My life 6 – i enjoy lynne and my sister together

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Susan and I talked again about a foursome with Colin and Lynne, and it had also occurred to me that a session with my sister and Lynne had together might be a bit of fun and I suggested it to Susan the next day. Apparently it had already occurred to her and she promised to mention it to Lynne as soon as possible.

The opportunity arose a few days later when Susan answered the front door and I heard Lynne come in. I was in my bedroom and listened hopefully, and then to my delight there was a knock on the door and Susan poked her head round, grinning.

“What did she say?” I asked nervously.

“Yes please!” I heard Lynne calling from the hallway and Sue was pushed into the room, closely followed by Lynne who was grinning broadly at me.

“She couldn’t wait to get at you!” Susan explained and the two girls stood next to each other, staring at me expectantly. I wasn’t quite sure what to do next and the girls themselves seemed unsure also I suggested the best thing was we all got undressed and they both readily agreed.

We quickly stripped off with much giggling and bumping into each other, which helped break the ice. I then quickly lay down on the bed and Sue and Lynne lay either side of me. I reached my arms out and hugged them both to me and it was Lynne who first leaned over and started to kiss me gently on the lips. I responded and soon we were kissing passionately, our tongues intertwining in our mouths. Her hands were running over my chest and I started to stroke Susan with my other hand, to make sure she didn’t feel left out.

Far from it! It was Susan’s hand that was the first to delve into my groin and her fingers started to stroke my shaft as my cock quickly hardened. Lynne and I continued to kiss as Susan played with my cock and I was soon fully erect. Lynne then pulled away.

“Your turn, Sue!” she gasped and Susan quickly took her place, kissing me equally passionately.
“Ooh I see he’s hard already!” I heard Lynne exclaim as she shuffled down the bed. This gave Susan more room and she moved more on top of me so that her young breasts were rubbing against my chest. I curled my arms around her and started to kiss her down her neck, guiding her upwards so I could reach her breasts.

Suddenly, before I could start kissing Susan’s boobs, I felt a warm mouth around my cock. I glanced down and Lynne returned my gaze with a cheeky grin as my cock disappeared into her mouth. She then closed her eyes and started to firmly but gently bob her head up and down, using her tongue and teeth to great effect on the shaft of my cock. Susan and I both watched as she did this and then Susan turned to me with a grin.

“Is that nice bruv?” I nodded silently. It was fantastic. I then looked up to where Susan’s breasts were in front of my face and leaning forward I gently kissed each one. Susan gave a sigh as I began to run my lips and tongue over her breasts and she leaned down, pressing her boobs into my face and rubbing them over me.

Lynne was still continuing to slide her lips up and down my cock and her hands were working away at my balls. I knew I was very close to coming. My head was still buried in Susan’s chest as I felt Lynne suddenly take my cock out of her mouth and the next thing I knew she had straddled me and the tip of my cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy.

“Are you ready for this Dave? Are you gonna watch Sue?” Lynne exclaimed. Sue leaned up and we both gazed down to where Lynne was straddling my hips, with a broad grin on her face as she gently wiggled the tip of my cock between the lips of her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet she already was. I closed my eyes at this exquisite feeling and then with one swift movement she slid her body down until the full length of my cock disappeared into her.

“FUCK…yes that’s lovely!” She cried out. Sue was now kneeling next to me and Lynne reached out a steady herself with her hand on Susan’s shoulder as she started to ride me. Sue shuffled forward and took hold of Lynne, cuddling her as she started to slide up and down my cock. Then to my surprise they exchanged glances and leaning forward Lynne planted a kiss on Susan’s lips.

Soon the two girls were kissing as passionately as I had been with them, Lynne using her hands to play with Susan’s breasts and Susan running her own her fingers up and down Lynne’s flat chest, teasing her dark nipples. This was too much for Lynne who started to come…

“Kiss my nipples yes that’s yes! Yes! Fuck yes! Harder! Oh Jesus Suddenly I could feel the muscles of Lynne’s pussy spasming around my cock as she came. She fell forward into Susan’s arms and the two of them hugged each other as Lynne’s orgasm trembled through her body.

She opened her eyes and grinned at me guiltily.

“I still swear a bit I’m afraid!”

“I don’t mind honestly!” I grinned up at her. She carefully eased herself off me and my cock swayed in the air, until Susan reached out and curled her fingers around the shaft. She glanced down at me.

“Shall I finish you off?” I nodded quickly and she began to wank me expertly. I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the wonderful feelings as Lynne slid her hand between my legs and started to run her fingernails around my balls. The work that the two girls were doing on me was fantastic and with a grunt I suddenly exploded, sending spurt after spurt of semen splattering on to my tummy. It was Lynne who offered to nip to the bathroom and fetch some loo paper to mop myself up. This left Sue and me briefly alone and I saw that Susan was idly fiddling with herself between her legs. This gave me an idea…

“Kneel over my she looked puzzled but obediently straddled my face and I had a perfect view of her pussy which was already wet. I gazed up along her body, past her young budding breasts and to her quizzical eyes.

“I’m going to lick and suck your pussy, and make you come. Would you like that?” Her eyes widened but she nodded her head vigorously. I returned my attention to her pussy and then carefully leaned up and ran my tongue up and down the soft wet lips. Susan gave a squeak as I did this, the first time a tongue had touched her pussy.

In the meantime I heard Lynne come back into the bedroom and give a gasp as she realized what we were doing.

“Jesus is he licking your cunt?” Susan gave a grunt in the affirmative as I continued to run my tongue up and down the lips of her pussy, occasionally darting it into the vulva itself. I glanced up and saw she was leaning forward, supporting her hands on the headboard as I lapped at her pussy and she began to grind down. I brought my hands up and clasped the cheeks of her young backside, pulling her closer to me as she began to rub the lips of her pussy up and down my face.

I kept my tongue out, lapping and stabbing as much as I could until Susan started to tremble and suddenly gave a cry as she came. I could feel her pussy spasming against my face as she orgasmed, her juices slick against my lips and tongue. Eventually she subsided and carefully lifted herself up. She looked down at me.

“That was fantastic!” Both Lynne and I laughed at the croak in Sue’s voice. As she said this she carefully eased herself off and I used the tissues to not only wipe my tummy but also my face. I was a bit of a mess!

“Can you do it to me?” Lynne asked quietly with a nervous expression. I happily agreed and told her to lie on the bed and spread her legs. Susan move to one side as Lynne arranged herself and I knelt between her legs. She grinned at me nervously as I leant down and planted a kiss at the top of the slit of her pussy. She gave a contented sigh as I began to kiss further down her lips and then, as I had done with Sue, I extended my tongue and started to slide it up and down the lips of her pussy.

“Jesus Christ!” Lynne gasped as I began to run my tongue firmly up and down her pussy. I continued to flick my tongue across where I hoped her clitoris would be and sure enough after a few seconds the small pink bud popped out of its hood. I carefully puckered my lips around it and sucked hard. This was enough for Lynne who let out a primal scream and thrust her hips up at my face.

She cried as he came the second time that morning. She then went quiet and tense, twitched a few times, as if maximising the feelings and then collapsed back on the bed. I knelt up and grinned at her.

“How was that?” Lynne had a glazed look on her face and glanced at Sue.

right… It was fucking fantastic!” By this time my cock was now hard again and I was anxious not to let it go to waste. Sue and I exchanged glances. It hadn’t escaped my attention that her fingers were idly fiddling around between her legs, as if readying herself. We both knew for what…

“Shall we?” Susan asked quietly. I swallowed hard.

“Just this once?” Susan nodded quickly.

“Go on Sue you’ll enjoy it!” Lynne chipped in as she realized what we were going to do. Susan nervously lay down on the bed and looking up at me she eased her legs apart while Lynne knelt by the side of the bed. I carefully positioned myself between my sister’s legs and easing myself on top of her I planted a hand firmly on each side of her head, still gazing at her.

“Are you still sure about this?” Sue nodded quickly and reached out to take hold of my shaft, positioning the head of my cock against the wet lips of her pussy. I eased forward and the first inch of my cock slid gently into Susan’s pussy. She closed her eyes and to my surprise, a smile spread slowly across her face.

“Is that nice?” I whispered. Susan nodded slowly.

“It’s lovely bruv! Just how I always dreamed it would be!” She opened her eyes and stared at me. “I’ve always fantasised about you making love to me… I just didn’t think it would happen that’s all.” I grinned back.

forget ourselves just this once shall we?” Susan nodded and closed her eyes again as I slid further into her pussy. I felt Lynne’s hand on my backside and I turned to see her smiling gently up at me as I continued my journey into my sister’s pussy.

After a few seconds I was all the way in. Susan seemed unperturbed by my size and I gently settled down on top of her, feeling her young breasts cushioning me. I kissed her gently on the side of the face and then she turned to meet my kiss on her lips. We kissed passionately, our mouths opening and our tongues searching for each others as Susan brought her hands up my back and pulled me closer to her.
Then she slid her hands down to my backside, widened her legs and whispered in my ear,

“Fuck me bruv!”

“Anything you say sis!” I eased my cock out and then gently slid it back in again, as Susan shuffled around to make herself more comfortable. I pulled out again, this time almost all the way and then back in again and Susan started to match my rhythm, thrusting her hips up at me. I then started to screw her properly, my head buried into the pillow next to hers and my hips slapping between her legs.

“God that looks so sexy!” muttered Lynne who was still kneeling by the side of the bed. Susan’s hands were now running up and down my back and it was Lynne’s hand that I felt on the cheeks of my backside, encouraging me as I plunged into Susan.

“I’m gonna come… I’m gonna Susan whispered in my ear as she suddenly started to twitch and tremble on the bed. I gave a couple of harder thrusts and this tipped her over the edge. Sue gave a strangled gasp as she came the second time that morning, moaning and whimpering as she thrust her hips up at me. The orgasm seemed to last even longer than her previous one and it seemed an eternity before she eventually collapsed with a grunt back onto the bed.

My cock was still embedded deep inside her and I wondered if I dare…

“Do you want me to come?”

As if in answer Susan wrapped her arms around me even tighter and raised her knees, eventually wrapping her legs around my hips. I took that as the yes! I began once again sliding my cock in out of her and I knew I was very close to coming. Lynne’s hand was still on my backside, massaging my cheeks and suddenly she slipped her finger along the crack of my backside and across the opening.

This did it for me and suddenly I exploded. I stifled a cry as my orgasm shuddered through me, losing all control as I felt spunk erupting from the end of my cock deep into my sister’s pussy. Susan whimpered.
“I can feel it! I can feel it spurting inside me!” She muttered. All thoughts of safety were gone from my mind as I continued to experience this wonderful climax, before eventually, after a few final spurts, I relaxed on top of Susan, spent.

The two of us lay there breathing heavily while Lynne withdrew her hand. I then felt her join us on the bed and she wrapped her arm around me. The three of us lay there quietly for a few minutes, recovering. It was Susan who spoke first.

“I could lie-in like this all day!” We all laughed at this and I carefully eased myself up on to my elbows. Susan winced slightly and I pulled out of her, my cock flopping about in front of me. Both the girls gazed at it.

“It’s amazing how much fun that thing can be isn’t it?” Susan turned to Lynne. Lynne smiled.

“And the holidays have only just started!”

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