs were slender and would fit him comfortably.
he moved himself to her knees and she layed there hoping there was a way out but fearing more harm tired to not get cut again.
her cut on her neck stopped bleeding but throbbed in pain.
he was naked too and the more he looked at her the more he wanted to take her now but he held back, not wanting to ruin it for either of them.
seeing the hard on he had frightened her. never saw a man dick before and thinking about what it will do and how it will feel made her want to die then.
he had two girls before and knew what to do.
a girl like her was not going to be just a fuck.
he took the blade and moved it over the skin of her knees and moved them slowly apart. she was shaking with tears and shushed screams and fighting the urge to kick him in his face and run for help.
she prayed the drug will wear off and she can think straight.
kneeling beween her knees he touched the lips of her pussy and she jumped and cried out and he pulled the blade to her leg and said it will hurt more if i think you are being too loud.
she stopped breating to hold her cries in and her heart beat and felt she was going to pass out her dry throat in pain from being parched.
he looked in her and she was so pink and pure, never used before and got a wiff of her scent and licked her once to taste and put a finger in and tried to make her wet but her fear was real and she was dry.
not to worry he lubed himself up and keeping the blade so it was poking her more if she moved into it trying to get away.
and spit in her hole so when she took him it would not be so tough to get him in.
he took his dick and put it in place just barely entering her and layed across her body keeping her in place.
holding her shoulders with her arms at her side holding her there her sucked on her breasts and neck and kissed her forcing her to kiss him back.
he lifted her right leg so her knee bent and she could open up more for him she started puching him and he held her close and said here it goes look at me now!
she look at him, once she had eye contact had moved forward with his hips and pushed his dick in her and she felt him slide in and her body being opened to take him.
it hurt for a minute and she tensed up and it felt so great to him he stopped and told her to relax and she couldn't and said between sobs and prayers stop it stop it, don't do this more.
she said no so he jsut gave more force and pushed hard and felt her viginity give way and slammed in to her body feeling of insane lust. trying to keep control of her and his desire was not easy.
her heat started growing making his mind blow from the sensation,
her eyes squeezed shut as if it would keep the pain out as he took her with a hard force. he pulled out and her body jerked upward and her breasts bounced with it as he shoved himself hard into her again.
alyssa felt the world grow cold and bare as he made her feel his dick take her.
nathan felt like he was in control of the world having this young girl be at his will.
he held her close then jsut moved his hips so he can feel the impact he had on her body as he thrust foward. the blood from her pussy lubed them for a while.
the pain he gave her while forcing himself in her stung less and less as she losened up and her body naturally lubricated them but she was nearly fading from reality when he layed there in her depths.
he moaned as he slid in and wanted to get rougher and faster but not at that time.
having broken her in and got her fuckable he kissed her and turned her over on her belly asnd grabbed her hips and lifted her butt and saw how great it was full cheeks and firm as a athlete.
holding her wrists to her back she had to stay that way to not be in pain from the twist. with the other hand he found her pussy agian and forced tow fingers in and tried to get he to moan for him while he fucked her hard and fast with his fingers.
her ass tried to move away but ended up right where it was and she squirmed and screamed into the bed.
he dug ahrder til she came and seeing that for the first time, she took her again from behind and fucked her wildly fast in and out thrusting as hard as he could amking sure he made her go forward to meet him coming in again as she fell back again.
he couldn't fuck her hard enough as he felt mad with satisfaction of how she felt wrapped around his cock and grabbed her hair and pulled to so her neck was strained and gave short hard thrusts with his hips into her.
all she could do is let tears fall and look at what was in front of her and take it.
that pain was too much and she emotionally checked out.
but her body felt and remembered everything.
he held her in place and was tearing her insides around his cock and he couldn't help but try get more of her around him deeper and deeper.
she moans escaped her but not out of pleasure but shock and pain.
praying he killed her now he stopped and pushed her forward flat on the bed and had her hands behind her back and spit in her ass and put a finger in and felt joy in her body fighting his invasion. the more she wanted to fight the better it seemed to do to her. her get it loose enough to go in the stretch was more than what she could handle but he pushed his head in and the rest of his dick in her and the hot wetness of her ass made him slow his thrusts. holding her hand s and kepping her down on the bed was more work as she screamed and fought for freedom.
the bed was a mess now and the blankets muffled her screams.
as he thrust downward into her ass the more it bled.
but it felt so good and he waited her for the longest time and he finally had her and it was amazing how good it felt to take her like this.
she gave up fighting and jsut cried in the bed.
screams longer as he fucked her ass as deeply as he could.
then he stopped and waited for her to calm down and he felt sorry for her but it hardly mattered. he did it and he loved it.
after some time her cries lessened, he turned her faceing him and her eyes were puffy and breathing hard from being so dry.
his dick covered in drying blood and juices she gave as he made her come for the first time. she felt defeated.
used beyond what she thought anyone would ever do.
pain of being fucked like this was enough to break her spirit and she just layed there her mind blank as an escape from her demented reality. his second oldest brother came knocking on the door wondering wht is going on in htere and why they were up here so long and musi being played.
he had been fucking her for 30 minutes but it felt like hours. he waited to cum for when she was going to be there mentally for it.
the knock at the door brought her back to it all and gave her hope she can be freed from this abuse.
he froze feeling her stir for a first in a along time he covered her mouth and said to be quiet or she won't live to tell what he has done.
he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around himself and opened the door slightly.
his brother was two years older than him and much bigger.
he asked what do you have going on in there?
he said nothing you can't help out with if he can keep a secret.
his brother gave him a suspicious look and pushed the door open and saw alyssa lying there scared and bloody naked and saw a look of hope as he eyed his brother wrapped up and gave a look of anger as he said to his brother this is a party i should have been in invited when it started.
and he closed the door and looked at the girl whose world was going to be alot worse than it was already.
scott moved in and asked his brother how was she?
nate answered the best you could ever hope for, and he watched his brother smile and start to undress himself and move toward alyssa.
who was inching on her back to the other end of the bed never taking her eyes of his growing and larger dick than his younger brothers, and he said no now you will be with the one who taught your lover what he knows. and maybe if i like you i can teach you new things when it comes to being with a man.
as he grabbed he and pulled him to her, with nate close behind grabbing her other arm and leg as they layed her down on her back, feeling like the night has finally /> to be coninued,

story by: Skye

Tags: teen male/teen female fantasy rape drug non-consensual sex sex story

Author: Skye

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