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Part 3 Of People Pets Continued

She was finally out, and standing, it felt so good, after being cramped, and tied up in the cage for so long, at first she could hardly stand, her circulation was coming back, she was young and in good shape, so this took only several minutes. His foreman Navarro who was a very sadistic man himself had been watching as he had unloaded her and was drooling at the sight of her gigantic breasts, and said she looks really good boss, the men will love to play with her. Navarro said to him do you mind, walked over and twisted both of Jo's nipples quite sadistically! This immediately brought tears to her eyes as she screamed out in pain. His boss said, thats enough and hooked a leash onto the dirty leather collar and pulled her into the barn. Navarro followed along patting Jo on her bottom each time she took a step. In one corner there was a rather large cage with two small folding army cots a small rickety dressing table and open facilities. It had some tar paper and corrugated tin around most of it, this was to be her new home, at least for a while. Omg this, is to be my fate?, she felt even more depressed as he pulled her past this grapes of wrath setting that was straight out of some wretched story of pet abuse and />
He pulled her along farther, through a big open door and into a large room, that was built onto one side of the barn, it was a strange looking place and was certainly not for domestic animals, it had all sorts of small tables and devices, and at first she had no idea what they were for?. Her heart sank even further as he pulled her over to a short wooden post, bent her over and clamped her dirty leather collar to it in several places. Now she finally figured out what all of this was for, pet abuse!, and "she" was the pet that was going to be abused!!!…. With her hands still bound behind her back, and bent over with her bottom sticking up quite inviting he rummaged around on the floor kicking some of the trash around to where he found several pairs of dirty soiled heels apparently left around from previous pets. He picked a pair of dingy green 5" heels and forced them onto her bare feet.

This was followed by him spreading her legs so wide she was barely able to keep her toes on the floor, the only thing that kept her legs from sliding farther apart was that he had lashed her ankles to several steel rings that were bolted to the floor, he then put two 3" wide leather straps around her upper thighs just below her crotch, and tightened the buckles, this squeezed her thighs and bottom out quite vulgarly on each side of the belts. These straps had "D" rings, he then attached them to a ratchet type come along's, and then started cranking the handle back an forth this made a clicking sound that scared her even more as each time it clicked was quite loud, this lifted her up a little each time as he pulled first one side up tight, and then the other, this resulted in spreading her inner thighs well over 4" apart where before the softness was almost touching!, along with leaving her toes just barely touching the floor. Navarro said as he bent down to admire Jo's very wet posterior, very nice I am going to enjoy abusing the slit on this one!!!..

She was now starting to wonder again just what he or Navarro was going to do?. As she could not move at all!!!… Omg this left her feeling more scared, helplessness and vulnerable than she had ever felt before, it was also strangely exciting and she could not believe that her pussy was getting so wet again!….

Omg, could she really be, a "bitch and a whore", this realization left her with a mixed feeling of conflicting emotions?… He then took some duct tape and tore several pieces off, she could hear the ripping of the tape but could not see just what he was going to do with it, he stuck and pressed it on the inside of her ass cheeks between her small little butt hole and the opening of her pussy lips, this was then taped and connected to several short stretchy cords that had rings one one end..

He then pulled these cords up very tight and hooked them to some others that were hanging down on either side. When he let each one loose this resulted in pulling her soft pink ass cheeks wide apart and left not only her sweet pink little pussy exposed and slightly open, it also left her small virgin ass hole totally exposed as well. For a big pet and one with such a big round bottom, she had a very small little ass hole, the slightly open lips of her little pussy exposed a small clit that for the circumstances was starting to swell, a drop of her wetness fell from it onto the floor followed by another.

You would have thought a big pet like her and with such a big round bottom and such large breasts would have an equally large pussy and ass hole, nature had done just the opposite in her case!.

He then told her there were only three things that he had gotten a pet like her for?, one was so you can suck my cock anytime I want!, and the other is so I can fuck you in your ass. I know that you are a virgin, and I have plans for that, but I really plan to enjoy forcefully defiling your little ass hole, and in such a way that you well never forget what will happen to you this evening!!!…You will love this, it will hurt like hell at first but after a few nights of this, you will start to enjoy it!. He then took the red ball gag he had use earlier and forced it into her mouth along with tightening the buckle so tight it hurt!…

He and Navarro had been walking around her, and both were admiring his handy work. She was unable to move her head or anything else. When he moved up really close and said, the third thing I got you for was my workers, they work much harder when they know there is a pretty pet they can play with, and use every Friday and Saturday night. Tomorrow, I am going to take you down into the camp and let my workers decide which one gets to break your sweet pink virgin little cherry!, with their big brown cocks!!!…..And if you don't do exactly what I tell you! I am going to whip your ass really good. I will give you a little taste of this later, so that you know exactly what I am talking about. Do you understand? Hum,… do you?….

Jo,s head was spinning, and could make little response or move her head to his question. Her thoughts returned to what he had said earlier, "Fucked in the ass!, Break her cherry" helplessly used? Ass whipped? What was all this about? OMG she thought how could she have offspring by being fucked?, In the ass.! Her parents had said something about breeding and copulation, but she thought that this was only with a loving master. Could numerous males, that were not her master actually want to mate with her?, and not care about anything, except themselves? She had little time to contemplate all this, as she heard him say, I am, really going to love doing this, and so are you!!….

She at first felt him behind her, and the head of his large grotesque cock slide up and down under her very wet slit!, he was coating it with his and her slick juices, it felt really good as he rubbed it across her swollen little clit several times. Even when she was played with by the young male who had cared for her, she was so naive about her clit not knowing she even had one. It was very small and one would have to spread her lips wide to even see it, and with her big breasts in the way, this made it even harder for her to even see down there!.

He had licked several of his fingers with his lips, and was sticking first one and then another until he had three in her virgin little ass hole, his fingers were rough, and were the hands of a man that worked outside. The first finger and even the second was not bad at all, the ring around her pink little sphincter involuntarily contracted around all three of his fingers, which made the tiny little pea shaped clitoris swell larger than it ever had, and was barely starting to peep out from between her lips as more of her wetness dripped from it.

Omg!!!.. she started to feel the most wonderful it started deep in her loins and radiated out into her pubic area, he rubbed his big hard cock again, up and down and across her little clit several more times harder than the first!!…. This was all it took she shuddered violently as the bonds held her ever so tight!. The first orgasm reeked through her young pet body, followed by several more leaving her limp and shaken, omg this!, was nothing like anything she had ever experienced before, she had been, ever so close on several occasions with out ever knowing it, the raw animal bliss and wonderful feeling of uncontrolled female sexual orgasms was unbelievable….. Navarro was laughing and said good boss very good!!…

She was so sinfully relaxed that he could do anything to her, and did!. Before she knew what was happening his fingers had been quickly pulled out of her little ass hole and the head of his big cock was forcefully slipped in just past her sphincter, she screamed out but the red ball gag had muffled all but a peep!

The brutality of this as he rammed in a little further with each hard thrust of his cock, it was just over 12" long and the head was still over 3'' across even with a big chunk of it missing. He continued to force it into her, each time it went in farther and farther she had no idea or how much she could take as each time he pulled back very little before jamming it in more!. This was agony "tears welled from her eyes" and saliva dripped from around the ball in her mouth her heart was pounding and sweat started to form all over her body. It was a good thing he had gagged her as the pets he had done this to before had screamed and screamed with each sadistic ram and thrust, that on a quiet night they could be heard for miles away. She had never experienced such pain and did not know that something like this could be so horribly unpleasant! and painful, and it was so humiliating to have such a sinful and depraved thing happen to her in front of Navarro, who had keeled down on his knees and had been intently watching, and was more than happy to see her brutally used this way.

The sensations she was experiencing had gone from the most wonderful sexual experience she had ever had in her life to the most excruciating and painful one, and all in only a few short minutes, omg, omg omg, would this never end!. Once he had finally gotten in all the way and it had stretched her to the point she thought it would tear her apart. He slowly pulled to where he was almost out, leaving only the large head of his cock just inside her pink ringed sphincter!!!..and had left her with an empty sucking felling. This was followed again by him forcefully and violently pushing into her until his big balls had swung up from underneath her hairy little slit and banged against her now very bare swollen little pea shaped clit, it was so sensitive now from the earlier orgasm that only this touch was enough for her to again. She had now gone from pleasure to excruciating pain, and back to pleasure.

This orgasm had temporarily dulled the pain as his thrusting and her tightening orgasm had resulted in him cumming as well. It was another large load that squirted out around his cock and ran down through her slit and was dripping off her swollen little clit!. He was holding his cock as he pulled out, and then let the rest loose that now shot out all over her back and bottom mixing with her perspiration. The sensation of this big thing being removed left her feeling empty relaxed and exhausted. The former agony was now only a warm and very dull glow. He left her in this position for well over ten minutes, it didn't matter as she could not move at all!. Navarro got up and walked over smacking her bottom quite hard and said nice going boss, ill see you tomorrow and left.

After the time had passed her master crouched down in front of her face and said, now I am going to show you just what to expect if you hesitate to follow any of my orders in front of my workers tomorrow.

She heard the sound of something whistle through the air and jerked violently as a very nasty lash really snapped across her big bare breasts that were hanging down, first one side and then the other. The whipping ended up concentrating on her very large nipples, Oh!… it hurt and, from this agonizing whipping it was around to her soft bare buttocks. The first lash stung like a bee and continued one after another and was ever more unpleasantly painful. He then switched to her sore little ass hole and with her bottom still spread wide, he dropped to his knees and slowly moved down to her pussy, the swollen little tiny pea shaped clit that had been just barely peeking out between the opening of her cunt lips. Was now down even farther and was his main focus. It was now getting the!, "direct and most sadistic" attention.

She wondered, just how much whipping of her virgin pussy could endure. He would from time to time stop whipping her and forcefully twist and pull on her tiny little clitoris . It was a mix of pain and pleasure and to the point where she could not distinguish which was which!!!.. He, for no reason stopped and walked out of the room leaving her to wonder what was next!. She had been there for what seemed like an hour when he finally returned. The sensations of her young pet body was still mixed when she felt him stick his fingers in her now not so virgin little ass hole, it had some type of slick lube on them this was followed by something big round and hard being forced into it, past her pink ringed pucker and snapped in as the lube helped make a sucking sound.

Omg she felt it getting bigger apparently he was pumping something into it so that it swelled up and stretched inside of her, she then heard a metal sounding click. This was followed by him first untying her ankles and then unclamping her collar, he pulled her straight up by the collar this left her swinging by only the belts strapped to her thighs, and with only her feet in the green heels barely touching the floor. He then steadied her with one hand as he cranked her down to where she was now standing. After being so bound and stretched it was hard for her to stand but after a few minutes was able to do so on her own.

With her hands still behind her back he snapped on a leash and tugged her back out into the barn where her cage was, she was walking funny and her toes were pointing In, and this along with the green high heels helped keep her on her toes. Apparently he had shoved an expandable butt plug up her now not so virgin little butt hole and it was making her want to stand up on her toes, it didn't really hurt, but was uncomfortable. He said as he pulled her into her new home, I just did not want anyone else to use your sweet little ass hole but me, and this is a way to not only keep anyone else out, it will also keep you stretched nice and big so that I can easily fuck you in the ass whenever I want!.

He had removed the leash and had taken her collar off along with untying her hands this allowed her to rome around inside her new home. He then stepped out and close her cage slamming the metal door and locking it with a key. He said I will be down with some food later and left! She was starting to feel more normal all except her little butt hole and had realized she had not eaten since she left the shelter early that morning, and was feeling quite famished. He returned with some food and dumped it into one of the dirty bowls that had been left from previous pets along with water in the other. She immediately got down on all fours and veraciously gobbled it down followed by the water, it was only leftovers but it was farm food and was very good….

She then got up and started looking at her new surroundings of the two cots with army blankets she picked the one that looked and smelled of perfume apparently from a previous pet. She sat on the edge and was trying to get comfortable but with the plug up her little butt their was just no way to sit comfortably, she removed the green dingy heels and curled up in the pleasant smell of the former roommate an did not realize just how tired she was, as it only took several minutes before she was sound asleep.

She woke up with a start! And heard the cage being opened she was trying to get her eyes open and was having a hard time when she realized that someone removed the plug from her bottom by deflating it and had pulled it out. At first it made a small sucking noise followed by a pop! Her butt hole was still a little sore and felt quite hollow and open for several moments as her sphincter slowly closed to a more normal size, the relief was wonderful. He said as he did it don't get to comfortable as this is only temporary!. There is no way I am going to let any of my workers fuck you in the ass!, It is all mine!,and then said finish up your food and do your business and i will be back down later and make sure you are ready for tonight!. She at first did not realize it was late morning. After finishing up her food and doing her business she started looking around for something to make herself more attractive and presentable their was not much water in the small basin to clean herself up with and even it was cold! She still had the residual of dried cum all over her face, bottom and back most of it was gone, but she still felt dirty and abused.

She was looking for anything that would help make her more presentable when her new master showed up, he had a hose and immediately started spraying her, at first she jumped as the water hit , but then realized it was very warm and felt so good he tossed her some pleasant smelling soap and watched her soap herself down and was quite intrigued when she washed her big breasts and then her sore little ass hole along with her pussy, but when she rubbed the soapy water across her clit she almost collapsed with another orgasm it was still so sensitive that she could hardly stand to touch it.

After she had spent a considerable time washing and really enjoying herself in the warm soapy water he finally hosed her down and turned the water off. It was during the summer where the farm was located, and was quite warm. He handed her a towel that was mostly clean and she started drying herself, again he watched as the towel went around her big breasts, waist and down between her legs, he was quite interested in how she would react when the towel touched and rubbed against her little clit. She was very careful this time as to just how she was going to dry herself, so as not to cause another orgasm,. and was barely able to dry without doing so!

He said, as he walked off!. I will be back after while to take you down to the camp, so be ready when I come!. She was beginning to think that maybe things were not going to be so bad, After all… She had taken the green high heels and had cleaned them, so that they weren't quite so dingy and had found a number of pet things on the small table, a cracked mirror some bright red lip gloss, a green ribbon and a comb. She had been combing her hair and thinking, at least she was clean and had washed off what was left of the dried cum. She felt good and was able to make her usually attractive brown hair look fairly good by using the ribbon, although still straight, looked quite presentable. She had put on the bright red lip gloss, her green heels and was admiring herself in the cracked mirror.

When she heard the cage door open, her new master belted on the dirty brown leather collar, and pulled it up tight, he then told her to bend over. She was standing there so disgraceful waiting, as he told her to reach around and pull her ass cheeks apart, Oh this was so degrading and humiliating. His hands were rough but his fingers were coated with some type of lube, she felt the plug slip in her little butt hole somewhat easier than before, followed by it being pumped up and expanded along with metal click that locked it, on the lock ring it had a red ribbon that said in Spanish do not remove!!!…he pulled her up straight and locked her wrists together with brown leather cuffs that apparently were made from the same leather her collar was. He then produced the red rubber ball gag that he had used the day before, and told her to open wide, she didn't want to, it still smelled of old saliva and dried cum a painful whack from the whip on her bare bottom made her yelp and that was all it took for the ball to be forced in.

This made her feel awful as she was lead out of her cage and through the barn. He paused for a moment thinking that something was missing, and then remembered the blindfold and placed it on her. Jo,s, innocent little pet mind started to race! Wondering just what it was going to be like!!…

Jo did not have long to wait, it had not seemed all that far when she had been driven up from the labor camp to the barn, but as she was lead back down the road to the camp it gave her the feeling that it was much farther and with the blindfold on, her imagination started to contemplate just what he said yesterday, "break her cherry", and "helplessly used". How could so many males want to do all these horrible things to a helpless young female pet like her?…She could not believe that theses thoughts about this, was making her feel funny and wet down their!..

She was being pulled along by her leash, her neck was already starting to feel sore, occasionally he would pause, at first she thought it was to give her a break as she was having a hard time walking with the plug up her butt, it had made her walk funny along with making her want to be up on her toes and to point them in!. It also seemed to make her bottom pouch up, but what was so stimulating was that her little clitoris seemed to be dangling in between her lips and the sensations each time she took a step especially with her toes pointing in, was quite erotic! As if they were somehow connected, she now knew why he had paused and it wasn't to give her a break!, as the whip descended on he bare bottom, with such force, it made her yelp and jump with a two step!!!..but the ball gag allowed little noise.

I want you to look good and sexy, perk it up bitch!. Come on now shoulders back, stick out those big "Tits of yours", the whip again descended on her big round buttocks!!..!, her bottom was starting to get quite red now and he was enjoying her discomfort. She started to hear music, as they got closer it became louder, it was music that she had never heard before, and was from south of the border. She also smelled food that was being cooked over an open fire, it smelled so good . Voices of men, many of them talking in a foreign tongue, she could also smell beer and the sound of empty beer cans and bottles being tossed into the trash. These men, had been without any pets to play with for well over two weeks and were so horny they were ready to hump a tree!.but she was no tree!..

As she was lead closer the talking stopped. She felt the whip strike her bare bottom and jumped! again as he said, amigos here is your new pet, ready to play with, and for what ever you want!. Many hands lots of them immediately started fondling her, and especially her bottom , breasts and pussy

Her master unhooked her leash and shoved her into this crowd of very horny men, and stepped back. Jo at first was terrified! But now it was cruel hands that touched her nipples, breasts and pussy they were squeezed pulled and twisted quite sadistically along with her bottom being pinched!, she could not believe how stimulating this abuse could be, but when a pair of fingers found her wet little clitoris and hurtfully pinched it, this was all it took. She climaxed almost immediately, and was trying to force herself up into his fingers. The men were laughing and commenting to each other in Spanish what a slut she was and Jo now understood enough of what they said to start believing that she really was a bitch a slut and a whore as fingers again found there mark , she trembled and then />
Continued in part 4….

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