My best friends prego wife pt 3

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As soon as I heard Mike’s voice I tried to get up, but Nicki only fucked me harder with her vibrator. I couldn’t do anything but moan and try to catch my breath. Despite the fact that my best friend was about to catch me in a very compromising position with his pregnant wife, I could feel my cock getting hard for the third time today.
Mike asked from nearby. I could not see him when he stepped into the doorway, but I could feel his presence behind me. “What the fuck is this?”
“Calm down honey, we’re just having a little fun,” Nicki said.
“Fuck that!” Mike snapped. I’d never been afraid of my best friend before, but I had also never crossed him before. I would think being caught in the process of being sodomized by his wife would be enough to do the trick. He wasn’t exactly the kind of guy you wanted to cross. He was six-four and about two hundred fifty pounds.
I tried to say, but Nicki drove the vibrator in harder and all I could do was moan. “Oh god!”
“Look, honey, go wait in the bedroom and I’ll come talk to you,” she said.
“I don’t want to talk about this shit!”
“Mike, for me?”
he snapped and I heard him turn to go.
“You stay here for now,” Nicki said, fucking me two more strokes with the vibrator before pulling it out and laying it on the sink. I collapsed to the cold tile, my whole body weak. She leaned down and kissed me on the neck. you worry, we aren’t done yet…my nasty little bitch.”
I lay in the cold floor for several minutes while I heard the sounds of fighting from elsewhere in the house. When I could finally move I rolled over on my back. I saw Nicki’s dirty panties laying in the floor, and considering I figured I was about to die anyway, I picked them up and held them to my face. They smelled as strong and sweet as her pussy. As I sniffed them I started stroking my cock. If there was a pussy worth getting in trouble over, this was it. None I’d ever tasted compared to hers.
I wanted to cum again before Mike came and kicked my ass, but it wasn’t working. I’d already cummed twice, the third time was going to take a little work. I picked the vibrator up off the sink and then worked myself into an awkward angle so I could slide it into my ass. I moaned when I switched the power on and it started vibrating. I closed my eyes and went back to stroking my cock, wishing that Nicki was behind me again, wearing my ass out. Jacking off had never felt so good! In just a few moments I was ready to cum again. This time I covered my cock with her panties and filled them with semen.
“Just couldn’t wait, could you?” Nicki asked from the doorway. She giggled as I pulled the vibrator from my ass and let it fall to the floor. “Silly bitch. Okay, look, Mike is mad, but he’ll get over it as long as you do what I tell you, okay?”
I whispered. She pulled me to my feet and then kissed me again on the lips. It tasted different this time, but I didn’t resist when she shoved her tongue into my mouth.
“I had to suck him off to get him to stay,” she said with a smile, and suddenly I knew why her kiss had tasted different. “Glad you like it in the ass so much, because that’s what its gonna take to make him forgive you.” I looked at the vibrator and she smiled. “Oh no, hon, not that. You have to take him in the ass.”
I was horrified. Confused. I’d never wanted a woman to give it to me in the ass before, so I know I’d never wanted any guys to try it. Especially not my best friend. Nicki took me by the hand and led me from the bathroom into the bedroom, where Mike was laid out naked on the bed. My fear only got worse. I’d always heard the rumors, but I’d never believed them. Every guy liked to get the rumor started that he was hung, although most weren’t. The stories about Mike were true. His limp cock was every bit of seven inches of flesh, dangling down between his thighs. He looked at me nervously.
“Okay, guys, we’re all friends here, right?” Nicki asked.
“I guess,” Mike mumbled.
she asked, looking at me.
/> She led me to the edge of the bed, where she pulled me down to my knees, right in front of Mike’s huge cock. She smiled at me, and then guided the giant thing between her lips. Mike closed his eyes and laid back. Nicki turned and looked at me as she sucked his cock. With her free hand she guided one of mine up to his sack, where she encouraged me to play with his balls. Nervously I did, gently tickling the hairs there. On the bed he moaned.
“Oh baby, you’re so good,” he whispered.
Nicki slid the cock out of her mouth, and then pulled me closer. She wrapped one hand around his cock, which had swollen to almost a foot long, and put the other behind me head, moving the two closer. I opened my mouth enough to take the head of his penis into my mouth. It had a bitter taste. She pushed my head down, making me deep throat the monster. I gagged but started sucking. At that point I don’t think I could tell her no.
While I was sucking Mike’s cock, Nicki climbed onto the bed and started kissing him. I’d never sucked a cock, but it wasn’t hard to get the idea. I knew what felt good to me, so I did the same things to him. I worked on the upper end of his cock with my lips and tongue, while I rubbed his balls with one hand and stroked the base of his shaft with the other. He moaned in please, so I must have been doing a good job.
After a few minutes, Nicki was at my side again. She pulled me back from Mike’s cock and then pulled me to my feet. She pushed my upper body down so that I was bent over the bed with my ass in the air. I felt the bed move as Mike got to his feet. He spit on his hand, and then used it to lube my asshole. Then I felt his giant cock as it explored my ass, looking for my asshole. It hurt as he gently pushed into me, and I had to stop licking Nicki’s cunt and bite my lip. He pushed harder and slid deeper into me.
Finally he was all the way in, and the pain subsided a little. Nicki dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock.
“My god it’s so tight,” Mike mumbled as he drove in and out of me. “It feels so good. I think I’m gonna cum.”
At once he was filling my asshole with his hot semen, and at the same time I started cumming in his wife’s mouth again.

story by: twizted771

Tags: fiction first time bi-sexual anal domination/submission sex story

Author: twizted771

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