Murder on the mainline: another mike claymore mystery chapter 05

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By eight twenty Mike arrives in the parking lot at CPX and parks by Len's old Pontiac. Len has the tractor under the pin at the dock and waves to him as he comes across the yard. "Good morning, sleepy head."

"Good morning, Lenny. Have you got the bills for that load yet?"

just adding some more to it for Penticton. Should be out of here by nine."

"Seen Tony around this morning?"

"Not yet, but he should be in before long. A lot of the locals are in already." Just then the paging system rings out with a call for Mike Claymore to call the switchboard. Mike steps up on the dock to use the phone there. He dials zero and the girl on the board asks him to hold while she switches him to an outside call.

"Mike, you there?"

"Nina, what's up? Where are you?"

"On my way to work. I saw your car wasn't home this morning so I figured you must have a run. I stopped here in POCO at the drugstore to call you. What did you want yesterday when you called? Have you found out anything new?"

you got my cell phone number?"

"Not with me. I seem to have misplaced it. Can you give it to me again?" He does.

"I was just trying to find out where Ray was being held so I could see him, but I found out through another source so I didn't bother you again. Has any more forensic reports come in yet?"

"Nothing yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open. Can we have lunch today?"

"Sorry, itty bitty pretty one. I'm off to the Okanagan and I won't be back until late tonight. I'm picking you up a crate of those apples, right?"

"Oh yes. Thanks very much. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow. Do you think so?"

"Maybe, but no promises. I'll see you with your apples sometime tomorrow anyway. Got to run now. You take care."

He hangs up and shakes his head. She is still hot and he's going to have to watch himself around her. He wonders how long this is going to last. Too bad they live so close by and Jeff is such a good friend, he thinks. It sure would be nice… He cuts the thought off in mid stride.

He goes up to dispatch and looks over the office copy of his bills. Not a lot for Penticton. They should have most of it loaded now. He goes back down into the warehouse but still doesn't see Tony. No time to talk to him now, anyway. They are just closing up his trailer and attaching the seal. Len has checked the loading and signs the bills. He says to Mike, "Well, are you all ready?"

"Let's hit the dusty trail, pardner."

They pull over to the pumps and fuel up for the run then pull out of the yard. Within three quarters of an hour they are rolling into Mission and Mike signals to turn for Abbotsford.

"How come your not going straight on out through Agassiz, Mike?"

"Forgot my briefcase this morning; haven't done that in a long time. Going to make a quick stop by the house."

It’s near ten thirty when he pulls around the corner and the condominium comes in sight. Mike hit’s the brakes and pulls to the curb. A car is sitting in his driveway and it’s not Marlene's. He studies it a moment and the truth dawns on him. It's Jeff's car. Len watches him and says, "Aren't you stopped at the wrong house? That's yours up there, isn't it?"

He has only been here one time so he isn't sure if he's right or not and Mike doesn't say anything. In a minute Jeff comes down the drive and gets into his car. He waves at the front window and pulls out into the street. He drives away and Mike puts the Kenworth in gear. He pulls back out into the street and pulls to the curb again in front of his place.

He goes up the drive and into the house through the side door. Marlene is in the kitchen in a bathrobe with a large wet spot on her backside. She turns and says, "Why Mike, I thought you'd be half way to the Okanagan by now. What's up?" She appears nervous.

Mike looks unconcerned as he says, "Forgot my briefcase." He dashes downstairs and brings it back up to the kitchen. "Was Jeff here? I thought I saw his car going up the street as I came around the corner."

"No, I haven't seen him. Maybe he was home picking something up… if it was him; funny time of day for him to be home, though."

Mike drops his case on the table and plants his hands on the counter, one on each side of Marlene. He proceeds to give her a long kiss. He says, "You seems nervous, my dear." He pulls the tie on her robe allowing it to fall open and reveal her nakedness. He moves in again and says, "Mmmmm, maybe I shouldn't rush off this morning, my most beautiful girl in Abbotsford." He kisses her again and draws her close so he can run his hand up between her legs. She’s coated and running, dripping even with thick slick fluid and her bush is soaking wet with lather. He draws back saying, "But then again, I suppose Len might get tired waiting for me. I guess I better go." He picks up his briefcase to leave.

She looks guiltily at him and says, "Go find your truckstop whores then and leave me in peace."

"Tsk tsk, my dear. The pot mustn't call the kettle black. See you tonight." He kisses her again to show her he still cares.

As they roll out of Abbotsford and onto the Trans Canada Highway he whistles a tune and thinks to himself, "Nina, baby, look out when I get back!"

They pull into Laidlaw and Mike stops to see Trudy. She brings them coffee and he asks if she can get away for half an hour. Her eyes light up and she says, "I'll try. Be right back."

When she returns it’s with a triumphant grin as she takes off her apron and comes around the counter. "We going to the sleeper?" She sounds excited. Mike asks Len to wait for half an hour and he says, "No problem," with a grin. Mike hustles her out of the restaurant to the truck and boosts her up into the cab. He follows her and she is already through the curtain. As he pushes it back he notices that she's half undressed.

Mike holds up his hand and says, "Honey, that's a good idea but it’s not why I brought you out here."

"What! Quit teasing and get undressed or at least get that weapon of yours out here for action."

"Sorry, but I'm serious." He pulls in the briefcase from the console and opens it. He hands her the file and says, "Guard that with your life and don't let anyone know you have it or have even seen it. It's the RCMP file on the murder in POCO. It's an indictable offense to even have that thing in your possession. Have you got a safe place to keep it?"

"Sure, in my purse until I get home. Do you want me to get dressed again?"

"Hmmmm, better not just yet." He grins. "Now, about this file. I want you to study it and see what you make of it. I'll see you on the weekend and compare notes. I'm missing something in the photos and I haven't fully figured out what it is. There's an elusive clue there somewhere and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe you can spot it."

"Put your finger on this." She's grinning and drawing his hand to her body so the stop begins to take on a double purpose. Soon they are entwined and all too soon it’s over.

As Mike and Len hit the road again, Mike is whistling and Len grins from ear to ear. All is well for this trip.

They pull back into the yard on Kingsway just after one AM. By the time they've dropped the empty on the line and spotted the full trailer at a door then parked the tractor, it’s going for two. Mike throws his briefcase in the back of the convertible and waves to Len as he leaves. He backs out and heads for Abbotsford.

He pulls the Mustang in behind Marlene's station wagon and grabs his briefcase. He goes up the drive and notices the house is in darkness. Looking over towards Jeff's he sees a glow behind sheer curtains at a back, side window. He slows and in a moment he sees the form of Nina come into the room with a gown loosely thrown over her shoulders. For only a moment her compact breasts fill his sight before the light goes out. Mike pulls out his keys and opens the side door. He goes up into the kitchen in sock feet, leaving his shoes by the door. Again he looks out the kitchen window towards Jeff's but the bedroom window is out of sight behind the next-door condominium. Jeff's is a separate home on the next lot.

He takes the briefcase down to his office then goes upstairs to grab a shower and go to bed. Marlene is sleeping peacefully so he undresses by the glow of a nightlight. After his shower he crawls into bed. Marlene moves in her sleep to cuddle against him and he wonders if she's dreaming of him or Jeff. What's the difference, it feels good, so he puts his arm around her and holds her close. By the time he goes to sleep her head is resting on his chest and she has one leg thrown over him.

Mike sleeps in late and gets up around ten. He grabs coffee in the kitchen and hears Marlene rummaging around downstairs. Soon she comes up with an armful of clean folded clothes and spots him. She says nothing so Mike smiles and says, "Good morning, my love."

She gives a small guilty smile back and says, "Your not mad at me?"

"Tit for tat, I guess. What can I say? I know I leave you here at home alone a lot. It was foolish of me to think you would remain home alone forever. Wasn't it?" He steps forward and kisses her over her burden of folded clothes. "I don't love you any less for it, if that's what's bothering you. Okay?"

She seems relieved.

Mike says in an offhand way, "How long have you two been making it?"

Marlene looks suspiciously at him and mutters, "About eight months now, I guess."

"And Nina hasn't caught him yet? I'm surprised. She must suspect something. You would."

"I never thought about it. He always comes here when you’re on the road and she's at work, while the kids are at school. I'm taking these clothes up to the bedroom." She turns to leave and Mike sits down to drink his coffee. In a moment she's back with another armload of dirty clothes. She speaks to him from the doorway. "So who have you been screwing?" Her voice has the old edge to it and Mike just grins.

"The odd truckstop waitress, but no one in />
"Oh." She turns to leave.

"Put the clothes down here on the table and sit down. I know you want to talk this out."

Reluctantly she does as he suggests and gets herself a cup of coffee. "So, what do you want me to do about it?"

"Go on screwing him, if you want. Jeff's a nice enough guy. Why not? It hasn't slowed you down when I came home in the past. You've always been there for me. I'm just surprised, that's all."

He holds out his hand and she takes it as he guides her down to sit in his lap. She sips her coffee and says, "I guess you might be right. Nina must suspect something's going on. He's probably not as sexy at home as he used to be. Like you at times!"

"Hasn't it occurred to either of you that the neighbors must know what's going on? What about Janet? How do you work that?"

"I put her down for a nap when I'm sure he's coming. It always works because we're quiet. He's not noisy like you. I think I like your noise better, though. He's just a substitute when I can't have you."

"In a way, I'm glad someone is giving you comfort when I'm not here. It makes me feel less guilty about leaving you all alone. Maybe we should have them over again tonight. It’s Friday. What do you think?"

"You won't say anything, will you?"

"Don't you think I can keep a straight face?" He tickles her and she almost spills her coffee.

"You bugger. Your getting hard thinking about Jeff and I, aren't you? I can feel it." She reaches back under her ass and down between his legs under his dressing gown. "I thought you were."

"It’s just because your sitting in my lap on top of it, that's all. You better get your washing in. I have to go out and get some work done on that insurance thing."

"No time for a quickie? …Or don't you want me any more?"

"Honey, I do and I'll prove it tonight but I do have to get going. It will soon be noon."

She reluctantly gets up and puts her cup in the sink. Mike goes upstairs and gets dressed. He comes down and goes to his office in the basement. He picks up his briefcase and steps to the laundry door. "I won't be in for lunch. You can call Jeff and tell him the coast is clear. Ask him and Nina over for the evening while you’re at it, Okay?"

"Just get out of here." She laughs and sticks her tongue out at him. He steps in and kisses her. She says, "I wish it was you I was going back to bed with this morning."

"I'll be busy today but I'll see you at supper time. I guess I'd better not tell you to behave yourself." He grins as he leaves.

He climbs into his Mustang then gets back out and puts the top down. It's a beautiful morning and he swings around by way of downtown Abbotsford. As he passes the finance company office he sees Jeff backing out of a parking space by the building. He grins and says to himself; "Go get her, Jeff!" He drives slowly around the block and then back towards home. As he rounds the corner he sees Jeff's car in his driveway. "How he thinks as he drives away. Still within sight of the car in his drive he parks and dials POCO RCMP on his cell phone.

"Port Coquitlam Detachment. How may I help you?"

"By joining me for lunch. I'll be out front at twelve thirty."

"Mike, I was just thinking about you. See you at noon."

They hang up and Mike pulls away from the curb. He goes to the ABC Security office and turns in the paperwork on the car theft. He uses their phone to call Ken. He says the kid gave them a statement, that they have the young arsonists under surveillance and figure they'll pick them up this evening. Mike says he'll hold back the paperwork until Ken contacts him again and they have them. He then transfers this information to his file and makes certain the secretary understands not to proceed with the paperwork until he contacts her.

With that out of the way he heads for POCO. He parks in front of the detachment just at twelve thirty. Nina comes out and is pleasantly surprised to see the top down on the car. She hops in and slides over beside him. He thinks to himself, one advantage to a bench seat instead of buckets.

"It’s such a lovely day I thought you might like to go for a drive instead of lunch. Are you that hungry?"

"No, a drive sounds wonderful. Where are we going?"

As he pulls away he says, "That's a />
Mike drives out through town and turns onto the Pitt River Road. They follow the river for a few miles then he turns off the road into a pull off under some weeping willows. It's a drop down from the road and out of sight of all except anyone on the river. He parks in the shade and turns to Nina. "So you were thinking about me this morning, were you?" He smiles into her pretty eyes.

"I have something for you." She's bubbling over as she hands him some papers from her purse.

He opens them to find an autopsy report and a three page forensic report dated today. "Wow, I bet you expect another kiss for these." He grins at her expectant look. He tosses the papers onto his briefcase in the back seat on the floor and takes her in his arms. He pulls the barrettes from her hair and allows it to cascade down onto her shoulders. He kisses her nose and runs his lips along her eyelids gently then finds her mouth with his. They settle into a long drawn out kiss that turns passionate before it’s over. He moves over from under the wheel as she whispers, "Oh Mike, please do that again."

"I'd love to." He pulls her hard against his chest as he moves towards her in the seat. She does the same and circles his neck with her arms, nestling her head under his chin then raising her lips. This time they squirm so they are pressed against each other as they engage in a passionate kiss, breaking only so Mike can lick her lips and her tongue can seek his. Her hand moves through his hair as her lips trail along his chin and down his throat. They move up and nibble at his ear and then she gently blows in his ear. Mike knows she can feel his arousal hard against her but he lowers his arms and pulls the cheeks of her ass tighter to him still.

"Oh Mike! Hold me! I want you inside me so much! I have for a long time but I always thought it was impossible. Please tell me it’s not?" Her breath is rushing by his ear, stoking the furnace in Mike's belly.

"Little bitty pretty woman, today you are mine." He pulls back from her to remove her blouse and bra. She tears at his shirt and undoes his pants. His lips cover a breast as he teases a nipple with his tongue and teeth; his finger tips work on the other one while she strokes his manhood through his shorts. She climbs up on her knees and straddles him, pushing her breasts into his face as she reaches down and looses his erection. Pulling her panties to one side she settles herself on him and her lips seek his as she rides him.

Afterwards she rests against his chest and murmurs, "Mike, you've filled me with happiness. I've dreamed about us and this is better than my best dreams."

Mike chuckles and says, "I've filled you with more than happiness, pretty woman. I hope you’re on the pill."

She giggles and says she has never used any protection. She just hasn't gotten pregnant so figures she must be sterile.

Mike pulls back a bit and looks at her. "It might be that Jeff is the sterile one. Did you ever think of that?"

"It doesn't matter. We want to have kids anyway, so if I'm pregnant I'll know it has a good father and Jeff will never know."

never been anyone else?"

Nina looks shocked and says, "Of course not. I was a virgin when I met Jeff and he has always been enough. But during the last year he has seemed to be preoccupied with business… or maybe he has a girl friend, I don't know. That's when I started having these fantasies about you." She glances at her watch and says, "We have to get going. I'm going to be late. When can I see you again?"

"Tonight. I'm bringing over your apples, />
"Oh yeah. I mean to meet like this again?"

"I was going to ask you guys over again tonight for cards and a few martinis. How about it?"

"I don't think I could face Marlene so soon. Oh, lets go or I'll want to start again now." She wiggles her bottom and Mike's slack love maker stirs. She giggles and gets off him, pulling on her bra.

On the way back to the RCMP station she suggests, "Why don't you guys get a baby sitter and come over to our place. Bring your bathing suits. I'll make the martinis and we can have a hot tub after cards. We might even be able to sneak away for a quickie." She grins an evil grin. "And even if we can't it'd be fun."

"Marlene is going to call you when you get home to ask you over. Suggest the hot tub to her and I'm sure she'll go for it. See you tonight, itty bitty pretty horny lady." His eyes twinkle as he bids her good-bye.

He pulls out to drive around to The Gardens, but it’s too early in the day and they're closed. Sitting in the parking lot he dials Trudy. No answer. He calls the truck stop and they say she's not working. "Just a moment. I think she's out front having lunch with her daughter. Hang on."

In a moment Trudy comes on the line. "Hi, who is it?"

Indignantly he says, "It's Mike. Were you expecting someone else to call?"

"No, I'm sorry, Mike. I should have known it was you. What's up?"

"Did you get a chance to look over those papers yet?"

"Yeah, I studied them this morning. How awful… are you on a cell phone?"

"Yep, so don't say anything. Are you working this weekend?"

"Just tonight. I'm off Saturday and Sunday. You coming down?"

"Tomorrow, after lunch. Okay?"

"Will I need a baby sitter?"

"Might be a good idea."

"I'll be looking for you."

"Right. Take care now."

Next he calls Marlene. "Is the coast clear, dear?"

"He just left and they're coming over this evening, although he suggested we should come over to their place this time. This seems so weird, talking to you about Jeff being here."

"I guess it is their turn. Maybe we should get a sitter and go over there tonight. Whatever you think. How's he going to explain to Nina that you invited them?"

"I'm supposed to call her when she gets home and invite them over. He will act />
"I see. The plot thickens. You two had lots of time together this morning, didn't you? You said he just left."

"He just popped over here at noon for a quickie, that's all. We only do it that way. No long involved sessions together. It doesn't seem so bad, that way. Just sort of />
Mike thinks, she's lying still, she's had the whole morning with him, but he says, "I hope you two enjoyed your fun while I was out here slaving away to make a buck. Were there any calls?"

"Nothing, dear, and your probably looking up some girl's skirt right now, if I know you." Her voice is edged with ice.

"No, I'm here at the airport chatting with a Commissionaire. Do you want to speak to him? I'll call him over."

"No, no! I'm sorry. See you later."

"Okay. I'll be home before five."

Mike drives towards CPX with the top down and feels good with the air blowing his hair about. He parks in a far corner of the lot and pulls his briefcase open on the back seat. He takes out the papers Nina has given him and leafs through them. Then he starts a detailed study of the autopsy report. Broken blood vessels all around the neck in a pattern resembling two hands and collapsed lungs indicate the cause of death. Broken blood vessels and tearing of the interior wall of the vagina as well as multiple bruises to the pubic area and a fracture of the pelvis proves a savage rape has taken place. The cut on one breast was indeed the result of a tightly drawn bra strap, as the pattern showed. Semen was present in the interior of the vagina as well as mixed with the bodily fluids expelled at the time of death.

Her tongue was bitten deeply by her own effort as she suffocated and her throat was filled with the contents from her stomach. One ear lobe was torn where an earring had been forcibly pulled through the flesh and deep gashes on her wrists were the result of the bindings she fought against.

Mike turns to the three-page Forensic Report. Not much on the first page but on the second he finds items of interest. Footprints taken at the scene indicate worn safety boots of the type the drivers' wear and also prove to be a size nine. My God, he thinks, does Ray wear nines? He'll have to check that. He scans the rest of the page and goes on to the last.

"What!" He says this out loud as he reads. There is no evidence of semen in any of the samples taken. The fluid resembling semen is a mixture of vegetable oil and water, blended to produce a white odorless substance resembling semen. This doesn't make sense at all. Could the fluid have been something she ate or drank prior to the attack? He doesn't think so. But what else could explain it? Another mystery.

He puts the papers back into the brief case and calls Vancouver Transit Authority. He asks for the drivers' lounge and asks the man answering the phone if Bob Scanlon is there. After a pause the man comes back to the phone and says, "Who's calling, please?"

"Tell him its Jay. I want to know about this Saturday night."

"I'm sorry, Bob is not here at the moment. He's out on a route, but he should be in by five. He's been getting a lot of crank calls lately so you will have to excuse the caution in taking your call, Jay."

"Well, thanks a lot, anyway. I'll try him at home after six. Bye now."

He starts the Mustang and heads for Surrey. Out around the Mary Hill By-pass and over the bridge he goes, taking the exit and driving by the Guilford Mall. He drives to Robert Hanson's address and parks by the curb. He watches the house and soon detects movement in a side window. Grabbing his briefcase and crossing the street he goes up and rings the bell. He wait’s then rings the bell again. The door opens a crack and he sees a frightened teenager with a black eye peering out at him.

He speaks quickly to her, flashing his I.D. "Miss Mathers, I'm here in regards to your complaint. Can I come in?"

She opens the door and says, She closes it quickly behind him and locks it. "What do you want? I told you people that I was dropping the complaint. I can't press charges. He'll kill me!" She hastens to add, "Not really kill me but he would be real mad."

"Miss Mathers, if you had taken the time to inspect my I.D. you would realize I am not with the police department. I am a private investigator investigating the death of Robert's ex wife. I presume you have read about it?"

"She's dead? Bob said she wouldn't be bugging him any more so I guess that's what he meant. I didn't know. What happened to her?"

"Miss Mathers, may I call you Marie, do you know where Bob was a week ago last night? After midnight is when I'm interested in."

"That was Thursday. He worked until midnight and was home by about one, I guess. He usually doesn't drink when he has to work evenings so he comes right home."

the police spoken with you yet?"

"I've been away for a few days and only got back last night. Last Sunday we had a bad day and I left. I hid out at a friend’s but he had to go to work and I couldn't stay there. He works in a logging camp and doesn't have hydro or a phone in his cabin in Squamish. When I came home Bob did this to me." She lifts her blouse and he sees deep welts across her ribs.

"And the eye?"

"Go to a shelter."

"He'd only find me again. I already tried that."

"Your sure he came right home a week ago Thursday, are you?"

"Yes, I remember now he was in a pretty good mood when he arrived before I expected him by about ten minutes and promised me a trip to my Mom's in Truro. Then he took me in the bed and made what he calls I suppose he promised me the trip so he could have his way. I remember all right."

"What time did he arrive home then?"

"About ten to one."

"And he didn't leave again that night?"

"No. He rolled over after he used me and started snoring. I lay awake for hours listening to him. I guess something terrible must have happened to his ex wife, eh? With all these questions and all."

"She was raped and murdered last Thursday night sometime after midnight, but you seem to clear Bob of the charge. I guess it wasn't him. You come from Nova Scotia, eh? I heard you were from Prince Edward Island."

"I lived in Summerside for a while when I went with an airman, but my folks are in Truro. That's where I grew up."

"You seem awfully young to have gone through the troubles you have. How old are you?"

"Nineteen. I came to B.C. when I turned eighteen and that's when I met Bob. He seemed so nice then."

"Sadly enough, people aren't always what they seem. I wish I could help you. A women's shelter is the only thing I can suggest. I'll take you to one if you want."

She shudders and says, "No, please, just don't tell anyone I talked to you. If Bob finds out he will be furious."

Reluctantly Mike prepares to leave and says, "You can expect the police to question you in the near future. Bob will need you to tell them where he was the night of the murder. Maybe you can use that to keep him in line for a while. You’re his alibi. Take care of yourself now."

He lets himself out and hears the door lock click behind him. He crosses the street and gets into the Mustang. He thinks, so much for his best suspect. He debates, could she be lying to protect Robert. Has he threatened her to make her say he was home? Maybe that's why he beat her. No. She must have been away if she hasn’t been questioned by the police. Her story seems to hang together. He looks around carefully. Bob's house must be under surveillance. He spots the van up the block and gets out of the car. He walks to it and leans against the side. Nothing happens for a few minutes but then the one rear door swings open and a guy jumps out.

"Whatcha doin leanin against my van, mistah?" He comes threateningly near.

Mike grins and says, "Nice undercover disguise, buddy. You can report that the Mrs. is home now. She's in there with the door locked." He flashes his I.D.

The other guy grins and says, "Private Dick, eh? Who's paying your time away from home?"

"You got a buddy of mine locked up for the crime. I'm out to prove you wrong. It's a freebie."

"Well, it’s your time. Just stay out of our hair. What'd she say?"

"She gives him an alibi. I think she's telling the truth. Hard to tell with women who are brutalized like her, but I think she's on the level. By the way, he's off work at five."

"Yeah? Well, beat it Mike Claymore. And keep your nose clean." He climbs back into the van as Mike returns to his car. Mike curses under his breath as he drives away. Now they know he's working on the case and they'll be watching him as close as the suspects. He heads for home.

He arrives home to see Marlene with a silly grin on her face as she greets him. "I called Nina and she asked us to come over there. You must be psychic. They expect us at eight and she said to bring our bathing suits so we can use the hot tub later. Ain't that terrific? All I have to do now is try not to be too obvious in front of Nina. But I've been doing that for a long time and she hasn't caught on yet. It seems funny to discuss Jeff with you, that all."

He catches her in his arms and says, "Just remember I'm your number one lover man, beautiful." He kisses her and bends her back then releases her and smacks her behind with his palm. He goes to the office and puts his briefcase away under lock and key.

Around seven thirty the baby sitter arrives and they explain that they will only be two doors away, if she has any problems. They grab their bathing suit’s and walk hand in hand around the sidewalk to Jeff's.

Nina greets them at the door with a tray of martinis and a big smile. "Come in. Come on in the kitchen." She leads them through the house to the kitchen at the rear. As they go Mike notes that there is a small guest room at the front then the bathroom and a large master bedroom at the rear of the house. The guest room leads directly off the living room and the bathroom is down a short hall that opens out into the large kitchen/dining area. Off this is the master bedroom.

Between the living room and the kitchen is a laundry room that opens on the kitchen and a small office, Jeff's hide away. They greet Jeff and he comes out of his office to join them. Nina hands him a martini as well.

"Mike, Marlene, I'm so glad we could get together again so soon. For months we hardly see each other then out of the blue, we're all together again. It certainly is nice."

Nina says, "I see you brought your suits. Jeff thought it would be nice to have the hot tub working for tonight. Is it up to temperature yet, dear?"

"Yes, it is." He massages Marlene's shoulder. "That will take out those knots." He laughs and the others do also.

Marlene looks at him with a knowing look and says, "How did you know I have knots in my />
Jeff quickly recovers and says, "Just a lucky guess, my dear." He leads the laughter again.

Nina looks at Mike and sneaks out a secret smile for him as she says, "Can you give me a hand, Mike, to bring up the card table."

Quickly Mike says, "Lead on." He follows her to the basement stairs. As they descend into darkness she takes his hand and leads him across the floor. Suddenly she's in his arms and kissing him. She breaks and turns on the light.

"The table's here. How are we going to get away from them?"

"Leave it to me. Let's go."

Mike goes ahead and Nina catches the light. Mike catches the other two in the kitchen with red faces and looking guilty. Nina leads him out to the patio by the hot tub and he sits the table down. He can't understand why Nina apparently didn't catch the tension in the air when they returned to the kitchen. Then he wonders how often he overlooked the same tell tale signs.

Jeff and Marlene join them. Jeff has the cards and Marlene the tray of drinks. They all sit down and cut for deal. Jeff pipes up with, "How about it, Marlene? You and I can take on Mike and Nina tonight. I think we'd make a great team."

Mike says to Nina, probably been practicing when we're not around, eh?" The two of them laugh and Jeff gets red, while Marlene chuckles and says, "Sure we do."

"Maybe we should meet somewhere and practice too." He suggests and Nina laughs as she says, "Do you think so?"

Jeff says, "Let's play bridge. What you got, partner? It's your bid."

Marlene rubs Mike's leg and makes her bid. The first game is underway. They sip their drinks and play cards for about a half hour. Mike and Nina are walking away with the game when all of a sudden Jeff and Marlene come from behind and win.

"What a team!" exclaims Jeff and runs around the table to congratulate his partner. Nina jumps up and says, "Can you help me with the appetizers, Mike. It looks like the losers have to do all the work." They laugh and head inside. As they pass out of sight Mike grabs her and drags her to the master bedroom.

"Mike! They'll catch us! What are you doing?"

"Come on and keep quiet." He rushes to the window that looks out onto the patio and points in the gloomy bedroom at the couple on the patio in each other’s arms. As Nina looks and goes to open her mouth he says, "Shhhh, just watch." He slides his arms around her from behind and she relaxes against him as she watches Jeff and Marlene. Suddenly she tenses and whispers, French kissing. What's going on, Mike?"

"Just watch," he whispers as he kneads her pelvis with his fingers in time to the rhythm she sets, moving her body against his. Suddenly she turns in his arms and says, "Oh God, I'm going to kill him. Look at them."

"Shhhh, what do you think we were doing at noon?"

"But that's my husband."

"And she's my wife. But two can play the game, right?"

"Jeff is kissing and, I think, he’s feeling up your wife. Don't you care?"

"Of course I care, but what harm are they doing. Let it be. Let's take out those snacks and make a little noise before you go barging out there."

They do and Jeff is checking the thermometer in the hot tub when they come out, while Marlene is sipping her drink at the table.

"Hot enough?" calls Mike as they come out.

"It's bang on." is Jeff's retort.

"Maybe they would like to have a soak before we play another game, dear. Where are your suit’s, guys? You can use our bedroom to change."

Mike clears his throat and says, "We're here amongst friends. I, for one, don't think I need a bathing suit to climb into a hot tub with you people." He starts taking off his shirt.

Jeff says, "Hey, I second that. Come on Marlene. Honey, what do you say?

Nina steps up near the table pulling out her blouse and unbuttoning it as she says, "I agree. We're all good friends so why not?"

Marlene and Jeff looked stunned as she unsnaps her bra and tosses it on top of her blouse. "Come on, Marlene." she says and giggles.

Marlene shrugs and starts stripping. Mike and Jeff are down to shorts by now and Nina is close behind. They look at each other and Nina picks up her drink and down it. She licks her lips and drops her panties, kicking them to one side. Jeff and Mike laugh as they remove their shorts and Marlene asks Jeff to help her with her bra. He unsnaps it for her and helps her remove it getting a nice feel for his effort. She takes off her panties and they all test the water. Sitting on the edge of the tub, they balance with their feet trailing into the water. They are all giggling and checking each other out when Marlene slips and grabs Jeff's hand as she splashes into the water. He goes in right behind her and Nina slips her hand into Mike's so he can help her in. Together they lay back in the soothing hot water and let the heat pervade their bodies.

Mike is more buoyant than the rest and soon is floating on his back. Marlene giggles and says to Nina, "It looks like a pickle on a plate, doesn't it?" The two of them laugh together.

Mike says, "Look who's talking, the grapefruit twins." He back paddles to Nina and says, "Can't you float? Here, I'll help you." He supports her back until she lays exposed upon the surface of the water then lets her gently sink. Still lightly supporting her he says, "Now take a deep breath." Slowly she rises. By now Marlene is floating near Jeff and he's hovering over her. Nina is wondering at the ability she has to float so Mike leaves the hot tub and brings the drinks to poolside. Everyone sips and splashes in the air bubbles until their drinks are gone.

Mike says, "Come on, Nina, and show me where the fixins are and we'll mix up another batch of those martinis." He hops out of the tub and takes her hand to help her out. She grabs a towel to wrap around herself and says, "Come on, Mike. We won't be long. You guys behave yourselves." She giggles as Mike follows her into the house. She grabs his hand and drags him towards the bedroom. "Come on, we just have time for a quickie."

They rush into the bedroom and she throws the towel aside as she bounces onto the bed but Mike goes to the window. She jumps up and takes his hand, trying to pull him back towards the bed. He shushes her and points outside. She shakes her head and goes to turn back towards the bed when movement catches her eye and she explodes, "That son of a bitch is fucking Marlene!"

Mike grabs her and drags her back from the window. "Take it easy. They're just doing what you wanted to do two minutes ago. They're grabbing a quickie. Isn't that what you said we just had time for?"

"But he's MY husband! I'm going to take you to bed and to hell with them. Come on. I'll show her that two can play this game."

"Just a moment now. We've already done that. Why not really show them. We'll take the drinks out and when we get back into the pool, we'll do it right there in front of them. Are you mad enough to try it? That will show Marlene and Jeff both what we think of them pulling tricks on us. How about it?"

"Could you do that? In front of Marlene and Jeff?"

"Could you? I dare you." He grins.

"I sure could. I'm so mad at him. How dare he?" She goes to the window and watches them, fuming and stewing. She swings around and says, "Let's do it!"

She forgets the towel and they go into the kitchen and mix the drinks. They go out onto the patio together and observe the flurry as Jeff splashes to one side of the tub and Marlene tries to look innocent at the other. They bring the fresh batch to the side of the tub and fill all the glasses. Nina takes Mike's hand and he lowers her into the tub. Then he steps down behind her and encircles her waist with one arm as he picks up her drink with the other. He gives her a sip and licks the glass where her mouth was on it then draws her back against himself as he takes a sip. He offers her the glass again and she licks it then drinks. He lets himself settle onto the seat drawing her with him into his lap as he takes another sip.

Marlene looks over at them and says, "Hey guys, have you forgotten we're here?"

Jeff looks slightly troubled as he watches them and realizes what a precarious position they are in. Her sex presses hard under her against his and this is becoming evident to all of them. Mike makes a deliberate move with his hips and enters her, meanwhile offering her a sip. She lets out an involuntary gasp and gulps the last of the drink. Mike nonchalantly returns the glass to the tray and picks up the other one. He thrusts again and she raises a few inches out of the water. He proffers his glass to the others. He says, "Drink up."

She wriggles her bottom and squirms in his lap as he begins a steady thrusting, slowing only to take a drink or offer her one. Each time she bobs she giggles. Jeff has moved over beside Marlene and sits with his mouth open watching them. Marlene has a silly grin on her face. Nina sticks her tongue out at Jeff and he roars, "Nina! What are you doing?"

Marlene laughs and says, "Just what we were doing a few minutes ago, idiot!"

Mike turns Nina to face him and he kisses her as he thrusts upward into her. She hugs him and pushes her body down each bob to defeat the natural buoyancy as she cries out in ardor. The water splashes and churns around them then settles as they lay still in each other’s arms.

"Oh God, Mike. That was the best, the very best." She's gasping as she tries to catch her breath and floats apart from him out into the tub. He reaches and catches her hand, putting a finger into his mouth and sucking on it. She shivers and laughs as she turns to Jeff. "Why can't you make love like that any more? You don't seem to be out of />
Marlene laughs and says, "I guess we've been caught, Jeff. Mike came home and saw you leaving during the week. He came right in and confronted me in my robe and still soaked with love juices. Now I guess we're even."

Nina looks narrowly at Marlene and says, "How long?"

says Jeff but Marlene says "About eight months."

"No, it can't be that long. Not more than six at the most," says Jeff.

Mike and Nina laugh and say together, "There a difference?" Then they collapse holding on to each other and laughing. Soon it’s Marlene then even Jeff joins them. Mike gets out and pours drinks all around then sits on a towel at the card table dealing out four hands. "Come on guys. Round two."

Soon they're all gathered around the card table in the nude playing bridge. Once again it’s a hard battle but Mike and Nina are soundly trounced. Marlene comes around the table this time to congratulate her partner and Jeff catches her in his lap. She wiggles and Jeff says, "Stop, or I won't be able to."

Nina looks at Mike and says, "Let's go in the house and leave the kids to play."

Mike laughs and says, "Hell no. I think we all should go in and climb into that big fancy waterbed of yours. Come on, let's go."

Giggling and running the two girls rush into the bedroom and watch the two guys approach. "Which one do you want first," says Marlene and they giggle some more. Mike pairs off with Nina while Jeff teams up with Marlene for a little while until they swap around and continue to frolic.

Much, much later an irate baby sitter is driven home after three AM. Mike makes sure she gets a bonus and Marlene drives her home. When she gets back Mike is drinking coffee in the kitchen in his robe.

"Well, it was quite a night. Nina really surprised me when she agreed to go in the hot tub bare. I think she surprised Jeff, too." She laughs. "The whole evening was a surprise to Jeff. How did you get her to fuck you? That was a shock, even to me."

"When we went in to mix more drinks we slipped into the bedroom and watched you guys in the tub. You should have heard the names she called Jeff when she realized the two of you were screwing. She wanted to rush out there and confront him. It took a lot of convincing to get her to pay him back in kind, but I think it was worth it. I rather enjoyed it." He smiles a satisfied smile.

They go to bed and cuddle up to each other. All is well in their world again.

story by: davebccanada

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Author: davebccanada

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