My first love – part 2

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She let me go, and as the rain had stopped, we started making our way out of the park and towards the party. Unfortunately, words cannot describe the joy that was going through my mind then, I had just made out with one of the most beautiful girls in our school.

I just didn't know if we where a couple yet, girlfriend and boyfriend. I didn't know how to ask her if we where, or if we could be. I guess that if I just let it be like this, we would just turn out to be a couple anyway.

My phone rang, I pulled it out of my phone and it was Mike. "Hey man, you with Beth?" he said loudly, due to heavy music and talking in the background. "Yeah, i'm coming to the party now. Listen, go and talk to Michelle, tell her i'm bringing someone with me, and that the security should let her in."
"I can't hear you man, it's really loud in here. Look, i'll see you soon, just hurry up." he said, right before hanging up. I tried calling him back but he didn't answer, bastard keeps his phone on vibrate.

"Alright, we've got a problem.." I said, looking down towards Bethany. "What?" she said curiously. "I can't get you into the party."
"What!? What do you mean? Why are we still going? You're just going to leave me?" she asked with a slight tone of anger. "No no no.. I'll sneak you in, I wasn't invited last year and I snuck in. Trust me." I demanded.
"Look, Smithy.." she sighed, "I don't want to be kicked out, I hate being the centre of attention." she said nervously. I suddenly grabbed her arm and stopped her, I lowers my hands and held hers, "I promise you, if anything happens I'll tear the party down." I said, before leaning in an placing a gently kiss on her lips. "Anyway, me and Michelle and friends, she'll let you in, I promise." I said, kissing her on the lips again.

As we came out of the kiss, she smiles and we moved our faces back, I held her hand as we started walking. We weren't far from the party, maybe 10 minutes left. I finally felt like I was loved, like my 16 years of loneliness was gone. I knew I probably wouldn't get in her pants any time soon, but that didn't matter, and I wanted to make sure that she knew.

We arrived at Michelle's house, a huge 15 room mansion if you will. Something that you would see in the movies. Parked outside was a Mercedes Benz and an Audi TT. Since Michelle was 17, she had gotten an Audi TT for her birthday, the spoiled bitch. I stopped with Bethany near the house and started looking around, then I ran away around the house towards the back, Bethany holding my hand as we ran. We got to the back of the house, it was a long run, the house has a massive garden. The garden is surrounded by hedges and 7ft brick walls, this was no challenge for me, I could have been straight up there, but I grabbed Bethany by her waist and pushed her up towards the edge. She grabbed onto the edge of the wall, and with my assistance, climbing the wall was no hassle. She sat on the wall whilst I covered and was on the other side in several seconds. I looked up at Bethany and raised my hands to her, she slowly came down into my arms, I continued to hold her up as I swivelled around laughing.

She wrapped her legs around and laughed with me, "My gentlemen." she proclaimed, smiling at me. She lowered her head to me and we kissed for a minute or so, stopping every other second to give each other compliments.

Once we finished kissing, I let her down onto her feat and we just continued to hold each other and look into each other's eyes. The scenery and lighting was beautiful, statues and carefully trimmed pillar hedges covered in the blue dims of exotic lighting. "You're the sweetest guy I've ever met.. But.." she said, with a hesitated ending. "But what?" I asked, a little shocked. "I have to tell you something, I'm not the kind of girl you would expect. I'm not like other girls. I wa-.." she said, before being interrupted by a beautiful kiss on the lips, lasting around 20 seconds.
"I am exactly the kind of guy you want, we'll take it slow, I promise." I said to her, with a sweet facial expression. She just smiled at me, it was the happiest I had ever seen her. The smile was interrupted by a passionate make-out session, lasting several minutes.

Once the kiss broke up, we held hands and walked to the front of the garden, where around 80 people where dancing, talking and having fun. There was a large swimming pool directly in the middle of the house, although it wasn't in the ground, it was a wooden one, still pretty large, at least 5ft deep and 10 meters in length. Walking towards the main party, holding hands with Bethany, we caught Mike's eye. He lifted a large bottle of Strong Bow and shouted "SMITHY SPLITHY" which was a stupid nickname I was called when I was high. BEthany saw her group of friends, whispered that she would see me later, kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I watched her walking away, skipping almost, admiring her wonderful and beautiful ass bounce with every step.

"Smithy booooy!" I heard coming from one corner of the garden. Followed by a hurl of at least 20 lads chanting beer songs with my name in them. I was handed a beer by Jake and the chants began. "Weeeee like to drink with Smithy, cuz' Smithy is a mate, and when we drink with Smithy, he likes to down in 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Basically, if you don't have that drinking chant in your town or whatever, someone starts by saying "We like to drink with -name-, because -name- is a mate" And then everyone else joins in on the rest of the chant, and from 8 – 1 you have to down the drink that you are holding.

(It may sound shit reading it, but if you have heard the chant in person then you know the rhythm to it, otherwise it's shit 😉 )

Once we finished with the get drunk quick chants, me, Mike and Jake walked inside to roll a joint. We each rolled a personal 1gram joint, and whilst we where doing so.. "So Smithy my boy, done anything with Beth? Fingered her?" said Jake. "Aye shut up man, you heard him. He said he actually likes her. Respect his decision." said Mike. I gave Mike an approving nod, then continued to roll my joint. "Well I think we are a couple now, we made out a couple times, shared some nice words etcetera." I said, pretty chuffed with myself. my boy, finally lost your oral virginity." said Jake, I didn't mind it, we all laughed at the fact that someone like me could have been in such a stupid position in the first place. "So what should I do next? She said she'll meet me later on, should I ask for her number, invite her to the movies or something? I can't take her to my house, remember." I said, finishing rolling my joint.

"Well you've made out with her, you've finished now. No more struggling mate. Just keep what your doing up and you'll soon have her fallen for you. Make up an excuse that your parents are having guests over tonight, say that you can't take her back to yours." said Mike, also finishing his joint. "Fuck.. I can't go back to her's either.. I did some stupid shit guys." I said, placing the joint in-between my lips.
Mike and Jake had also placed the joint in-between their lips, and had already lit up by this point. "I climbed through her window, long story don't ask. Her dad thought I was a robber and tried to hit me or something, I got on top of him and Beth walked out of the shower half naked. Some fucked up shit." I said whilst extending my right hand, retrieving a lighter from Jake.

I raised the lighter, flicked it, toked it and lit it up. Taking several drags to make sure it wouldn't go out, I tossed the lighter back to Jake. I leant back into the expensive looking grey leather couch, which was incredibly comfy may I add. "Alright, well see if you can stay here or something, your friends with Michelle aren't you, and this place has like 80 bedrooms so that'll be no problem." said Jake, before starting to blow perfect smoke rings. "What about my parents?"
"Tell her your staying at mine, I'll call my mum and tell her to cover us." said Mike. Oh, did I forget to mention that Mike's mother was the coolest 35 year old on the planet, she got pregnant at 19 with her highschool sweetheart, and they have been together since. She is also a fucking babe, probably where Mike get's his looks from. We know that she has been on the Page 3 modelling nude, but she used a fake name so we cant find her, damn.

"Sounds like a pla-.. Fuck, I forgot condoms, and anyway, I told her that we will take it slow?" I said, taking several tokes from my joint. "Dude what the fuck? Take it slow?" said Jake. "Shut up Jake, take it slow is girl talk for fuck me passionately, am I right Smithy?" said Mike. "Yeah I guess so… Condoms?" Mike then immediately leaned forward, reaching into his back pocket and pulled out several Durex condoms, handing them to me and patting my hand as I take them. "This is your night bro."

Then we did something I have never done or thought about, Mike held out his joint facing upwards in between the three of us and said "To Smithy." Me and Jake looked at each other for a second, then copied Mike, without me actually saying the words. We laughed about what we did, then got up, I opened my drinks and headed out to the garden to the lads. Some girls where swimming in the pool, not from our school, or age group. They seemed to be at least 20 years old, with older guys too. Rocking bod's. I guess I would ATTEMPT to hit on one, but I had other things in mind. I scouted the area in search of Bethany, I couldn't find her and just continued to drink and talk to some lads. I got a phone call and answered. It was Jake. "Smithy don't freak out, facing the start of the pool, turn right and come to the end of the house, come quick!" and then he hung up. I grabbed Mike's arm and told him to come with me, and I ran with Mike following me. He wasn't in the rugby team any more, all the weed that he smoked was making him lazy and unfit, although he did appear like an athlete.

I arrived to see Jake, Bethany, some guy called Timmy and a small crowd of people. Timmy was Bethany's Ex, they had broken up several weeks ago for a reason that Beth hadn't told me. Timmy appeared extremely drunk, he was holding Bethany's arm and acting incredibly conscious, "You cheat on me you ungrateful bitch, after all I do for you this is how you repay me!" shouted Timmie, he stuttered every other word. Bethany slapped him and Timmie slapped her back very aggressively, Bethany was pushed backwards towards the wall, holding the side of the face that was hit. There was now a crowd gathered around the to of them like a fight scene. Timmie grabbed her arm again, probably going for another strike when I shouted "Hey you piece of shit!" He looked straight at me, within half a second of turning his head I planted a beautiful right hook into his jaw. From what I had learnt in biology, if your head twists with speed and is flicked back into position (the motion of whiplash after a punch) is what knocks a person out. Now I must have whiplashed the shit out of him because out of instinct he threw a punch at me, but he was half knocked out. It was genuinely an amazing sight to watch.

He threw a punch whilst being knocked out, falling backwards. He wasn't unconscious, but still knocked out, he was moaning and holding his jaw. What I found out several days later is that I cracked his jaw. This wasn't anything special to me, this was a regular rugby match to me. But it was special to Bethany, and that's all that mattered.

The security immediately came and grabbed me, pulling me away but to my luck everyone protested and security let me go. After hearing everyone the two security guards escorted Timmie out of the building. I didn't even look to see anything that happened afterwards, this is all I have heard from friends. As soon as security released me, I was straight with Bethany holding her. I pulled her away inside to the same place me, Jake and Mike smoked our joints and talked. She immediately pounced onto me and she was ontop of me on the ouch, lying down making out within seconds. We made out for several minutes, I could feel the bulge in my jeans growing. I wasn't anything special, I didn't understand how people had small penis's. I had measured before, and from base to tip, I hit 7 inches. It was about two and a half fingers wide as well. Usually conversations came up with other guys about penis size, when I mentioned mine they all said I was lying. This meant that they had small penis's, thus disbelieving my size. This gave me fantastic charisma for whenever the time came for me to finally have sex.

Im sure by this time, Bethany had felt my bulge as she reached down and grabbed it through my jeans. She toyed around with it for a while, and I gotta' tell you. Even through jeans, masturbation is nothing to this. I tried to take my mind off things, I didn't want to cum so I thought about homework and shit that turned me off. This turns out a treat, and to this day, keeps me going for a good 15 minutes of intense shit.

"What you did was amazing." she said, grabbing me by the shirt and pulling me forward, I leant forward and she pulled my shirt over my head. Incase any of you don't know, when you lie down, your abdominal muscles are the ones that pull your neck and head up. When I looked at her, my pride and glory toned up beautifully. My full 6 pack that I wad been working on the whole of last year had payed off. Bethany placed her hands on my bare chest, leant forward and continued to make out with me, she slowly went down, kissing my neck to my chest, stomach and finally. She unzipped my jeans, I lifted my ass so she could pull down my jeans, which she did along with my boxers, flinging up my fully erect penis. I went back to thinking of stupid shit as she began to lick the tip of my penis.

YES SMITHY!" I heard from the door, it was the left winger from the rugby team. I instantly pointed my finger at him, and shouted "GET THE FUCK OUT!" with the fiercest voice I have ever heard, I didn't even know it belonged to me. The winger instantly left, laughing to himself as to sipped on his beer bottle. Bethany quietly chuckled to herself before returning to my penis. She started to lick the tip of it, looking into my eyes whilst she did so with the most adorable face. After a good 20 seconds of licking, she took my mushroom-tip into her mouth. she closed all available holes and sucked a good'n on my tip, swirling her tongue around like an epileptic with a hose pipe. God it felt good.

I was moaning, and so was she. I never understood why a girl moaned when performing sexual goods for man that did nothing for themselves, but anyway, I liked it. She then began to take a bit more of my penis into her mouth, she was a small girl, I didn't expect pornstar deep-throat standards anyway. She only managed to take about 4 inches of my cock, max. Oh well, the tip is the only sensitive part anyway, and besides, I loved every part of it. After about 5 minutes, being my first time, I had that familiar feeling. The tingling in the tip and the very slight burning sensation in shaft. With a few moans, I mustered the strength to say "Oh baby, i'm gonna' cum." As she heard this, she immediately pulled her head out to my disappointment. I hated touching my own cum, so I immediately my body up and ejaculated on the arm-stand of the couch. Never will I cum on my own chest.

I then leaned back into the couch, followed by Bethany lowering her head back onto my cock, sucking the juices from it like a vacuum. We both moaned, for a while, she then crawled up my body, placed her legs either side of my waist and sat directly on my crotch, lowered her head to me, inches away from my lips, she said sweet actually, it means you eat loads of fruit."

I was pleased by what she said, not because I was a passionate and exotic fruit eater, but the fact that having sweet tasting semen meant that she would no longer pull out, but suck me dry. This gave me a smile stretching from ear to ear. She finally pressed her lips to mine, both of us smiling during the kissing.

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story by: Pappa

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