My dirty little secret (5)

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Longest chapter yet — woop woop! Sorry for the long interval between the last chapter and this one, but school has started in earnest and I am getting very busy.

WARNING: The plot continues long after the final sex scene in this chapter. After my scene with Dominic, please only read on if you are interested in the story. If you're interested in the sex, stop reading after I cum 😉

Anyway, for those of you who are new:

NMR = "Naked Midnight Ride" Which is basically riding your bike outside at midnight, totally naked. Usually ends with fucking outside. Unfortunately there is not much of that in this chapter.

Fit = Sexy/Hot (in Britain)

There is a certain something that Abdul says here that might seem too far-fetched. If you don't believe me, google it. There's even a wikipedia page on the subject.

Also, I sort of edited the story so that events that actually happened across a few days seem to happen in one day… I just thought writing something like "a few days later" every few paragraphs would be too repetitive.

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My Dirty Little Secret (5)

The next days were sort of a life lesson for me. I truly learnt that good things don’t last forever and my relationship with Saahil had run its course. While we still managed to fuck at least one time everyday, I guess we’d gotten used to it. Now there were no barriers to break because we’d done everything a man possibly can do sexually. Well, that’s wrong, but we weren’t really interested in really kinky stuff like BDSM etc.

I started questioning whether we had had a proper at all. I mean, sure we talked and had deep, meaningful conversation but when I thought of the word I didn’t picture Saahil. Saahil was almost like a fuckbuddy. To be honest, at this point of time, I felt that the arab guy Abdul was more romantic than Saahil was, and Abdul was the actual fuckbuddy.

Abdul was also fucking hot. He had a gorgeous face with nice curly black hair. He reminded me of Enrique Iglesias somehow, which wasn’t a bad thing. He was very different from Saahil and since Saahil was the only person I had actually had sex with until then, this was a welcome change. Although he wasn’t as toned as my boyfriend, he had many other features that I found really attractive. Since Saahil was the only person I’d fucked, I guess I got used to everything about him, even his skin colour. Not meaning to be racist or anything Abdul’s lighter skin was a nice change. Plus, he wasn’t as metrosexual as Saahil, and so he had a thin trail of hair between his pecs than ran down straight to his pubes. Although I wasn’t really a fan of pubes, something about his slightly hairy ass and thighs attracted me. When I first opened up his ass to fuck, I had been shocked because of all of the hair there, but somehow it just made his pink asshole look hotter in the middle of it and I buried my face in.

Other than that, Abdul was also a very interesting character with intriguing stories to tell. The first time I’d actually had sex with him was two weeks after Saahil and I had begun the whole NMR thing. Abdul and I had started chatting regularly on Facebook and, in the beginning, our conversations were awkward. I still thought the entire thing that had happened during the holidays was very creepy, but then a part of me wished it was my butthole Abdul had came on, not />
But I soon discovered that there was more to Abdul than simply cumming on guys’ buttholes. It was really easy to have long conversations with him and we’d traded skype details within two days. The skype sessions didn’t involve anything sexual in case you were wondering, but they did involve lots of sex talk. I found out Saahil had become a bit of a slut. Recently, Abdul had introduced Saahil to the underground gay scene in the city and Saahil had started going to orgies every three days since.

I’d already known this. Saahil had invited me loads of times, but I was pretty busy with schoolwork. Well, that was the false excuse I told him. The real one was the high risk of getting an STD and the fact that I wasn’t really sure whether I would be ready for that kind of stuff.

probably been fucked by 10 different guys by now,” Abdul informed in one of our skype calls, “Not including you. Yesterday he told me how he’d just curled up on a table and let everyone fuck him. I’m worried. If this was America, those guys would be in jail by now because Saahil is only 16. But he lies that he’s 18, and the oldest guy in the group was 40… imagine being fucked by />
I felt a weird mixture ofe humour and jealousy. In the one hand, it was comical to imagine a 40 year old man fucking Saahil, but Saahil was getting more action than me. But it wasn’t the kind of action I wanted… “I’m not sure if me fucking him is safe anymore,” I wondered aloud, “I mean, he might have… caught />
Abdul replied, one of the major problems here. The government will deport you if they find out you have an STD, so everyone thinks that no one has STD’s here. But that isn’t possible. So many people just fly to this place from around the world. A hook-up might happen, and things will spread.”

“You know more than me, Abdul. You’re 19, and you’ve been at this for around 2 years. Is it safe for me to fuck him?”

“The people who Saahil is having orgies with are actually my you could say. I know all of them and I know they take care of themselves. But if one of them goes and introduces Saahil to certain clubs or something, I can’t guarantee />
“So you like having orgies with a 40 year old guy?” I chuckled.

“He actually takes care of himself. He’s a hunk and he’s got a nice 8-incher, so he’s clearly not your average 40 year old man. Everyone likes him… I mean there is something exotic about having sex with a guy with so much experience. You would like him if you met him. But he’s the only guy who’s that old. Otherwise, after him the oldest guy is 26.”

I still thought 26 was a bit too old but it seemed Saahil had become an “age is just a number” kind of guy. I didn’t really know what to do. I tried to talk about it with Saahil but he always used the “you have no control over me” argument. And afterwards, to express his disappointment, he wouldn’t put out that day…

The last day of the week arrived and I found myself on skype with Abdul again. He broke the small nagging tension I’d been feeling ever since I’d started talking to him and asked me if I wanted to fuck. Having not had sex in 2 days (which was sort of a record) I conceded. He came to pick me up in a Viano (which is like a van but is smaller with 7 seats, and a large open space in the middle of 5 seats)

“So how are things with Saahil?” he said as a way of conversation.

I said casually, “But I’m not really bothered at the moment.”

“I feel really bad because it was me who introduced him to the whole thing.”

I said, not really feeling dejected at all, “He likes it. He’s probably very />
“You don’t look like you care.”

“I />
There was quiet for a bit, but Abdul took a turn from the road and led the car into a big area that was just full of sand.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Figured you’d be wanting some hot lovin’ because your girlfriend isn’t putting out.”

I looked at him and the mischievous smirk he had on his face. “You could have told me. I always like sex out in the open.”

“So, where do you wanna fuck?” Abdul asked, “In the car or />
“In the car, don’t wanna get sand on me.”

“Good choice,” Abdul smirked a little more, looking very cute at that moment. As he was undressing, he told me, “I often come here with my friends to fuck. People never come here even though it’s near to the city… the sand is soft so it’s sort of />
“Are you a top or a bottom?” I asked.

“Bottom, mostly. I figured because Saahil is such a bottom you’d be the top.”

We stepped out of the car and went to the back of it. Not to mention totally naked with boners. We were such I kept checking Abdul out and decided I liked what I saw. He was fit enough but his arms and legs were unremarkable. His face was amazing, though, and as he was searching for lube and condoms in the back of the car, my finger slid up his butt easily. I assumed he would be really good at what he did, having at least a year and a half of experience, probably more.

I pressed my hard on against his butt and pulled him into a tight hug, kissing the back of his neck slowly. he said, just go bareback for now.”

He turned around and his tongue slid between my lips. Our kisses were slow and passionate, as if we were in love. He didn’t waste time and lubed my dick up as we were making out. I, in turn, did his, which was cut, nice and thick. All I could thing about was how good he was. His lips moved in the exact motion which I wanted and pressed to mine, letting our tongues slowly lick each other before we broke apart with a satisfying sound.

I really liked the different feeling of his dick. Saahil’s was straight, but this guy’s cock slightly curved like mine. They were already oozing out pre-cum, and the lube just made it feel better. The hot temperature of the air made us sweat as the sun’s rays beat down on us. I stopped kissing his lips, going for his nipples instead, sucking the sweat off of them. Abdul’s moans were fucking hot as well, breathy and deep. I kissed the hair between his pecs, licking the light abs on his skinny abdomen. My mouth went down to his veiny cock and I started sucking it. He started moaning in Arabic, which was somehow very sexy. His cock throbbed in my mouth and he fucked my face, gently yet roughly holding my hair as his thick cock went down my throat. he yelled out, as my throat closed around the head of his dick. I swallowed the excessive amounts of precum dripping from his head, licking his shaft one final time as he pulled me up.

“Lie on the ground,” he commanded. I did, letting the sun shine off my sweaty body. He lay on me, so our dicks bulged against each other. He sucked my nipples, and it was one of the best feelings ever, and he knew when to bite so I didn’t get used to the sucking.

Then he got up, put his hand around my cock and put his a-hole right above it. He let go of my cock, leaving it in my hands, as he lowered his body. I shouted, not meaning to, “I wanna see your ass.”

A minute later my head was buried in that tangle of hair as my tongue went in and out of his tasty butt. I kissed it, and I sucked it, I smelt his hair, feeling up his hairy thighs and buttcrack. It made me so fucking horny, I wanted to have sex with just his butt and thighs. Just traditional anal sex wasn’t enough. But that’s all I had, so I slowly pushed my cock into his anus, and his rectum closed around me. Somehow, Abdul contracted his muscles so they started pulsing. It was so fucking hot, I could have easily cummed just leaving my dick in his ass. But instead I brought my hips forward and backward, as it touched open air and then got squeezed by his rectum again. We both yelled out into the evening as I crouched over him and my torso came into contact with his back.

I put my arms around him, pulling him into the tightest hug ever, kissing the back of his neck. I felt a sudden jolt of pleasure as he squeezed his ass around my cock, and I bit his skin. Calming down, I began to suck and he gasped my name. The only thing that was moving was my pelvis, thrusting my dick in and out. He gasped as I bit him again, and my right hand went down his body. I ran a finger through his treasure trail and found his cock again. Keeping it in a loose grip, I started stroking his sex.

Soon my hand got wet in his pre-cum and I licked it, the taste making me drool. “I’m cumming,” he groaned and immediately I position my hand in the front of his cock’s tip. The thick hot liquid was shooting onto my hand as his ass started throbbing around my own cock. With a final thrust, as his asshole swallowed my cock, I released my semen into him, moaning and licking his own cum off my hand.

My cock flopped out and he turned around and looked into my eyes. We kissed and cuddled in the lukewarm sand, rolling around as the final rays of the sun illuminated our bodies. I wasn’t sure what was going on then… did cuddle after a nice fuck? I’d always associated cuddling with romance but I didn’t have a romantic interest in Abdul. I guess this all just felt nice.

We discovered light cuts and bruises which we hadn’t even noticed while having sex. And I had almost hickey’d Abdul’s neck. We just laughed about it, and for the first time, the open contact I was having with his warm body made me feel secure and elated. I really liked this.

As we lay there with our legs intertwined and my head on his chest, my limp penis touching his hips, we had an interesting conversation. really I said.

“With getting fucked? Yeah,” he replied, stroking my hair a bit. I was still feeling conflicted as to whether all this was romantic or platonic. He continued, “I lost my virginity at the age of 13.”

My mouth dropped and I looked at him. “I thought you lived in Saudi… wouldn’t it be really hard to find a guy there?”

“No, actually,” he chuckled, his eyes moving up and down my body. Then he stared at my lips and we kissed again, shortly. I felt a twinge of attraction but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go a second time. We cuddled more tightly. “You stayed in Saudi yourself for a few years, you know how girls and boys are separated, right?”

I said nonchalantly. His hand went down my pecs and abs and lightly brushed against my penis. I had no reaction outwardly, but I could feel something inside. “Go on.”

Abdul went on slowly, his hand slowly feeling me up, softly going up my side and stopping just before he reached the pit of my arm. “I guess people are horny even when separated from the gender they’re actually attracted to. What I’m about to tell you does happen in Saudi Arabia, although I’m not sure about other countries here. It’s better in Dubai, so it probably doesn’t happen as much here.”

“What doesn’t happen here?” I asked irritably. I didn’t like it when people beat around the bush.

“When you’re a teenager,” Abdul said with a smirk on his face, “You desperately want to put your dick into something. There comes a point when jacking off loses its novelty. And when there are no girls, you’ve still got guys with nice holes between their butt cheeks. My brother is 3 years older than me, so when I was 13, he was your age. His best friend was, obviously, the same age as him. It’s not exactly a nice story, but I’m going to say it anyway.”

I was intrigued, and my curiosity took the better of me. “Tell me.”

“At the age of 13, I pretty much knew I liked boys. I liked fingering myself with Vaseline and wanking off at the same time,” Abdul continued. He was looking into my eyes, and it wasn’t awkward at all. He turned on his side and pushed a half-erect cock onto my limp one, which made blood fill my flaccid cock slowly. I pushed my right thigh between his hairy ones and our legs entwined. Our arms encased our bodies, and our torsos pressed against each other. In the middle of all this were our boners, which hadn’t quite reached their full potential. “One day, my brother’s best friend, Ahmad, was over. We didn’t really talk, but that day he was being really friendly for some reason. They said they wanted to play hide and seek. Me, trying to be the cool, mature kid, said that’s a kid’s game, but somehow they persuaded me anyway.

“I was going to be the seeker. I found Ahmed first. I’d always thought he was attractive and I’d often fantasised about him. When I found him, he told me my brother was hiding in my room, so we went there. He locked the door behind him and told me to take off my clothes. I couldn’t help thinking if my fantasies were coming true. He took his clothes off as well, and while I’d seen him shirtless before, this was the first time I’d seen a real dick other than mine. I was amazed at how big it was, but it was actually just a 5-incher.

“From his pocket he pulled out a condom and a few tiny packets of lube. He lubed me up and I was already moaning in pleasure. Then, with unbearable pain, my ass let his pecker in. He kept doing this regularly for the next few days and my ass got used to it. I started liking it, having orgasms and cumming. Ahmed told me how it had been a deal with my brother – if he got to fuck me, he would let him fuck his own little brother, who was 12.

“I later discovered how I was the norm and not the exception. Older boys fucked younger boys. The younger boys felt really ashamed and confused, and when they got older, they fucked other younger boys. After that, they’d just forget about it because of the embarrassment. Everyone knew it happened and no one talked about it, and if you’re straight it’s probably not that pleasant an experience.

“Of course, I knew I was gay and counted myself lucky, even though it was all supposed to be done in secret. I told Ahmed and I brother I liked it, and although my brother was horrified and refused to talk about the matter, Ahmed found the ordeal funny and invited two of his other friends to do me. Around the age of 14, I guess you could say I had my first orgy. The three other guys were naked and smoking shisha, and I just let them cum into me in turns.

“When I talked to my best friend about it, he got so disgusted we fell apart. You see how no one mentions it? Everyone does it but if you actually talk about it, it’s wrong. Around the age of 15, I told another best-friend, Ghaith about it. He said he had similar experiences and somehow we decided to do it on each other. Being a top was whole new experience, but after a few months of being versatile, I decided I liked bottom better. I really liked it when Ghaith fucked me. He had a nice dong and had become really good at using it.

“I started liking him. After having sex one day, I kissed him, but he pushed me away. He told me if I tried to do that again, he’ll cut my tongue out. Well, at least he allowed me to suck his cock, even though that wasn’t actually that good because my own cock and ass were left alone.

“My group of friends sort of deviated from what usually happened between older and younger boys. They used the opportunity they had and instead of looking for 13 year olds, they just decided to fuck me instead. I guess you could say I became a slut, having sexual relations with 5 different guys at the same time. But over the years, I knew how to pleasure each and every one of them, and when I announced I would be going to Dubai for uni, they actually all became very sad.”

I’d listened to the thing with rapt attention and now… “I’m not sure how to reply to that,” I said blankly, “A part of my mind is just saying how wrong the whole thing is and another part of my mind is like, ‘damn, this guy’s had loads of />
Abdul laughed and said, “I guess I should count myself as lucky. I already knew what sex and gay sex was when I was being fucked by my brother’s friend, so the entire experience wasn’t that traumatic… although having a 16 year old’s cock shoved up your tight 13 year old ass is traumatic enough, but imagine experiencing the same thing without knowing what’s going on… And anyway, all the gays in Saudi Arabia flock to Dubai because even though they theoretically having homophobic laws here, the police usually go lenient as long as you’re not organising gay pride parades or />
“I know that,” I said curtly.

We fucked once more and this time Abdul squeezed my cum out of his ass, and I used the last dregs of horniness I had after the orgasm to lick my cum off of his hair and swallow it. We didn’t bother putting on clothes as he drove us back. We decided I’d stay over at his apartment for a couple of hours before returning to my house. As he parked his car in the underground park, he reminded me to wear at least my underwear and shorts because, as you might have guessed, nudism isn’t particularly allowed in this part of the world.

We didn’t encounter any guards as we walked up to the elevator and as soon as Abdul closed the door behind him, I stripped down again. Nudism wasn’t exactly a novel thing to me, so the sight of a dick other than mine didn’t produce an instant boner. I looked around to see a messy main room, with underwear lying on the 50 inch HDTV, and popcorn and tea spilt on the coffee table. His sofa didn’t seem to have any stains though, which was, I assumed fortunate. To my right was a small kitchen and Abdul’s bedroom door was situated just beside the refrigerator.

Abdul swore, “Sorry man, had a rough night yesterday, would have cleaned it />
“It’s no problem,” I said, walking down to the TV and switching it on, “So you simply started having a threesome as you were watching a movie and eating />
“How did you know it was a threesome?” Abdul sounded shocked.

I replied casually, “Was Saahil one of you three by any chance?”

“No. He’s never come here.” Abdul started cleaning up the room, imploring me not to help him. Garfield 2 was coming on a channel so I stretched myself out on the sofa and started watching it as he moved to and fro around the room picking things up and putting them in the right place.

It didn’t take him long to finish and he brought a glass of mango juice for me. As I started sipping it, he lied on the sofa and put his mane of curly hair on my thighs, touching my dick. I surprisingly didn’t react to that, which was for the better because I was getting into the movie.

“So,” Abdul began, probably not naturally this />
“No,” I confessed, “It’s mostly Saahil’s influence. He’s big on shaving legs, thighs and asses.”

“Hah, I would be so jealous if he didn’t need shave.”

I looked down at him, surprised. “Why? Your legs and butt are some of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen because of how fucking hairy they are.”

he said, not entirely believing me, “Loads of people tell me I need to shave. I’ve turned off many a guy because of my hair.”

fucking picky,” I said, sipping some more juice, “But if you want to shave, why don’t you do it?”

“I do, but I decided to just let my hair grow out this time. I used to shave in Saudi, but my fuckbuddies here don’t really mind my hair. Those who did don’t fuck me />
“Fair play,” I said, “You seem pretty sure you don’t have />
“I get myself tested whenever I go out of the country, and I’m really picky about the people I fuck. I did catch an infection once. Don’t remember if it was syphilis or something, but summer came immediately after and I went to NY on vacation and got it treated. Ever since I’ve been safer.”

I laughed, “Yeah, because bareback sex is totally safe sex.”

actually the first guy I’ve done bareback with since summer, and that’s because the only guy you’ve fucked is Saahil.”

I still wasn’t convinced but I didn’t reply. After a long bout of silence, I tentatively asked, “Since you’ve fucked a lot of guys, how good was I on a scale of one to ten.”

“5,” Abdul said immediately, “Well, in the actual act of sex. Teenagers are usually like that, because they haven’t got loads of experience. You’re much better at foreplay though.”

I chuckled. At that moment, the bell rung, and I instinctively shot for my shorts but Abdul raised a hand.

“Calm down,” he told me, a reason I barely ever wear clothes.” He went up to the door and looked through I eye-hole. I couldn’t help but notice his ass and I could feel some water running to my mouth and some blood running to my dick.

He opened the door and a man walked in. Instantly, they both exclaimed and Abdul jumped onto him, wrapping his legs around him and giving him a full kiss on the mouth. I closed the door before anyone came to investigate the sudden loud noises.

When Abdul had gotten over his sudden excitement and had his feet on the floor, he told me, “Ali, meet Dominic, a really close friend of mine.”

“Hello Dominic,” I smiled awkwardly, holding out a hand. This was the first time I’d been naked in front of a guy I’d just met, but this guy was hot. He had blond hair and blue eyes and an amazing fashion sense. He was wearing a striped pink-and-white vest, which let me admire his shoulders and triceps, and bubblegum pink shorts.

“Hey Ali,” Dominic smiled, got an amazing body, by the way, although I can’t say the same about your dong.” I was speechless, not sure whether to feel complimented or abused. Suddenly, his hand was around my cock, stroking furiously. When it had reached its full length, he released it, saying, “Now, that’s much better isn’t it?”

I said stupidly, nice to meet you?”

Dominic and Abdul laughed. “See, this guy has a nice sense of humour,” the blondie said, “Is this the surprise you said you had for me?”

I could detect a bit of French in his accent, which I guess went with his name, but mostly his accent had been moulded into American.

Abdul told me, “Dominic is a friend of mine who’s studying arts in France. He comes here often because his parents live here, and we know each other from flings etc… and yes, Dominic, this guy is your surprise />
“Well, I like my present,” Dominic said, chortling, worry, Ali, I won’t be calling you that />
okay,” I trailed off. Why hadn’t Abdul told me about any of this? I was feeling really confused and hoping this did not turn out to be a rape situation. But to keep things less awkward, I said, also got a nice fashion sense and amazing body, Dominic. And you’re friggin’ tall as well. />
“No, 6’2, but close enough,” Dominic smiled. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a condom, “Sorry, Ali, but whenever Abdul and I meet, we have a greet fuck. I’m hoping you understand. You’re free to wank off though.”

I thought this situation couldn’t get any weirder. Dominic pulled his shirt off, showing off nice, pink and tiny nipples and bulging pecs, although his abs were barely visible like Abdul’s. This guy had a light tan line in the shape of his vest, which just made him fitter. He revealed a nice bubble butt after taking his briefs and shorts down in one move, although his legs and thighs were skinny compared to his upper body. Even then, I could see nice lines of muscle run down his thigh. He already had a boner, which was six inches, but looked smaller than it actually was due to his tall body.

After the condom went on, Dominic simply slid his cock into Abdul’s ass and started fucking. It was probably the most casual display of sexual intercourse I’d seen. They were slightly moaning, but when they weren’t they were just talking and catching up. They were doing this in front of a long mirror beside the main door so they could make eye contact there.

After about 10 minutes of monotous anal sex, Abdul said, “I’m going to cum,” with the same zeal of a weather reporter saying, ‘it’s going to be sunny in the desert.’

His cum splashed onto the mirror and a second later, Dominic pulled his cock out, his condom full of white liquid. At the same time my phone started to ring and I had to search for my shorts to get it. It was my mum calling, so I told the two to remain quite. Mum simply reminded me I had to get home by 10 o’ clock, which was in 15 minutes.

Once I hung up, Dominic said, “You live with your Mum?”

“I live with both my parents,” I replied, not sure what he was trying to imply.

“How old are you?”

Dominic looked at Abdul as if he was offended, “16? 16?! You’re having sex with a 16 year old boy?”

“Dude, I’m not that older than him. No one really cares in this country,” Abdul intoned calmly, “And look who’s talking? You were the same age when having a 21 year old />
Dominic simply chuckled. “I’m just fucking with you, buddy. Are you going to drive him home?”

“Come along,” I suddenly said, “I really want to get to know you.”

A minute later, we were down in the carpark. We stripped as soon as we got into the car, and Abdul implored us both to sit in the back seat for some reason and then he told us that it is going to take half an hour because he’s not taking the direct route. It was like he wanted us to have sex or something. I called my mum and told her I will be 20 minutes late and she was okay with it

“So, Ali,” Dominic asked as we came out of the car park, “When did you lose your virginity?” He sidled closer to me and put an arm around me. Ali put on the radio and some pop songs were coming on.

“A month ago,” I replied honestly.

“Wow, a late bloomer I see,” Dominic chuckled, “Have you lost both your />
“Nah, my ass is tight as it was when I was born,” I said merrily and laughed at my own joke, “Well actually, that’s wrong. I’ve been practising with my boyfriend’s dildo, so it’s not as tight.”

“You have a />
in an open relationship, but things aren’t going so well.”

Dominic said sympathetically, caressing my chest with his hand, the />
“Well, he’s been going orgies. Lots of them. He’s even invited me a couple of times, but I’m scared of STD’s and I’m scared for his health as well. Whenever I tell him about that, he goes it’s his own life or something and gets really angry.”

horrible. Both of you are right, though, and that’s why you />
“How is the scene in France?” I asked, changing the topic.

“Much better than here, but Abdul pressures me to keep visiting this place,” Dominic laughed.

“Hey, we’ve got a nice gay scene as well,” Abdul said defensively from the front seat.

“Yeah, but people in France know there’s a scene. Here… I’m not sure what the deal is here. Anyway, I just keep coming here for Abdul and his friends. They’re really cool to hang out with and Abdul’s an amazing bottom.”

“Oh, stop it you,” Abdul jested.

“Well anyway, back to our original topic,” Dominic said, to my dismay, “At your age, I was an orgy-bunny as well. But eventually I guess I started becoming more traditional… Nowadays I barely go to orgies. Once every three months maybe. Gosh… I still find it slightly hard to believe you’re 16.”

I looked at him incredulously “I’m />
“No, you’re face does look young but I don’t expect that kind of body on 16 year olds. I was really skinny at your age.”

“I was really skinny last year. Amazing what gym does to you,” I replied sarcastically.

Dominic replied, “I was a slut at 16, though… It’s slightly shocking you’re not going to these orgies with your boyfriend, with your hormones all over the place. Maybe sex ed is better now.”

“Well, my boyfriend probably wasn’t paying attention in class then. We go to the same school,” I informed.

Dominic shrugged, it’s been a while since I fucked a 16 year old. They’re not the best in the art of love, but your looks make up for it.”

“Haha, you’re so />
He shrugged again, and the moment finally came. His gorgeous face came closer to mine and soft pink lips kissed my chest, then my neck and the last thing I saw before we both kissed were his blue eyes. This guy was a more active kisser than Abdul, so it took me a while to get used to his faster pace. Our tongues touched and shared saliva, as he pushed me downwards on to the seat and lied on top of me, his body and dick pressing against mine. I wrapped my legs around him, and as I kissed, I felt him up, running my hands smoothly down his back and squeezing his butt, pushing a finger in. This was slightly harder than usual because we hadn’t used lube at all, but once it got in, it was easy enough to finger him.

He moved downwards, sucking my neck. I moaned, never thinking it could feel this good. His tongue licked my neck sporadically, and the feeling of moist saliva on my skin was much better than I would have thought.

His hand grabbed my hand, gently pulling it away from his ass until both of my fingers popped out of his asshole. He moved further down, his tongue always in contact with my skin, until he reached my cock. He had to seat himself in the empty space in the middle of the car so he could start working on my cock. He held it in his hand, licking it up and down before swallowing it whole. His lips were so wet it felt like lube, and the feeling of his tongue caressing my shaft made me moan out his name.

At times, he concentrated on simply licking the head of my cock, and that made me shout out in pleasure. Simply sucking and licking a penis head can feel amazing, and he also commented on how my precum tasted nice. I breathed, not believing the amount of pleasure that coursed through my body.

Then he stopped. I opened my eyes. He was preparing to sit his pale ass on my dick… “But, dude, you didn’t put on any lube!” I said speedily.

never gone raw?” he asked, “It’s amazing.”

In the small space of the vehicle, it was slightly awkward, but Dominic turned out to be rather flexible. He placed one foot against my shoulder and the other in front of the seat. Using the backrest as a way to hold himself, he used his free hand to position my cock above his ass. The tip of my dick touched his hole, which was very tight at that moment. The pre-cum touched the raw, pink skin and somehow, as Dominic continued to descend, he loosened his asshole up. I admired him for that. It takes loads of experience to do that, I assumed. My head popped into him, and the hardest part was over. My shaft was much each, being one uniform width. However, it didn’t slide in as fast as I was accustomed to. Even then he had to descend at a medium pace. As he did, though, my sex was introduced to a whole new world.

I discovered that rectums are still slightly moist, but the lube makes them seem much wetter. Without lube, his insides stuck to my dick like an adhesive, and I gasped, feeling my dick throbbing faster. I could feel it coming, but it was too soon. I couldn’t stop myself and jizzed in his ass. However, the pulsations of my dick made him hornier and he jizzed as well, his cum landing on my abs.

When home came, I thanked Abdul for dropping me off, rapidly dressing up. Before I stepped outside, I quickly kissed Abdul on the cheek and Dominic on the lips.

“That was a nice quickie,” Dominic jibed.

I replied, “It’s a shame you’re only here for two days and that I’m fucking busy during those days. But it was nice to meet you. Hopefully, we’ll meet again.”

That was the last time I saw Dominic that year. The weekend went slowly due to the community service I was doing, and with the new week came new problems to deal with.

Somehow the fact that Saahil and I were in a relationship had leaked out. Saahil became very distressed because he hadn’t come out at school yet, except to a select group of friends. I couldn’t believe any of the friends who knew about us would betray us like that, but Saahil kept blaming my friends.

This drama culminated in heated arguments and spread to our two groups of friends. Of course, seeing as this was drama, every girl in the year was interested and suddenly everyone was dead sure that Saahil was gay.

Saahil didn’t show up for two days, hoping everyone would forget about it. He was very wrong, and the last day of that week became very interesting.

I had a free period, so I found myself in the sixth form common room, which was buzzing loud with the noise of sixth formers. I was sitting on a sofa with my friends Megan and Celia, who were whispering in a frustrated manner about recent arguments they’d had with Saahil’s friends. I could feel my temper on the rise and was about to tell them to shut up with Saahil showed up.

“I need to talk to you,” he said solemnly.

We both went to a secluded corner of the common room. I asked curtly.

“I’ve accepted it,” he said slowly, “It can’t be changed – they know. But I wasn’t ready.”

no problem with coming out,” I said, folding my arms. My temper hadn’t lessened all that much, but I was trying to be sympathetic. “I’ve come out. Did the world end? No.”

“No, but the Saahil said desperately, “They won’t see me the same way />
“What guys?” I asked, even though I knew perfectly well who he was talking about.

“The guys!” Saahil insisted, “You know, Ibrahim and />
Ibrahim and Cameron happened to be some of the several popular guys in our year. Saahil’s group of friends was not as popular, but everyone in the year was fairly well-connected, excluding some weird people. However, Saahil, like many depressing people in our year, wanted to be one of the populars and because the jockiest of all jocks in our year group, Bill, had left last year, it seemed to be a good time to do it.

Bill, Ibrahim and Cameron had been a trio of really close friends, and all three of them were fit as fuck and had amazing personalities. After Bill had left, I’d seen Saahil hanging out with Ibrahim and Aaron more. Even as I looked at him at that moment, I couldn’t help thinking how poor a replacement he was for Bill.

“If they won’t see you the same way anymore,” I said slowly, not truly your friends… but I doubt Ibrahim and Cameron are like that.”

“You don’t get it!” Saahil’s voice was going higher with each syllable. He calmed himself down and continued, “When you’re gay, there’s this label… people don’t see you the same way, they don’t respect you.”

“You shouldn’t care about them. Just be yourself! I didn’t think you were the kind of person who cared about labels.”

had this discussion before.” Saahil was sounding exasperated. “When you hang out with Ibrahim’s gang, people respect you and like you and want to be like you. And being gay />
“People respect me, like me and want to be like me,” I said, truthfully, “Because I have no problem expressing myself.”

“No, it’s because you’re fucking jacked. If you weren’t, no one would take you />
“So what? You’ve got serious acceptance issues.” I felt like I was wasting my point. face it, you’re a horrible replacement for Bill. You can never be as popular as him… you don’t have his personality, his looks and his 80 kilos of muscle.”

not true.”

“What, did you actually believe you could replace him?”

“No, but… no one takes me />
“That is as false as saying that you’re not a slut.” I didn’t know what drove me to say that. Maybe I had cracked. Maybe I was taking the mick. But I had said it, and it led to an awkward silence.

“What did you call me?” Saahil asked, and I could feel the anger permeating from him.

“A slut.” It was as easy as last time.

“I thought you of all people would It was painfully apparent that Saahil was fighting back tears. I looked around to make sure we weren’t making a scene. Everyone was minding their own business and laughing while I was going through one of the most dramatic moments of my life. “And instead you call me a slut.”

“But you are one,” I chuckled sarcastically, “The only difference between you and a proper prostitute is that people pay />
“The only reason I’m not breaking your skull right now is because I don’t want to make a scene,” Saahil said through gritted teeth.

“It’s over.” I said it before he did, feeling a certain victorious emotion. I turned around and started walking back to where my friends were.

“Ali, watch out!”

It sounded like Olivia, one of the popular girls. She was pointing behind me and I instantly knew what was happening – Saahil was going to punch me in the head. I ducked, spinning around, my leg outstretched. It knocked him off balance and he keeled, producing a loud thud. Lots of people were watching us now.

“You fuckhead!” I shouted, kicking him in the side so that he rolled over in pain. I bent down and grasped him by the scruff of the neck, pulling him up with strength I didn’t know I had. “I would spit on you but you’re not worth it!” I exclaimed in inspired rage, and the people behind me shouted things like Two people came behind me and put their hands on my shoulders, trying to pull me away. “You know,” I was saying to him, my spittle leaping onto his face, “The whole thing about being gay is not denying who you />
I was being pulled away as Saahil leaned against the corner, looking at his feet with a terrified expression. I continued, breaking even that rule! By denying that you are a FUCKING SLUT!”

And that was how I’d produced one of the most widely remembered episodes of drama that year. Dave had been one of the people who’d pulled me back, along with Celia. They took me outside the common room and I immediately folded my arms, looking at my feet, feeling very embarrassed.

“What happened there?” Celia asked, putting a caring hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay?”

“Why did Saahil try to punch you?” Dave asked, “And more importantly, why the fuck did you kick him for it?”

“It’s a long story,” I said grudgingly, “But the moral of it is that Saahil is an annoying, hypocritical slut. I’m sorry guys, as you can see I’m pretty pissed off at the moment. I’ll talk to you later.”

I shrugged their hands off and went away. Before the drama could develop further, Celia and Dave and a number of my more sensible friends helped dispel it. I was very grateful they’d done that when I calmed down from that frenzy of rage.

On Facebook, I received many an inbox and a number of messages. Some were negative, some were inquisitive. I ignored them all. But there was no sign of Saahil. I started feeling an acute sense of remorse for what I had done. I posted a status update pretending I was still angry. It went like this:

“Stop sending me fucking messages. Whatever happened is none of your business. This if between me and Saahil and he is NOT FUCKING GAY. Honestly, I am pretty shocked how annoying people can be.”

It was a good thing the surefire fact regressed to just another rumour. However, Saahil’s chances of becoming one of the populars were reduced forever and for the next few weeks, he hid in the depths of obscurity. In the meantime, Dave invited me to sleep over the weekend after the fight.

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