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I've always been interested in men who were older than me. From the age I began considering sex, I had been lusting after men in their twenties and thirties. So, naturally, when I met my college professor Mr. Ryles, I could barely contain myself. Being a fairly shy girl, I spent most of class keeping myself from staring, mortified that he would notice. He was in his late twenties, 6'2", he had shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes that electrified every part of me through his gaze. I wanted him desperately, but I was sure it would never happen. Why would he notice me, a plain brunette with C-cups who's still a virgin, over the slutty blonde double D's that seemed to flood the school? I had a nice body, I thought, but nothing to obsess over. I was just average.. That all changed, however, when one day after class he asked me to stay back and have a little "chat" with him.

"Damn," I thought, "He must know… But how?"

"Kristina, do you know why I've asked you to stay back today?" he asked, as he walked slowly towards me.

"I, uh … No, sir…" I sheepishly replied. I thought I saw his eyes flick quickly from my eyes to my tits.

"Don't call me that," He demanded with a hoarser voice than usual. Was this truly what I thought it was? Could Mr. Ryles really be attracted to me? I thought of all the times I thought we held gazes for just a little longer than usual, or the comments he wrote on my essays that seemed so innocent at the time, like "Sounds.. exciting," when I wrote about my past employment as a maid. I thought of all the times I ignored these signs and how desperately I wanted him to take me. I must have started blushing because he asked,

"Kristina, have I embarassed you? I'm very sorry if that sounded stern, I didn't mean to worry you." His words seemed so gentle, but his body language showed the complete opposite. Was this all in my head? Thinking about what could be happening, I got very horny, very quickly. All I could do was stand and blush at the vulgar thoughts invaded my mind. In all of my embarassment, I'm surprised that I was able to push out,

"Oh, no, I'm sorry, It's just.. a little warm.. Yes. It's warm in here." Suddenly, I had a shocking idea. I would just continue to lust after him for the rest of my college years unless I came on to him. He can't just go around seducing every girl he finds attractive, he would be fired in an instant. He was doing as much as he could, and if I wanted this, if I wanted him, I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I began slowly unbuttoning my sweater to reveal my tight-fit, low-cut black tanktop. "Good choice on not wearing a bra," I congratulated myself. He could see my hard nipples right through my top.

"Would you help me?" I asked with a flutter of my eyelashes. "The sleeves on this sweater are just so tight…" He seemed shocked for an instant, but he quickly recovered.

He said as he turned me around, moved my waist-long hair to the side, and peeled it off my body.

I moaned, "That's better." After a moment of fake pause, I pretended to just have an idea.

"Oh, but what about you, Mr. Ryles? Surely that suit is much too hot for you, isn't it?" I reached for the top button on his over coat and looked up with my eyes to meet his electric gaze. This time, I did not look away until I had finished undoing his coat, which I then pulled over his broad shoulders by going on the tips of my toes and pressing my tits against his chest. "There, how's that… sir?" His body twitched slightly, as if he was holding back a large impulse.

"I told you not to call me that.." He threatened.

"What are you going to do to stop me?" I teased.

"Kristina, you're treading dangerous grounds…" His fists were clenched, he was desperately trying to hold himself back. This was it. What I said next would determine the fate of the night. It had to be perfect.

"Whatever do you mean, sir? I was only trying to—" Suddenly, his arm shot out and pushed everything off of his desk. I shrieked a little from the sudden noise and he grabbed me, flipped me around so my back was to him, and he put one hand over my mouth.

Shocked, I tried to squirm free. I'd never been in a situation like this, I didn't know what he was planning but I suddenly did not want to be a part of it. I wiggled and squirmed and tried to scream but it was no use. Mr. Ryles was much too strong.

"You've been a bad girl. You don't think I noticed all the desperate looks you've been giving me? You don't think It's taken every ounce of my strength to keep me from doing this in the middle of class?" I tried to speak but it was just a soft moan under his strong hand. "The way you bite your lip when I catch you staring? The way you sit so that I can just barely see up your skirt? Don't tell me you don't know what you're doing to me." His hand reached up my shirt and taking my tit in his free hand, he started pinching and twisting it as he spoke. "And now, after teasing me beyond my limits, you try to run away AGAIN? You can pretend you're a shy, reserved little lady, but I can see the slut that's just dying to escape." I moaned under his hand. I had never felt anything like what he was doing. It was amazing, I couldn't help myself. I started moaning more. "You see? You see what a big slut you are? You know you like this, so stop trying to get away. Let me fuck you like the dirty whore you are." He released my tit and I felt a sudden surge of disappointment. Did I like this? It felt nice.. but, it was nothing like I had ever imagined sex would be like. This is not what I wanted my first time to be like.. So.. rough… He ripped my shirt up over my head, and I gasped as my tits fell free of the spandex hold. "Wow. Not even a bra? Come on, who were you trying to fool? You're no lady." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his desk. "I'll show you what kind of girl you are." He reached into his drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"You're not.. Those aren't.. for me, are they?" He chuckled slowly as he looked me up and down. I somehow felt even more naked. "You've been such a bad girl.. How do I know you can follow the rules? This is the only way to be sure. You understand, right?"

"Well, I–"

"Too bad." He muttered as he lifted my body up, threw me on the desk and attached me to the bars on the radiator. I yelled in pain as my back hit the cold, hard desk.

"Next time, do as I say and we won't need to use force. Well, atleast not as much force." He chuckled. I felt horribly conflicted. My mind was appalled- my body was screaming for more. He pulled up my skirt, ripped off my thong and raised an eyebrow. "Shaved, too? Just for me? You shouldn't have." I wanted to scream "let me go!" and "Fuck me now!" all at the same time. He lifted his gaze slowly from my pussy, over my flat belly, my firm tits and finally met my eyes. That electric stare.. It was enough to make up my mind. I wanted this, and I wanted it badly. He chuckled softly and stole his gaze away. He focused again on my pussy, and I inhaled sharply as he moved his hand closer. "Wow.. You want this so badly you can't even control yourself. You're such a little slut, aren't you?" I was so horny, but I couldn't bring myself to agree with him. I wasn't a slut, was I?

"Answer me!" he yelled as he slapped my clit with a ruler. I cried out in pain and yelled "yes, yes! I'm a slut.. I'm your slut!" He smirked.

"Oh, my slut, are you? Are you certain about that?"

"Yes! yes! I'm yours. I'm all yours. Do whatever you want with me. I'll do whatever you want. You can use me, I'm a slut. I belong to you." He groaned deeply and walked around the side of the desk towards my head. He leaned in close to my face, and I inhaled sharply. His cologne was the most enticing scent I had ever experienced. His lips were inches from mine, his electric blue eyes lit up the space between us. Suddenly he pressed his mouth to mine in the most passionate kiss I had ever had. His tongue quickly found it's way to mine and each time they touched, sparks of excitement shot down my spine. My hand reached up and snaked through his messy blond curls, pushing his face against mine. His hand slid down my body to my clit and he started playing with me. I could hardly continue kissing him through all the moaning he was causing. Suddenly, he pulled away and chuckled at the noise I was making. "You little slut," he accused. "You're loving this so much, I almost don't want to stop. But It's my turn." He reached his hand under my body and pulled me off the table, putting me down beside the radiator I was attached to. He undid his belt and then ordered, "Take my pants off and suck my cock." After the last ruler spanking, I learned that I had to follow his orders and I had to do it quickly. I lunged for the top button which I undid with haste. Unzipping his pants, I pulled them and his boxers down. I don't know what I was expecting, but he was bigger than I had imagined. He was atleast 7" and he wasn't even fully hard yet. My awe was evident, and he smirked as he rubbed it on my mouth. "Open up." he ordered.
As I did, he slid the head of his cock in my mouth. It was smooth, and I was surprised. It tasted.. good. "Now suck, whore!" He groaned. I started sliding my mouth up and down his shaft. He moaned deeply and I felt his cock pulse in my mouth. I was so horny, I loved sucking his cock. I wanted more of it. I started taking it deeper and deeper, and he started thrusting in my mouth. He was getting bigger, and deeper, and harder and I couldn't stop sucking it. He suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled me off. "That's enough for now, my little toy. We don't want to spoil things, do we?" All I could do was shake my head, I was so desperate for more. "Don't be disappointed.. Wait until you see what's next. You'll forget this even existed." Could he be suggesting what I think he is? Before I could really process it, he lifted me off the ground, turned me towards his desk, and bent me over. The desk was cold against my skin, and I tried to lift myself up, but it was no use. He had a firm grip on my hair and he was using it to keep me down. I was tied up and pinned down. I was his to play with and there was nothing I could do. I gasped loudly as I felt his finger exploring the outside of my pussy. "You like that?" He moaned as he pushed his finger deeper inside of me. "What's this?" He asked as he reached my cherry. "You can't be a virgin.. can you?"

"Yes.. ah, yes sir. I am.."

"Fuck, you really are all mine aren't you? I can't wait to be inside your tight little pussy. I'm gonna pop your cherry and I'll claim you as mine forever." He lined his dick up against my pussy. I was so horny, and he was so sexy, I couldn't take it any longer.

"Please! Please fuck me, I want you to take me, to use me. Please fuck my tight pussy! I'm your slut, use me however you want, whenever you want!"

"Mmmm, well alright then." He plunged his cock all the way inside of me. I shrieked loudly. A little from the pain, but mostly from the pleasure. He pulled out his entire length and filled me a second time. He continued this rythmic thrusting in and out of my pussy. The faster he got, the louder my moans became. In minutes he was pounding me and I couldn't last any longer. He yelled "I'm gonna cum!" as I fell into my first orgasm. In pure bliss, I was able to say "Please cum inside of me, I need you to fill me with your hot, wet cum. Please!!" That set him off and we collapsed in a pile on the desk.
He pulled out of me, pulled up his pants, and said "Same time next week?"

What had I agreed to?

story by: whatwasthat?

Tags: fiction boys/teen female male domination sex story

Author: whatwasthat?

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