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For the next couple three days I was doing one of the following things, cleaning the house, sun bathing or fucking and sucking. DeJuan kept on telling me I was such a good girl and how he wished I was living there with him. The next day was the day before my mom came back and he told me he wanted me to meet his grand father.

An hour before we left to visit his grandfather he dressed me in the yellow bikini top he got me, a short blue mini skirt, and some heels. When I went to get a pair a thongs he told me I would look sexier without them on. On the way over he had me hike up my skirt so my pussy was showing. Once at the house he had me stand infront of him and ring the doorbell. When the door open I saw this black man who looked about 80 standing there.

"My birthday was last week DeJuan. Late as usual." the elderly man said to DeJuan.

"I know grand pa but I had to babysit April here. I did bring you a very nice present for you today." DeJuan said and with that we walked inside. We went to the living room and while they sat on the furniture I was made to kneel in front of them. "April why don't you go and sit closer to my grandpa."

Crawling over I was kneeling right in front of Looking down he smiled at me.
"Do you like your present grandpa? You once told me you never fucked a little whte girl before." DeJuan asked him.

"Very nice present indeed. You can call me Steve ok April." Steve told us as his hand went down and started to pet me like a dog.

"April I am gonna be gone for a couple hours you be good for my grand father." DeJuan told me and got up to leave.

When DeJuan left Steve reached his hand behind my neck and untied my top. With my tits freed I looked down at the floor. He then reached down and started to twist and pull on my nipples. A lustful purr esacped from my lips. His other hand went underneath my chin and raised my face up to look at him. I nodded when he asked me if I liked what he was doing. Reaching over to the endstand He pulled some pills out of the drawer and took one. It was a little blue pill. He told me it would be a bit before we could have some fun and that I sould dance for him.

Looking at his record collection I found nothing I could dance to so I turned on the radio to a local pop station. When a good song came on I started to sway back and forth to it. Pulling up my skirt to show off my young teen pussy to steve. Sinking to my knees I started to grind on the floor and rub my slit. Moaning I started to talk like a little whore. " I want your nigger cock", "fuck my white ass" "spank my bitch ass"

Turning so I was facing away I leaned foward so my ass was sticking up at him. My fingers were busy fingering myself. Using two fingers in my pussy I was in haven. My thumb was rubbing my clit as I used my own pussy. Rocking my hips as I played withmyself infront of a total stranger.

This went on for a good 20 minutes before Steve told me to kneel infornt of him. Crawling over to him I knelt between his legs. Reachign up i unzipped and pulled down his pants. His big black cock popped out and I went straight for it. My hand was stroking it while I was licking and kissing it. After it was all wet I engulfed the head. When I did he let out a moan. Bobbing my head up and down I showed him how good of a cocksucker I was.

Humming on his cock made him thrust his hips to my face. Like his grandson his hands went to the back of my head and started to push down on ti. Swallowing his cock while I massaged his balls. In and out his cock went as I pleased him with my mouth. Milking his cock for a few minutes before he came in it. Eating his sperm made him groan again.

What surprised me was that his cock stayed hard. DeJuan started to go soft almost as soon as he came. Picking me up he had me sit on his cock. It went to my pussy and with some help from me it went in. I started to ride him. Grinding my pussy onto his cock. Bouncing up and down and twisting I was doing my best to please Steve. The whole time I was fucking him he as saying I was so sexy for fucking him as a birthday present. Placeing his hands on either side of my hips he pulled me down hard onto him. Whispering in my ear he told me he was gonna fill my pussy with his black seed. Tensing up he held me there as his cock shoot his black seed into me.

While we cuddled Steve asked me if I had annal sex. When I told him no he asked me if he could have it as a birthday present. I agreed to it and he told me to bend over the arm of the chair. Using his fingers he got some of my juices and his cumm from my pussy and rubbed it all over my asshole. Guiding his cock into my ass I thought he was gonna kill me.
Tears were forming in my eyes as he went in deeper. Shushing me he kept on going deeper. When he was in a good way he stopped and let me adjust to it.

When my ass got used to his cock in it I let him know it was ok to fuck me. Starting out slow he went in and out. Whimpering at each thrust he did and each time he went deeper. He was very genetle with me as he fuck my virgin ass. The whole time he kept on telling me he wished he was my grand pa. A couple times he would palyfully spank my ass,

He used my ass for a good 20 minutes and then pulled out.Turning me around and having me kneel before him he made me suck his cock. I could taste my own shit as he came in my moutha second time today. After that we layed down ont he couch and i asked him how he stayed hard for so long and he told me the pill he takes helps him. A couple hours later DeJuan came back and took me back to his place. That night I was too worn out to sleep with him so we went to bed early, and we also had to be at the airport early in the morning too.

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story by: tammy white

Tags: fiction young anal oral sex interracial older male / female sex story

Author: tammy white

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