My first time with my aunt faith

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I was 8 years old, my parents just gave the Birds & the Bees talk and the book from DR Rubin everything you wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask.

I got caught trying to do my 6 year old sister.

My aunt Faith showed up on our doorstep one day. She had been living with my aunt Dawn but Aunt Dawns Boyfriend was starting to molest her now. she was living at home but my grandfather was molesting her also.

Yes my mothers side of the tree are all into some weird shit.

Faith was 13 years old skinny as a rail and maybe 5 foot 2 inches tall.

100 lbs soaking wet, Blondie hair small tits, I'm sure they would grow to a larger size, like her sisters.

Anyway summer vacation started and my mother told me to bring Aunt Faith around with me to get to know the other kids I hung out with.

I only had 1 or 2 good friends but they were at summer camp. So Faith and I hung around for the entire summer. I had started a wooden fort way down in back of my house. All the wood and nails came from scraps my father brought home from the demolition he was doing.

I built the fort out of doors about 20 feet up a big oak tree. It had two floors and a deck.

I brought Faith up one day and showed her just how much you could see up there. We could see our house and see if anyone was coming ahead of time. We were spending most days up in the fort. We did a lot of talking and that was when Faith told me about grandpa having sex with her and then my aunts other Boyfriend doing it to her also. Now I knew what sex was but never knew it could be really nice. She asked me if I ever had sex, I told her "I tried to do my sister and got caught."

"Well we can have sex if you want but you can't tell your mother or anyone else."

"Cross my heart and hope to die, I won't say a word."

She said "We have to take our clothes off to start". "Ok" I said. I was a little red in the face, never taking my clothes off in front of a girl before other then my mother.

I was watching her take hers off and down below was waking up. I pulled my pants off and I had a big stiff one. 8 years old and it is getting really hard, faith sees it and tells me I must really like seeing her naked. I said " well heck ya, Your the first girl I have seen for real with no clothes on." "Well this should be fun" she said. "Lay down over there she said and let me show you how it is done. I told her I read that book and she said" can a book show you this?"

She put her mouth on my little hard pecker and was going up and down on it. "Wow "is all that came out of my mouth. It felt really funny down there but after 5 minutes it started to really feel good. I told her that " it feels like it is getting bigger and she says " it is getting bigger, you must really like me." " I like you to and what you are doing to me.

Before we both knew it I was spurting out, more like pouring out all this white stuff. She kept on going up and down on me like mad, never stopping not one drop spilled. She got it hard all over again, I never knew that could happen.

She pulled off of me and said "now we are going to fuck, that is when you put that inside of me here", as she is pointing to her pussy. I said "just like the book "said i told her.

"I want to see the book sometime, ok deal I told her." "Well lie down and I will sit down on it." "OK" I said to her.

She sat down on my little pecker and was going up and down on it like she was doing to me with her mouth. That was a feeling I will never forget, My first pussy. " Wait to you feel this feeling, this is better then my mouth and still better then this is my asshole." "OK" is all I said."Meet me half way " she told me. So I did and we were getting faster, It was really feeling good. I was watching her do me, I was watching going in and out of her, I was really looking at it when she started making funny noises and all of a sudden she was wetting me all over me.

She must have read my mind, she said "this is what comes out of me when I get that feeling"

"Wow that is neat " I told her. She said her sister told her it was a woman's cum. When women have that feeling they squirt this stuff out. "Like you do when you got that feeling a little while a go." I told her I was getting that "feeling again."

"No don't she said, I want you do stick your pecker in my ass, Won't that hurt"? I said to her, "only if you push to fast." "Ok then show me how".

She laid down next to me with her back against my front. "Spit on your hand and wipe it on my ass she said". I did as I was told and she said " now push it in real slow not too fast." I pushed against her little hole, she must have relaxed because in it went about half way. "Stop she shouted" "Let me do it from here" She pushed a little more and the rest of my pecker was gone. It went right in and the feeling How did I know it felt like this.

Well she was going back and forth like when she had me in her mouth.

She was leaking really a real lot now but it was dripping down over my pecker and keeping it real wet, it was going in and out of her, she was going faster, I think she liked it because there was a lot more of her wetness coming out of her. She was making all kinds of sounds, and groans. I was hoping I was not hurting her.

Well she was fucking me like crazy now, Her wetness was coming out even more then before, I was really wet down there and then without warning she gushed a real lot and My stuff started to come out also. She never slowed or stopped, she just kept going until she fell off me and rested next to me. After ten minutes she said "that is sex, That is what my father and your aunts Boyfriend did to me. "

I asked her "then why are you doing it to me.?"

She said she wanted to try it slower this time because everyone else just pushed into her, Always hurting her but not as bad as the first time it was done to her.

"If you don't tell anyone me and you can do this everyday as much as you want," "Ok" I said to her.

She said " do you want to do it again?" "Yes that feeling is really fun." I said to her,

We both said at the same time "This is going to be a fun summer"

We both giggled.

It was the best summer I can remember.

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Author: roofer2469

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