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My girlfriend's husband was an officer in the Navy. They were stationed in many different countries. While in one of the countries, she came upon a woman that was very ill and needed someone that would raise her Son. She knew that she didn't have long to live.

She soon allowed my friend to adopt him. He was 2 years old.
The only ask that he be raised similiarly to the way he would have been raised in his native land. My friend agreed.

My friend loved him dearly and even took sometype of injections that would allow her breast to produce milk. She soon was able to nurse him. She felt that they could bond better if he was at her breast. I agreeded, having nursed all three of my babies.

Knowing that he would never know his own family and his own homeland, my friend spoiled him! She did everything for him. He slept with her and her Husband. He was never away from her.

One day he began to behave very badly. Regardless of what she did he would not behave. Soon the Husband arrived home from the base. After an hour of him screaming and being ugly, his Father picked him up and placed him on the table in front of my friend. He was very angry and he said" Will you please take care of him?" " I can't stand it any more!" She looked at me and then at her Husband.

At that point, the Husband took his diaper off. He told his wife, If you don't I will! He then sat down next to me. She looked upset or worried. He then explained that I might get upset but please try to understand that in the country he is from, this is the way the calm down the boys.

After he said that, she layed him down on the table. She took his little penis between her fingers and began to play with it. He was still screaming and being mean! The husband reached over and held his arms down to keep him still. She started to run her tongue up and down the shaft. She licked around the base of his penis. Then she took his little penis into her mouth. She began to suck on him while we watched. He started to relax. His Father let his arms go and started to stroke his hair. He was saying. There you go little fellow, that feels good doesn't it? He then slid his hand and arm under their little boys butt. He lifted him up higher for her to reach him.

She took her finger and played with his balls and rectum, while she sucked him. In a couple of minutes he began to thrust his little penis into her mouth!. Her husband was rubbing his chest telling him he was such a good little boy!. I was shocked!!!!

The Father waited for awhile. As we watched her suck his little penis, I would feel I was getting hot and wet. I looked at his Father and I saw he had an erection. Her nipples were hard, pressing against her blouse! I thought this isn't right! We were all getting aroused sexually!

In a few minutes, the Father took his son by the ankles and lifted him up higher.
She continued to suck him for a few more seconds. Then she lifted her head, took her tongue and licked all around his balls and up the shaft of his penis. Soon she took her tongue and licked his rectum hole. She was tonguing his hole like I tongue my Husbands hole. Her husband never took his eyes off of them. I could see his stiff little penis! STIFF, I couldn't believe it ! She was masterbating his little penis between her fingers, as she tongued his hole deeper.

She then licked back up around his balls and her Husband released his legs. As he relaxed on the table she made her way to the head of his penis. She tongued the hole in the tip and sucked him deep between her lips.

I watched as she sucked her little son the way a good wife sucks her husband off. She seemed nto it and the little boy was really enjoying it! After awhile he stiffened and pushed his hard little penis into her mouth several times. When he did this, his Father was sort of cheering him on. He was telling what a good little boy he was and how proud he was of him!

Finally, at the end she licked the head of his cock. She pumped his little cock several times, while giving him several really slow,good licks!

At that point the Father stood up,placed his diaper on and placed him in her arms. She opened her blouse and put him to her breast. She looked at me and laughed. She said I looked so shocked! I said I was. I felt that was sexual abuse! She told me that in the States we are so uptight about everything. They did not even think of it in a sexual way. They had before they got him but soon were taught that is was the custom to do it. A Mother, Grandmother, Sister,Aunt, sitter would even do it in public. No one thought badly about it. It was expected if they misbehaved in public or private.

She said that if she were ill or busy her Husband would suck him off. I said that was impossible for him to cum, he was too young! She said that he didn't cum like a man but he clearly enjoyed it and he did release a small amount of liquid when he tensed!

I soon found out just how restrictive we are here and how other countries are different.

We spent many hours together as friends and one day my friend became ill. She called me and ask me to come over to watch her son until her Husband arrived home. I arrived at their home soon. She went to bed and soon to sleep.

He was really hard to handle because he wanted to be with her. I felt like I was going to pull my hair out by the time her Husband arrived home. As soon as he came in. He saw how bad he was being and he took him to the other bedroom. He took me by the hand. Once we were in the quest bedroom he stripped their son. He got down between his little legs. The son spread his legs apart as much as he could. Her Husband patted the bed for me to join them. I sat on the edge and watched. He said see how far he is spreading his legs? I said yes. He said you see he likes it , he wants, it he needs it! I didn't say anything. He took his little hard cock into his mouth and proceeded to suck on him. I could see that they both were enjoying the time they were sharing!

I could see her Husband's erection buldging against his slacks. He took one hand and unbuckled his pants. My heart was racing! He was trying to kick off his pants so I got up and pulled them off for him. I sat back against the head of bed and watched. Soon the door opened and my friend was standing there@ She came over and said I was wondering where you all were! She ask if he was misbehaving? I said yes.

She got closer and saw the condition her Husband was in. She reached up and pulled his shorts off. His cock sprang up into the air. She reached for me. She pulled me down and put his delicious cock into my mouth. She leaned over rubbing her large tets on me and said please, do the honors! A blow job does wonders for all males regardless of their age.

I had never been with more than three men in my entire lifetime and I found this very hot!. I sucked him to the best of my ability as she watched and fingered her pussy! As he got close to cumming, she slid down and held my head and told him to pump his cum down my throat! All this time he was still sucking their so.

He moaned and thrust his throbbing cock as deep as he could get it and filled my mouth and throat. I gagged but she held my head so I couldn't move. After he finished using my mouth and throat for his pleasure, he remained in me. She took one hand and pumped his cock while telling him to give me every last drop!

I left that evening to return to my own home and to my own Husband.

story by: tisalicia

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Author: tisalicia

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