My college fantasy come true part 1

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It all started with a bet. One made teasingly by my best friend. Of course she never thought I would ever take her up on her bet as I am such a shy good girl. When she said I bet you to kiss him, I would say fuck him, but I know you would never do that. I blushed and looked away. I wasn’t embarrassed but afraid she knew how much I secretly yearned for him and could barely keep my mind on what I was learning. She went on stating I had until the end of the semester to get it done. I immediately protested stating that was only days away and he is a professor, highly doubtful he fraternizes with his students. She just laughed and ensured that there was no way I was going to win any way, professor or not.

I hadn’t realized she knew I liked him however perhaps it had to do with my failure in his class. I am a very studious student and have held a 4.0 since damn near kindergarten but not in this class. It’s the class I am always asking for notes in as for some reason I never seem to write anything down during the lecture. How could I when I am too busy staring at his sensuous mouth imaging it upon my skin trailing kisses down my neck to devour my breasts and then moving down my stomach to feast upon my pussy. Fantasizing his strong hard body on top of mine, his intense gaze looking into my eyes as he slowly thrusts his cock deep inside me as he repeats my name over and over again…

It was at that moment that I realized he was actually calling my name and for the past 10 minutes I had not paid attention to anything that was said as I was locked in my day dream. I looked up bewildered, “ah sorry sir what did you ask me.” I whisper.
He stands there staring at me as the other students snicker behind me. When he finally speaks my heart drops “I want to see you in my office after class.” Then he turns from me calling on another student to answer the question I never heard and still barely heard asked again.

I started to feel a little sick to my stomach as class ended and I slowly started gathering my things. Of course I had fantasized about being called to his office but it was always for him to have his way with me. I am sure I was to be reprimanded for not paying attention and for failing. I walked down the hall and knocked on the door a deep voice answers from the other side commanding for me to enter. Opening the door I walk in slightly trembling, “you wanted to see me sir?” I softly ask.

“Yes, sit.” He casually motions to the chair in front of him and I quickly take a seat. He stands and walks around the desk leaning his so elegant yet hard frame against it. My eyes travel up his torso to his chest where his arms are crossed, to his broad shoulders and up to his gorgeous face where he has a disapproving look and frown upon it and I squirm in discomfort as that look is for me. “So tell me why are you so distracted in my class? I can’t believe you find the course work very hard as I have seen your trans.”

“Ah I am sorry sir I will do better.” I am trembling as he is so close and his green eyes are piercing me to the seat.

“Will you now?” He asks thoughtfully and turns back to his desk chair. “I believe I understand what is going on here.”

“You do?” I yelped as again my heart drops to my stomach.

“Yes I do and I am a bit disappointed in you. A girl like you is above this sort of thing.”

I state a bit confused.

“I see the way you look at me during class and the way you squirm in your seat when I walk near you. I bet you are wet right now.” He states in a matter of fact tone and staring directly at me with that steely gaze that already has me pinned to the chair.

“Sir I I I”… I stammered mortified that he knows my feelings and attraction for him.

“A smart girl like you should not get caught up in these stupid little teacher girl crushes. I am very disappointed in you and think the only thing that will get you back on track in this class is a little

I sit there shaking my head yes. He is right all I need is discipline. Work harder to pay attention in class. Just get over such a girly little girl crush.

“So you agree you need He asks staring at me from across the desk.

“Yes sir I do.” I readily agree. Hoping this would end the most embarrassing of conversations.

I watch as he opens the desk drawer pulling out a ruler and coming around the desk and standing in front of me. “I want you to remember that you just agreed to I do not know what is happening, the only thing my infatuated brain registers is he is touching me as he grabs my arm pulling me from my seat and pushing me against the desk. It wasn’t until I feel the first smack of the ruler against my ass that my brain jumps to attention. Before I was able to make any type of protest there were three more smacks to my ass from the ruler. I buck from his grasp and that is when I feel his body pressed against mine his leg is wedged between my legs and I am pushed back down onto the desk. His lips are pressed to my ear and my brain malfunctions and I release a small whimper of having him touch me, he whispers, “You agreed you needed to be disciplined didn’t you my sweet.” The kisses start from behind my ear down my neck to my shoulder, I am in ecstasy until I feel him leave my body.

Standing up he continues his mission to discipline me. I cry out as the ruler continues to land on my back side my struggles to get free and the noise I am making is not making him happy. He leans back in pressing me solidly to the desk with his body. “Did you not want my attention? Have you not been begging for my attentions all semester? I am now giving you my attention and you are trying to get away. Do you want to get away from me?” he asks me in a husky voice. I was prepared to answer yes however I knew it was a lie. I had wanted this for so long for his body upon mine his attention on me. I slowly shake my head no. I didn’t want to get away from him. He kisses my temple and again goes to a drawer and pulls out some more things. He quickly was back grabbing my arms and pulling them behind me and tying me securely. Then taking the duct tape he places it over my lips to ensure my screams do not attract attention. The next thing I know my pants are being unbuttoned and my pants and panties are pulled to the floor. He again pushes me against the desk and raises his hand to bring the ruler down upon my backside.

The spanking with the ruler continues until I am crying hard into the desk and can barely stand. When he finally stops I feel my arms being unbound however the tape is not removed. He walks or rather half carries me over to his couch in the office and lays me down onto my stomach. I hear him rummaging in the desk again and then he is at my side placing his hand upon my bottom. I wince in pain and pull away. His hand smacks my bottom and I cry out a muffled sound through the tape.

“Do not pull away from me when I touch you. he growls. He places his hand on my back side again. I realize that he is rubbing a balm into the assaulted area. It stings at first but becomes soothing and I sigh into the tape still covering my mouth. I feel him lean down and kiss my temple.

“You did well for your first time. However you are still being punished.” He sits up again and I turn to look at him cringing inwardly that you will start to spank me again. “I expect you to complete the top three assignments tonight in order to bring up your grade in my class. Is that He stares down at me expecting an answer. I shake my head yes, he could have asked me to jump from the roof and I would have… well maybe. There is a knock at the door and I stiffen in fear. I am half naked lying in my professor’s office. Knowing my bare ass for sure looked extremely assaulted and the tape was still on my mouth he rises to answer the door and before I know what is happening a young man is standing in the room. He doesn’t look at me but continues to stare at the professor I notice he appears to be standing at attention. I know my cheeks had to be the same color as my backside I am so embarrassed and confused that he would open the door and that the guy never made a move to try and come to my aid.

“Take her to my house and ensure she has the materials to complete the last three assignments. I expect her to have them finished before I return tonight. Is this It was stated with such command that I knew that he wouldn’t refuse. He then turns and leaves the room and leaves me with him without saying a word or looking at me.

The young man brings me my clothes and helps me sit up, still not removing the tape from my mouth. I wince as I sit up and dress as quickly as I can in the snug jeans making me even more uncomfortable. He barely speaks to me as he gathers my things and helps me to the door. He takes one look at me and rips the tape off. I cry out and he brings his hand to my mouth covering it. “Do not make a sound,” he growls. It isn’t until later that I find out he is the professor’s teacher’s aide and his minion that does his every bidding.

I sit silently in the aide’s car continuously moving from side to side not able to find a spot on my back side that is comfortable enough to place my weight. We drive for half an hour near the edge of town to a two story blue house with an attached garage. The Minion as I have named him touches a button on the visor and the garage door opens and he pulls the car into the farthest stall and gets out. He comes around and opens the car door for me reaching in a grabbing my arm and pulling me from the car. He ushers me into the house and to a small room with a desk and twin bed with a white bed spread. The rest of the room is not decorated and the single window is covered in a shade with a white curtain. He sits me in the chair at the desk and produces my book, laptop and papers from class. He hands me a single sheet of paper that lists the assignments I am to complete. He leaves the room and I sit there for a moment trying to absorb all that has happened within the past two hours. As my moment turns into minutes I get up and look out the window to a lovely back yard filled with gardens and as I stare out the window I rethink the day and how I ended up in the professor’s house with a sore bottom.

I did not hear the door open so when he spoke it startled me and I whirled around. “Girl, you will sit down and complete your assignment within the next two hours is that understood. If I find you not working again I will discipline you myself. My arm is grabbed and I am ushered back to the chair and shoved down into it. I wince at the pain shooting up from my ass and I move to the side to try to alleviate the pain however the Minion holds me down hard so I am unable to move and the pain is unbearable. “Listen little girl we were both given orders and we are going to follow them. You to complete the work and me to ensure it’s done.” The pressure on my shoulders is removed however he still stands over me. “Open your laptop and start working on the first I comply and start on the assignment with him looking over my shoulder. I am so nervous that the first mistake I make the pressure is applied to my shoulder to let me know to correct it. After the first lesson is complete and the Minion realizes I am not some stupid bimbo he leaves the room again with another warning of completing the next two assignments quickly. It was with little effort that I complete the assignments and quickly stand the pain was no longer as intense however it was constant. I look out the bedroom window again until I hear the door open. “What are you doing, are your assignments done?” This is said in a growl. I shake my head yes and continue to look out the window. He reviews the work before turning to me and again growling, “ok let’s go.” He grabs my arm and drags me towards the door.

I try to pull out of his grip. “Where are we going?” Thinking he is taking me back to the college now that my assignments were complete. He says nothing else but he pushes me against the wall and spanks me a few times. “when I tell you or when Mr. Carter tells you to do something you say yes sir and obey. You will get punished by either of us.” He pulls me out the door and down the hall to the bathroom. He pushes me in and tells me to strip.

“I am not going My words are cut off as he steps towards me menacingly and I lamely end my sentence with “ever disobey again.” I cower as I start removing my clothes.

“That is what I thought,” he starts the water and pours in some bath salts. Once I am striped he helps me stand into the tub then proceeds to wash me and my hair, his fingers never linger, it is not at all sexual, it is a task he does efficiently and quickly. He helps me stand from the tub and pulls a soft warm towel around me and turns to drain the water. He walks me back to the room and from that point on I am treated like a child. He dries my body, my hair with the towel, he goes to the dresser and pulls out a white baby doll night gown that barely covers my bottom. After dressing me he lays me on the bed face down and rubs lotion into my body, as his hand comes in contact with my bottom I instinctively pull away, he swats the back of my thigh and I stop all movement as he rubs lotion into my bottom, legs and feet. He actually massages my legs and feet and I sigh as it feels so good but it is short lived. He has me stand and brings me to the chair and has me sit. He brushes my hair and quickly braids it leaving a thick braid down my back. He takes my hand and guides me out of the room and down the stairs. He looks at his watch and goes to the foyer and turns me towards the door. “On your knees girl, bow your head and do not look up until you are spoken to, is that I comply and it is only minutes before the door opens and the Minion steps forward to greet the professor.This evening is going to be interesting, I bow my head and wait to be acknowledged.

story by: sweetie3

Tags: fiction male / female teens sex story written by women

Author: sweetie3

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